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Katherine has opted for the Harvard cover letter template, targeting teaching assistant roles. Her one-page cover letter is modern and simple to read. She briefly highlights her achievements, skills, and passion for teaching, making her a great candidate for the next job.

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"I learned about the opportunity for a teaching assistant position at your school through a friend whose child is at West Park Primary School. After thoroughly exploring your school's website and immersing myself in your mission statement, I am convinced I can make a meaningful contribution to your institution."

Katherine Harper - Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant cover letter

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How to Write a Teaching Assistant Cover Letter Guide | Examples & Tips

In today's competitive UK job market, writing a solid teaching assistant cover letter is essential to set yourself apart from other candidates. Whether you are a graduate, a part-time teacher, or a seasoned professional, this step-by-step guide provides practical tips to help you showcase your passion and skills effectively. From explaining your teaching approach to highlighting relevant experiences, each section is designed to help you showcase your most vital talents, qualifications, and abilities.

Whether you want to work in primary education, special education, vocational education, or adult education, let's navigate the must-have sections to include in your teaching assistant cover letter, the best format coupled with job-specific examples.

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Teaching assistant cover letter example 

Teaching assistant cover letter example

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In this teaching assistant cover letter sample, Katherine showcases her extensive experience in teaching in a primary school setting, and she is looking for a new full-time position as a teaching assistant. She highlights her certifications, strong skills in classroom management and mentorship through helping students concentrate and achieve higher results. It follows a modern CV format concisely. She has attached her CV & references alongside her application.

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How to write a teaching assistant cover letter with no experience

If you're looking for your first teaching assistant job, it's crucial to showcase your eagerness to learn and the transferable skills gained from your education, apprenticeships, internships, or tutoring. Whether you are a teaching assistant in a university or a volunteer teaching assistant, you can elaborate on how your background in leading group projects at university proves your expertise in fostering inclusive learning in a classroom setting. If you have worked as a volunteer, tutor or teaching assistant in a community setting, you could showcase the effective strategies to assist students with various learning needs.

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Check the educational website of the institution to get an impression of the school and its standards and values. This is valuable information that you can use while writing your cover letter.

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Teaching assistant cover letter with no experience

Teaching assistant with no experience cover letter example:

I am excited to apply for the Teaching Assistant position at The Westminster School. With a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), I am eager to leverage my passion for helping students receive higher grades and contribute to their continuous learning.

As a former Volunteer at Langford Primary Academy, I assisted teachers with lesson planning, classroom activities, and student supervision, leading to a 20% increase in student participation. Furthermore, I led a project to organise drama classes, attracting over 50 pupils and receiving reviews with a rating of 85% and higher feedback from students and administration.

I appreciate The Westminster School's dedication to fostering a welcoming and diverse learning environment for all. With my proven track record of enhancing student engagement and improving grades by 20%, I am confident I will be a great asset to your team.

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What to include in a teaching assistant cover letter? 

Like a good CV, your cover letter should provide a brief snapshot of your relevant work experience, areas of expertise and achievements tailored to a specific job. It complements your CV by filling in the gaps and giving context to the missing details. 

If in doubt, contact the school where you want to apply by telephone or email. It is helpful to have a pen and paper at hand during this conversation so that you can jot down the main points in your cover letter afterwards.

See below the must-have sections to include in your teaching cover letter:

  • Introduction

  • Body

  • Conclusion.

Teacher must-have cover letter sections

1. How to start a teaching assistant cover letter

A cover letter should start with a brief yet impactful opening line that clearly states the position you are applying for, echoing your CV personal profile, also known as a personal statement. Whether you are an SEN (special educational needs) teaching assistant or graduate teaching assistant, it must be eye-catching and tailored to the job you are applying for. The purpose is to make a strong initial impression and encourage the headteacher to continue reading your cover letter and CV. Lastly, explicitly mention how you discovered this job opening and show your enthusiasm for the position. 

We recommend addressing your cover letter to a specific teacher using "Dear [Full name]" or "Dear Sir/Madam [Last name]". If the name is unknown, you can just say "Dear headteacher", "Dear headmaster/headmistress", or "To whom it may concern".

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Teaching assistant introduction cover letter tips

Teaching assistant introduction cover letter example

I am thrilled to apply for the Teaching Assistant position at Bigland Green Primary School, referred to me by former colleague Niamh Roberts. With 3 years of experience working in diverse classroom settings, including special education and ESL programs, I am eager to bring my dedication and skills to support the learning of students at your esteemed institution.

Primary school teaching assistant introduction cover letter example:

I am writing to express my genuine interest in the Primary School Teacher position at Maplewood Primary School. As a dedicated educator with a passion for inspiring young learners, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the academic success of your school.

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2. How to write the body of a teaching assistant cover letter 

In the main body of your teaching assistant cover letter, you must provide specific examples of your teaching work, relevant achievements, and qualifications. Mention your passion for teaching, demonstrating how your previous experience proves your ability to lead a class and create an engaging learning environment. For example, you could explain how you helped increase the grade of a student with low performance or how you initiated a classroom management strategy.

Teaching assistant introduction cover letter tips

To succeed in your job search, ensure to incorporate the relevant skills and technical proficiencies and elaborate on missing details from your CV. Key competencies for a teaching assistant include but are not limited to:

  • Classroom management: show your ability to manage classroom dynamics, and maintain a positive learning environment in the class setting.

  • Tailored student plans: this applies to creating detailed and personalised suggestions for various students, especially for SEN and English as an Additional Language (EAL) requirements.

  • Lesson planning: integrate diverse teaching methods to suit student's needs, adapting to different learning styles.

