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Administrator CV


Administrator CV

Lilly is an experienced Senior Administrator who has opted for the Oxford template for her CV. Its simple style showcases her relevant skills and career accomplishments in a clear and short form.

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"Highly-skilled Senior Administrator with excellent communication and operational skills. With over 5 years of experience in managing complex office operations and serving as a main point of contact for key stakeholders."

Lilly Jones - Administrator

Admin CV sample

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How to Write an Administrator CV: Step-by-step Guide with Examples

Becoming an administrator could be for you if you want a new challenge or to develop job-specific skills. Essential qualities like organisation, problem-solving, and attention to detail are key. For this job, you handle customer questions, work with others, and use computer programs or project management tools.

This article is designed to guide you through each step of creating a good CV that highlights your organisation skills and office experience. We offer insights on essential sections and practical tips to impress recruiters. Ready to take the next step in your career? Let us help you get started!

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Administrator CV example

Administrator CV Example

Download this CV example - Administrator CV.

In this CV sample, Lilly showcases herself as a Senior Administrator with extensive experience in a fast-paced, international environment. Her personal profile suggests a level of expertise in administrative functions and highlights her ability to manage complex operations, lead teams, optimise processes, and excel in communication. This professional CV template effectively summarises her key strengths and achievements relevant to her job targets and career goals.

Admin - matching CV and cover letter

See our matching admin cover letter example to streamline your application.

What to include in an administrator CV?

It's essential to tailor your application to be job-specific. Highlight your relevant skills, experience, achievements and certifications. Use a clear and organised format with separate sections for personal details, personal profile, work history, education, skills, and certifications. Below are the must-have sections to add to your CV:

  • Personal details

  • Personal profile

  • Work experience

  • Education

  • Skills.

Whether you are an administrative assistant, business administrator or secretary, you duties could include providing support and coordinating across various departments. You maintain records, manage projects and schedules, coordinate meetings, and provide exceptional customer service.

With the rise of remote admin jobs, you now have the flexibility to perform your admin tasks from anywhere, leveraging digital tools and communication platforms to efficiently manage administrative duties while enjoying the benefits of working remotely. Learn more about the remote and hybrid work models.

For more information on how to tailor your CV, see our related blog article on master vs job-specific CV.

Admin CV - must-have sections
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Should you use references on your CV? Typically, this is optional. Instead, save sharing your references for the interview if the employer requests it.

How to write a personal profile on an administrator CV?

When writing a personal profile, it's crucial to capture the employer's attention and provide a comprehensive overview of your skills, experience, and career goals relevant to your admin role.

A personal profile should provide an engaging introduction to your skills and qualifications for a role that interests the recruiter to explore your CV further. See our personal profile on a CV article for more ideas on how to write a compelling personal statement for your CV.

Admin CV personal profile tips

Administrative Assistant CV personal profile example

Highly organised and detail-orientated Administrative Assistant with four years of experience supporting diverse teams and stakeholders. Proven ability to prioritise tasks, manage calendars, and coordinate meetings, ensuring efficient office operations. Excellent communication skills with a strong customer service focus, adept at building positive relationships with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Office Administrator CV personal profile example

Results-driven Office Administrator with five years of experience managing administrative tasks and optimising office efficiency. Skilled in coordinating schedules, streamlining processes, and ensuring smooth operations in fast-paced environments. Proven ability to prioritise tasks and meet deadlines, with exceptional attention to detail and accuracy.

Refer to our office manager CV example for more inspiration.

Business Administrator CV personal profile example

Dynamic and results-oriented Business Administrator with seven years of experience driving operational efficiency and supporting business growth. Skilled in overseeing administrative functions, managing budgets, and supervising business operations. Proficient in leveraging technology and business software to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

What skills to put on an administrator CV?

We recommend including soft skills in your personal profile and making a separate section for technical skills. If you have limited to no work experience, highlighting transferable skills can be beneficial.

An office administrator should have excellent organisational, communication, and multitasking skills. In addition, you must comfortably work in a multi-disciplinary team, be proficient in data management and enjoy problem-solving. Look at our receptionist CV example for more ideas on what skills to add to your CV.

