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Marketing CV


Marketing CV

Nina, an experienced marketer, has opted for the Berkeley template to showcase her professional experience and career accomplishments.

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"Strategic and creative marketing professional embodying 10+ years of industry knowledge. Highly skilled in crafting marketing strategies and driving innovative ideas that support business growth."

Nina Wilson - Marketing Manager

CV example - Berkeley - Marketing

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How to Write a Marketing CV: Examples and Tips

If you thrive on challenges, strategic thinking, and effective communication, marketing might be your perfect career choice for you. Feeling unsure about where to start in the competitive UK market is completely natural. To navigate this landscape successfully in your job search, having an ATS-friendly CV is essential, even for experienced marketers who often struggle to market themselves efficiently.

Our step-by-step guide ensures your CV meets and exceeds the industry's standards in the UK, offering insights into crucial sections and layout tips. Whether you aim to kickstart your career or explore new opportunities within marketing, this guide, along with our extensive CV templates is your starting point for writing a good CV that resonates with employers's job criteria. Elevate your career with our latest insights and practical CV examples now!

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Marketing CV example

Marketing CV example

Download this CV example - Marketing CV.

This marketing CV example features Nina Wilson, a marketer with over ten years of relevant experience. She is a leader with an innovative mindset who knows how to drive sales growth and effectively communicate with customers and stakeholders. Nina is a holder of a master's degree in marketing with additional training in content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO. If you’re looking for more entry-level marketing examples, we have a closely related article with a graduate CV example.

Marketing matching CV and cover letter

See our matching marketing cover letter example to help you finalise your application.

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What to include in a marketing CV?

Writing a successful CV takes time and effort due to the competitive nature of the field. Therefore, planning your time wisely and selecting a target job before you start writing is crucial. By making your CV job-specific, you can showcase that you have conducted thorough research about the role, making you rank higher than the average candidate who submits a generic CV. See our digital marketing CV example for more inspiration.

To be the perfect candidate, your CV, coupled with the cover letter, needs to do the following:

  • List your most relevant background, both educational and professional.

  • List your key soft and hard skills.

  • Demonstrate that you fit the company and the specific job.

See our article on top skills employers look for in your marketing CV for more advise on how to tailor your skills section to you employer's requirements.

Must-have CV sections

A master CV serves as a basis for gathering and writing down all your experiences, qualifications, activities, and accomplishments in one document. It is a reference point where u can always copy the most necessary information from your master CV and edit a few phrases for your job-specific CV.

See our how to improve your CV for more tips on how to transform a generic CV into a powerful and tailor career document.

How to write a personal profile on a marketing CV 

A personal profile, also known a personal statement, is an elevator pitch summarising your professional background, qualifications, career goals, and key soft skills tailored to your desired job and industry. First, write down the foundation of your summary in a master CV and then modify it for every similar position you come across in your job search. Take the time to write a clear, concise, and relevant profile to impress your employers, giving them a quick overview of your personality and strengths.

Personal profile CV tips

Marketing Intern personal profile example

Organised marketing intern with a specialisation in digital marketing and brand management. Strong track record in advertising, business organisation, Google Analytcs 4, and market research. Striving to improve business marketing strategies by providing solutions through a creative yet pragmatic approach.

See our internship CV example article if you want to learn more about entry-level role and how to adjust your CV to job posts.

Market Research Analyst personal profile example

Analytical and data-driven recent graduate interested in market research analysis. From majors in econometrics and business marketing gained relevant skills in strategic market planning, developing business strategies, and creating original marketing plans. Interested in evaluating the market and competitive conditions. Exceptional skills in communications and business management. Determined to achieve sales growth in a scale-up organisation and help create efficient marketing strategies to improve the service and working environment.

Associate SEO Specialist personal profile example

Innovative and results-driven SEO specialist with four consecutive years of relevant experience. Expert in keyword research, promotional campaign development, social media management, and website traffic analytics. Skilled in a quick and efficient increase of website organic traffic. Experienced in managing Google Ads for three years with seven clients. Demonstrated skills in leading e-commerce, brand management, keyword research & implementation.

Refer to our SEO CV example article for more inspiration.

Senior Product Marketing Manager personal profile example

Strategic and creative marketing professional embodying 9+ years of industry knowledge, crafting creative strategies and building ideas that support business growth. Leverage data-based systems to generate analytical insights which are transformed into effective real-world media and marketing campaigns that drive brand goals. Proven track record of cultivating brand identity to boost awareness and grow market share on a substantial scale.

See our Product Manager CV example guides for related article on how to tailor your CV for this type of job.

Marketing Director personal profile example

Agile and results-driven marketing director with 11+ years of management experience in providing innovative and creative marketing solutions to diverse clients globally. Proficient in leading effective advertising campaigns. Expert in various marketing facets, including CRM, PR, event, e-mail, and brand management.

Fashion Marketing CV personal profile example

Artistic and enthusiastic fashion marketing specialist with four years of relevant experience. Easily adaptable and passionate with a creative eye for creating green and sustainable products. Keen to create long-term collaborations with similar environmental products. Highly skilled in market research, visual storytelling, Adobe Illustrator, and Fashion Media.

Refer to the fashion designer CV example for more tips and examples on how to tailor your CV to that role.

