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Nurse CV

Jo has chosen the Columbia template because of its professional and two-column layout design.

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"Registered nurse with 10+ years of experience in providing physical and psychological support to patients. Excellent interpersonal skills with proven success in collaborating with medical teams to establish well-resourced and healthy environments."

Jo Brown - Nurse

CV example - Nurse - Columbia template

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How to Write a Nurse CV (Examples and Tips)

If you want more information on writing a nursing CV or adding nursing skills, you’ve landed on the right page. As a passionate, caring, and attentive individual, you possess the qualities that make a great nurse. However, when it comes to writing a CV, you need some help marketing yourself. If you fit into any of the profiles below, this article will help write a good CV.

  • Nurse Practioner 

  • Dialysis Nurse 

  • Research Nurse

  • Band 5 Nurse

  • Registered Nurse

  • Nurse Anaesthetist 

  • Mental Health Nurse 

  • Midwife 

  • Hospital Nurse. 

Highlighting your skills, experience, and qualifications is an excellent opportunity to capture the attention of potential employers and increase your chances of securing your desired nursing position. We provide examples and writing tips below to help you create a UK nursing CV. Let's begin!

Nursing CV example

Nurse CV example

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This nursing CV sample demonstrates how Jo, a Staff Nurse, expresses her desire for a career in acute and chronic care. She presents a comprehensive career overview, providing clear and concise descriptions of her daily responsibilities. Jo has customised a Columbia nursing CV template to highlight her personal profile and skills effectively.

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What to include in a nursing CV?

The core sections of your CV should focus on relevant work experience, education, and critical skills aligned with your career goals. Your nurse CV should showcase your ambition to help others and demonstrate a patient-centred approach. For more tips on the CV writing process, refer to our master CV article that breaks down the importance of tailoring your CV for humans and technology, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS).

What to include in a nursing CV

As a nurse, it's inevitable to encounter challenges and demanding situations in your work. If you're a nursing student or a recent graduate, it's normal to have concerns about your level of experience compared to other candidates. If you're just starting your career, this article provides valuable insights on what to include in your CV. When building a nurse CV, consider including the following:

  • Relevant work experience and clinical rotations.

  • Educational background and nursing qualifications.

  • Specialised skills, certifications, and areas of expertise.

  • Professional affiliations and memberships.

  • Clinical achievements and notable contributions.

  • Patient-centred care approach and compassionate qualities.

  • Strong communication and teamwork abilities.

  • Proficient use of medical software and technology.

  • Any additional languages spoken.

  • References from nursing supervisors or professors.

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When customising your nursing CV to align with your job targets, it's crucial to incorporate relevant keywords and skills based on your research. This ensures that you effectively communicate your qualifications to potential employers.

How to write a personal profile for a nurse CV

The personal profile is an essential aspect of a job application, as it can catch the attention of recruiters and provide a summary of your experience and qualifications. Effective CV writing should begin with a clear and powerful statement while maintaining brevity and relevance, similar to a headline on social media platforms like LinkedIn. The best way to structure this section is to note any soft skills crucial for a nursing role.

Hospital CV example of a personal profile

Compassionate Hospital Nurse with 5+ years of experience in evaluating new and existing patients to determine the suitability of treatment. Excellent interpersonal skills with proven success in collaborating with various healthcare professionals. Adept at administering medication, mentoring junior nurses, and implementing patient care programmes.

Band 5 Nurse CV example of a personal profile

Motivated Band 5 Nurse with a passion for delivering compassionate care to diverse patient populations. Proven ability to assess patient needs, plan and implement effective interventions, and evaluate outcomes. Skilled in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to ensure seamless care delivery. Excellent communication skills and a patient-centred approach that promotes trust and confidence in healthcare services.

Registered Nurse CV example of a personal profile

Experienced Registered Nurse in the UK healthcare system, dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. Demonstrated proficiency in conducting thorough assessments, developing and implementing care plans, and monitoring patient progress. Strong teamwork and collaboration skills, contributing to efficient and effective healthcare delivery. Committed to maintaining the highest standards of nursing practice and promoting positive patient outcomes.

For more examples of personal profiles related to healthcare, refer to our medical CV example article. If you are writing a mental health nurse CV, learn more about this type of role in the psychology or care assistant CV example article.

How to list skills on a nursing CV

In the healthcare industry, a wide range of skills is crucial for success in a demanding and high-demand environment. Among these, patient-centred soft skills such as emotional intelligence, empathy, and critical thinking are particularly important. However, the challenge lies in effectively demonstrating these skills during a job interview. On the other hand, hard skills for a nurse CV encompass practical, technical, and procedural expertise, typically acquired through education and hands-on experience.

How to list skills on a nursing CV

Learn more about the different skills on a CV or discover similar skills with our healthcare or dentist CV examples.

Nursing hard skills to add to a CV:

  • Administering medicines

  • Patient nutrition

  • Patient assessment

  • Medication management

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

  • Basic life support (BLS)

  • Care plan development

  • Infection control

  • Intravenous (IV) therapy.

Nursing soft skills to add to a CV:

  • Teamwork

  • Decision making

  • Compassion

  • Problem-solving

  • Confidentiality

  • Empathy

  • Communication

  • Critical thinking.

