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Cleaner CV

Charlotte Johnson has opted for the Harvard template because of its two-column layout and simple template. It presents her work experience, education, and skills in a cohesive and well-structured form.

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"Experienced, self-motivated, and reliable cleaner with over 5 years of extensive experience maintaining cleanliness in large office spaces and hotels. Committed to maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness while prioritising environmentally friendly methods."

Charlotte Johnson - Cleaner

CV example - Cleaner - Harvard template

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How to Write a Compelling Cleaner CV UK

If you are an ambitious individual with a keen eye for detail, uphold high standards, and are always willing to go the extra mile, a career in cleaning could be the perfect fit for you. As a cleaner in the UK, you can be employed in various industries, including hospitality, medical and education, and also in private homes. Cleaning positions offer a steady income and consistent shifts and allow you to experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of each day.

While cleaning may seem straightforward, creating a successful CV for a cleaner requires time and effort. Whether you're just entering the profession or looking to start a new career in cleaning, we can help you to write a CV for cleaner with no experience. Or, if you're an experienced housekeeper and need extra guidance on advancing your career, we can show you how to improve your CV. We understand that showcasing the best of your qualifications, skills, and experience can make all the difference in securing your desired job.

We aim to equip you with expert tips and examples to help you achieve your career goals. In this guide, our goal is to help you know how to write a good CV for a cleaner that will increase your chances of being shortlisted for an interview. If you are familiar with Application Tracking Systems (ATS), you'll know the importance of using a professional CV template for a cleaner to get noticed by potential employers.

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The CV writing process: Where to start?

A well-crafted CV is essential in the cleaning industry to showcase skills and experience for different positions, including residential and commercial cleaning and specialised roles in healthcare, hospitality, and industrial settings. When applying for specific cleaning roles, a one-size-fits-all CV falls short in the competitive job market. Instead, maximise your chances of getting hired, and use essential information from your master CV for a hotel cleaner CV or office cleaner CV for example.

Cleaning roles in the UK offer many opportunities for individuals seeking a fulfilling and flexible profession. While it may be relatively easy to enter the field, working in settings such as homes, hospitals, and hotels requires great responsibility and a high level of trust. You'll play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and safety in these environments on a timely and regular basis. This profession also offers great flexibility, allowing cleaners to manage their hours and tailor their schedules to fit their needs.

In the UK, cleaning jobs are in high demand, but the industry is also competitive. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, learn how to write a modern CV that will stand out to potential companies or agencies in the current job market.

Master CV

A master CV is a comprehensive and up-to-date document that provides an overview of your professional and academic background. When creating a master CV, you should include all relevant information about past work experience, educational qualifications, certifications, and references. It should be concise, clear and well-organised so you can easily refer to it to create a job-specific CV to present to employers.

Job-specific CV

To increase your chances of finding a job in your chosen field, create a tailored CV for a cleaner position that matches the job advertisement. Highlight key skills in your job-specific CV and keywords that align with your career goals. Presenting yourself as a strong candidate with a targeted cleaners CV will increase the chances of securing an interview for your dream role.

For more guidance on preparing for job interviews and overcoming interview-prep nerves, read our blogs with tips and tricks to get through an interview successfully.

Cleaner CV example

Cleaner CV example

Download this cleaner CV sample PDF

In this CV example for a cleaner, Charlotte is an experienced, self-motivated, and reliable worker with a strong track record in maintaining cleanliness in large office spaces and hotels. She demonstrates excellent teamwork skills, initiative, and proactive problem-solving abilities. She highlights her specific work experience and achievements in office cleaning and housekeeping roles, which are leveraged by her qualifications and certificates. The Harvard CV format looks professional and provides a clear overview that is easy to read.

What to include in a cleaner CV?

Writing an effective CV is simpler than you think, but you must include essential sections to win over potential employers. Use a structured format and professional CV template for a cleanerfor maximum impact. Include personal details, a personal profile, work experience, education, key skills, and any additional experience or relevant training.

To stand out from other candidates, consider registering for a course and gaining a cleaning-related certificate in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), health and safety training, or specialised cleaning training programs. When writing your cleaners CV and cover letter, including anything that sets you apart is worthwhile, especially if you have little to no work experience.

