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Restaurant Manager CV


Restaurant Manager CV

This restaurant manager CV example for Emma Heath showcases over five years of expertise in hospitality and overseeing dining establishments. Her skills and work experience highlight her proficiency in managing daily operations, leading teams and implementing innovative marketing strategies.

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"Seasoned Restaurant Manager with over 5 years of hands-on experience in elevating dining establishments and crafting unforgettable guest experiences."

Emma Heath - Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager CV Example

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How to Write a Restaurant Manager CV in 5 Steps

A restaurant manager requires a unique blend of culinary expertise, leadership, and a passion for providing exceptional dining experiences. This role requires multitasking, managing staff, implementing marketing strategies, and ensuring the overall efficiency of restaurant operations. Proficiency in catering and event management is also highly valuable in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Knowing how to write a good CV is crucial for presenting your skills and qualifications to potential employers. It must showcase an ability to supervise teams to drive restaurant revenue and ensure excellent customer service.

Utilising a professionally-designed CV template and including essential sections will also help to secure a job interview. This guide provides step-by-step support in crafting a modern CV tailored to make a lasting impression on industry professionals.

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Restaurant manager CV example

Restaurant manager CV sample

This restaurant manager CV example for Emma Heath showcases over five years of expertise in hospitality and overseeing dining establishments. Her skills and work experience highlight her proficiency in managing daily operations, leading teams and implementing innovative marketing strategies. Notable achievements include a 20% improvement in online reviews through training programs and a 15% increase in table turnover. The restaurant manager CV template used is Auckland, which provides a well-structured and presentable format.

What to include in a restaurant manager CV? 

Restaurant management demands diverse skills, including leadership, customer service, and business management. From catering to event management, showcase hands-on involvement with various responsibilities. Highlight experiences in menu planning, staff training, inventory management, marketing, cost control, and adherence to food safety regulations. Start with an impactful personal profile summary to highlight your career goals and qualities in the job description. Include key sections such as education detailing relevant qualifications, work experience listing roles and achievements, job-specific hard and soft skills, followed by additional sections for certificates, awards, references and hobbies or interests to add a personal touch.

Must-have sections for restaurant manager CV

Before crafting your restaurant manager CV, we recommend using a master CV encompassing your skills, work history, and education. This comprehensive document is a foundation for tailoring CVs for different job opportunities. In addition, learn how to optimise your CV for applicant tracking systems (ATS) to improve your chances of success.

How to write a restaurant manager CV in 5 steps

1. List essential restaurant manager CV skills 

Restaurant managers oversee menu planning, managing stock, working with suppliers, ensuring compliance with licensing and health regulations, training staff, and handling customer complaints. Include a combination of soft and hard skills, ensuring your CV is tailored to the duties highlighted in the job description.

Restaurant manager CV skills

List hard and technical skills without bullet points on your CV in a separate section, such as proficiencies in inventory management systems and point-of-sale (POS) software, with a clearly defined heading.

Incorporate relevant soft skills in your personal profile and work experience section to demonstrate your capacity to collaborate and foster a positive work environment. Emphasise effective communication, strong interpersonal skills, teamwork, and conflict resolution. 

Essential hard and technical skills:

  • Menu planning: demonstrates creativity and understanding of customer preferences.

  • Staff training and development: lead and motivate teams for enhanced service.

  • Inventory management: efficiently manage stock levels, reduce wastage, and ensure cost-effectiveness.

  • Marketing strategies: developing and implementing promotional activities to drive business and customer engagement.

  • Cost control: proven ability to manage budgets and enhance profitability.

  • Customer service: showcase commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences.

  • Food safety regulations: familiarity with and adherence to hygiene and safety standards.

Hard skills

Soft skills



Balancing seating capacity


Work schedules




Policies and protocol implementations

Time management

For those with little to no work experience in customer service or if you’re a recent school leaver, consider using a skills-based CV format to emphasise your relevant competencies and potential contributions. This approach allows you to focus on transferable skills that can be applied to various roles within the hospitality industry.

Suppose you are currently working in a restaurant and seeking a promotion, or you have management experience in other sectors but are transitioning and changing careers. Explore roles such as serving food and drinks in the front of the house like waitressing or taking on responsibilities as a barista or bartender to broaden your experience.

For more tips, read how to list skills on a CV.

