How to Write a CV Personal Profile with Examples and Tips


How to Write a CV Personal Profile with Examples and Tips

by Karien de Villiers

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  • · July 10 2024
  • · 7 min read
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Whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, a personal profile is essential for your CV when targeting the UK job market. It is a pivotal section that is often misunderstood but carries significant weight in the eyes of employers. Companies seek individuals who exhibit competence and dedication during the application process. Consequently, you should perceive your personal profile as a golden opportunity to captivate the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, as it occupies the topmost position in your CV.

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Before we start, it's worth noting that the personal profile section may be referred to by various names. Despite these differences, they all serve the same purpose:

  • Summary

  • Profile summary

  • Personal statement

  • CV profile summary

  • Skills summary

  • Qualifications summary

  • About me.

Follow this guide to help you create the best CV introduction that resonates with employers, propelling you closer to achieve your career goals.

What is a personal profile? 

A personal profile is a paragraph at the top of your CV, serving as an introductory statement about yourself and your career objectives. Its purpose is to provide a concise overview of your professional background, educational attainment, aspirations, and core competencies, all tailored to align with your desired job and industry.

CV personal profile example

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What to include in a short personal profile?

There are two essential elements of a professional CV introduction. First, incorporate a compelling power statement that grabs attention. Second, emphasise soft skills rather than hard skills. Ensuring the inclusion of both these elements is pivotal. As we delve deeper into these aspects, we provide you with personal profile examples and guidance on how to construct the personal profile section of your CV effectively.

4 steps on how to write a personal profile for your CV

1. Start with a compelling power statement

Begin your personal profile with a strong opening sentence highlighting your current job title, years of experience, and primary career objectives. This statement should grab the attention of employers and set you apart from other applicants.

2. Align with the job description

Refer to the job description of the position you're applying for and incorporate relevant keywords and phrases. For example, if the job requires someone with over 10 years of experience or a qualified marketing professional, include those details in your personal profile to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

3. Focus on showcasing soft skills

The next part should emphasise your personal attributes and soft skills relevant to your career goals. Highlight qualities that make you an ideal candidate for the position. Remember, it's not necessary to list hard skills here, as there is a dedicated section for that elsewhere in your CV.

4. Seek inspiration from CV writing guidelines

To craft a compelling personal profile, refer to resources on how to write a good CV and what skills to include. These guidelines can provide further inspiration and help you identify the essential skills and qualities sought after by employers in your field.

CV personal profile tips

3 benefits of a personal profile

1. Demonstrates your research and suitability

You showcase your understanding of the role and organisation by crafting a well-crafted personal profile. It conveys to recruiters or hiring managers that you have taken the time to align yourself with the job requirements, highlighting why you are the ideal candidate for the position.

2. Concisely summarises your experience and goals

The personal profile allows you to condense your professional experience and career goals into a concise, reader-friendly format. It enables you to present the most relevant information, avoiding overwhelming details that may not align with your career objectives.

3. Provides insight into your identity and motivation

Your personal profile offers a glimpse into your personality, motivations, and aspirations. It provides the reader with valuable insight, potentially leading to engaging interview discussions. You lay the groundwork for fruitful conversations during the interview process by mentioning key points in your personal profile.

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Pro Tip

A strong job application requires consistency, ensuring your CV and cover letter align well. Keep your personal profile on your CV concise, while elaborating on key points in your cover letter.

7 things to avoid when writing a personal profile

1. Writing a generic summary

Avoid creating a generic summary that could apply to any candidate. The term "personal" implies specificity, so tailor your summary to reflect your unique qualities and attributes. If it's your first time writing a personal profile, take a look at our student CV example article for more inspiration.

2. Neglecting spelling and grammar

Spelling and grammar mistakes can be detrimental to your CV, particularly in the opening paragraph. Thoroughly proofread your text, read it aloud, use spelling check tools, or ask a friend to review your document.

3. Using incomplete sentences or relying solely on bullet points

While bullet points may work in certain instances, it's generally recommended to use complete sentences and write a short paragraph for your summary.

4. Using excessive keywords without providing substance

Avoid filling your personal profile with numerous keywords without conveying meaningful information. Keep it concise and ensure clarity in your statements.