Working as a cleaner can be hugely rewarding and offers different professional development opportunities. If you’re looking for work in a hotel for example, typical work duties on a hotel cleaner CV include cleaning and supplying designated areas, sanitising, sweeping, and maintaining the supply room or stock. You'll therefore need key skills or other experience that shows you are detail-oriented, can manage tasks on time and follow instructions.

If you're curious to learn more about what a cleaning role entails and the different sectors available in the UK, explore a career in cleaning with the National Careers Service.

How to write a personal profile on a cleaner CV

Your personal profile is a golden opportunity to highlight your relevant professional background, education, competencies, and career objectives. Write a brief introduction highlighting your current job title, years of work experience and any specialised qualifications in cleaning.

Emphasise positive attributes and soft skills such as attention to detail, customer service, and problem-solving that match the job advert. Creating a job-specific and targeted personal profile should be relevant to the job description and career goals. For more ideas, refer to our article on how to start writing your personal profile on a CV for a cleaner position.

Office Cleaner personal profile example

Detail-oriented Office Cleaner with a strong work ethic and dedication to maintaining high standards. Two years of experience handling cleaning tasks, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, sanitising, and waste disposal. Proven ability to follow instructions, work independently, and prioritise tasks.

Residential Cleaner personal profile example

Specialist Residential Cleaner with meticulous attention to detail and a proven ability to deliver exceptional cleaning services. Skilled in using specialised equipment with a Level 2 Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services Skills. Committed to exceeding client expectations and creating a clean and hygienic environment. Trusted for reliability, professionalism, and maintaining high standards of cleanliness.

Hotel Cleaner personal profile example

Motivated and detail-oriented individual seeking an entry-level Hotel Cleaner position to kickstart a career in the hospitality industry. Eager to apply a strong work ethic and attention to ensure a clean and welcoming environment for guests. Passionate about maintaining cleanliness and learning hotel cleaning procedures. Completing an NVQ Level 2 in Housekeeping to develop skills and provide excellent customer service as a Hotel Cleaner.

What skills to put on a cleaner CV

Cleaning roles involve various duties and tasks in different settings. Key skills for a cleaner CV  include; organisation, customer service, stock control or specialist knowledge, which covers keywords in the job advert.

A Domestic Cleaner should have excellent time management skills to prioritise tasks and work effectively between residential homes. They should be able to manage their cleaning schedule and meet cleaning task deadlines efficiently. Strong attention to detail is also crucial to ensure thorough cleaning and maintaining high standards of cleanliness in domestic environments.

An Office Cleaner should know proper cleaning techniques for different office areas, ensuring a clean and hygienic work environment. Awareness of confidentiality, health and safety protocols and the ability to handle sensitive information appropriately is essential for maintaining privacy and security within an office setting.

A Hotel Cleaner must provide a clean and comfortable environment for hotel guests. Proficiency in handling specialised cleaning equipment and maintaining different surfaces and flooring is essential for maintaining cleanliness standards. Creating a welcoming atmosphere and ensuring guest satisfaction through thorough cleaning practices are also key skills for a hotel cleaner.

Examples of soft skills:

  • Attention to detail

  • Time management

  • Reliability

  • Adaptability

  • Communication

  • Customer service

  • Problem-solving

  • Teamwork

  • Initiative.

Examples of hard skills:

  • Knowledge of control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)

  • Knowledge of personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Stock control

  • Customer service

  • Operating cleaning equipment

  • Knowledge of cleaning techniques and products

  • Knowledge of health and safety (HSE)

  • Deep sanitation practices

  • Basic maintenance.

For more tips, refer to our article on skills to put on a CV.

How to show work experience on a cleaner CV

To present your work experience section on your CV, show relevant qualifications and competencies for your job targets. Include details of your relevant work experience duties, and achievements.

On a sample cleaner CV, cleaning tasks and duties come in many forms depending on the type of role, but when presenting work experience, you should always follow these steps:

  • Begin with your recent job and work backwards, excluding outdated or short-term experiences. Instead, incorporate them into the additional experience section without specifying dates.

  • Use keywords specific to the cleaning role you are targeting throughout your CV. Highlight measurable outcomes and key achievements to demonstrate your capabilities.

