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Nursery assistant CV

Debrah has opted for the Columbia CV template which is applicant tracking system-friendly and easy to read.

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"Compassionate Nursery Assistant with 3 years of experience in supervising and nurturing children up to 5 years old."

Debrah Miller - Nursery Assistant

Nursery assistant CV sample

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How to Write a Nursery Assistant CV: 5 Steps to Success

A nursery assistant role is more than just a job; it's a fulfilling career dedicated to creating a supportive learning environment for young children. Knowing how to write a good CV for a nursery position involves highlighting your passion and interpersonal skills. 

With the growing demand for compassionate and dedicated childcare workers, numerous opportunities are available across the UK, from childcare centres to healthcare facilities such as NHS paediatric wards, family-centred care units, and schools.

To increase your chances of securing a nursery job and making a meaningful impact on children's lives., we show you how to write a modern CV and utilise a CV template that reflects your potential to hiring managers 

In this article, we cover:

  • How to list your experience, skills and achievements with specific examples.

  • How to write a CV with no experience and include additional information to impress employers.

  • Optimising your CV for application tracking systems (ATS) and the best formats to use.

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Nursery assistant CV example

Nursery assistant CV sample

In this UK sample of a nursery teacher CV, Debrah Miller demonstrates three years of experience supporting children's growth and well-being. She showcases her qualifications in early childhood education and relevant achievements to impress employers. Debrah has opted for the Columbia CV template which is ATS-friendly and easy to read.

What to include in a nursery assistant CV? 

Before starting to write your CV, we suggest to take some time to consider a few key points. Ensure you've completed essential background checks like the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and obtained a paediatric first aid certificate. If you don't already have these, some employers may cover the costs. Due to the nature of the role, it's important to mention any driving licences or additional certificates. Now you can start thinking about the important CV sections;

  1. Start with a strong profile summarising your expertise and positive interest in childcare.

  2. Include sections for qualifications, skills, work experience, and achievements.

  3. If you lack experience, add information about courses, volunteering, languages, and hobbies.

Nursery assistant CV must-have sections

We recommend using a master CV document to tailor your information to job-specific applications. Explore our teaching or tutoring CV guides to gain additional insights into educational roles.

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How to write a nursery assistant CV: 5 steps with examples 

1. What are the important skills for a nursery assistant to have on a CV? 

In your CV, add soft and hard skills to demonstrate you can manage diverse childcare tasks such as planning and supervising creative activities to developing numeracy and language skills.

Soft skills such as communication and empathy, should be mentioned in your personal profile and work experience sections. Meanwhile, hard or technical skills like activity planning, teaching, safety management, and admin knowledge should be highlighted separately using bullet points.

Nursery Assistant CV skills

Essential skills for a nursery assistant with definition

  • Communication: interacting with children, parents, and colleagues to convey information clearly and foster positive relationships.

  • Patience: remaining calm and supportive in challenging situations, assisting children in learning, managing difficult behaviour, and offering guidance.

  • Creativity: developing engaging activities to stimulate children's learning and imagination, promoting problem-solving skills.

  • Organisation: planning and managing nursery activities, ensuring a safe and structured environment for children.

  • Adaptability: responding effectively to changing situations and individual needs, adjusting learning approaches to accommodate different children.

Hard skills

Soft skills

Activity planning




Safety management






Record keeping


Computer literacy


Explore the top skills to put on a CV for more ideas. 

2. How to write a personal profile for a nursery assistant CV 

In your CV introduction you should incorporate key soft skills and use keywords from the job description to attract recruiters. Highlight professional achievements and provide examples of applying these skills in the workplace.

Examples of soft skills in a personal profile:

  • "Dynamic and nurturing Nursery Assistant with exceptional communication and problem-solving skills."

  • "Creative and detail-orientated Nursery Assistant with excellent teamwork and empathy abilities."

Mention how you’ve applied your skills successfully in relevant contexts:

  • "Nurturing Nursery Assistant who designed engaging educational activities, enhancing children's developmental milestones."

  • "Adaptable Nursery Assistant who effectively managed classroom dynamics and maintained a positive, learning environment for children."

Nursery assistant personal profile tips

Nursery assistant CV personal profile example 

Experienced Nursery Assistant with over 3 years of dedicated service in nurturing and supporting young children's development. Proficient in planning and leading engaging activities to stimulate creativity and cognitive skills. Skilled in fostering positive relationships with children and colleagues, creating a nurturing environment conducive to growth and learning. Passionate about providing high-quality care and making a positive impact on children's lives.

Nursery assistant apprentice CV personal profile example 

Enthusiastic Nursery Assistant Apprentice with a keen interest in childcare and over a year of hands-on experience. Eager to pursue a rewarding career path while continuing to learn and contribute to children's well-being and development. Excellent communication and teamwork skills demonstrated through effective collaboration with colleagues and engaging children in enriching activities.

