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What exactly is

Although the name suggests otherwise, is much more than just a CV builder. is a comprehensive career platform that helps you land your dream job.

On you will find the following functionalities:

  • Create, edit and download unlimited CVs;

  • More than 20+ professional CV and cover letter templates;

  • Create and download unlimited cover letters;

  • Organise applications and keep track of whether they are opened;

  • Receive and search relevant jobs that match your profile and experience.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your CVMaker subscription via one of the options below:

Unsubscribe page Go to the unsubscribe page, enter the email address you used when creating your account and your subscription will be automatically cancelled. Your cancellation will be processed immediately. You do not have to log in for this and you will always receive a confirmation by e-mail after cancelling.

Cancel subscription from your account To do this, you must first log in in your account. After you have logged in, click on your name in the top right and then on 'Account settings'. Here you will find the 'Subscription' heading and the option to cancel your subscription immediately. Your cancellation will be processed immediately and you will always receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Cancel subscription via our help desk You can also cancel your subscription by contacting our help desk. On our contact page you will find various ways to get in touch. Your cancellation will be processed immediately after it has been processed by one of our employees. You will always receive a confirmation of the cancellation by e-mail as soon as it has been processed.

What happens if I cancel my subscription? Your subscription will be cancelled immediately, which means that no more payments will be collected thereafter. After you have unsubscribed, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. This e-mail includes the date until when you can still access your CVMaker account. Until that date, you can still use all the functionalities within the platform. Access to the functionalities will terminate from that date onwards.

What are the costs of

CVMaker can basically be used for free. With a free account you can:

  • Use our CVMaker to create your CV and view the result immediately in our live 'preview'.

  • Write a cover letter and save it on your account;

  • Search for vacancies;

  • Free access to our blog with valuable articles and career help.

  • Free access to our library of many CV examples.

Upgrade to 'Pro' account To be able to download your resumes and cover letters and to make full use of all the functionalities in our extensive career platform, you need to upgrade to a 'Pro' account. You pay a promotional price of £0.99 try out all functionalities for 7 days. After this 7 day trial period, your account will automatically renew monthly for £19.99 per month. The current prices and possibilities of the 'Pro' account can be found on our prices page.

Can I also download my CV or cover letter in different language?

You can change the language of your CV or cover letter by choosing your preferred language at the top of the page next to the language selection (with a flag). All fixed text will automatically be translated to your chosen language. You still have to translate all the text fields that you entered yourself.

Can I return to edit my CV or cover letter again later?

You can always come back to edit your CV and cover letter. To do this, you need to log in to your account, where all of your CVs and cover letters are stored. After logging in, you can edit any of your documents immediately.

Can I add a photo to my CV or cover letter?

You can add a photo by clicking the '+' icon in our CVMaker at the top left. You can then upload a photo and edit it to place it on your CV or cover letter.

Please note that if you're applying for a job here in the UK, we advise against adding a photo on your CV or cover letter. The functionality is available for those applying abroad.

Can I also place a part on the CV on the next page in the PDF?

Our advanced CVMaker software calculates when a section of text should be placed on the next page, so that your CV and cover letter texts fit nicely on the page. However, in some cases, it is necessary to manually place a part on the next page. To do this:

Scroll down in the CV builder, and choose from the additional sections for 'Page break'. You can drag this section to the correct position by pressing the drag icon next to it. Drag the 'Page break' above the item you want to position on the next page.

How can I sort the different sections and parts on the CV myself?

The sections are sorted by clicking the three dots next to the item and then choosing whether to move the section up or down.

The parts within the sections are automatically sorted chronologically, but if you want to change the sorting manually, you can do that by clicking on the three lines next to the part and then dragging it to the desired position.

How does the job application function work?

You can use the job application function in your dashboard to manage and track your applications. You can easily add a new job application into your dashboard to track the status and receive notifications as soon as the application has been opened by the recipient.

How does the job search function work?

In your dashboard you can use the job search function to find relevant jobs that perfectly match your CV. Our system selects jobs that may be relevant to your interests and experiences. You can also perform your own searches manually.

Can you help me write my CV or cover letter?

Absolutely! Aside from our advanced tools where you can easily create your own CV and cover letters, we also offer CV writing services. Are you short on time, or are you unable to create a professional CV or cover letter yourself? Then check out our various CV Services. More information about our CV Service can be found here.