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Digital Marketing CV


Digital Marketing CV

Sofia has selected a simple two-column Harvard template. Her CV is well-structured and showcases her experience, qualifications, and digital skills concisely. This thoughtfully chosen format not only ensures compatibility with applicant tracking systems (ATS) but also enhances the overall visual appeal of her CV.

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"Accomplished Digital Marketing Manager with 10-year track record of success in driving brand awareness through data-driven social media campaigns. Hold a CIM qualification and excel in designing and optimising social media strategy for Youtube, TikTok, and X with a collective of 5m+ followers."

Sofia Al-Mansoori - Digital Marketer

CV example - Digital Marketing - Harvard template

Table of contents

How to Write a Digital Marketing CV (Step-by-Step Guide)

In today's tech-driven world, digital marketing revolves around platforms like TikTok or Instagram, and your CV is your passport for entering this rapidly-changing field. However, the challenge is to create a CV that impresses the recruiters as well as meets the job requirements.

Types of digital marketing:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC)

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Content Marketing

  • Viral Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing.

Whether you're a student embarking on your professional journey or a seasoned professional, we have compiled a comprehensive step-by-step guide to empower you in confidently manoeuvering the intricacies of the UK job market. From highlighting your creativity and know-how to presenting your digital skills, this article hopes to help you craft a good CV that opens doors to the UK world of marketing. 

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Digital marketing CV example

Digital Marketing CV example

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This CV sample features Sofia Al-Mansoori, a Digital Marketing Manager seeking a similar role in another company. With a strong background in leading data-driven campaigns and branding initiatives, the work experience section presents her as a perfect candidate with a flair for creativity and social media. With a strong foundation in all branches of digital marketing, her skills and course sections further demonstrate her as a fast-learner and qualified professional with a long track record of creating marketing campaigns.

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What to include in a digital marketing CV?

A well-crafted CV should be concise and tailored to your desired digital marketing position, whether it's for a role in sales or as a writer. For example, you could mention increased website traffic, optimised conversion rate, or improved social media engagement, to make your CV more job-specific. Remember, the goal of your CV should be to display your strengths and data-driven approach.

As a digital marketer, you wear multiple hats, from writing articles to strategising and leading multiple campaigns. There is no universal way to write a CV but we recommend you to add a portfolio or personal website, display technical proficiencies, and elaborate on marketing-specific skills and accomplishments. Lastly, ensure your CV is applicant tracking systems (ATS) friendly, as recruiters use these tools to filter out the best candidates based on factors such as years of experience, education, or skills.

Ensure to include must-have sections, providing a comprehensive overview of your relevant expertise, experience, and career accomplishments:

  • Personal details

  • Personal profile

  • Work experience

  • Skills

  • Education.

Must-have CV sections - Marketing CV

As for the optional sections, they can include the following:

For more information on how to tailor your CV for a job description, see the article about the difference between the job-specific vs master CV.

How to write a captivating personal profile on a digital marketing CV

A personal profile, also known as about me or summary, is a brief statement at the top of your CV that reflects your career goals and personality in four to six lines. It should highlight your unique qualities, such as communication and ability to adapt to industry changes. The goal is to align your personal profile to your career goals while showcasing your versatility and current position. Highlight your industry knowledge, main skills, and yeas of relevant experience to showcase your main talents. 

Digital Marketing - Personal profile on a CV

As a digital marketer, your profile could include:

  • Type and size of companies/clients you have worked for.

  • Specialisation in digital marketing (SEO, email marketing, PPC, etc.).

  • Type of projects you have worked on and their size and impact.

  • Tools and technologies you are familiar with.

  • Relevant qualifications or experience.

Digital Marketing Manager CV personal profile example

Results-driven Digital Marketing Manager with 8+ years of experience in developing and executing successful multi-channel strategies, increasing brand visibility, and leading marketing teams. Proven track record of driving business growth through innovative data-driven campaigns using Agile methodologies.

Digital Marketing Student CV personal profile example

Passionate marketing student, specialising in social media. Seeking to apply creativity skills and contribute to digital marketing success. Skilled in SEO, content writing, and sales techniques. Quick learner with a proactive attitude and strong analytical skills.

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Digital Marketing Graduate CV personal profile example

Recent marketing graduate with hands-on experience in email marketing. Knowledgeable in CRM, digital marketing, and content creation. Eager to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world marketing. Committed to driving business growth via data-driven campaigns.

See our graduate CV example guide to learn more about it.

Digital Marketing Intern CV personal profile example

Motivated student seeking a digital marketing internship to gain practical experience in social media. Proficient in using Instagram and Facebook for content writing and eager to learn and contribute to marketing initiatives. Strong team player with excellent communication skills.