Digital Marketing Executive CV personal profile example

Goal-orientated and analytical digital marketing executive with a specialisation in affiliate marketing. Equipped with a strong record of 55% revenue growth over the period of 4 months. Created multiple Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns for 9 clients at 4-figure monthly spend. Excel in managing personal and developing long-term strategies to improve the brand image worldwide. Certified professional with excellent leadership and communications skills.

For more information, see how to write a CV personal profile.

How to include work experience on a marketing CV

Work experience, similar to skills, is another core element of what makes a good CV. Regardless of whether you are an expert with years of experience or just starting your career, it is crucial to present your work history in a clear and concise manner.

Work experience CV tips

If you have little to no experience, consider seeking placements or apprenticeships to bolster your CV, even between college terms. These experiences showcase ambition, dedication, and a strong work ethic. Demonstrate your willingness to take on challenges and gain extra work experience alongside your studies or during free time. Ensure each past position aligns with the company's needs; if it's not relevant, omit it from your CV.

Marketing Intern, Agan Digital Agency, 2022-2023

Conducted market research and competitor analysis to identify emerging trends and opportunities. Assisted in the creation and execution of social media campaigns, contributing to a 20% increase in online engagement. Collaborated with the content team to produce compelling marketing materials, ensuring alignment with brand guidelines.

  • Implemented an email marketing strategy, resulting in a 15% boost in click-through rates.

  • Spearheaded a customer feedback survey, leading to a 25% improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

  • Managed and grew the company's Instagram presence, achieving a 30% increase in followers over the internship period.

If you already have an entry job or internship, list all your relevant experiences in reverse chronological CV format. Back up your duties and achievements with quantifiable data and be as concise as possible. You can leave some of what you did during your occupation. Instead, pick a few which would match your desired position the most.

The goal is to convince a recruiter that you're the right fit for the role, so it doesn't matter what side responsibilities or projects you have. Instead, consider adjusting these parts according to the job description, ensuring you use the proper terminology and action verbs. You may also use a skills-based CV format if you lack experience or need a different CV strategy.

How to list education on a marketing CV

The education section is vital in marketing because it helps employers better understand your qualifications and competencies for a specific job. You can briefly mention your high school, higher education, professional courses, and apprenticeships. Your education is a good addition but only sometimes a requirement for hiring you as an employee. Since marketing is a competitive career, writing down professional development courses or academic accomplishments can make you stand out.

Education on a CV tips

Examples of education on a CV:

  • University degree: Include the duration of your degree with dates of completion or in progress, the name of the institution, and your official degree title. Additionally, honours or GPA (only if it is 3.0 or higher) can also be mentioned if it is 2:1 or a first.

  • GCSEs or A levels (or equivalent): If you don't have a higher education, consider adding your high school or other international diplomas to your CV. Only include relevant courses that you have passed. For instance, if you are an experienced marketer with a completed MA or MSc, then you can leave this section out.

  • Certificates: Some job seekers without training or relevant experience tend to receive training on the job. You may be provided resources to complete a certificate during this time. With this certificate, you obtain the knowledge and skills needed for support worker positions in social and health care. Though this is a form of education, we recommend putting this in a 'Certifications” or ‘Professional Training’ section rather than combined with your education.

Consider adding professional courses and certificates on a CV in a separate section to further boost your chances of landing a job. Besides, they show your drive and commitment to long-term success. See below the list of best course providers to further boost your CV and validate your qualifications:

For more information, consult our guide on writing an education section on a CV which explains how long it is, best practises, and job-specific advise.

How to include skills in a marketing CV 

Skills are a core part of your CV; they best describe your natural capabilities and personal qualities. In contrast to ideas, theories, or thoughts, they prove that you have an ability or mastery over something. Two main types of skills are personal (soft) and professional (hard).

Hard skills and soft skills for marketing CV

To learn more, read the article on what skills to put on a CV.

Key takeaways

Now that you have some tips on writing a marketing CV, don't be afraid to make mistakes and always tailor your CV if you want to land more job interviews.

Marketing CV - Let's recap

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Discover our collection of job-specific CV examples and cover letter examples designed to assist you in the job application process and enhance your writing strategies. Simplify your application process with our user-friendly CV Builder, which includes an integrated job finder tool. Everything you need for a more efficient job search is conveniently consolidated in one place. Apply for you dream job with confidence today!


How to write a good marketing CV?

Research company culture and values to tailor your marketing CV to specific job requirements. Use clear, professional, and concise language, coupled with action verbs to make your writing more impactful. Use chronological CV format and ensure to list measurable achievements.

Use a master CV as a cheat sheet for all your future job-specific applications. Leverage marketing knowledge and research skills to strategically include key requirements in your professional documents or LinkedIn profile.

What is the salary for a marketing job in the UK?

Here is the list of common marketing jobs with the corresponding average salaries according to the UK talent page:

  1. Marketing Specialist (£32,500 per year): creating promotional campaigns and conducting market research to support business growth.

  2. Social Media Manager (£35,000 per year): building a company’s brand awareness via social media and digital marketing campaigns.

  3. SEO Specialist (£32,500 per year): a search engine optimisation expert ensures the company’s website is visible, ranking high in search engines to generate steady traffic

  4. Content Specialist (£32,967): writing blog posts, sales and email copies, and newsletters for their company’s website to boost search engine visibility.

  5. Product Manager (£50,284 per year): uses buyer’s knowledge to develop products that satisfy consumer’s needs while increasing the company’s profitability.

  6. Marketing Analyst (£35,000 per year): using data collection and data analysis to create better digital marketing plans that could increase the company's bottom line.

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