Finding Seasonal Work in the UK: Job Advice & CV Tips


Finding Seasonal Work in the UK: Job Advice & CV Tips

by CVMaker

  • Career
  • · May 07 2024
  • · 3 min read
Seasonal Work in the UK

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Seasonal work provides a great chance to earn extra money, gain experience, or enjoy a change of pace. Businesses often need more help during busy times, such as Christmas or summer holidays. This article explores the perks of seasonal work and offers professionally crafted CV examples for various job types, ready for customisation.

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Benefits of seasonal work in the UK

Whether you seek paid experience or volunteer work, seasonal jobs have various benefits. These include: 

  • Flexible employment options allow you to choose short-term assignments that align with your availability. This can be particularly advantageous for students, retirees, or individuals seeking additional income during busy seasons.

  • If you are a student or recent graduate with no experience, it’s an excellent way to gain hands-on experience in various industries. Whether you're interested in hospitality, retail, agriculture, or tourism, offer a chance to build your skills and CV.

  • It can boost your employment prospects by bringing you into contact with a diverse range of people, including co-workers, customers, and supervisors. Building these connections can be valuable for your future career or for finding long-term employment opportunities.

  • It allows you to explore different jobs and industries without a long-term commitment. It's an excellent way to discover what you enjoy and where your talents lie.

If you are just starting out or want to change careers, see our article on how to write a CV with no experience. For other job-related scenarios, refer to the below CV examples:

Types of seasonal jobs in the UK

If you're in search of a short-term job or holiday work experience, you might consider exploring opportunities in the following areas, although the possibilities are limitless, and the ones listed below are the most common types of seasonal work.

  • Retail positions are in high demand during the holiday season, as well as other busy shopping periods like Black Friday. Roles include sales associates, cashiers, and customer service representatives. 

  • Hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses often require extra staff during the wedding season and the summer holidays. Jobs in this sector may include servers, bartenders, housekeepers, and front desk staff.

  • Fruit picking and harvesting jobs are prevalent during the summer and autumn seasons. These roles are often available in rural areas and can provide a unique outdoor work experience.

  • The tourism industry experiences a surge in demand during summer holidays. Jobs in this sector range from tour guides and lifeguards to hotel staff and entertainment roles.

  • The holiday season is a popular time for events and parties, creating a need for event planners, coordinators, and support staff.

For examples of how to write a CV for the above, explore our extensive list of CV examples or go directly to the following:

How to find seasonal work in the UK

As the list of advantages suggests, there are numerous avenues to explore seasonal employment opportunities in the UK. Consider the following job boards, or continue reading below for additional tips:

Tips for finding seasonal work in the UK

Key takeaways

By understanding the benefits, job opportunities, and effective job search strategies, you can make the most of these short-term job opportunities and enjoy a rewarding experience in the UK.

Next steps?

If you need a new job, consider using our CV templates to kickstart your job search. You can also find our cover letter templates to complement your CV. For personalised career document guidance, connect with our professionals through our CV Writing Services

For more information on what makes a good CV, refer to our blog or directly go follow the links below:


How much does a seasonal worker make in the UK?

Earnings can vary widely depending on factors such as the type of work, location, and employer. According to Jooble, employees can potentially make £29,763, which is £2,480 per month, £572 per week, or £14.71 per hour as of October 2023. 

Is seasonal work open in the UK?

Various industries, including agriculture, retail, and hospitality, rely heavily on seasonal workers to meet their staffing needs during peak periods. You can explore options such as a gardener, construction, or even within the sports industry.

How do I get seasonal work in the UK?

  • Start by looking for seasonal job opportunities through online job portals, company websites, or by contacting recruitment agencies that specialise in seasonal employment.

  • Ensure your CV is up to date and highlights relevant skills or work experience that make you a suitable candidate for the role.

  • Apply to the positions that interest you, and be prepared for interviews or assessments as part of the hiring process.

  • If you are not a UK resident, make sure you have the appropriate visa that allows you to work in the country legally.

For more job interview tips, explore our blog or refer to our in-depth article on how to write a good CV.

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