Refer to our internship CV example guide for more tips and examples.

Digital Marketing Apprentice CV personal profile example

Highly motivated apprentice eager to develop practical skills in digital marketing and contribute to marketing efforts during an apprenticeship. Proactive problem-solver willing to take on new challenges and grow in the field.

Check out our apprenticeship CV article for more guidance.

Digital Marketing Assistant CV personal profile example

Organised Digital Marketing Assistant with experience in social media, data analysis, and leading digital campaigns. Detail-orientated and skilled at coordinating tasks to ensure the seamless execution of marketing initiatives.

Digital Marketing Consultant CV personal profile example

Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant with a successful track record 5 years in developing comprehensive strategies, conducting market research, and delivering measurable results for diverse businesses. Strong expertise in SEO, SEM, and social media marketing.

How to write work experience for digital marketing CV

When showcasing work experience on a CV, it is crucial to highlight relevant positions and responsibilities demonstrating your expertise, research skills, and contributions to the professional community. Here are some tips on how to effectively present work experience:

  • Use the chronological CV format, starting with the most recent positions.

  • List both duties and achievements in 4-6 lines in a bullet point format.

  • Quantify achievements if possible.

  • Use action verbs and concise language.

  • Proofread and format consistently.

Digital Marketing - Work experience on a CV

Examples of work experience:

Digital Marketing Manager, PixelGrowth Ltd, Manchester, UK, 2023-Present

Devise and execute email marketing campaigns to elevate customer engagement and drive conversion rates. Manage end-to-end email marketing processes, including list segmentation, content creation, A/B testing, and performance analysis. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align email campaigns with overall business goals and ensure consistent brand messaging.

  • Led a cross-functional team of email marketing specialists, fostering skill development and achieving a 25% increase in campaign productivity.

  • Achieved a 30% surge in email open rates via targeted market segmentation and personalised content strategies.

  • Improved click-through rates by 20% by creating SEO-driven content based on user. 

Digital Marketing Assistant, Francis Consultancy, Stafford, UK, 2022-2023

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to support digital marketing initiatives, including email campaigns, partnerships, social media, and content creation. Assisted in the execution of data-driven marketing strategies to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions. Conducted market research to identify trends and insights, contributing to the development of effective marketing campaigns.

  • Played a crucial role in supporting email marketing campaigns, resulting in a 30% increase in open rates.

  • Contributed to the improvement of click-through rates by 20% through the creation of SEO-driven content.

  • Assisted in the development and execution of partnerships, expanding the company's reach and visibility.

If you have little to no experience, we suggest prioritising your education and transferable skills over your work experience. As a fresh starter, you must showcase your side jobs, internships, volunteer work, or any other experience to gain a competive edge in the job market.

  • Tailor your CV to reflect your versatility and ability to thrive in the fast-paced digital marketing landscape.

  • Seamlessly navigate ATS and stay current with industry trends to ensure your CV stands out.

  • Embrace your creative flair and highlight your digital skills to make a lasting impression.


Digital Marketing Intern, DigitalFocus Ltd, Manchester, UK, Summer 2023

Supported the development and execution of impactful email marketing campaigns to enhance customer engagement and boost conversion rates. Assisted in various aspects of the email marketing process, including list segmentation, content creation, A/B testing, and performance analysis. Collaborated with diverse teams to align email campaigns with overarching business objectives and maintain a cohesive brand message.

  • Contributed to a collaborative team environment, providing support in various email marketing tasks and gaining hands-on experience in campaign management.

  • Assisted in implementing targeted market segmentation and personalised content strategies, contributing to a noticeable 10% increase in email open rates.

  • Collaborated on SEO-driven content creation, resulting in a 7% improvement in click-through rates.

See the article on how to write a CV with no experience for more inspiration.

Mention your education for digital marketing CV

When listing the education section on a CV, it’s sufficient to include basic information, such as the degree name, institution name, location, and the year of graduation. While you don’t necessarily need to have specific qualifications, it’s crucial to have a combination of certifications, on-the-job training, and formal education.

Digital Marketing - Education on a CV

If you have little to no experience, you could list your high school, higher education, courses, or apprenticeships. Generally, it's best to only mention the highest level of education and remove your high school experience if you've already held a few roles. While not always mandatory, it could add value to your CV. 


[Degree ] in [Program name] [Institution], [Location], [date range, year of graduation, or in progress]

Examples of education:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing, University of Warwick, UK, 2023-Present

  • Master of Science in Marketing, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK, 2022-2023

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, Imperial College London, UK, 2021.

State your strengths by highlighting key achievements such as high grades or awards that match your personality and the company's objectives. Lastly, mention any side courses or volunteering roles that show your relevant experience and dedication to learning.

