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How to Write a Good Cover Letter


How to Write a Good Cover Letter

by Karien de Villiers

  • Cover letter
  • · July 05 2024
  • · 7 min read
Good Cover Letter Examples

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Like a good CV, a cover letter is an important part of a job application that offers further insight into your skills, experiences, and motivation for the role. A good cover letter should emphasise your fit for the position, showcase your understanding of the company, and express your enthusiasm for the job.

In this article, we cover:

  • What makes a good cover letter?

  • Cover letter sections.

  • Tips on how to write a cover letter.

  • Examples of good cover letters.

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What makes a good cover letter?

A good cover letter is essential to a strong job application, providing additional details about your skills, experiences, and motivation for the role.

  • Clear structure: Maintain a well-organised format that is easy to follow. This applies to both letters of interest and shorter cover letters.

  • Tailored content: Customise the content to highlight your suitability for the specific position and company.

  • Professional tone: Use a professional and positive tone throughout the letter.

Key sections of a good cover letter

good cover letter sturcture

By following this cover letter structure and ensuring your cover letter is tailored to the specific job and company, you can create a strong application.

5 tips for how to write a cover letter

A well-structured cover letter is essential. By following the tips below, you can enhance your chances of securing more interviews.

1. Tailor your cover letter to the job

Customise your cover letter for each application to align with the specific requirements and responsibilities of the position. Address the company by name and, if possible, the hiring manager personally to show genuine interest.

Care assistant cover letter example:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Team Lead position at Special Care Group, which I found listed on your website. Currently employed as a care assistant, I am actively pursuing opportunities within this location following my relocation to Scotland.

As a dedicated care assistant, I have honed my abilities in effectively communicating with patients, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, and implementing personalised care plans. My leadership style is guiding and supporting individuals to achieve personal and professional growth, fostering a sense of community within the caregiving team.

In my past positions as a Care Assistant, I have consistently showcased my dedication to delivering compassionate and top-notch care to individuals, cultivating a positive and supportive atmosphere. My proficiency in mental health and elderly care positions me well to cater to the distinct needs of each person, fostering their well-being and elevating their quality of life.

I am eager to explore how my skills and experiences can positively impact the success of Special Care Group. 

Thank you for reviewing my application. I anticipate the opportunity for an interview to delve deeper into how my background aligns with the requirements of your organisation.


Emma Thompson

Attached: CV & references

For the full CV writing guide, check out the care assistant cover letter example.

Retail cover letter example:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Retail Store Manager position at H&M. With a proven track record in retail management and a passion for driving success; I believe I would be a valuable addition to your team.

My background in retail management spans over five years, including my most recent role as a Retail Store Manager at Ralph Lauren. During my tenure, I honed my skills in leadership, sales, and customer service, which I am confident can directly benefit H&M. Having progressed through a series of roles and responsibilities; my experience has equipped me with the ability to navigate high-pressure and fast-paced environments while consistently delivering positive results.

I take pride in my sales techniques and am known for inspiring and motivating colleagues to maximise their performance. I am committed to fostering a customer-centric approach and driving the store's growth. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence, I am confident I can meet and exceed your expectations in this role. H&M's mission and values resonate with my professional goals, making this opportunity exciting. I am confident that my communication skills, attention to detail, and resultsoriented mindset will contribute to the continued success of your company.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing back from you!


William Evans

Attached: CV and references

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2. Showcase your achievements

Use specific examples to demonstrate your accomplishments and skills. Quantify achievements to provide concrete evidence of your impact. For additional examples and guides on writing cover letters, refer to the following:

1. Engineer:

  • In my previous role as a Software Developer, I developed an automated testing framework that reduced the time spent on manual testing by 50%, which significantly improved the team's efficiency and product release timelines.

  • As a Civil Engineer, I managed a construction project that was completed three months ahead of schedule and 10% under budget, resulting in substantial savings for the client.

2. Accountant:

  • In my role as a Senior Accountant, I implemented a new accounting software system that streamlined our financial reporting process, reducing the time required to generate monthly reports by 30%.

  • As a Tax Accountant, I identified tax savings opportunities for clients, resulting in a cumulative tax savings of £200,000 over two years.

3. Architect:

  • While working as an Architect, I led the design of a sustainable office building that achieved LEED Platinum certification, which reduced the building's energy consumption by 25%.