5. Solely focusing on job requirements

While it's important to address job requirements, your personal profile should go beyond simply listing them. Use this opportunity to stand out by highlighting your unique qualities and attributes.

6. Writing in the third person

Instead of using third-person phrasing, opt for first-person language and omit personal pronouns (e.g., use "Manage" instead of "Manages").

7. Overloading with irrelevant details

Remember that a personal profile is a summary, so focus on the most pertinent aspects of your experience and skills. If you have limited experience, research the job requirements and highlight relevant personal attributes and transferable skills gained from education or other experiences like volunteering.

30+ examples of CV personal profiles

To alleviate the daunting task of writing a personal profile, we have curated practical CV profile examples for your reference, catering to both short and long profiles. While the general guideline suggests having a minimum of four lines and a maximum of six, it is crucial to tailor your profile to your specific career goals. Remember, the key focus should be on relevant soft skills when crafting a personal profile.

Engineering examples:

Mechanical Engineer CV personal profile 

Qualified Mechanical Engineer with 5+ years of experience executing product designs from concept to production, including specification, design, prototyping, cost analysis, validation, and testing. Passionate about developing sustainable solutions by utilising cutting-edge technology to solve advanced business problems through data-driven and customer-focused techniques. Skilled in using computer-aided drafting (CAD) software to create full-scale and detailed designs of project proposals, including project work scope and end-user requirements.

Refer to the following engineer CV guides for more tips:

Healthcare examples:

Nurse CV personal profile

Registered nurse with professional experience in providing physical and psychological support to patients. Excellent interpersonal skills with proven success in collaborating with medical teams to establish compassionate, well-resourced, and healthy work environments. Professionally trained and experienced in assisting patients with acute to chronic conditions by creating, implementing, and evaluating comprehensive nursing care plans.

Healthcare CV personal profile

Compassionate and dedicated healthcare professional with a strong background in patient care. Experienced in providing high-quality medical assistance and support to diverse populations. Skilled in conducting thorough assessments, developing personalised care plans, and implementing effective treatment protocols. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, fostering trusting relationships with patients, families, and interdisciplinary healthcare teams.

Support Worker CV personal profile

Established Support Worker with over 10 years of experience in crisis intervention, hospital treatments, and supporting children with learning and developmental disabilities. Adept at building relationships with clients and their families with natural ability to be approachable and empathetic.

Pharmacist CV personal profile

Detail-orientated Pharmaceutical Sales Representative with 3+ years of experience in building relationships with healthcare providers, increasing revenue growth, and driving brand awareness. Strong knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and product portfolios. Proven track record of delivering sales targets while upholding ethical standards in the delivery of patient care.

Physiotherapist CV personal profile

Aspiring Physiotherapist with a degree in Physical Therapy, specialising in neurology and passionate for patient-centred care. Skilled in musculoskeletal assessment, exercise prescription, and evidence-based interventions gained through rigorous coursework and hands-on internships. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to empathetically connect with patients.

For more healthcare CV tips, check out the following guides:

Technical examples:

Data Scientist CV personal profile

Aspiring entry-level scientist adept in data-driven decision-making, predictive modelling, and implementing ML algorithms. One year of experience in cloud computing, Big Data technologies, and deep learning frameworks like Keras. Demonstrates a track record of solving complex business challenges and driving innovation through data-centric strategies.

Developer CV personal profile

Dedicated Full-stack Developer passionate about crafting seamless user experiences. Proficient in front-end and back-end technologies with 10+ years of experience bridging the gap between user interface design and server-side functionality. Strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with expertise in server frameworks like Node.js.

Looking for a job in tech? Refer to the following guides:

Sales and marketing examples:

Sales Manager CV personal profile 

Customer-focused sales professional with 15+ years of experience exceeding sales targets, spearheading new sales processes, and driving sustainable revenue growth in fast-paced environments. Influential leader, adept in delegating, training, and coaching cross-functional and performance-driven teams. Demonstrated track record in cultivating valuable business partnerships with proven success in implementing effective customer retention strategies.

CV writing guide: Sales CV.

