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Bartender CV

Olivia has selected the Wisconsin template for her CV. She doesn't have a lot of experience but wants to show her relevant experience clearly and concisely.

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"Confident and outgoing Bartender with experience working in customer service. Professionally trained in cocktail-making with a level one award in catering and hospitality."

Olivia Harrison - Bartender

CV example - Bartender - Wisconsin template

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Discover the best bartender CV guide to boost your career

Are you interested in customer service and love serving people, socialising, or working in a fast-paced environment? If so, CVMaker supports your new journey in the hospitality industry as a bartender. We cover everything you need to know about crafting a perfectly written bartender or bar work CV and show you how to market yourself to recruiters regardless of your background.

Hundreds of applications are sent and scanned every day. That’s why our services at CVMaker ensure Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly career documents. Using our templates means your CV is more likely to get noticed amongst the competition because our experts utilise the latest tools and resources to help you create a well-written, industry-standard CV. To help you land more job interviews, see our CV examples and tips.

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The CV writing process: Where to start?

The hospitality industry is highly saturated and can be competitive. Studies have shown that the average time it takes a recruiter to read your CV is 9 seconds. Writing a well-researched and concise CV tailored to industry standards and specific job targets is crucial. CVMaker suggests using the following steps and tips to construct a bar work CV that impresses recruiters. Learn more expert advice from CVMaker about how to write a good CV for your role. There are two steps to consider before your start writing your CV; creating a master CV and then tailoring your CV to a specific job.

Master CV for a bartender

A master CV includes everything you have completed or achieved professionally and academically. CVMaker advises tracking your experiences and creating or storing copies of all relevant qualifications and certificates. You can reference these later when you start creating your CV. Our experts suggest regularly updating your master CV once you have completed anything relevant, including employment, volunteer roles, certificates, courses, or other accomplishments.

Job-specific CV for a bartender

Compared to a master CV, a job-specific CV is something you’ll use to apply for a specific role, for example, bartending, bar management, or other bar-related jobs. It should include keywords and skills relevant to the job description or position. Doing so makes you more likely to attract the recruiter’s attention, showcasing that you took the time to write an accurate and tailored CV.

Keep in mind that a job-specific CV should be at most two pages and uses actionable descriptions of what you have achieved and how they apply to the role. If you’re unsure where to start, take an in-depth look at the company's work culture by browsing its website and highlighting any core values, requirements, and skills matching your job vacancy.

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Pro Tip

When writing a job-specific CV, you can refer to any details related to your bar work role from your master CV. If you have created a well-written master CV and conducted thorough research, crafting the perfect CV should not take long. With CVMaker, you can easily choose a template and populate your CV.

Bartender CV example

Bartender CV example

Download this CV example - a bartender CV

In this bartender CV sample, Olivia Harrison is a Birmingham-based college graduate with relevant volunteer experience in retail and customer service. She has no paid work experience in the hospitality industry but has completed a catering and hospitality course and a cocktail master class. Olivia has skills and interests related to bar work and is searching for a new position as a bartender at a professional establishment.

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What to include in a bartender CV? Tips and examples

When constructing your job-specific CV, there are preferred and optional sections that you must add. In this section, we advise you on what beneficial details and information to include for your bar work role. Learn more about the industry by taking a look at our hospitality CV example.

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Pro Tip

When writing your job-specific CV, less is more. Recruiters don’t have the time to read all CVs thoroughly, so make yours as tailored to the role as possible.

Refer to our simple CV example for some more tips on the key elements that are essential for your CV.

How to write a personal profile on a bartender CV 

Your personal profile, also known as a profile summary, is the first section that will catch the eye of the recruiter and is a brief professional statement that should evolve to reflect your current aspirations and goals. Your profile summary should be personable, unique, and eye-catching.

