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Waiter/Waitress CV


Waiter/Waitress CV

Alex, a Waitress with professional experience, has opted for the creative California CV template. This template showcases work experience, skills, and key achievements within each job.

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"Waitress with 10+ years of experience in fast-paced environments. Influential team leader, adept at supervising waiters to ensure high-quality customer service. "

Alex Usoro - Waitress

CV example - Waiter/Waitress - California template

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How to Write a Waiter/Waitress CV

In the UK, an increasing number of individuals are juggling multiple jobs to ensure financial stability, with over a fifth of the workforce reported by a recent study by Restaurant Online. In the face of prevalent challenges like high inflation and economic hardships, many have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet—a stark reality of our times.

For many, additional employment can serve as a decent side hustle especially for students or recent graduates. With our CV writing guide, we can help you improve your CV to land more interviews. For this article, we offer examples across a range of professions and situations, including but not limited to:

  • Trainee waiter

  • Cocktail waitress

  • Hostess

  • Head waiter

  • Waiter at a fine dining restaurant.

Waiter/Waitress CV example

Waiter/Waitress CV example

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Alex, a driven and flexible waitress, strives to advance her career in the hospitality sector. The California template she utilises is user-friendly, effectively showcasing her work history, personal summary, and skill set in a coherent and organised manner.

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If you’re unsure whether to add a photo to your CV, look at our article to see if it’s required.

What should be included in a waiter/waitress CV?

A good CV needs to include fundamental information pertinent to hospitality or catering. These can include customer service skills, experience working in a fast-paced environment, or, generally, having a positive attitude.

Even though the aesthetics of a CV, including the choice of template, may seem like the first thing you need to do, it shouldn’t be the main focus of your CV. Remember that the goal is to show how your experience and skills will benefit the company you would like to work for. Recruiters and employers are only skimming through for the essential details, so make sure you keep it concise and compelling.

Below are key sections to incorporate into your CV. Once you have filled it in with essential information, consider adding optional sections such as awards or references.

Waiter/Waitress CV example

When deciding which sections to include, create a master CV that elaborates on the scale and type of each project you’ve worked on. Once done, move on to composing a job-specific CV focusing on one specific role within your field of interest.

Personal profile for a waiter/waitress CV

A personal profile, also known as a personal statement, is a section that aims to reflect your career aspirations and goals, giving recruiters an engaging first impression. It gives potential employers a glimpse into what you can offer before they delve into the details of your experience and soft skills.

Head Waiter CV example

Dedicated and seasoned hospitality professional with over 5 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Proven track record of leadership and exceptional customer service skills. Adept at managing a team effectively, ensuring smooth restaurant operations, and delivering a memorable dining experience to patrons. Possesses strong communication, organisation, and problem-solving abilities, along with a deep understanding of restaurant protocols and standards.

Waiter or Waitress CV example

Energetic and personable waiter passionate about delivering outstanding service to guests. Experienced in providing attentive and efficient service, taking orders accurately, and anticipating guests' needs. Skilled in maintaining a positive attitude under pressure, fostering a welcoming atmosphere, and contributing to the overall success of the restaurant team.

Trainee Waitress CV example

Enthusiastic and eager trainee waitress passionate about learning and growing in the hospitality industry. Possesses a strong work ethic, willingness to take direction, and a positive attitude. Quick learner, committed to mastering the skills required to provide exceptional service to guests.

Event Waiter/Waitress CV example

Dynamic and adaptable event waiter/waitress with experience catering to diverse events and gatherings. Proficient in providing seamless service during weddings, corporate functions, and special occasions. Skilled in working efficiently in fast-paced environments while maintaining attention to detail and upholding the highest standards of hospitality. Committed to ensuring the success of each event by delivering exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for guests.

Cocktail Waiter/Waitress CV example

Creative and knowledgeable cocktail waiter/waitress with a passion for mixology and crafting memorable beverages. Experienced in providing personalised recommendations and enhancing the guest experience through innovative cocktails and attentive service. Strong understanding of beverage preparation techniques and ingredients with proven success in creating a vibrant atmosphere and contributing to the overall ambience of the establishment.

Fine Dining Waiter/Waitress CV example

Sophisticated and polished fine dining waiter/waitress with a background in upscale restaurants and luxury hospitality. Possesses extensive knowledge of wine pairings, fine cuisine, and formal service protocols. Impeccable attention to detail and refined interpersonal skills with proven success in providing exemplary service to guests.

Part-time Waiter/Waitress CV example

Reliable and flexible part-time waiter/waitress with a commitment to delivering exceptional service while balancing other responsibilities. Possesses strong time management skills and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Adept at building rapport with guests and contributing positively to the team dynamic.

Hostess CV Example

Warm and welcoming hostess with two years of experience in the hospitality industry. Excel in greeting guests with a friendly smile, managing reservations efficiently, and seating guests in a timely manner. Possess excellent communication skills and a knack for multitasking in a fast-paced environment. Committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring a seamless dining experience for every guest.

Entry-Level Waiter CV Example

Motivated and enthusiastic entry-level waiter with a passion for the hospitality industry. Eager to kickstart my career in a dynamic restaurant environment where I can learn and grow. Possesses strong communication skills, a positive attitude, and a willingness to take on new challenges

An optimistic, honest, informative personal profile can help you secure an interview. Read how to write a personal profile on a CV to learn more about what makes a good personal profile and proven strategies.