Content Marketing CV personal profile

Results-driven content marketer with a passion for storytelling and a track record of driving engagement and conversions. Skilled in developing and implementing content strategies that resonate with target audiences. Excellent written and verbal communication abilities with a keen eye for detail, and a knack for crafting compelling narratives. Proficient in SEO optimisation, social media management, and analytics tools to maximise content reach and effectiveness.

Marketing CV personal profile

Agile and results-driven marketing director with 11+ years of management experience in providing innovative and creative marketing solutions to diverse clients globally. Proficient in leading effective advertising campaigns. Expert in various marketing facets, including CRM, PR, event, e-mail, and brand management.

Content Writer CV personal profile

Versatile and imaginative writer with a passion for crafting engaging and impactful content. Experienced in creating compelling narratives across various genres and platforms. Proficient in conducting extensive research to ensure accuracy and depth in writing. Excellent command of language and meticulous attention to detail, resulting in polished and error-free work. Strong storytelling abilities, with the capacity to captivate and resonate with diverse audiences.

Working in marketing? Check out some of the below guides:

General business examples:

Administrative Assistant CV personal profile

Administrative professional with four years of progressive experience supporting senior-level executives and board members in project coordination, calendar management, and event planning. Proven success in performing duties with utmost discretion, confidentiality, and professionalism while remaining responsive to changing business needs and delegating tasks to safeguard smooth operation.

HR Business Partner CV personal profile

Goal-driven and strategic Human Resources (HR) professional with nine years of progressive experience in managing HR functions and driving new initiatives within a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Influential leader well-versed in coordinating various HR tasks, overseeing full employment lifecycle processes, and maintaining/developing long-term partnerships with key stakeholders to drive strategic change. Expert communicator, adept in providing strategic HR advice, solving complex employment issues, and training executives/employees in various HR, recruitment, and employee-related topics.

CV writing guide: HR CV.

Receptionist CV personal profile

Diligent and personable Receptionist with a proven track record of efficiently managing front desk operations. Exceptional organisational and communication skills contribute to a welcoming environment for clients and visitors. Known for maintaining a high level of professionalism, consistently prioritise efficiency and courtesy to ensure a positive first impression and seamless daily operations at the front desks.

Retail & hospitality:

Admin CV personal profile

Highly organised and detail-oriented administrative professional with a proven track record of efficiently managing office operations. Strong multitasking and prioritisation skills, ensuring smooth workflow and timely completion of tasks. Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, fostering positive relationships with colleagues and clients. Proficient in utilising various software and systems to streamline administrative processes and enhance productivity.

Hospitality CV personal profile

Customer-focused and service-oriented hospitality professional with a passion for creating memorable guest experiences. Proven track record in delivering exceptional service in high-end establishments. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, fostering positive relationships with guests, colleagues, and management. Expertise in anticipating guest needs and providing personalised solutions to exceed their expectations. Exceptional attention to detail, ensuring seamless operations and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

Additional examples:

Retail Store Manager CV personal profile 

Ambitious and hard-working retail professional with proven success and experience enhancing store turnover and productivity. Well-versed in staff training, coaching, and developing performance-driven teams. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with proven ability to drive continuous process improvement.

Accountant CV personal profile

Recently qualified accounting graduate seeking on-the-job training to earn Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Knowledge of entry-level accounting duties, including but not limited to balancing sheets and general ledger accounts, preparing reports, and updating accounts payable. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to solve problems timely and professionally.

For similar examples, check out the below finance guides:

Teacher CV personal profile

Dedicated and resourceful educator with professional experience applying hybrid learning theories and research-based pedagogy to drive student achievement in online and classroom learning environments. Skilled in teaching students from diverse backgrounds with proven success in developing creative, engaging, and robust lesson plans to achieve student satisfaction.

CV writing guide: Teacher CV.

Customer Service CV personal profile 

Motivated and detail-oriented customer service professional with 10 years of experience leading small and large teams in fast-paced environments. Track record of success in coaching, motivating, and guiding team members to achieve business and personal goals. Equipped to optimise internal processes by transforming insights into strategic business actions with strong problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills.

CV writing guide: Customer service CV.

