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When you are looking for a job, you naturally need a professional CV that looks good. You should also write a catchy cover letter to convince your potential new employer why you are the ideal candidate. This can be a difficult task. We wanted to make this process easier for everyone. That is why CVMaker developed a tool in 2010 that made generating a CV a piece of cake. Many users have since used our tool to generate striking CVs landing jobs all over the world. Over the years, CVMaker's platform has evolved from a simple CV generator to a comprehensive career platform with all the tools and functionalities you need to land your dream job. With CVMaker you can now also write professional cover letters, manage your applications and even receive relevant jobs recommendations. All in one platform. Every day we help many users worldwide to land their dream job. Are you next?




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We have helped many people land their dream jobs.

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From writing your CV to applying for your dream job, we're here for you.


Get started well prepared with a professional CV and matching cover letter.

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We make finding a job is a piece of cake, searching yourself is a thing of the past.

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We are fascinated by technology and only innovate the best.

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We're here to help you land a job, not to share or sell your valuable data.

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From our office in the heart of Amsterdam, we help many job seekers worldwide to land their dream job every day.

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Media Kit

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