  • As a Landscape Architect, I designed a public park that increased community engagement and was recognised with a national award for innovative design.

4. Marketing Manager:

  • As a Marketing Manager, I launched a social media campaign that increased our brand's online engagement by 60% and led to a 25% increase in sales over six months.

  • In my previous role, I developed and executed a content strategy that boosted website traffic by 40% and generated an additional £500,000 in annual revenue.

5. Project Manager:

  • As a Project Manager, I successfully led a cross-functional team to complete a £2 million project on time and within budget, resulting in a 15% profit margin increase for the company.

  • In my role, I implemented a new project management software that improved team collaboration and reduced project completion time by 20%.

6. Human Resources Manager:

  • As a Human Resources Manager, I developed a talent acquisition strategy that reduced the average hiring time by 25% and improved employee retention rates by 15%.

  • In my previous role, I introduced an employee wellness program that led to a 20% reduction in absenteeism and increased overall employee satisfaction.

7. Data Analyst:

  • In my position as a Data Analyst, I created a dashboard that provided real-time insights, reducing the decision-making time by 35% and enabling more strategic business actions.

  • As a Data Scientist, I developed a predictive model that improved customer retention rates by 18%, directly contributing to a 10% increase in revenue.

8. Teacher:

  • As a high school Math Teacher, I introduced a new curriculum that improved student test scores by 20% and increased overall class engagement.

  • In my role, I led an after-school tutoring program that helped struggling students improve their grades by an average of one letter grade.

9. Customer Service Manager:

  • As a Customer Service Manager, I implemented a new customer feedback system that reduced response times by 50% and increased customer satisfaction scores by 30%.

  • In my previous role, I trained a team that improved first-call resolution rates by 15%, leading to a significant increase in customer loyalty.

10. Sales Manager:

  • As a Sales Manager, I developed a new sales training program that boosted team productivity by 25% and increased quarterly sales by £1 million.

  • In my previous role, I led a team that expanded our client base by 20%, resulting in a 30% increase in annual revenue.

If you have no experience, refer to how to write a cover letter with no experience.

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3. Keep it concise

A good cover letter is typically one page long. Be concise and focus on the most relevant information, avoiding unnecessary details or overly complex language. For more information, refer to how to write a short cover letter.


With over five years of experience in project management, I have consistently delivered projects on time and within budget, leveraging my strong organisational skills and attention to detail.

4. Use a professional tone

Maintain a professional yet friendly tone in your cover letter. Avoid jargon or overly formal language, and proofread carefully to ensure it is error-free and reflects your communication skills.


I am confident that my background in customer service, combined with my dedication to delivering exceptional experiences, aligns perfectly with the customer-focused culture at Creative Sparks.

5. End with a strong closing

Summarise your key points and express your eagerness to discuss how your skills and experiences align with the job. Include a call to action, such as requesting an interview or a follow-up meeting.

good cover letter conclusion tips

For additional tips and examples, take inspiration from guides on how to end a cover letter, or explore our extensive collection of cover letter examples.

Key takeaways

  • A good cover letter is tailored, concise, professional, and highlights your achievements.

  • Customise each letter to the specific job and company.

  • Provide concrete examples of your skills and accomplishments.

  • Maintain a professional tone and end with a strong conclusion.

Next steps?

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What is in a good cover letter?

A good cover letter includes a tailored introduction, highlights of your relevant skills and experiences, specific achievements, and a strong conclusion.

What is a good cover letter format?

A good cover letter format includes your contact information, the employer’s contact information, a personalised salutation, an engaging introduction, a body with relevant details, and a strong closing.

What is the ideal length of a good cover letter?

The ideal length of a good cover letter is one page, typically 250-400 words. Refer to our guide on cover letter length for more information.

What makes a good cover letter intro?

A good cover letter intro grabs the employer's attention by mentioning the job you are applying for, where you found the job listing, and a brief statement about why you are interested and qualified. Refer to how to start a cover letter for more tips.

Do employers read cover letters in the UK?

Yes, many employers in the UK read cover letters as they provide additional context about the candidate’s skills and motivations. Although practices may vary depending on the employer.

What is an example of a good covering letter?

An example of a good covering letter includes a tailored introduction, specific achievements relevant to the job, a professional tone, and a strong closing that calls for further action, such as an interview. Examples are provided in the sections above for various job roles.

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