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Event Manager CV

The Yale CV template seamlessly combines key skills and education, highlighting Sarah Mitchell's extensive expertise, accomplishments and career development in the event management sector.

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"Dedicated and results-oriented Event Manager with 5+ years of experience in end-to-end event planning, including budgeting and client relations. Capable of leading a team of professionals to ensure events run smoothly."

Sarah Mitchell - Event Manager

Event Manager CV Example

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How to Write an Event Manager CV: Top Tips and Examples

Getting ahead in this competitive industry needs a top-notch event management CV as your Access All Areas pass. We’re here to show you how to create it one section at a time to discover a professional CV template for your needs.

From learning how to write an event manager personal profile to showcasing skills and listing work experience, this guide shows you how to write a good CV complete with a free-to-customise event planner CV sample.

Let’s dive into creating a modern CV tailored specifically for the UK's event management sector.

What is event management anyway?

Event management is a profession as challenging as it is rewarding. Event managers orchestrate memorable experiences and gatherings, ranging from weddings and corporate conferences to music festivals, exhibitions and beyond. Whether freelance or in-house, if you have a passion for organisation, creativity and a flair for bringing people together then event management is for you.

Event Manager CV example 

Event Manager CV Example

Download this event manager CV sample in PDF.

The Yale CV template seamlessly combines key skills and education, highlighting Sarah Mitchell's extensive expertise, accomplishments and career development in the event planning sector.

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What do event managers put on a CV? 

Event management offers a range of professional niches to explore, each with its own core competencies and clientele. With a range of opportunities to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. 

Narrow things down by answering a few fundamental questions:

  • What type of role are you interested in?

  • What are your long-term career aspirations?

  • What specific skills and experiences do you possess?

  • What industries or sectors are you passionate about?

Next, we recommend you compile your entire experience and education to date as well as any relevant personal qualities into one document. This will be your master CV and should include:

  • Personal details

  • Personal profile

  • Skills

  • Experience

  • Education.

Must-have CV sections

This will not be sent out to employers but used as a base to create job-specific CVs for each role you apply for. Creating job-specific applications helps you maintain consistency and always show your best, most relevant side.

To give your CV an extra dimension, look at industries with similar talent pools such as digital marketing or graphic design, to see how these professionals compare.

How to write a personal profile on an event manager CV

Your personal profile is a concise outline of your unique offer. It’s your chance to grab attention by highlighting relevant soft skills, level of experience, personal attributes and career ambitions. 

Event coordinators need to be energetic, organised and motivated with something of an ‘X’ factor in the mix too. This small but mighty section should be your whole vibe, so don’t be afraid to let some personality out.

Over a few short sentences you should include:

  • A strong opening line that grabs the attention

  • Your current role or job title

  • How experienced or senior you are in your field

  • The soft skills that define you

  • The unique value you add to the team or client.

There are a few other professions that trade on personality as much as skill. Take a look at our artist or hospitality CV examples to see how they approach the personal profile section.

Executive Event Manager CV Personal Profile example

Dynamic and strategic leader with over 10 years of experience in delivering high-profile events internationally. Proven track record of exceeding performance goals through innovative event strategies. Excels in fast-paced environments, demonstrating unparalleled organisational skills, team leadership and a keen eye for detail. Adept at fostering relationships with stakeholders, negotiating contracts and leading cross-functional teams to exceed corporate objectives.

Event Planner CV Personal Profile example

Highly motivated and creative professional with 6 years experience managing diverse events from conception to completion. Renowned for skilfully managing client expectations, budget constraints and on-site coordination. Thrives in challenging environments, consistently ensuring the seamless execution of events that resonate with target audiences and exceed client expectations.

Apprentice Event Manager CV Personal Profile example

Enthusiastic and ambitious, passionate about the events industry. Eager to learn and contribute creative ideas in a collaborative team setting. Known for exceptional organisational skills, attention to detail and a proactive approach. Committed to achieving excellence and gaining hands-on experience in event planning, coordination and execution.

Refer to the apprenticeship CV example for more tips on how to start your CV.

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Pro Tip

Personal profiles do not use ‘I’ or ‘me’ and are rarely longer than 70 words or six lines of text.

Essential skills for an event manager CV 

In the world of event management, there are some core skills you need to show right away to ensure your CV is application tracking systems (ATS)-friendly. These tend to be communication, leadership, problem-solving and adaptability.

