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Part-time CV

William has selected the Cornell template for his CV to showcase his skills and qualifications as well as his work experience more clearly and concisely.

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"Third-year student with a solid background in customer service and sales. Strong focus on complaint resolution to provide an outstanding customer experience. "

William Jones - Part-time Customer Service Representative

Part-time CV Sample

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How to Write a Part-time CV: Examples and Tips

With a diverse range of opportunities across a variety of sectors, part-time roles provide adaptable hours, a consistent income, and the opportunity to gain essential transferable skills.

Temporary jobs are ideal for school leavers, students or graduates to supplement income while studying, offering flexible schedules catering to diverse needs like internships, freelance work, or volunteer work. Part-time roles are also beneficial for parents, balancing personal commitments and maintaining a good work-life balance.

Knowing how to write a good CV is the first step to achieving your career goals. Our expert tips, practical CV examples, and proven strategies help you create a modern CV tailored to your target part-time job and that is applicant tracking system (ATS)-friendly.

CVMaker provides user-friendly tools and a professional CV template that make writing your CV a breeze.

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Part-time job CV Example

Part-time job CV example

In this CV example, William highlights key skills, experience and accomplishments relevant to a sales associate role in the retail sector. His professional and eye-catching part-time job CV template presents his customer service, sales, complaint resolution, and market research knowledge. William emphasises his career and educational goals at the top of his CV, demonstrating his ambition to learn and develop professionally. The Cornell template clearly showcases key skills and relevant experience.

What to include in a part-time job CV?

We recommend to include contact details, a concise personal profile, and relevant work experience with achievements, qualifications, essential skills or certifications that showcase transferable skills or attributes. Emphasise a willingness to adapt to varying work schedules and tasks, particularly in roles that require multitasking, changing shifts or responsibilities. A range of sectors provide part-time opportunities, including roles like a firefighter or postperson. If you are applying writing a CV for the first time, follow our tips on how to write a CV for a first job.

Part-time CV example must-have CV sections

Refer to our master CV article for more ideas about how to start the CV writing process and how to create a job-specific CV.

Aspiring professionals can also gain work experience whilst changing careers and developing new skills. Nowadays, there are also an increasing number of remote part-time jobs available, offering even more flexibility. Explore more about remote and hybrid work opportunities.

How to write a personal profile on a part-time job CV

Your personal profile offers potential employers a glimpse into who you are and what you can bring to the role. Ensure you tailor your personal profile to match the specific job you're applying for, keeping this section clear, concise and relevant. If you don't have work experience, focus on your education, skills, or other experiences in your personal profile.

Compared to a full-time job, a CV for a temporary job should emphasise multitasking skills, adaptability to varied schedules, handling diverse responsibilities and an enthusiastic approach to contributing effectively despite time constraints. 

Personal profile example for a student Part-time job CV

Dedicated and motivated Computer Science student seeking a part-time administrative job. Highly skilled at handling large workloads and using computer software tools to enhance productivity. Developed core interpersonal and organisational skills at a government work placement. Enthusiastic about contributing my positive attitude, willingness to learn, and strong work ethic.

Explore the following related administration CV examples for more tips:

Personal profile CV example for a 16-year-old Part-time job

Active and responsible 16-year-old with a keen interest in gaining work experience. Highly organised and detail-orientated, adept at multitasking and working well with others. Seeking a part-time job in customer service that offers growth opportunities and a chance to develop essential life skills in a supportive team environment.

For more customer service roles, explore these job-specific CV examples:

Personal profile example for a Part-time job CV with no experience

Motivated student seeking a part-time waitressing job. Demonstrates strong communication and interpersonal skills, with a proactive attitude towards assisting customers and providing exceptional service. Actively involved in volunteer work, contributing to community projects, and supporting charitable initiatives. Committed to personal and professional growth.