A business administrator should have strong communication and leadership skills while supporting other team members and overseeing operations. In addition, you must be well-versed in budgeting, financial planning and possess a high analytic ability to assess data and suggest solutions.

Admin CV - types of skills

Examples of soft skills:

  • Organisation

  • Multitasking

  • Attention to detail

  • Time management

  • Problem-solving

  • Communication

  • Adaptability

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Customer service.

Examples of hard skills:

  • Database management

  • Document management

  • Data entry and analysis

  • Financial record-keeping

  • Project coordination

  • Schedule management

  • Office equipment operation

  • Software proficiency

  • Supplier relations

  • Records management.

Read our article on what skills to put on a CV for more ideas.

How to include work experience on an administrator CV?

Work experience is crucial in establishing a lasting impact on potential employers, regardless of the industry or profession. Showcase your work experience in previous admin positions, highlighting your familiarity with the day-to-day operations of an organisation, your ability to handle tasks efficiently, and your understanding of the systems and processes commonly used in the field.

In this section, we suggest highlighting tangible achievements and responsibilities. This could include paid work, internships, or volunteer roles that demonstrate your organisational skills, time management, communication, problem-solving, and attention to detail. By providing concrete examples of how you have successfully managed projects, coordinated meetings, handled data entry, or assisted with office management, you demonstrate your capability to contribute effectively to an administrative team.

Admin CV work experience tips

Additional tips to consider when writing this section:

  • Start with your most recent job and work backwards

  • Provide measurable outcomes to demonstrate your achievements

  • Use keywords which relate to your job targets

  • Highlight measurable outcomes and achievements

  • Emphasise transferable skills from previous roles

  • Finally, focus on what you did rather than just listing responsibilities to keep it concise and impactful.

Office Administrator work experience example:

Office Administrator| Lehner Ltd, Birmingham, 2021 – present

Demonstrate strong leadership, handle diverse tasks, and maintain a productive office environment. Monitor team performance daily and regularly generate comprehensive reports for senior management. Collaborate with internal stakeholders to resolve issues efficiently and actively participate in strategy sessions to drive progress and align with the company's vision.

  • Received commendation for exceptional organisational skills and attention to detail.

  • Implemented streamlined administrative processes, resulting in improved workflow and cost savings.

  • Awarded Employee of the Year for positive feedback from colleagues and superiors for outstanding customer service and professionalism.

Senior Administrator work experience example:

Senior Administrator | Roob-Miller, Birmingham, 2020 - present

Lead and motivate a team of 15 customer service representatives and provide exemplary short-term insurance assistance to business clients. Monitor team performance and prepare comprehensive reports daily, weekly, and monthly for senior management. Collaborate closely with internal stakeholders, and seek solutions to resolve issues.

  • Spearheaded team training initiatives which boosted team morale and resulted in a  70% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.

  • Implemented innovative technologies and software solutions that automated administrative tasks and improved efficiency.

  • Developed strong relationships with key stakeholders, including vendors and suppliers, leading to cost savings for the company.

For a comprehensive guide on writing about your work experience and highlighting achievements, refer to our how to write work experience and how to list achievements articles.

Remember to tailor the details and achievements to your experience, focusing on the most relevant duties and accomplishments for the role you are applying for.

How to write an administrator CV with no experience? 

When writing a CV without work experience, we advise focusing on your education, skills, and additional experience sections. In addition, highlight any transferable skills or projects that apply to a job in administration. A skills-based CV format may be helpful for graduates or if you are newly qualified.

Administrator no work experience example:

Administrative Trainee | Venn Group, Manchester, 2021 - present

Support and assist the administrative team in various daily operations, gaining hands-on experience in office management and coordination. Work closely with senior administrators to streamline processes and enhance overall office efficiency. Execute administrative tasks such as document preparation, data entry, and scheduling.

  • Participated in a cross-functional training programme, acquiring essential skills in time management, organisation, and communication, contributing to a 20% increase in team productivity.

  • Utilised advanced software tools to automate routine administrative tasks, reducing manual workload by 30% and allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Contributed to cost-saving initiatives by researching and proposing alternative suppliers for office supplies, resulting in a 15% reduction in procurement costs.

