Guide on How to Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile


Guide on How to Maximise Your LinkedIn Profile

by CVMaker

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  • · March 14 2024
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A strong online presence is crucial for career growth and networking in today's professional world. LinkedIn, the premier professional networking platform, stands out as an essential tool for individuals striving to make meaningful connections, showcase their expertise, and unlock new opportunities. 

Whether you are a recent graduate or a C-level professional, having a LinkedIn profile matching your CV can set your application apart. This article delves into the significance of LinkedIn, how to use it effectively, the key elements of a compelling profile, and actionable tips to boost your online presence.

Guide on how to use LinkedIn 

LinkedIn has evolved into more than just a job search platform; it has become a virtual hub for professionals worldwide. It lets you connect with like-minded individuals, stay updated on industry trends, and showcase your skills and accomplishments. It provides a unique opportunity to build a professional brand, establish credibility, and network with professionals across various industries. The following tips will help you kickstart the process.

1. Create a LinkedIn profile

Start by setting up a profile that includes a professional photo, a headline, and a concise summary of your skills and experience. Add detailed information about your education, work history, and skills. To find inspiration for a headline and summary, take a look at the examples provided below.

Passionate Sustainability Advocate | Driving Eco-friendly Initiatives for a Greener Future

Dedicated sustainability professional committed to implementing innovative strategies for environmental stewardship. Proven track record in designing and executing sustainability programs, reducing carbon footprints, and fostering corporate social responsibility.

Learn more by referring to our example of a sustainability CV.

Results-Driven Marketing Strategist | Transforming Ideas into Impactful Campaigns

Dynamic marketing professional with a knack for crafting compelling narratives and delivering results-driven campaigns. Proven success in building brand awareness, driving engagement, and boosting revenue through strategic marketing initiatives. Eager to bring creativity, analytical skills, and a passion for brand building to a forward-thinking marketing team.

For additional inspiration, refer to the below examples:

Strategic Talent Acquisition Specialist | Matching Top Talent with Exceptional Opportunities

Experienced talent acquisition professional with a focus on cultivating strong partnerships between organisations and top-tier talent. Adept at leveraging recruitment strategies, fostering positive candidate experiences, and contributing to the growth of dynamic teams. Excited about the opportunity to connect talented individuals with companies that share a commitment to mutual success.

For similar tips, refer to the below examples:

2. Connect strategically with other professionals

Connect with colleagues, industry professionals, and peers to expand your network. Personalise connection requests with a brief message to establish a more meaningful connection. For students, it’s a good idea to keep LinkedIn profiles updated and continue to grow in your network, ultimately increasing your chances of being noticed by recruiters or hiring managers. 

Connecting as a student looking for your first job:

Hi Sarah Wilson,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Amber Smith, and I am a university student majoring in marketing. I've been following your impressive career in this field, and I'm reaching out to connect with professionals with valuable insights into the industry. As I am on the cusp of entering the workforce, I would greatly appreciate any advice or guidance you could offer regarding breaking into the marketing world.

I look forward to the possibility of connecting with you and learning from your experiences.

Best regards,

Amber Smith

If you're a student seeking more tips, learn more by checking out our student CV and matching student cover letter examples.

Connecting as an individual who took a career break:

Hello Sally Reed,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits. I'm Ashleigh, and I recently returned to the professional arena after taking a career break. Your profile caught my attention due to your impressive journey in Project Management. I would love to connect as I am eager to learn about any changes or trends in the industry and explore potential opportunities.

I appreciate your time and am open to any advice or insights you may have.

Kind regards,

Ashleigh Taylor

For more tips, if you have little to no experience, refer to the below articles:

Connecting as an  individual looking to upskill:

Hi Matthew,

I trust this message finds you well. My name is Andrew, and I've been following your thought leadership in AI. I'm currently in a phase of upskilling and expanding my expertise in machine learning. Your profile suggests a wealth of knowledge in this domain, and I'm eager to connect to seek advice on relevant courses, resources, or any insights you may have gained during your journey.

Your time and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Andrew Johnson

For more tips, refer to the top skills employers are looking for.

3. Interact with content on LinkedIn

One way to get your LinkedIn profile noticed is to actively engage with content by commenting, liking, and sharing posts. When it comes to producing content, this is another opportunity to get noticed online. Additionally, turn on your LinkedIn Creator mode!

LinkedIn profile

4. Join and participate in LinkedIn groups

Join industry-specific groups to stay informed about trends and connect with professionals who share similar interests. Engage in discussions to showcase your expertise and learn from others. Connect with specialised industry communities such as engineering, healthcare, and finance, and ensure to incorporate links to your CVs.

LinkedIn on a CV

What makes a good LinkedIn profile?

In continuation of the above, there are a few things that can really make a good profile. These four tips can help you get noticed while keeping in mind that it should match your CV.

1. Professional photo

In the UK, a photo on a CV isn’t required, but when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s preferred to have a photo. Since LinkedIn is a social media platform, this means you should remain professional.

2. Compelling headline

Positioned alongside the user's name in search results, it aims to intrigue readers and prompt them to explore the profile for a deeper understanding of the user's professional identity, expertise, and background.

3. Engaging summary

A summary on LinkedIn, similar to a personal profile on a CV, should be concise and focused on your career goals. Although there is no universally accepted way of writing your LinkedIn profile summary, below are a few examples from which to gather inspiration. Keep in mind that it should be an engaging summary highlighting your achievements, skills, and aspirations.

Support worker LinkedIn summary example

Dedicated Support Worker passionate about making a positive impact in individuals lives. Proven track record in providing empathetic care and fostering a supportive environment. Eager to contribute my skills to enhance the well-being of those in need.

