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Teaching Assistant

Katherine selected the Harvard cover letter template, targeting teaching assistant roles.

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"After studying your website and reading your mission statement, I believe I would be an asset to your school and would enjoy working there."

Katherine Harper - Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant cover letter

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What to Include in a Teaching Assistant Cover Letter?

A teaching assistant is a profession that is in high demand. You might think that a motivation letter is only a formality, but for any job, a letter explaining why you are the best candidate for the role will always be advantageous.

The position of a Teaching Assistant is one with a lot of responsibility so take your application seriously by preparing well before writing your motivation letter. Check the hard requirements of the vacancy and double-check whether you meet all the requirements. Ask yourself what relevant knowledge and skills you possess and use these points in your letter. If in doubt, it is helpful to contact the school where you want to apply by telephone. It is helpful to have a pen and paper at hand during this conversation so that you can use the points written down in your motivation letter afterwards. Always check the educational institution's website to get an impression of the school and its standards and values. This is valuable information that you can use while writing your motivation letter.

After you have collected all the information for your letter, you can process it in your motivation letter for the teaching assistant position. In such a position, you can, for example, work in primary education, special education, vocational education or adult education. Depending on the school you are applying to, your background, and the relevant skills you want to highlight in your motivation letter.

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How to write a teaching assistant cover letter?

Motivation letters can be divided into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. You refer to a vacancy or a possible telephone conversation in the introduction. In the middle section, you discuss what you have to offer the company. Describe your degrees, skills and any relevant career highlights here. You conclude by thanking the reader for reading your letter. Also, indicate that you would like feedback and are available for further explanations. Also, refer to your enclosed curriculum vitae.

Tips for a motivation letter for a Teaching Assistant

A Teaching Assistant supports the teacher during lessons, so make it clear in your motivation letter that you are good at this. Try to substantiate this by naming concrete examples of previous positions or internships. If you have a family, you could describe concrete and relevant 'home examples' that show that you are the right teaching assistant.

  • Introduce yourself, your educational background, relevant knowledge, work experience, and both soft and hard skills.

  • Explain why you want this job and why at this school. Give your motivation letter a personal touch.

  • Afterwards, have a close friend, or family member reread the letter.

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