Graphic Designer CV personal profile

Established graphic design professional with 15+ years experience in senior managerial positions within fast-paced, commercial environments. Dynamic leader with proven track record of motivating and managing team members to meet deadlines while guaranteeing quality, consistency, and brand alignment. Expert knowledge in blending creativity and technology to design and develop print/web-based solutions for clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

CV writing guide: Graphic designer CV.

Project Manager CV personal profile

Goal-driven and innovative professional with over five years of experience in project management. Versatile and creative self-starter with solid record in driving service excellence to achieve organisational success while prioritising multiple projects across fast-paced industries. Collaborative leader who leverages emerging marketing strategies and forward-thinking methodologies to deliver consumer-targeted, timely, and on-budget projects.

Insurance Agent CV personal profile 

Self-motivated and ambitious Insurance Agent with experience in providing protection advice for clients. Strong communication skills with expertise in accident protection, income protection, life/critical illness protection, and home insurance. Skilled in developing and maintaining excellent relationships by carefully evaluating customer needs to propose insurance plans. 

Student CV personal profile 

Third-year Business Psychology student specialising in Human Resources (HR), ready to leverage strong administration skills to develop a career in HR. Excellent time management, communication, and people skills with proven ability to build and strengthen connections between different departments. Knowledgeable in employment law and essential HR practices with solid understanding of recruitment, compliance, and business operations.

Cleaner CV personal profile

Detail-oriented Office Cleaner with a strong work ethic with over 5 years of experience. Dedicated to maintaining high standards. Experienced in handling cleaning tasks, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, sanitising, and waste disposal. Proven ability to follow instructions, work independently, and prioritise tasks.

Civil Service CV personal profile

Motivated and detail-oriented graduate with 3 years experience and a solid educational foundation. Proven experience in collaborative team environments underscores the ability to work effectively alongside colleagues. Adept at maintaining strict confidentiality. Demonstrates adaptability in seamlessly transitioning to various office roles as needed. Strong organisational skills enable efficient task prioritisation.

CV writing guide: Civil service CV.

Football CV personal profile

Dynamic and driven football player with two years of experience, showcasing exceptional agility, strategic thinking, and goal-scoring prowess. Team-oriented and adaptable to various positions, contributing effectively to match dynamics. Eager to leverage skills, discipline, and commitment to excel in competitive leagues.

Refer to the football CV writing guide for more tips.

Security Guard CV personal profile

Vigilant and committed security guard with over 5 years experience in maintaining a safe environment within commercial and residential settings. Proven ability to deter and report illegal activities, ensuring the safety of assets and personnel. Adept at operating security systems, conducting patrols and responding promptly to incidents. Possesses excellent communication skills and a strong sense of responsibility.

Kitchen Porter CV personal profile

Dedicated and detail-oriented kitchen porter with a solid commitment to maintaining impeccable hygiene standards, ensuring seamless kitchen operations, and supporting the culinary team. Proficient in dishwashing, cleaning, and waste management. Skilled at thriving in fast-paced environments, consistently delivering cleanliness and order while complying with safety standards.

For more tips, check out the kitchen porter CV or our article on best jobs for students.

Artist CV personal profile

Creative and imaginative illustrator with 5 years experience. Using a keen eye for colour, balance, and layout to produce clean, crisp, and visually captivating designs. Effective communication skills and adept at transforming concepts into stunning graphics. A great problem-solver, adaptable to handle changes without frustration. Self-motivated, intensely focused and driven by deadlines.

CV writing guide: Artist CV.

Driver CV personal profile

Experienced and reliable HGV driver with 8 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of UK road networks, regulations, and navigation skills. Proven track record of safe and efficient transportation of goods. Strong expertise in handling various cargo types and maintaining vehicle integrity. Committed to meeting tight schedules and prioritising safety. Seeking to utilise expertise and HGV driver certificate in a reputable organisation.

CV writing guide: Driver CV.

Accountant CV personal profile

Recently qualified accounting graduate seeking on-the-job training to earn Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Knowledge of entry-level accounting duties, including but not limited to balancing sheets and general ledger accounts, preparing reports, and updating accounts payable. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to solve problems timely and professionally.