2. How to write a personal profile for a restaurant manager CV

In this section, showcase your soft skills and passion for the role. Highlight your leadership, customer-orientated approach and business or financial planning skills. Emphasise your commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere and underscore your expertise in marketing initiatives and customer service strategies. Crafting a compelling personal profile for a restaurant manager CV is essential, as the role can be diverse across various sectors and industries.

Restaurant manager CV personal profile tips

Restaurant manager CV personal profile examples

Assistant Restaurant Manager CV

Dedicated Assistant Restaurant Manager with over five years of experience in high-volume dining establishments or upscale restaurants. Adept at coordinating daily operations to ensure exceptional customer experiences. Proficient in staff supervision, training, and fostering a positive team environment. Possesses strong communication and problem-solving skills with a committed approach to supporting operational efficiency.

Restaurant General Manager CV

Results-driven Restaurant General Manager with a decade-proven track record overseeing end-to-end restaurant operations. Expertise in strategic planning, budget management, and implementing effective marketing strategies to drive revenue. Exceptional leadership, interpersonal skills, and a comprehensive understanding of industry trends and customer preferences.

Front-of-House Manager CV

Experienced Front-of-House Manager with seven years of expertise in events services, increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing service productivity. Skilled in team coordination, reservation administration and implementing cost-effective measures. Possesses strong communication, organisational, and multitasking abilities, creating a welcoming and efficient restaurant environment.

Food & Beverage Manager CV

Innovative Food & Beverage Manager with eight years of experience developing and executing culinary strategies. Expertise in menu planning, inventory management, and implementing cost-effective measures. Exceptional leadership skills, collaborating with culinary teams. Proficient in creating unique dining experiences through creative collaboration with chefs and adapting to emerging culinary trends.

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Pro Tip

Tailor your personal profile to highlight specific skills and accomplishments relevant to each role. Use keywords from the job description to align your profile with your job targets.

Read more about your personal profile on a CV.

3. How to include relevant work experience 

When creating your restaurant manager CV, ensure each work experience entry reflects your specific contributions and achievements in the hospitality sector. Use action verbs, such as managed, implemented, or collaborated, to convey your impact effectively. Incorporate keywords from the job description to tailor your CV for the specific role.

Restaurant manager CV work experience tips

Restaurant manager CV with little to no experience

Assistant Restaurant Manager Apprentice, Quick Bites Ltd, London, 2021 - Present

Enthusiastic Assistant Restaurant Manager Apprentice seeking hands-on experience overseeing restaurant operations. Committed to learning the intricacies of managing shifts, collaborating with kitchen and waiting staff, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Eager to contribute to menu planning, stock control, and customer satisfaction in a dynamic hospitality setting.

  • Achieved a seamless shift transition by coordinating kitchen and front-of-house activities, demonstrating adaptability and quick learning.

If you have no experience and are a recent student, explore apprenticeships or part-time work opportunities in customer service and hospitality to gain new practical skills. Consider entry-level roles like kitchen porter to enhance your competencies in a fast-paced restaurant setting. 

Restaurant manager CV work experience examples

Assistant Restaurant Manager, Delicious Delights, Manchester, 2018 - Present

Work collaboratively with chefs to plan menus, organise kitchen and waiting staff shifts, and manage stock control. Ensure adherence to licensing, food hygiene, and health and safety regulations. Oversee staff recruitment and training and contribute to event planning for special occasions.

  • Implemented cost-effective stock control measures, reducing wastage by 15%.

  • Led a customer service initiative resulting in a 20% increase in positive customer feedback.

Restaurant General Manager, Gourmet Haven, Birmingham, 2015 - 2018

Managed overall restaurant operations, including budgeting, staffing, and compliance. Collaborated with suppliers, planned menus, and ensured high-quality customer service. Implemented marketing strategies to drive customer engagement and enhance profitability.

  • Optimised operational efficiency, resulting in a 25% reduction in overall costs within the first year.

  • Introduced new menu items, leading to a 15% increase in customer retention.

Front-of-House Manager, Elegant Eats Hotel, Glasgow, 2012 - 2015

Oversaw front-of-house operations, including customer service, staff training, and event planning. Collaborated with food and drink suppliers to maintain quality standards. Managed customer complaints and ensured a positive dining experience.

  • Implemented scheduling improvements, reducing labour costs by 10%.

  • Successfully coordinated large-scale events, contributing to a 30% increase in event bookings.