How to arrange education on an administrator CV?

Education requirements for an administrator in the UK can vary depending on the position and employer. Most employers typically request secondary-tier education, such as GCSEs, as a minimum requirement. Although, having a relevant qualification like a business administration degree can enhance your prospects.

Admin CV education tips

When listing education on a CV, it's important to include basic information such as the school's name, location, dates attended, and degree or certificate earned.

Below are some examples of the types of education for starting a career in this field:

  • GCSEs: Good grades in English and Math GCSEs are often required for entry-level admin jobs.

  • A-Levels: Having A Level qualifications, or their equivalent, may be preferred or required by certain employers. Subjects like Business Studies, Economics, or ICT can have relevance for administrative positions.

  • BTEC or NVQ: Vocational qualifications such as BTEC or NVQ in Business Administration or related fields can offer specialised skills and knowledge relevant to administrative positions.

  • Foundation Degree or Bachelor's Degree: A degree in Business Administration can help you advance your career and lead to higher-level administration roles, but it's only sometimes required for entry-level jobs.

It's important to note that while education is valuable, practical office experience, transferable skills, and the ability to use relevant computer software and tools are also highly regarded by employers in this field. To learn more, read our how to write the education section for a CV blog article.

How to list courses and certificates on an administrator CV?

You should list the title of the course or certificate, the institution you received it from, and the year in which you obtained it. Only include courses and certificates relevant to the role you are applying for. A brief description of what was learned during the course or certificate can demonstrate your knowledge, skills and qualifications for your CV.

Admin CV courses and certificates tips

Enrolling in a course and earning a certificate in the UK, either online or in class, can help you achieve your career goals as an administrator. For some job seekers, a higher education degree is usually the minimum requirement for those interested in business administration or other senior managerial positions.

Here are examples of courses and certificates for an administrator CV:

Key takeaways 

Creating an effective CV is crucial in today's competitive job market, so by using this guide, you can effectively showcase your skills, experiences and accomplishments. Creating a CV is even better with a cover letter, which can boost your chances of securing a job interview. Keep your CV concise, well-organised, and easy to read to maximise your chances of success.

Admin CV dos and don'ts

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We understand that searching for your ideal role can be challenging in a competitive market. Our CV Writing Service is made to help you save time and offer you support with your job application. Our experts have reviewed and designed HR-approved templates so recruiters can scan and easily find your application among thousands of candidates. We can also help you choose a professional admin CV template and have more CV examples for inspiration.

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What does an administrator do? 

Working in this area, you are responsible for diverse organisational management tasks, including planning and budgeting to overseeing business operations. They coordinate activities, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure compliance with policies and regulations. Learn more about different admin roles in the UK.

How to choose the best administrator CV format? 

When creating an administrator CV, your chosen format is as important as the information you include. Make sure you use reverse chronological order. Your CV should be easy to read and provide a well-structured overview of your professional experience, qualifications, and skills.

How to structure an administrator CV? 

An organised CV with all your skills and experience can improve your chances of getting noticed by employers and landing a job interview. Your admin CV should highlight any experiences and qualifications that are relevant. Include a clear and concise summary of your key skills, abilities and experience in your personal profile, as this helps you stand out from other applicants.

How long should your administrator CV be? 

In the UK, CV length can range from one to two pages. We suggest focusing on essential details and avoiding repeating information. Instead, highlight recent and relevant work experience, individual strengths, and accomplishments related to your job targets.

Refer to our blog article on how long should a CV be for more inspiration.

What is the best CV template for an administrator CV? 

We offer a variety of CV templates that are appropriate for different industries and job roles. In addition, our professional templates are always customised to suit your style and career goals.

What type of education is required for administrator workers?

The type of education required varies depending on the job. Generally, employers look for applicants with secondary-tier education for administration and office assistants. A bachelor's degree may be required for senior and business administration roles. Some positions require additional certificates or specialised skills. Some work experience in an office environment and strong computer skills are essential.  Refer to our HR CV example for further inspiration on how to add education.

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