  • Emphasise transferable skills gained from past work experience or studies.

  • Maintain clarity and conciseness by focusing on what you did rather than what you achieved, saving detailed elaboration for interviews.

Example of work experience on a domestic cleaner CV:

Domestic Cleaner | CVMaker | 2022 - Present

Clean and sanitise residential properties, including kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas, ensuring impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards. Utilise specialised cleaning techniques for delicate surfaces and materials, such as marble countertops and antique furniture.

  • Implemented eco-friendly cleaning practices, reducing chemical waste by 30% and receiving a commendation for environmental stewardship.

  • Received consistent positive feedback from clients, maintaining a 98% satisfaction rate for exceptional attention to detail and transformative cleaning results.

Example of work experience on a office cleaner CV:

Office Cleaner | CVMaker | 2019 - 2021

Maintained cleanliness and organisation of office spaces, including desks, conference rooms, and common areas. Managed waste disposal and recycling procedures in compliance with company policies and environmental regulations.

  • Implemented an efficient cleaning schedule, reducing overall cleaning time by 20% and ensuring consistent cleanliness throughout the office.

  • Received recognition for outstanding attention to detail by employers during surprise inspections, maintaining a consistently high cleanliness standard.

Example of work experience on a housekeeper CV:

Housekeeper | CVMaker Hotel | 2020 - 2021

Cleaned and maintained guest rooms, performed bed-making, vacuuming, dusting, and restocking amenities while following established cleaning procedures and collaborating with the housekeeping team. Ensured a comfortable and welcoming environment for hotel guests by delivering high-quality cleaning services with attention to detail.

  • Awarded "Employee of the Month" for dedication to maintaining high cleanliness standards and contributing to positive guest experiences.

  • Received guest commendation for exceptional room cleanliness and customer service.

If you're pursuing a career in cleaning with little to no work experience, add relevant transferable or soft skills, such as time management, problem-solving, communication, or planning skills. Previous work experience is only sometimes required for entry-level candidates, as full training will be provided.

For more guidance on how to write work experience on a CV, refer to our article on this topic.

How to list education on a cleaner CV

When it comes to starting a career in cleaning, one of the great advantages is the ability to dive right in and learn on the job. You don't necessarily need a higher education degree in the UK cleaning industry to excel. Instead, employers often value candidates who have pursued secondary education, such as GCSEs, diplomas, or obtained relevant certifications in cleaning professions. Leverage your practical skills, hands-on experience, and dedication to stand out in the field, demonstrating to employers that you possess the necessary qualifications to succeed.

To write an education section, use an organised and concise cleaner CV format to list details of your secondary school or college, the institution's name, location, and a brief summary of any areas of study or projects relevant to your cleaner CV. Include relevant courses and certificates, such as first aid, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), or manual handling training. This additional work experience section demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a safe and professional cleaning environment.

Examples of education:


  • [n] GCSEs (including Mathematics and English)

  • [School Name], [School Location], [Years Attended]

Liston Academy, London, UK, 2014 - 2016

10 GCSEs in grades A–C, including Mathematics and English

A Levels

  • [A Level] in [Subject 1], [Subject 2], [Subject 3]

  • [School Name], [School Location], [Years Attended]

Mathematics (A) Physics (A) Chemistry (A)

Loughborough College, London, UK, 2016 - 2018


  • BTEC [Level] [Qualification] in [Subject Name]

  • [Institution Name], [School Location], [Years Attended]

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Cleaning and Support Services

Liston Academy London UK, 2014-2016


  • NVQ [Level] in [Subject Name]

  • [Institution Name], [Location], [Years Attended]

NVQ Level 2 in Cleaning and Support Services

Loughborough College, London, UK, 2014-2016


  • [Diploma name] and [Level]

  • [Institution Name], [Location], [Years Attended]

Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care for England, Loughborough College, London, 2016 – 2017

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Pro Tip

If you have little to no work experience and no relevant cleaning qualifications, add the education before the work experience section on your cleaner CV. Consider volunteering to develop transferable skills or taking a course.