Learn more by referring to our support worker CV and matching support worker cover letter examples.

LinkedIn summary example for an HR student

As a student pursuing a career in HR, I am driven to understand and contribute to the dynamic world of human resources. Eager to learn, adapt, and apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Seeking opportunities for internships or projects to develop my HR skills further.

For more tips, refer to our HR CV example.

Civil service LinkedIn summary example

Committed civil servant with a strong sense of duty and a track record of effective public service. Experienced in navigating complex government processes and contributing to projects that enhance community well-being. Ready to bring my skills to new challenges within the civil service.

Draw inspiration from our civil service CV example.

Cleaner LinkedIn summary example

Detail-oriented Cleaner with a proven ability to maintain pristine environments. Committed to delivering high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Seeking opportunities to contribute my skills in creating a sanitary and welcoming atmosphere.

Take a look at our detailed guide on how to write a cleaner CV.

Software developer LinkedIn summary example

Results-driven Software Developer with a passion for creating innovative solutions. Proficient in multiple programming languages and experienced in full-stack development. Committed to continuous learning and staying abreast of emerging technologies.

For more examples of how to write technical CVs, refer to the below:

Retail LinkedIn summary example

Customer-focused Retail Professional with a proven track record in delivering exceptional service. Adept at managing inventory, driving sales, and ensuring a positive shopping experience. Seeking opportunities to contribute my skills in a dynamic retail environment.

If you are looking for tips on how to improve your CV as someone working in retail, refer to the matching CV and cover letter examples below:

4. Detailed experience

Similar to work experience on a CV, your LinkedIn should also be strategically written to showcase what you did versus what you achieved. Provide detailed information about your work experience, including key responsibilities, accomplishments, and the impact of your contributions.

Camera Flash

Pro Tip:

Before adding a link to your LinkedIn page on your CV, make sure that the information, such as titles, companies, and dates match. It could potentially be a red flag if these two are saying different things.

Tips on how to improve your LinkedIn Profile

If you already have a LinkedIn profile but are not active on it nor use it to network but are currently looking for new opportunities, then the below tips can give your LinkedIn profile that extra little boost you are looking for. 

Additionally, LinkedIn is invaluable for the unemployed or those entering the workforce. It showcases skills and qualifications, connects users with recruiters and professionals, and provides job search tools. Active engagement enhances visibility and networking opportunities, ultimately boosting job prospects.

1. Optimise your profile 

Just like applicant tracking systems, LinkedIn recruiters also scan your profile for specific keywords or years of experience. So one way to capture the attention of recruiters is to use relevant keywords in your profile to enhance visibility in both LinkedIn and search engine search results.

Headline: Marketing Specialist | Digital Marketing Strategist | Branding Enthusiast

Job titles: Digital Marketing Manager at XYZ Company, Content Marketing Coordinator at ABC Agency, Social Media Specialist at DEF Corporation

Job description: "Led end-to-end digital marketing campaigns, resulting in a 30% increase in online engagement."


  • Marketing strategy

  • Digital marketing

  • Content creation

  • Social media management

  • SEO optimisation

  • Brand development.

For more inspiration, refer to our SEO CV example.

2. Request recommendations

One way to add credibility to your experience and qualifications, similar to a reference on a CV, is to request recommendations from colleagues or supervisors. 

LinkedIn recommendation for a junior developer:

LinkedIn profile reccomendation example - tech

For more inspiration, refer to the below examples:

LinkedIn recommendation for a sales manager:

LinkedIn profile reccomendation example - sales

For more inspiration, refer to the below examples:

3. Showcase projects and achievements

Achievements come in many forms, including courses, projects, awards, or even recognition in a specific role. Similar to a CV, there is no standard way of showcasing your achievements on LinkedIn, but there are various ways. Highlighting specific projects, accomplishments, and milestones provides a more comprehensive view of your capabilities. To do so, add it to other sections or select “honours & awards.”

  • Sales Excellence Award

  • Innovation Champion

  • Customer Service Excellence Award

  • Leadership Excellence

  • Industry Recognition Awarded - Excellence in Project Management

Key takeaways

Your professional LinkedIn profile begins with a clear headline and a concise summary of your skills and career objectives. Strategically incorporate keywords to improve visibility, while showcasing achievements and seeking endorsements for your skills. Don't forget to include education and certifications to underscore your qualifications. Stay engaged with your network by sharing insights and connecting with fellow professionals.

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Pro Tip

Regularly update your profile to reflect your latest accomplishments and ensure it maintains visual appeal.

Next steps?

If you're uncertain about the layout or content of your CV, explore our wide selection of cover letter templates and CV examples to gain inspiration. Alternatively, consider reaching out to a professional for assistance with our CV Writing Service which has the option of LinkedIn profile optimisation.

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What should I say in my LinkedIn profile?

Be authentic and professional. Clearly communicate your skills, achievements, and aspirations. Tailor your content to reflect your unique professional journey.

How do I structure my LinkedIn profile?

Structure your profile with a professional photo, headline, summary, detailed work experience, education, skills, and additional sections like certifications, projects, and volunteer experiences.

How do I create a LinkedIn profile for beginners?

Start with a clear profile photo, compelling headline, and summary highlighting your skills and aspirations. Gradually add more details about your education and work experience.

What is an example of a good profile description?

A good LinkedIn profile is concise, showcases key accomplishments, and demonstrates your unique value proposition. For example, "Results-driven marketing professional with a proven track record of increasing brand visibility and driving revenue growth through strategic campaigns."

What is a short and simple summary on LinkedIn?

Craft a short, impactful summary introducing yourself, highlighting your key skills, and outlining your professional goals. For example, "Passionate marketing professional with expertise in digital strategy and brand development."

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