When writing a compelling personal profile on a CV, we advise you to be accurate, informative, and relevant. This section of your career goal should be different for every job, even if you have little work experience. Instead, demonstrate your transferable skills and career interests and goals relevant to a bartender role. Keep in mind that CV sections have different naming conventions; learn more about it by reading our blog on how to write an effective personal profile for your CV.

Examples of personal profile for a bartender CV

Below are some examples of personal profiles for a bar work CV that you can try to incorporate into your summary. We have included three personal profile examples for different positions and levels of bartending experience. Try to identify how each candidate highlights their skills and experiences differently. The language and expressions you use are crucial for your personal profile and will showcase how much experience and expertise you have for the prospective role.

Bar Manager CV example

Experienced and professional bar supervisor with over five years of experience working at busy bars, events, and local pubs. Knowledge of over 50 cocktail recipes with a passion for preparing high-quality beverages and providing excellent customer service. Successfully led team to exceed sales targets by 10% for three consecutive years and increased profits by 5% in 2021.

Experienced bar staff CV example

Current part-time university student with two years of experience as a restaurant waitress. Skilled in customer service, multitasking, and time management. Enthusiastic about cocktail-making and skilled in bartending. Motivated to develop my hospitality industry knowledge and people skills to become a successful bartender.

Little to no experience bar staff CV example

Confident, outgoing, and social college graduate with one year of experience working in customer service. Skilled in communication, time management, and cash handling. Knowledge in cocktail-making and achieved a Level 1 award in the Catering and Hospitality industry in 2019. Motivated to pursue my goal to become a bartender at your establishment and professionally develop.

What skills to list on a bartender CV

Skills come in many forms and are unique to every individual. Some candidates may craft a skills-based CV if they have little to no work experience, have just graduated, or have been unemployed for a while. Make sure the skills you include are honest and reflect your capabilities. Most of all, ensure they are relevant to the role and identify how you can add skills to enhance your application.

Use a mixture of hard and soft skills on your bar work CV, and here we’ve helped you differentiate between the two. Successful bartenders use a combination of soft and hard skills to complete tasks. There should be an equal emphasis on soft (personal) and hard (professional) skills on your bar work CV.

Examples of hard skills

Also referred to as professional skills, hard skills are specialised, technical, and measurable abilities that can be applied to different occupations and industries.

  • Customer service

  • Mixology

  • Hospitality

  • Cash management

Examples of soft skills

Also referred to as personal skills, soft skills are more related to the individual character.

  • Problem-solving

  • Customer-orientated

  • Communication

  • Ambitious

Moreover, transferable skills are obtained regardless of the individual’s professional background and experience from social or personal experiences. These skills are particularly beneficial to add to your CV if you have little work experience. Refer to our barista CV example for more insight into skills that might be applicable to your ideal role.

Examples of transferable skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Adaptability

  • Teamwork

Work experience on a bartender CV

In this section, you must list your previous work experience. List it in reverse chronological order from the most recent work experience to the last. If you have relevant experience in other roles, then you should mention any transferable skills that you developed which are relevant to your bar job. When summarising each job, you should include the title of your role, name of the organisation, date of employment, and responsibilities/duties that best describe your position in bullet points. Find out how to list work experience on your CV here.

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Pro Tip

Back up your work experience with data and numbers. This demonstrates what you have accomplished, and you can add statistics or data if relevant. For example, ‘Led team to achieve a 10% increase to sales revenue in 2022.

Education section on a bartender CV: How to include it?

To be considered for a bartender role, it’s not a requirement to have higher education qualifications. This means that GCSEs are usually enough for your bartender application to be considered. It’s also more likely that your application will stand out if you’ve attended bartending school or completed relevant certificates and courses. When structuring the education section, always include the degree/diploma type, the level, the institution/organisation, completion date/in progress, and relevant subjects. In this CV section, it’s essential to list your education and include all of your academic experiences.

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Pro Tip

If you have little to no work experience or more education and qualifications, consider putting education before the work experience section on your bar work CV.