Refer to the following related hospitality CV examples for more tips:

Personal profile example for a retail part-time job CV

An enthusiastic and adaptable student with a flexible schedule and a passion for delivering outstanding customer service. Quick learner with the ability to work effectively in a team or independently. Eager to contribute to the store's success during peak shopping hours and holidays.

Explore our collection of retail CV examples for more insights:

Personal profile example for a teacher part-time job CV

Adaptable Teaching Assistant with a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. Adept at supporting teachers with strong organisational and communication skills. Skilled in cultivating positive relationships and dedicated to assisting students to excel academically. Seeking part-time roles to apply expertise in a flexible educational setting.

Refer to the following CV example for more inspiration:

For more inspiration, refer to our article on how to write a personal profile for your CV.

How to write work experience on a CV for a part-time job

When describing your work experience, whether volunteering or paid, it's essential to focus on your achievements, accomplishments, and impact on the organisation. 

work experience on a part time CV

Follow these steps and keep these tips in mind when showcasing your previous work experience on a CV:

  • Include paid professional work experience, volunteer work, and internships, starting with the most recent and working backwards.

  • Avoid outdated or short-term experiences. Instead, create an additional experience section without specific dates.

  • Incorporate keywords and action verbs relevant to your target job throughout your CV.

  • Highlight measurable outcomes or significant academic achievements from school, work placements, volunteering, or internships in a bullet point format.

  • Emphasise transferable skills gained from relevant studies, volunteering, or hobbies. Keep this section concise and focused on your target job.

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Pro Tip

If you don't have much work experience, try volunteering, taking a course, or learning a skill related to your career goals. Completing a traineeship or apprenticeship also increases your chance of getting a side job as a student.

Work experience CV examples

Barista | Stellar Coffeehouse | Leeds | 2020-Present

Deliver exceptional customer service in a fast-paced environment, managing orders accurately and efficiently. Collaborate with the team to maintain cleanliness and organisation while ensuring health and safety standards adherence.

  • Received positive customer feedback, contributing to a 15% increase in customer retention.

  • Led monthly team training sessions on new coffee brewing techniques, enhancing staff expertise and efficiency.

Refer to the barista CV example for more insights.

Healthcare Assistant | Clinic | Birmingham | 2019-2021

Assisted healthcare professionals with patient care tasks, demonstrating strong empathy and professionalism. Maintained accurate records, facilitated patient appointments, and ensured a clean and safe environment.

  • Recognised for outstanding patient care, receiving 'Employee of the Month' recognition twice.

  • Implemented an organisational system for medical supplies, reducing waste by 20% and streamlining inventory management.

Refer to the healthcare CV example for more helpful tips.

Supermarket Assistant | Fresh Mart | London | 2020-2022

Provided excellent customer service, assisting shoppers, restocking shelves, and handling transactions efficiently. Collaborated with the team to maintain store cleanliness and uphold merchandising standards.

  • Recognised for consistently achieving the highest number of positive customer feedback reports, contributing to an 18% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Proposed and executed a promotional display layout, resulting in a 25% increase in sales for highlighted products.

Explore the supermarket CV example for further insights.

Example of a part-time CV with no experience

Volunteer Store Assistant | British Heart Foundation | Manchester | 2021 - present

Collaborate with a diverse team to achieve sales targets, fostering a positive work environment. Engages and interacts with customers, addresses inquiries, and resolves issues promptly, ensuring high customer satisfaction. 

  • Received positive customer feedback for assisting customers with personalised styling recommendations.

  • Won a store competition for the best visual merchandising by creating attractive displays and increased sales. 

Even with little to no work experience, focus on emphasising skills over your work experience section, and highlight the relevant responsibilities. You can also shift the focus of your CV by utilising a skills-based format.

For more information, refer to our article on how to write experience on a CV.

What skills to add to a CV for a part-time job?

When listing skills on your CV, it's essential to focus on soft and hard skills relevant to the role. Use concrete examples or past professional experiences to illustrate your suitability and showcase your ability to handle diverse tasks effectively.