Include relevant nursing experience

Your employment history should match what you've stated in your application. This is important for honesty and transparency. For nursing roles, list your most recent roles first. Review the job description before selecting previous jobs to ensure you have relevant work experience.

If you want to include hobbies and interests, include only those relevant to the job. For example, you can state that you volunteered at a care home or a food bank to emphasise your suitability for a nursing role, mainly if you have limited to no experience.

Staff Nurse, St. Augustus Hospital, London, UK | 2018 - Present

Provide direct patient care, assess conditions, and administer medications following established protocols. Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to develop and implement individualized care plans. Monitor and evaluate patient progress, promptly identifying and addressing any changes or concerns. Educate patients and their families on self-care techniques and post-treatment instructions.

  • Implemented an infection control initiative, resulting in a 20% reduction in hospital-acquired infections.

  • Received recognition for exceptional patient satisfaction scores, consistently exceeding departmental benchmarks.

Registered Nurse, St. Augustus Hospital, London, UK | 2018 - Present

Conduct comprehensive assessments, triage patients, and coordinate personal care within a busy outpatient setting. Administer treatments, medications, and vaccinations in accordance with physician orders. Perform diagnostic tests, interpret results, and provide patient education regarding test outcomes. Collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure efficient patient flow and optimise care delivery.

  • Streamlined patient scheduling system, reducing wait times by 30%.

  • Received recognition for exceptional performance in maintaining accurate and up-to-date patient records.

Band 5 Nurse, St. Augustus Hospital, London, UK | 2019 - Present

Deliver high-quality nursing care to post-operative patients, ensuring safety and comfort. Monitor vital signs, administer medications, and assist with wound care and dressing changes. Collaborate with healthcare team to develop and implement effective care plans and discharge strategies. Provide emotional support to patients and family members, addressing concerns and answering questions timely.

  • Implemented a patient education program on postoperative pain management, resulting in improved patient satisfaction scores.

  • Received positive feedback from patients and families for demonstrating empathy and compassion during their hospital stay.

Example of work experience for a nurse with no experience:

Nursing Student, St. Augustus Hospital, London, UK | 2019 - Present

Strong foundation in accounting principles and practices. Coursework includes the analysis of financial data to identify trends and areas for improvement. Attend networking events, workshops, or seminars organised by the university or professional accounting associations to connect with industry professionals. Stay informed about industry trends, changes in accounting standards, and other relevant developments through reading, seminars, and online resources.

  • Gained a comprehensive understanding of financial statements, journal entries, and compliance with accounting standards.

  • Developed valuable skills in team collaboration and leadership during group projects and presentations.

Additionally, refer to our article on how to write a CV with no experience or refer to the below for further guidance:

Mention nursing qualifications and education

Becoming a qualified nurse in the UK is a respected and fulfilling profession. The journey starts with a three-year nursing pre-registration program, combining academic study and supervised practice. After completing the program, registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is necessary. Maintaining registration requires renewal every three years with evidence of continuing professional development (CPD).

Mention nursing qualifications and education

When listing the education section on your nurse CV, include the name of your school, location, dates attended, and degree, diploma, or certificates earned. This method is acceptable and will be understood by hiring managers and recruiters. Refer to our skills-based CV example if you are a recently qualified nurse in the UK.

Learn more about how to add courses and certificates on a CV, or check out the nursing courses or institutions below for inspiration.

Key takeaways

In writing a UK nursing CV, it’s important to showcase your advanced clinical skills, expertise, and dedication to providing comprehensive patient care. By following these steps, you can create a good CV highlighting your qualifications and increasing your chances of landing a nursing job. Moreover, keep these simple tips in mind to land more interviews:

Best tips for how to write a nursing CV

Next steps?

Boost your nursing career prospects and improve your chances of securing more interviews by utilising our diverse collection of CV examples and templates. Simplify the job application process and give your CV a makeover with the assistance of our expert team through our CV Writing Service.


How to write a nursing CV with no experience?

If you're a recent graduate or student, you can boost your application by writing about other qualities and following a skill-based approach. It’s also a good idea to list achievements, volunteer work, hobbies, or interests to enhance the impact of your application.

What is the best UK nursing CV format?

When reviewing a CV, hiring managers typically seek out specific information, so it is important for nurses to use a reverse-chronological format.

Where can a nurse work in the UK?

Nurses in the UK are employed in various settings, including but not limited to hospitals, clinics, schools, and community organisations. For example, NHS hospital trusts employ nurses in many departments or international nurses, including accident and emergency nurse (A&E), surgical units, maternity units, paediatrics, mental health care, oncology, etc.

What is the best length for a nursing CV in the UK?

The standard length of a CV is two pages in the UK. A one-page CV is utilised when you have little to no experience, have graduated, or changing careers. In this case, you must strategically include education and relevant skills, possibly transferable skills from other work experience. Learn more about CV length by referring to our article on how long a CV should be

How to write a CV for a nurse practitioner or registered nurse?

The UK CV format for nurses is the same in terms of what sections to add. Whether you are a nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or band 5 nurse, you must follow the basics of what makes a good CV. This includes key sections with relevant information that is tailored to your specific career goals.

Do nurses in the UK need a CV?

Yes, nurses in the UK need a CV when applying for jobs. It's an essential document that showcases qualifications, experience, skills, and achievements. It provides an overview of professional background and helps employers assess suitability for a particular role.

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