How to include additional experience on a bartender CV

The purpose of your CV is to convince the recruiter that you’re the best candidate. So for this section, try to include any additional experience by briefly introducing what you did and how so that you can elaborate further within the interview. Consider adding strong achievements or an interest that will grab the attention of recruiters or hiring managers. Examples include ​​hobbies, volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, or student societies. Furthermore, volunteering could help you gain some necessary customer service and sales experience. You’ll be able to develop transferable skills such as communication, social skills, teamwork, cash handling, and time management that could support your bartender responsibilities CV.

How to list achievements on a bartender CV

If you have little to no experience in the role you’re applying to, you might want to think about other relevant forms of achievements. Avoid including information just to fill up white space on a CV. Think of accomplishments that would be applicable or that focus on how you would be the perfect candidate for the role. These examples would demonstrate to the recruiter how you have achieved and accomplished other activities outside of a professional environment.

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Pro Tip

Even with little experience, your CV can showcase a good work ethic, charismatic personality, and positive attitude. In turn, this will set you apart from the competition.

Courses and certificates on a bartender CV

Employers will still consider your application even if you have no experience, and you can enhance your CV in many other ways. Are you new to the industry and have limited work experience? Then opt to complete a course or gain a certificate to develop your knowledge, skills, and expertise. Consider attending a bartending school or completing a beverage and hospitality course. Taking professional certificates and courses could drastically enhance your bar work CV application. You might consider completing an NOCN or BTEC Level 1 award in hospitality and catering or a food and beverages award. Some certificates can be completed alongside GCSEs. Alternatively, attending Bartending school would be the best option to boost your bar work CV and stand out from the competition.

How to include languages on a bartender CV

Can you speak more than one language? If so, you’re lucky because this is a unique way to stand out from the crowd and get your CV noticed! Feature your language section on your bar work CV to impress recruiters and showcase your multilingual abilities.

In many industries at work, you’ll commonly interact with colleagues or customers that speak a foreign language. A multilingual environment can benefit professional and personal growth, such as enhanced listening, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. You should only list languages if it is relevant to your role. This could drastically improve your application as a bartender in customer service and hospitality. You’ll communicate and interact with many customers, which will be advantageous. Before adding languages to your CV, take a recognised test to evaluate your language proficiency. Also, ensure that you include your proficiency level rating in this section. Learn how to add your unique language skills to your CV.

Key takeaways

In this guide, we’ve outlined that a well-written CV should convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate for the role. After reading this guide, you should be well-equipped to write an impressive bartender CV.

CV tips for bartending jobs:

  • Keep the language of your CV concise, simple, and short.

  • Thoroughly proofread your CV and check for errors.

  • Write a persuasive cover letter to accompany your CV.

  • Write a comprehensive master CV and update it regularly.

  • In your cover letter, use two skills and give examples of when and how you demonstrated these skills.

  • Write a personable and upbeat personal summary that offers solutions.

  • Mention facts and figures to showcase your achievements and competencies.

  • Include hobbies, interests, and achievements to stand out if you have limited work experience.

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If you are short on time and need an urgent CV crafted in minutes, we can help speed up the process. Our professional CV templates are well-structured and formatted, so you don’t have to worry about the final touches. We can design your CV in a few easy steps, saving you time and hassle. Find out more about our CV Writing Services.

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Where can I find bartender courses?

You can choose to enrol in a bartender course online or in person.

Search the latest bartender courses on various websites.

How much money does a bartender make in the UK?

According to the latest data in 2022, the average salary of a Bartender in the UK is around £12 an hour, which equates to £23,425 per year.

Where can I find jobs for Bartenders in the UK?

Popular websites to find Bartender jobs in the UK are:

Can I work as a bartender if I have average grades?

You are required to pass your English and Maths GCSE levels. If you have bad grades in most subjects, check the job vacancy requirements before applying.

Where can I find good templates for a bartender CV?

We have a wide variety of templates on our website. You can find designs appropriate for any career and tailored to your dream career or job.

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