For example, strong interpersonal skills, like effective communication and customer service, are essential in hospitality. Showcase experience handling and preparing orders and cleaning in fast-paced jobs such as kitchen porter or chef.

In customer service roles, like a cashier, they require communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, and active listening skills. Demonstrate how to handle customer inquiries efficiently, advise, or resolve issues promptly, such as for a call centre role.

Within business, skills in sales and marketing are essential to sell products and engage customers. If you work remotely or freelancing, showcase technical knowledge in digital marketing or SEO.

Other possible part-time roles like a gardener or librarian, require a specific skill-set that should be reflected in throughout your CV.

Soft skills

Hard skills


Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite


Cash handling

Interpersonal skills

Point-of-sale (POS) system experience



Attention to detail and accuracy

Technical writing

Time management



Data entry and administrative skills


Social media marketing

To find more ideas for your skills section, you can read our article on skills for a CV.

Education on a part-time job CV: How to include it?

List your most recent qualifications first. Detail any relevant apprenticeships, training, or achievements that align with your job targets. For example, if pursuing a role in administration, certifications in office management or software and IT knowledge would be beneficial. 

Education on a part-time CV tips

For extra guidance on this section, refer to our article about how to write education on a CV.

Key Takeaways

A part-time CV should be tailored for specific roles and emphasise flexibility and adaptability. Consider improving your CV if you're transitioning careers, re-entering the job market or want to adapt an existing CV for temporary jobs. Showcase transferable skills and work experience from previous jobs.

Here are the key points to remember:

  • Begin with a master CV and create a comprehensive document that you can customise for each application.

  • Include your personal information, personal profile, education, work experience, skills, and references.

  • Create a personal profile that highlights your strengths and aligns with the part-time job you're applying for.

  • List both soft and hard skills that are relevant to the position.

  • Emphasise achievements and responsibilities in your work experience section, whether from internships or volunteering.

  • Highlight your education, including relevant coursework and academic achievements.

  • Customise your CV for each application to showcase your experience.

  • Remember to proofread your CV carefully and seek feedback from others to ensure it presents you in the best possible light.

Next steps?

For those who want to save time and effort creating their CV, taking advantage of our CV Writing Service is worthwhile. Our dedicated team of experts can assist you in creating a successful CV for a job tailored to your career goals.  If you need assistance and suggestions for your career, our blog provides tips on how to find your first job as a student. Choose the right cover letter template to accompany your CV in your next job application.


Do I need a CV for a part-time job?

Not all jobs need a CV, but a good CV can increase your chances of getting an interview. It is crucial to showcase your qualifications, skills, and potential to hiring managers. Refer to our articles on job interview tips to increase your chances of securing a job interview for your desired role.

What is the best CV format for UK part-time jobs?

The best CV format is typically the reverse-chronological format. Start with your most recent experiences and work backwards. This format enables employers to see your most recent and relevant information quickly. Make sure you use a professional ATS-friendly part-time job CV template to enhance your chances of getting noticed.

What are the best online part-time jobs?

If you're looking for a job where you can work remotely, there are many opportunities available to you. Roles within social media, design, and business development can easily be done online as well as data entry, content writing.

What is a good personal statement for a part-time job CV in the UK? 

An effective personal summary for a part-time job CV in the UK should be concise and impactful. Your profile should emphasise relevant soft skills, key strengths, and a willingness to contribute, whether temporary or short-term. Consider highlighting a strong work ethic and previous work history or qualifications (if applicable) relevant to your target job.

How long should a CV be for a part-time job? 

A CV should be 1-2 pages, based on your experience and the relevant information you need to include. Keep it concise, focusing on the most critical and impactful details. For additional tips, refer to our helpful guide about how long a CV should be.

How to write a CV for a 16-year-old part-time job? 

A CV for a 16-year-old seeking a part-time job should emphasise relevant skills, such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability. Include any volunteer work, extracurricular activities, or part-time positions demonstrating your responsibility and willingness to learn. Read more about the best student jobs.

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