Top skills for a waiter/waitress CV

For someone with little or no experience, skills on a CV can be an essential part of what makes your CV land more interviews. One way is to follow a skills-based CV format or strategically incorporate skills throughout your CV. While identifying and emphasising these skills may be difficult, evaluating your strengths and pinpointing your core skills can significantly enhance your CV.

Waiter/Waitress CV example

The following outlines foundational skills to be a good waiter/waitress:

  • Food and health safety knowledge

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Point-of-sale system

  • Customer service

  • Adaptability

  • Detail-orientated

  • Multi-tasking

  • Communication

  • Patience.

Refer to the following CV examples for more insights into the type of skills you might need to include on a CV.

Work experience section on a waiter or waitress CV

When writing your work experience section, focus on duties and achievements to give a better glimpse into your role and interests. For each job experience, write down achievements such as increased sales, appraisal, references from past employees, or how you accomplished customer satisfaction. Back up your claims with data while demonstrating the value you can add to the company. If you are applying for a more experienced role, such as a Restaurant Manager, apply measurable outcomes to your work experience section.

Waiter/Waitress CV example

Part-time Waitress, The Ivy, 2021-2024

Addressed and resolved customer orders, serving food and drinks promptly to maintain high-level of customer satisfaction. Provided menu recommendations, answered questions, and shared additional information with restaurant customers to enhance their dining experience. Liaised with kitchen staff and Restaurant Manager to ensure smooth operation.

  • Awarded "Employee of the Month" for exceptional customer service performance and positive customer feedback.

  • Provided exemplary table service that increased our guest base by 40% within six months.

Waitress, Soho Boutique Hotel, London, 2021 - Present

Greet and seat customers in a friendly and professional manner. Assist guests with menu selections and provide recommendations based on their preferences. Take and accurately input food and beverage orders into the POS system. Serve food and drinks promptly and ensure the correct presentation of dishes. Address any customer inquiries or concerns promptly and courteously.

  • Successfully led and motivated a team of 15+ waitstaff, resulting in improved customer service ratings and increased efficiency in restaurant operations for three consecutive years.

  • Implemented training programs for new waitstaff, resulting in reduced training time and improved performance.

Head Waitress, Langham Hotel, London, 2023 - Present

Provide exceptional customer service, ensuring guest satisfaction and repeat business. Managed table assignments and seating arrangements to optimise dining room flow and efficiency. Oversee daily operations, including opening and closing duties, scheduling, and inventory management. Resolve customer complaints and addressed any issues to maintain a positive dining experience.

  • Successfully planned and executed special events, such as wine tastings, holiday celebrations, and themed nights, attracting new customers and generating additional revenue.

  • Developed and promoted seasonal promotions, resulting in increased sales and heightened customer engagement.

These examples showcase different levels of experience and responsibilities within the role of a waitress, providing a range of possibilities for inclusion on a CV. For more tips as a student or graduate, refer to the below CV writing guides:

Read our blog on how to develop confidence and overcome interview nerves, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the job market and interview process. We suggest thoroughly researching and reading the job requirements before you attend your interview.

Below are examples of transferable skills that can be highlighted in your work experience section:

  • Customer service: Volunteering at a community event or charity fundraiser where you interacted with guests and provided assistance.

  • Teamwork and collaboration: Mention any group projects or team-based activities you participated in during your education or previous employment.

  • Communication skills: Any experience in roles that required clear and effective communication, such as tutoring, mentoring, or leading group activities.

  • Multitasking abilities: Volunteer work where you had to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, such as organising events, coordinating schedules, or handling logistics.

Qualifications to become a waiter or waitress in the UK

No higher education degree or qualification is necessary to become a waiter or waitress in the UK. Rather than focusing on qualifications, most recruiters seek practical experience and are keen to hire people with the crucial skills and qualities to excel.cStructuring the education section should be in an easy-to-read format to make it presentable to recruiters. This information is enough for recruiters and managers when reviewing applications for waitressing roles.

Waiter/Waitress CV example

Another strategy is to list transferable skills you may have acquired from side activities or other jobs. These could include customer service or event planning, for example. In addition, if you’ve taken relevant courses or certifications, make sure to include them as well on your CV.

Furthermore. you can strengthen your CV by adding languages or hobbies and interests. Ensure these details are relevant to the role and add value to your application.

Key takeaways

Creating an effective CV involves prioritising key sections, strategically including relevant work experience and skills, and using a professional CV format. Utilise these examples to showcase your expertise and value to organisations. For those without or with little experience, emphasise transferable skill or consider completing short courses to maximise your chances of securing a job.

Next steps? 

Smooth out any imperfections using our CV Builder, equipped with professional designs for you to select from. To compliment your CV, explore our array of cover letter templates. For extra support, engage with our expert CV Writing Service. Find further information in our career blog for time-saving tips, how to include crucial sections, and gain a clearer understanding of your distinct professional value to showcase hiring managers.


How would you describe a waiter on a CV?

A waiter role on a CV can be described as a customer-oriented hospitality professional with expertise in delivering exceptional service in restaurant environments. They possess strong communication skills, a good understanding of food and beverages, and the ability to multitask effectively.

How should you format a waiter or waitress CV?

When writing your CV, using a professional and transparent format is essential. However, a CV for a waiter looks different from person to person depending on their situation and career goals. The most common format of writing a CV is reverse chronological order, with the most recent placements at first.

How long should a waiter or waitress CV be?

The length of a waiter or waitress CV should generally be kept concise and to the point, typically one to two pages in length. Refer to how long should a CV be for more information.

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