How to list references on a cleaner CV

Listing references for a cleaning position can enhance the credibility of your application because it demonstrates reliability and trustworthiness to potential employers. References from past employers, supervisors, or colleagues can demonstrate your reliable cleaning skills and expertise. When listing references on a cleaner CV, include contact information for each reference, including names, titles, phone numbers, and email addresses. Here's how you format the references section on a cleaner CV example in the UK:

  • [Full Name] [Job Title] [Company/Organisation]

If you're just entering the workforce and have little to no work experience, include references from your school teachers, tutors, or supervisors at work placements or volunteering.

Key takeaways

A well-crafted CV is essential to make your mark in the cleaning industry. By following this guide, you'll know how to write a good cleaner CV that presents your career goals, skills and experience to potential employers. Using our strategic approach and including these key sections in your CV will increase your chances of securing a job interview, even if you have little to no work experience.

Here are some extra tips to help you find your dream job in the cleaning industry:

  • Tailor your cleaner CV to align with the job description and highlight relevant skills and specialist knowledge relevant to your job targets.

  • If you have little to no work experience, include your skills and education first, and demonstrate transferable skills gained through volunteering, courses or work projects.

  • Use action verbs and quantify achievements to make your CV impactful.

  • Finally, proofread your CV, keep it concise, and optimise it with relevant keywords.

Next Steps?

We recommend these professional templates on our career platform to help you achieve your career goals and get noticed by employers. Additionally, our CV Builder has a built-in job finder tool that can manage your job applications across different sites in the UK. For more ideas about your next career move, explore these CV examples available for UK jobs.


How to write a professional CV as a cleaner?

To write a professional CV as a cleaner:

  1. Begin with your personal information and a concise personal profile highlighting your cleaning expertise.

  2. List your skills, education, work experience, accomplishments, and relevant cleaning qualifications.

  3. If you need to write a cleaner CV but have little to no work experience, include your education section first and then list certificates, skills, and references.

  4. Ensure you tailor your cleaner CV to be job-specific and use a well-formatted, error-free template that looks professional.

What to put on a CV for a self-employed cleaner?

Add your skills, experiences, and accomplishments as an independent contractor to a self-employed cleaner CV. Include a professional profile on your CV that summarises your expertise. List your self-employment experience, emphasising specific cleaning duties, notable achievements, and satisfied clients while mentioning relevant skills, certifications, references or online reviews, and business information. Refer to our part-time CV example for further inspiration.

How to write a CV for a cleaner job?

An example of a good CV for a cleaner should include:

  1. Your personal information.

  2. A compelling personal profile highlighting your cleaning skills and experience.

  3. A detailed work history with specific cleaning duties and accomplishments.

  4. Mention relevant education, training, certifications, and notable achievements.

  5. Ensure your CV for a cleaner position is tailored to your job targets.

  6. Lastly, proofread it for errors, and ensure it is well-organised and visually appealing using a professional CV template.

How long should your cleaner CV be?

When writing a cleaning CV in the UK, aim for one to two pages. Focus on essential information and follow the sections highlighted in this cleaner CV example guide. Emphasise your recent and relevant work experience, transferable skills, cleaning certifications, and any accomplishments relevant to your job-specific cleaning CV.

What are the key skills for a cleaner CV?

On your cleaner CV, you should highlight key skills to showcase:

  1. Your expertise in cleaning techniques, equipment operation, and knowledge of cleaning products.

  2. Knowledge of health and safety, sanitation protocols, and familiarity with specialist equipment.

  3. Soft and transferable skills such as communication, time-management and organisational skills to enhance your CV.

For more examples and tips on presenting the best of your skills, refer to our article on writing a skills-based CV.

What is the average salary for a cleaner?

Cleaners in the UK typically earn an annual salary of £13,000-£14,500, with variations depending on the size of their employer and work location. They are usually paid hourly and may receive overtime pay for additional tasks. Those employed by hospitals, airports, and other large organisations tend to earn higher salaries.

How to write a cleaner CV with no experience?

If you're unsure how to write a cleaner CV without experience, we recommend listing your education and skills first. Training will be provided for most entry-level cleaning positions in the UK. If you have little to no work experience, list your education and skills first on your CV. Create an additional experience section, include any voluntary or paid work related to cleaning, such as gardening or housekeeping, and consider completing a course to develop your knowledge.

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