Food & Beverage Manager, Culinary Delights Group, Edinburgh, 2015 - 2023

Managed food and beverage operations, collaborated with chefs and developed marketing strategies. Oversaw stock control, budgeting, and compliance with regulations. Recruited and trained staff for various roles within the hospitality industry.

  • Initiated a customer loyalty program, resulting in a 15% increase in repeat business.

  • Led the team to achieve and maintain a 5-star hygiene rating.

Learn how to structure how to write work experience on a CV for more insights.

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4. How to include education on a restaurant manager CV 

Education is essential in building a reputable CV for a restaurant manager and achieving your career goals. Present your secondary academic qualifications by detailing relevant GCSEs and diplomas. Use a concise format that includes the qualification name, institution, location, and date. For those in the early stages of their careers or if you're a school leaver, highlight noteworthy achievements, coursework, and hands-on projects. 

Restaurant manager CV education tips

Examples of education

  • Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership, London School of Hospitality, London 2022

  • 10 GCSEs 7-5, including Business and Food Technology, Reedswood Secondary School, Birmingham, 2022.

For additional information, learn how to master the education section on a CV.

5. How to include additional sections on a restaurant manager CV 

Ensure you tailor this section based on your unique experiences and achievements. Incorporating additional sections on your CV for a restaurant manager can provide a well-rounded view of your skills and interests. For example, consider adding languages to showcase how to communicate effectively with diverse customers or international food suppliers.

Additional sections on a restaurant manager CV

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Hobbies and interests: Including a brief section on your hobbies can offer a glimpse into your personality. Choose activities that showcase relevant qualities in management, such as teamwork, leadership, or creativity, and note culinary workshops or a passion for exploring diverse cuisines, or even dinner parties with friends and family.

  • Volunteering: Highlighting an interest volunteering can demonstrate community engagement and interpersonal skills. Volunteering at school events, local events, charity functions, or food banks showcases your dedication to making a positive impact beyond the workplace.

  • Awards: If you have received recognition in your career,  list achievements like "Employee of the Month" or feedback for outstanding performance in managing special events. Consider adding references to demonstrate reliability.

  • Certificates and licences: Showcase relevant courses and certificates that enhance your qualifications, such as food safety, first aid, or management courses. Certifications from reputable institutions or industry-specific organisations add credibility to your CV.

Examples of courses and certificates on a restaurant manager CV

  • Level 3 Certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), 2023.

  • Level 6 Certificate in Restaurant Management, UK Public College, 2022.

  • Level 5 Restaurant Hospitality and Management Diploma, Inspire London College, 2021.

Learn more about improving your CV to ensure it aligns with industry standards.

Key takeaways 

Crafting an effective restaurant manager CV requires a strategic approach. Ensure your CV is relevant and tailored to the job description. Showcase your experience planning menus, staff training, managing shifts, and compliance with safety regulations. Express a passion for customer service and highlight diverse skills. If you have yet to gain experience, consider an apprenticeship and mention transferable skills gained from other customer-orientated roles.

Next steps? 

Our professional CV templates are well-structured and easily personalised with our CV Builder to align with your career goals. If you have no experience or are applying for an entry-level role, explore professional writing support using our CV Writing Service. To discover more job opportunities, refer to our CV examples to inspire your next career move.


What is a good summary for a restaurant manager? 

A well-structured summary should be relevant and tailored to the job.  Showcase your leadership, operational, and customer service skills. Emphasise your experience in managing teams and budgets, planning menus, controlling costs, and compliance with regulations.

What is the best CV format for a manager? 

The best restaurant manager CV format for a restaurant manager is a chronological CV format that lists your most recent positions first. If you do not have a consistent work history, create a skills-based CV to leverage your qualifications over work experience.

How do I move up in the restaurant industry? 

Find work experience and earn relevant qualifications and certifications to secure higher-paid roles. Gain hands-on experience in various jobs, from server to assistant manager. Develop leadership skills, take on additional responsibilities, and network with industry professionals.

What is the most a restaurant manager can make? 

Salaries vary and are competitive based on location, type of establishment, and experience, ranging from £18,000 to £28,000 or more. Search hospitality courses with the National Careers Service. 

What qualifications do I need to become a restaurant manager?

While formal education is beneficial, practical work experience is often crucial to demonstrate on a restaurant manager CV. If you are already working in hospitality, seek out a supervisor role and take on more responsibilities to gain more experience for a managerial role. Consider a Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality Supervision to become qualified and improve your chances of getting hired.

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