Nursery worker CV personal profile example 

Experienced Nursery Worker with over 5 years of proven expertise in providing attentive and nurturing care to young children. Skilled in planning and supervising educational activities to promote social, emotional, and cognitive development. Strong interpersonal skills enable effective communication with children, parents, and staff members, fostering positive relationships and creating a supportive learning environment.

Playgroup assistant CV personal profile example 

Dynamic Playgroup Assistant with over 2 years of experience in early childhood education and development. Experienced in planning and facilitating age-appropriate activities to promote learning and creativity. Exceptional interpersonal skills enable effective communication with children and colleagues, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Committed to providing compassionate care and supporting children's holistic development in a fun and stimulating playgroup setting.

For more examples and tips, explore our blog article on how to write a personal profile on a CV.

3. How to include practical work experience

Include practical work experience on your nursery assistant CV to show your hands-on skills and demonstrate childcare duties on your CV. Begin by listing your previous jobs in a chronological format, starting with the most recent and working backwards. Briefly describe duties such as planning and supervising activities, supporting children's learning and development and maintaining a safe and clean environment.

Use action verbs like "planned," "implemented," "supported," and "communicated" to convey your active involvement in these tasks. Quantify your achievements where possible, like mentioning the number of children you cared for or specific outcomes of your efforts, such as improvements in behaviour or class participation.

Explore similar roles with transferable skills, such as a nanny, care assistant, support worker, nurse and caregiver. 

Nursery assistant CV work experience tips

Examples of work history entries on a nursery assistant CV

Band 2 Nursery Assistant, ABC Childcare Centre, Birmingham, 2021-present

Support daily care routines including feeding, diaper changing, and hygiene maintenance, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Assist lead educators in developing and implementing curriculum plans that align with early childhood education standards. Monitor child development and maintain detailed records of each child's progress, sharing insights with parents and caregivers.

  • Introduced a bilingual storytime program, resulting in a 20% improvement in language skills among participating children.

  • Organised a parent-child workshop, which received positive feedback from 95% of attendees.

Nursery Assistant Apprentice, Sunshine Nursery, Liverpool, 2020-present

Assist in organising and facilitating educational activities for children aged 6 months to 4 years, supporting their developmental milestones and social skills. Plan and implement age-appropriate games, crafts, and sensory activities. Engage with children during playtime to encourage language development and motor skills. Supervise meal times and nap schedules, ensuring individual needs are met.

  • Contributed to a 10% increase in efficiency by assisting with daily routines and transitions.

  • Organised outdoor exploration sessions, promoting physical activity and nature appreciation, leading to a 30% increase in children's engagement during outdoor play.

Nursery Worker, Little Explorers Nursery, Manchester, 2019-present

Engage children in stimulating activities and play sessions to encourage social interaction and cognitive development within a safe and nurturing environment. Collaborate with colleagues to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards, ensuring the well-being of all children.

  • Implemented a themed storytelling program, improving language skills by 50%.

  • Assisted in the development of age-appropriate curriculum materials and resources, supporting the educational objectives of the nursery.

Playgroup Assistant, Happy Faces Playgroup, London, 2020-2024

Facilitated creative play experiences and structured activities to support the holistic development of children aged 2 to 4. Worked closely with lead staff to plan and organise playgroup sessions, ensuring a varied and engaging curriculum. Supported children with personal care routines and transitions, promoting independence and confidence.

  • Introduced sensory play stations, stimulating sensory exploration and fine motor skills development.

  • Organised themed dress-up days and special events, fostering a sense of community and fun within the playgroup.

To learn more, read our article about work experience on a CV.

Nursery assistant CV work experience example with little to no experience

If you have little to no work experience, are a school leaver, or are interested in part-time work, focus on transferable skills from previous roles or highlight any volunteer activities.

Playgroup Assistant Volunteer, Sunshine Kids Playgroup, Birmingham, UK, 2021-Present

Implement creative play activities to stimulate children's imagination and encourage social interaction. Provide a supportive environment and assist in the planning and leading playgroup sessions. Plan and integrate a diverse range of engaging activities for children aged 3 to 5. Offer assistance and guidance to children during play sessions to promote positive social behaviours and emotional well-being.

  • Assisted in organising play sessions for children aged 3 to 5, contributing to a 20% increase in participation rates.

  • Maintained cleanliness and safety standards in play areas and equipment, resulting in a 15% reduction in accidents and incidents during play sessions.

4. How to include education on a nursery assistant CV 

Including your education is good practice to highlight your qualifications and suitability for the role. Typically, the minimum requirement for nursery assistant positions includes GCSEs for apprenticeships or a college diploma in Child Care.