Once you have these fundamentals down, dig a little deeper and think about differentiating or transferable skills you have relied upon in the past. These could be knowledge of lighting rigs, proficiency in sound desk operation, a focus on security (differentiators), or an aptitude for event promotion and personnel management (transferable).

Regardless of the industry, whether you’re working as an event coordinator, a musician or a driver, skills are typically split into at least two categories.

CV skills

Read more about what skills to put on a CV.

Executive event manager CV skills:

Hard skills

Soft skills

Financial planning


Event technology

Crisis management

Vendor management

Strategic thinking

Event coordinator CV skills:

Hard skills

Soft skills

Event planning


Vendor negotiation

Attention to detail

Project management

Strategic thinking

Junior event planner CV skills:

Hard skills

Soft skills


Eagerness to learn

Social media


Budget management


Event managers show a journey as well as work experience  

The work experience section is not just a rundown of past jobs; it's an opportunity to showcase your legacy in each role, highlighting a record of success and the soft skills that facilitated it.

If you’ve had success with repeat clients and referrals, make a point of mentioning it. Equally, if you’re going for a leadership role, (truthfully) curate your entries to show an increase in responsibility. Show your own story as an events professional.

For each role, kick things off with a concise paragraph summarising your key responsibilities and achievements. Follow this up with two bullet points that quantify your success, using figures or specific outcomes to give a clear picture of your impact.

For a deep dive into writing the perfect work experience section on a CV see our blog.

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Pro Tip

Structure this section in reverse chronological order, meaning your most recent job takes precedence.

Event Planner | Big & Loud Events, London | June 2018 - Present

Spearhead comprehensive event planning and management processes, including detailed coordination with vendors, strategic venue selection and thorough attendee management for large-scale events. Lead a dedicated team of five coordinators, fostering an environment of collaboration and excellence to ensure the seamless execution of memorable events. Demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills, leading a team of 5 coordinators to execute seamless events.

  • Successfully managed 30+ events annually with a 95% client satisfaction rate.

  • Reduced costs by 20% through effective budget management and vendor negotiation strategies.

Executive Event Manager | Brands Live Productions, Newcastle | 2015 - 2019

Directed strategic planning and execution for an array of high-profile events, including corporate functions, international conferences and television studio-style live streams.´Demonstrated exceptional crisis management, strategic thinking and leadership skills. Established standardised event procedures and trained staff to execute them autonomously. Developed and implemented strategies to gain and maintain new client relationships. Analysed event performance, synthesising feedback and metrics to report on event success and propose improvements. 

  • Drove a 25% increase in year-on-year company revenue through innovative event strategies.

  • Enhanced client retention by 30% through exceptional service and relationship management.

  • Oversaw new client acquisition growth of 25%

Junior Event Planner | Harmony Wedding Planners, Brighton | 2020 - 2023

Played a key role in various facets of wedding planning, from the initial brainstorming to the 'I do' moment. Showed a genuine passion for matrimonial events, a keen eye for romantic details and a knack for bringing love stories to life. Took charge of spreading the word via social media and ensured every behind-the-scenes detail was handled with care.

  • Boosted social media interactions by 15%, drawing more couples to our services through creative and heartfelt online campaigns.

  • Assisted on 10+ weddings, each tailored to the couple's unique story, earning glowing testimonials post-event.

Event Coordinator | Here and Wow Events, Leeds | March 2019 - 2022

Coordinated logistical aspects of events, including vendor relations, guest services and event documentation. Showcased excellent multitasking abilities and attention to detail in a time-sensitive setting. Maintained detailed event documentation including contracts, floor plans, guest lists and schedules. Supported the management team in operational duties and client relationship management.

  • Played a key role in executing 20+ events annually, consistently adhering to budget constraints.

  • Recognised for outstanding customer service, receiving the ‘Employee of the Quarter’ award in Q3 2020.

  • Handled approximately between 50 - 100 client enquiries per event.

Writing an events management CV with little to no experience

If you’re looking to enter the industry with little to no work experience, see it as an opportunity to highlight your soft skills, character and potential through non-traditional experiences.

Think about shadowing established event managers or taking on some unpaid volunteer work. It may seem counter-intuitive, but this approach shows you’re willing to develop the qualities necessary to thrive in a professional setting.