For similar examples, check out the below finance guides:

Chef CV personal profile

Detail-oriented Chef de Partie with 5 years of experience in the culinary industry. Skilled in food preparation, cooking techniques, and kitchen safety. Proven success in working collaboratively with Chefs to deliver exceptional dishes that surpass customer expectations. Adept at managing inventory, maintaining hygiene standards, and implementing food safety protocols to ensure optimal kitchen performance.

Warehouse Operative CV personal profile

Highly motivated Warehouse Operative with 5+ years of experience ensuring timely and efficient customer delivery. Track record of ensuring smooth operation of a warehouse by managing inventory, organising stock, and maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the warehouse. Adept at receiving, storing, and distributing goods and materials with proven success in performing regular stock checks and maintaining accurate records of inventory levels.

Refer to the following CV writing guides for the above examples.

Key takeaways

Crafting a good CV introduction is crucial as it allows you to present yourself in a focused and impactful manner. Unlike a cover letter, a personal profile is more specific and directly aligned with your career objectives. It serves as an opportunity to highlight your strengths and achievements, leaving a positive impression on the reader.

  • Seek inspiration from the examples provided above to guide your own writing process.

  • Leave the personal profile section for the end, ensuring it reflects a coherent and accurate representation of yourself. Reading it aloud or asking for a friend's feedback can provide valuable insights.

  • Be specific in your statements and provide concrete examples to support your claims during interviews.

  • Reflect on your career goals and ensure they are conveyed in your personal profile. Additionally, highlight relevant soft skills that align with your objectives.

  • Verify that the soft skills you mention are not only true but also relevant to the job you are applying for.

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By following these guidelines and asking yourself the below questions, you can create a powerful personal profile that effectively showcases your qualifications and sets you apart as a strong candidate.

  1. What are my long-term career aspirations, and how do they align with the position I am applying for?

  2. Have I communicated my career goals and relevant soft skills in the personal profile to showcase my fit for the desired role?

  3. Are my soft skills not only true but also explicitly connected to the job requirements and responsibilities?

  4. Do my career goals and soft skills reflect a genuine passion and commitment to excel in the industry or field?

  5. Have I highlighted any additional transferable skills that could be valuable in the role beyond the basic requirements?

Next steps?

Check out our extensive library of CV examples to help you create professional career documents for the job you are specifically applying for.

  • CV builder: use one of the colourful CV templates to help create a tailored and well-structured CV.

  • Cover letter builder: apply with a matching cover letter template with a clear layout so you can easily personalise and adjust to your career goals.

  • CV writing service: connect with one of our experts to receive feedback and get quick, professional advice on tailoring your career documents to a specific job.

  • Blog: explore our step-by-step guides to learn more about the best strategies to increase your chances of job prospects.


How long should a personal profile be?

To maximise the effectiveness of your personal profile on a CV, it's essential to tailor it to the specific job you're applying for. Instead of listing everything, focus on creating a concise and targeted profile. Aim for a block of text that ranges from four to six lines, ensuring that it captures the key highlights of your qualifications. Maintaining a typical font size, limiting your word count to a maximum of 120 words is advisable, ideally slightly lower. 

Do I need to include a personal statement on my CV?

Including a personal statement on your CV is optional, but it can be a valuable addition that helps to provide a concise summary of your skills, experience, and career goals.

Should a UK CV profile be written in the third person?

Instead of using third-person phrasing, opt for first-person phrasing and omit personal pronouns (e.g., use "Manage" instead of "Manages").

Where should I include the personal profile on my CV?

The personal profile, a personal statement or a CV summary should be placed near the beginning of your CV, typically after your contact information and before the work experience section. By positioning it in this prominent location, you ensure that it immediately captures the attention of recruiters or hiring managers. For more inspiration to help you write a personal profile, check out our modern CV example article.

How can I get my profile noticed by recruiters?

When crafting your personal profile, keep these essential tips in mind to maximise its impact:

  • Tailor it to the specific job.

  • Use impactful language.

  • Showcase your unique selling points.

  • Quantify your achievements.

  • Incorporate keywords.

  • Demonstrate soft skills.

  • Provide specific examples.

  • Keep it concise.

  • Show enthusiasm and passion.

  • Proofread and edit.

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