For an entry-level nursery assistant CV with no experience or recent students, prioritise this section to detail coursework. If you have practical experience or specialised training, highlighting your work experience can be more effective. If unsure, consider a skills-based CV to elaborate on your relevant knowledge.

Example of education in a nursery assistant CV

  • Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education, Diploma in Childcare and Education, King's College, London, UK, 2022

  • Level 2 Certificate in Childcare, NCFE, Certificate in Introducing Caring for Children and Young People, UK, 2023

  • T Level in Education and Early Years, NCFE, UK, 2024.

If you’re a graduate or PhD looking for a new role or seeking a career change in the education sector, consider a role in teaching

5. How to add additional relevant CV sections

In the dynamic field of early childhood education, continuous learning and adaptability are essential for success. Highlight your personal and professional growth by adding additional sections to your CV. This extra information showcases your dedication to achieving your career goals and enhancing your qualifications.

How to format courses and certificates

To enhance your CV or if you have no experience, list courses and certificates relevant to the role of a nursery worker. Mention the course name, the institution or provider where you obtained it, the year of completion and an optional description. Prioritise courses related to nursery work, such as healthcare, child psychology, early childhood education, or health and safety training.

Examples of certificates

  • Early Childhood Education Certificate, ABC College, 2021

    Acquired foundational knowledge in child development, early learning theories, and effective communication strategies in nursery settings.

  • Pediatric First Aid and CPR Certification, Red Cross, 2020

  • Safeguarding Children Training, Local Childcare Association, 2019.

nursery assistant CV certifications

How to include references on a CV

if a hiring manager requests references for an in-person or video interview include them at the end of your CV. List your full name, job title, employer name, and professional relationship. Alternatively, you can simply state "references available upon request" at the bottom of your CV.

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Pro tip

Make sure you get the permission of your referee before you share their personal details.

Examples of references on a CV

  • Sarah Evans (Supervisor), Nursery Manager, Little Sprouts Nursery.

  • John Smith (Former colleague), Senior Nursery Practitioner, Sunshine Kids Playgroup.

  • Dr. Emily Turner (Early Childhood Education Advisor), Childcare Consultant, Child Development Solutions. 

References on a nursery assistant CV

How to write a nursery assistant CV with little to no experience

Here are some tips for writing a nursery assistant CV with no experience:

  • Seek internships or volunteer positions in childcare settings like nurseries, pre-schools, or community centres. Assist experienced practitioners and participate in activities.

Example: Volunteer at a local nursery, helping with playtime supervision and assisting in educational activities.

  • Highlight education and training by listing relevant coursework, certifications, or workshops.

Example: Completed coursework in child psychology and obtained a first aid certification.

  • Focus on transferable skills and highlight strengths from part-time work or volunteering that can be applied in childcare. For example, communication, patience, interpersonal abilities, and teamwork are relevant to customer service and hospitality.

Example: Worked as a retail assistant, supporting customers on the shop floor developing strong communication and organisational skills.

Key takeaways 

Writing a nursery assistant CV involves highlighting interpersonal abilities and practical childcare skills. There are many job opportunities in education and childcare, including internships, volunteer work, and apprentice positions in nurseries and pre-schools. If you're new to the industry with no experience, list transferable skills and use courses to boost your credentials. and increase your chances of securing a job interview.

Next steps?

Ready to take the next steps? Our comprehensive CVMaker platform is designed to support you at every stage. With our user-friendly CV maker, you choose a CV template to suit your career goals. For personalised assistance, explore our CV Writing Service, where our experts can review your CV or cover letter. Be sure to also browse our career blog for insightful articles, including tips on asking effective interview questions. 


How much does a nursery assistant get paid in the UK? 

Salaries in the UK can vary. On average, nursery workers earn from £14,500 to £23,000. Read career-related information with the National Careers Service.

Can I work in a nursery without qualifications in the UK? 

Even without formal qualifications, many nurseries offer training and entry-level assistant roles. Consider working towards a relevant qualification with your employer. 

Are nursery assistants in demand in the UK? 

Yes, nursery assistants are in demand in the UK and there is currently a shortage of workers. The UK Government is recruiting early-year practitioners and offering a £1,000 bonus for those starting their first role in childcare. Read more about the national campaign and how to apply.

What is an early years practitioner?

An early years practitioner is a professional who works with young children, typically from birth to age five, providing care, support, and education in early years settings such as nurseries, pre-schools, and childminding services. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a nursery assistant?

A nursery assistant supports early years practitioners by planning and implementing educational activities and supervising children. Responsibilities include helping with feeding and hygiene, maintaining safety, observing and recording child development.

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