See how to add education on a CV for more inspiration.

How to add skills in a digital marketing CV

When writing your CV, it is essential to emphasise a diverse set of soft and hard skills that align with the specific requirements stated in the job description. Digital marketers are often skilled in using storytelling to get their point across. Start by incorporating soft skills within the personal profile. As for the hard skills, highlight your digital skills by creating a separate section called ‘Areas of expertise’ or ‘Hard skills.’ 

Digital Marketing  - Types of skills

Soft skills:

  • Communication

  • Time management

  • Creativity

  • Presentation

  • Analytical

  • Empathy

  • Adaptability

  • Data-driven

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Strategic Thinking.

Hard skills:

  • Data Analysis

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Marketing

  • Pay-per-Click Advertising.

  • E-commerce

  • CRM

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • A/B Testing

  • UX/UI Design

Transferable skills:

  • Leadership

  • Adaptability

  • Critical Thinking

  • Customer Service

  • Project Management

  • Creativity

  • Planning

  • Initiative

  • Innovative

  • Persuasive

Technical skills:

  • Web development: JavaScript, React.js, Node.js

  • Email Marketing: HubSpot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact

  • CRM: Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive

  • SEO: Google Search Console, SEMrush, Google Analytics 4

  • Video editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Google Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads Manager

  • Social Media Management: Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social

  • Content Marketing: WordPress, Yoast SEO, BuzzSumo

  • Data Analytics: Google Analytics, Tableau, Mixpanel

Please refer to the article on how to list skills on a CV for more information.

How to list relevant courses and certificates for digital marketing CV

Enhance your digital marketing CV by displaying official courses and certificates, showing your specialised knowledge with dedication to your specialisation. Keep it concise, with each entry limited to one or two lines. Incorporate relevant secondary and higher education courses, along with earned certifications and awards.

Digital Marketing - Courses on a CV

Examples of accredited certifications:

Key takeaways

This guide has shown how to make a strong digital marketing CV by highlighting your creativity, data-driven solutions, and technical skills. Use the suggested sections and formatting tips to improve your CV, making it effective in the competitive job market. Remember to highlight your relevant personal profile, education, work experience, and skills, and show how they align with your career goals.

Remember, your CV is not just a piece of paper; it's your digital signature, demonstrating your ability to adapt and your expertise in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Apply the tips and examples from this guide confidently when going after your dream job!

Digital Marketing - Let's recap

Next steps?

If you want to smooth out gaps or inconsistencies in your CV or create it from scratch, our career platform can assist you in every step. Using our easy-to-use CV builder, and easily format your CV and apply for jobs directly from our career platform. If you don’t want to leave your marketing skills to chance, consult with one of our experts at CV Writing Services.

Explore our user-friendly CV templates and cover letter templates to add the finishing touches to your application and elevate your chances of success in the competitive field. To accompany your CV, learn how to start a cover letter.


How to improve your CV in digital marketing?

As creating a CV is not always a straightforward process, there are several strategies you can use to improve both your CV and cover letter to create a solid job application: 

  • Tailor your CV to the specific job and industry.

  • Use figures and numbers to back up your achivements.

  • Attach links to your portfolio, courses, or personal website.

  • List awards and certifications.

  • Keep your education section short and concise.

  • Add a personal touch by mentioning your soft skills and talents

For more details, refer to our blog article on how to improve your CV.

How to write a graduate CV for digital marketing?

Emphasise your education, relevant courses or projects to showcase your key skills. Highlight transferable skills gained through other roles, ensuring they align with the needs of your desired job target. Additionally, you can look for a volunteering position, on-job training, or internships for students at marketing company. Alternatively, consider creating a skills-based CV, focusing on skills and projects from the university to demonstrate your capabilities.

Refer to the undergraduate and graduate articles for more information.

What are the top 3 qualities that a good digital marketer should possess?

Every marketer should strive for creative problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills. By leveraging your ability to work with people and creating data-driven solutions, you can be one step ahead of competitors. 

Is digital marketing a creative field?

Yes, you must have a creative yet analytical mindset to produce content and executive multi-channel strategies. Consider content marketing, for instance. It demands both innovative ideation abilities as well as adept execution to generate outstanding narratives that resonate with your target audience.

Where to get marketing experience?

The best way to start is to create a blog or personal website where you can show your skills and passion for marketing. Additionally, consider internships, volunteering, freelance work and online courses to help you further. See additional tips below:

  • Find a marketing internship through National Careers Services.

  • Volunteer for non-profit organisations and small enterprises.

  • Enrol in a digital marketing boot camp for specialised training.

  • Ask for advice from a seasoned professional to gain practical insights.

  • Launch mock campaigns.

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