Volunteer Coordinator | Local Charity Run, Liverpool | 2023

Took the initiative to lead event planning for a local charity run, coordinated with multiple stakeholders and managed promotions. Demonstrated strong organisational skills, adaptability and a commitment to community service.

  • Coordinated a team of 20+ volunteers, leading to a successful event with 400+ participants.

  • Helped raise £15,000+ for charity, exceeding the fundraising target by 50%.

Boost your event manager CV with the education section 

In the event management field, your education CV section enhances your experience and skills, reflecting your industry commitment. Here's how to optimise it:

  • Start with your latest academic achievements, in reverse chronological order, including the institution, qualification and completion date.

  • Add relevant courses, workshops or certifications specific to event management.

  • Highlight any academic honours or awards.

  • Recent graduates with minimal experience should consider a skills-focused CV format.

  • Keep entries concise; one to two sentences suffice.

Education CV Examples

Add additional courses and certificates to your event manager CV

Adding additional courses and certificates in a CV shows you’re willing to go the extra mile for your own career development, as well as the level of quality you deliver to the client. If you want to put the finishing touch to your event management CV, check out these courses:

Part-time diploma - The Event Academy

MA Event and Experience Management - Goldsmiths College

Online courses include:

Online Foundation Certificate - The Event Academy

Online Event Management Course - Institute of Event Management

Wedding Planner and Event Management QLS Level 3

Introduction to Event Management QLS Level 2

Key takeaways 

Navigating the creation of an event planner CV can be a complex task. To keep things clear, here are the essential takeaways:

  1. Highlight transferable skills: Accentuate communication, organisational prowess, and customer service aptitude, drawing from diverse work or life encounters.

  2. Emphasise relevant education and training: Incorporate certifications, courses, or workshops pertinent to hospitality, customer service, or management, regardless of direct experience.

  3. Craft a compelling personal profile: Kick off with a captivating summary that underscores your passion for hospitality and dedication to exceptional service.

  4. Quantify achievements where feasible: Utilise quantifiable metrics or statistics to showcase your impact in previous roles, even if they diverge from event management.

  5. Tailor your CV to the role: Customise your CV to align with the job description, integrating keywords and phrases to demonstrate your suitability for the position.

Next steps?

Iron out any creases using our intuitive CV builder with 20+ templates and professional designs to choose from. To accompany your CV, discover our cover letter templates. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, connect with our professional CV Writing Service. Draw inspiration from our career blog for tips on how to save time, emphasise important sections and make it easier for hiring managers to grasp your unique professional offer.


What qualifications do you need to be an event manager in the UK?

Event managers in the UK typically possess a bachelor's degree in fields like event management, hospitality or marketing, providing foundational knowledge of the industry. However, the field also values practical experience and specific skill sets, which can be gained through diplomas, certifications or hands-on roles in related areas.

How to become an event coordinator?

Event coordinators come from a variety of backgrounds. One route is to pursue relevant education such as a degree in event management, hospitality or a related field. Event coordinators also gain experience through internships or volunteering to build practical skills and professional relationships. Many event coordinators start in entry-level positions and work their way up by managing various aspects of events.

What are the 5 roles in event management?

  1. Event Planner: Oversees the event from conception to completion, ensuring all elements align with the client's vision.

  2. Coordinator: Manages logistics, from vendor relationships to scheduling and day-of execution.

  3. Marketing & Promotion: Develops and implements strategies to promote the event, engage target audiences, and manage public relations.

  4. Sponsorship Manager: Identifies and secures event sponsors, negotiates agreements and ensures sponsor visibility and satisfaction.

  5. Guest Services: Ensures an excellent attendee experience through efficient registration, accommodation management and handling of any guest-related issues.

How much does an event planner make?

In the UK, the average salary is approximately £25,602 per year as of 2024. Entry-level positions may start at around £20,000, while more experienced planners can earn up to £33,000 or more annually. Salaries vary based on factors like location, experience and the size and type of events being managed.

What is an event manager CV personal statement or summary?

An event manager's CV personal statement or summary is a concise introduction at the top of your CV. It highlights your key skills, relevant experiences, and career ambitions in event management, all in a few punchy sentences. Choose a professional event manager CV template that allows enough room to include a personal profile.

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