  • Grade assessment and feedback: this includes assessing the papers, providing thorough feedback, and composing clear materials for assessing performance.

  • Safeguarding: ensuring the student's welfare and well-being are of the highest priority through empowerment, prevention, protection, proportionality, partnership, and accountability.

  • Administrative tasks: you can incorporate responsibilities such as record-keeping, organisation, and event coordination for school activities.

  • Hybrid teaching style: the ability to teach in-person and remotely via Teams or Zoom, which is especially relevant for university and high-school teachers.

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SEN teaching assistant body cover letter example

In my current role as a SEN Teaching Assistant at Maplewood School, I have a proven track record in providing personalised support to students with special educational needs (SEN). For instance, I designed visual timetables for students with autism, improving organisational skills and reducing anxiety during transitions. Furthermore, I collaborated with speech therapists to implement augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices for non-verbal students, facilitating effective communication and participation in classroom activities. My proficiency in using specialised software such as Boardmaker and Widgit Symbols enhances the creation of customised learning materials, ensuring a tailored learning experience for SEN students.

EAL teaching assistant body cover letter example

As an EAL Teaching Assistant at Oakridge Primary School, I am dedicated to supporting the academic progress of English language learners (ELLs). For example, I designed and delivered interactive language workshops focusing on vocabulary enrichment and conversational skills, resulting in measurable improvements in fluency and comprehension. Additionally, I collaborated with teachers to implement differentiated instruction techniques, enabling ELLs to access curriculum content and participate fully in classroom discussions. Using multimedia resources and culturally relevant materials, I create engaging learning experiences that cater to the linguistic and cultural diversity of EAL students.

3. How to end a teaching assistant cover letter

Close off your cover letter by reiterating your interest in the role and expressing confidence in your ability to contribute to the school's success. Show gratitude for the time and consideration of your application. Finally, end with a professional sign-off.

Teaching assistant conlusion cover letter tips

Teaching assistant conclusion cover letter example:

I believe my enthusiasm and my ability to make a difference make me a strong fit for the Teaching Assistant position at Hillside Primary School. I am eager to contribute to your success, working collaboratively with the talented Hillside team to achieve new levels of excellence.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you!


Sarah Campbell

Classroom assistant conclusion cover letter example:

With a genuine dedication to fostering an engaging and supportive classroom environment, I am thrilled at the possibility of joining the vibrant team at Hillside Primary School as a Classroom Assistant. I am excited to utilise my skills and experience to support both educators and students, adding value to the school's culture of innovation and collaboration.

Thank you for considering my application. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the dynamic learning community at Hillside Primary School and am eager to further discuss how I can make a positive impact. I welcome the chance to discuss this further in a job interview.


Skye Connor

Learning support assistant conclusion cover letter example:

I am deeply passionate about empowering students with diverse learning needs, looking forward to a chance to join Hillside Primary School as a Learning Support Assistant. I am eager to leverage my expertise to provide tailored support to students, contributing to the school's culture of inclusivity and personalised learning.

Thank you for considering my application. I am genuinely interested about the opportunity to collaborate with the dedicated team at Hillside Primary School and am eager to explore how I can contribute to its nurturing and supportive environment. I am available at your convenience for a job interview to discuss this further.


Robert Pearson

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Key takeaways 

By following these tips, you can create a strong cover letter for the teaching assistant position, increasing your chances of securing your dream job. Adjust your CV and cover letter to match the job description and show your strengths. Lastly, proofread your cover letter to ensure it grasps your headteacher’s attention and effectively communicates your key skills and interest in pedagogy.

Teaching assistant cover letter tips

Next steps? 

Whether you need to smooth out inconsistencies in your cover letter or want to create your teaching cover letter from scratch, our comprehensive career platform is tailored to assist you at every turn. With our intuitive Cover Letter Builder, you can select from various professional templates to create a modern cover letter. For a thorough review of your career documents, explore our CV Writing Services

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What format should I use for my teaching assistant cover letter in the UK?

The key is to keep your cover letter format professional and simple. Use a clear and easy-to-read font, and avoid using fancy designs or colours. Stick to a standard format with your contact information at the top, followed by the date, the school’s name and location, a professional greeting, the body of the letter, and a professional sign-off.

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How long should my cover letter for a UK teaching job be?

Your cover letter ideally needs to be one page long, providing enough information to showcase your skills and experiences without overwhelming the reader. Keep it concise and focused on relevant details proving your suitability for the teaching position.

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What to avoid in a teaching assistant cover letter?

Avoid irrelevant information and clichés. Instead, shift the attention to specific examples of your teaching experience, explaining how it aligns with the job you're applying for. Avoid listing your previous salary or explanations for leaving previous jobs unless a recruiter directly asks about it. Lastly, we suggest avoiding any personal information, including your photo, that is unnecessary.

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How to write an application letter for an Education, Health, and Care EHS assessment?

Begin by explicitly stating the child's needs and reasons for seeking assessment language that mirrors the requirements outlined in the assessment process and expressing your enthusiasm for seeking support for the child's education. Address the letter directly to the appropriate recipient and conclude with a sincere thank you for considering your request, along with an invitation for further discussion or an interview. Remember that only pupils with education, health and care (EHC) plans are eligible for private support from a teaching assistant (TA).

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How do I introduce myself as a teaching assistant?

Presenting yourself as a teaching assistant is a simple yet important aspect of establishing rapport with students, teachers, and parents. Start by stating your name and role clearly, highlighting your commitment to supporting the educational journey of students. Briefly mention any relevant education or experience that highlights your suitability for the role. Lastly, show interest in working with the students and collaborating with the teaching team to create a positive learning environment.

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