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Caregiver CV

This caregiver CV sample highlights Eve Vincent's extensive experience spanning over five years in clinical settings. She excels in providing support to adults and older individuals with diverse needs.

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"Experienced certified caregiver with 5 years of dedicated service offering holistic care to patients with various needs. Skilled in creating safe, nurturing environments that promote independence, dignity, and overall well-being."

Eve Vincent - Caregiver

Caregiver CV template

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How to Write a Caregiver CV: Step-by-Step Guide with Examples

Caregiving is not just a job; it's a calling that offers the unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Whether entering this profession for the first time or unsure how to highlight your work experience, knowing how to write a good CV is your opportunity to progress your career in this fulfilling sector.

The demand for compassionate and dedicated care workers is rising, and this sector presents numerous opportunities across various settings. In this role, you’ll enhance the quality of life for individuals, from healthcare facilities and residential care homes to domiciliary care agencies and mental health organisations.

The article guides you through how to write a modern CV and utilise a CV template that reflects your qualifications and expertise to hiring managers.

Caregiver CV example 

Caregiver CV sample

In this sample of a caregiver CV, Eve Vincent showcases over five years of work experience in clinical sectors and excels in supporting adults and older people with diverse needs. Her leadership skills and suitability for senior roles are evident through her achievements and career progression. Eve has chosen the Auckland CV template to showcase her extensive expertise in this field.

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What to include in a caregiver CV? 

Before writing your CV, pass enhanced background checks and check the requirements for a care worker. Begin with a strong personal profile, then detail your education, relevant work experiences, and diverse skills crucial for medical and clinical roles. Highlight any certifications or achievements demonstrating your commitment to patient care. Conclude your CV with references and an additional section for languages, personal interests or hobbies, and indicate if you have a driving licence.

CV sections for a caregiver CV

We recommend using a master CV that compiles your skills, work experience, and education. This all-encompassing document provides a solid base for tailoring CVs to different roles. Keep this document updated so you can easily create a job-specific CV. Learn more about application tracking systems (ATS) and how to make your CV ATS-friendly to increase your chances of securing a job.

Explore our CV writing guides tailored for care assistant or support worker roles to gain similar insights.

How to write a caregiver CV in 5 steps

1. Include education on a caregiver CV 

Education can help establish a credible CV for a caregiving role and kickstart your career in this field. Showcase your secondary qualifications by providing information on relevant GCSEs and diplomas.

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Opt for a concise format that includes the qualification name, institution, location, and date.

If you're just starting your career or are currently a student, emphasise any part-time experience or coursework from relevant subjects to highlight your commitment to learning.

Education format on a CV

How to format education on your CV with examples

A-levels, AS Levels, BTEC, and NVQ/Diploma:

  • [School Name], [School Location], [Years Attended]

    [Qualification] [Subject Name 1], [Subject Name 2], [Subject Name 3]

  • CVMaker School, Manchester, UK, 2016-2018

    Psychology, Biology, Health and Social Care, Sociology


  • [School Name], [School Location], [Years Attended]

    [n] GCSEs (including Mathematics and English)

  • CVMaker School, Birmingham, UK, 2014-2016

    10 GCSEs (including Mathematics and English)

If you've recently left school, our guide for school leavers provides in-depth advice on formatting other qualifications, such as Scottish Highers. Refer how to write the education section on your CV for more guidance.

2. Essential skills for a caregiver to have on a CV 

As a care worker, your role involves providing holistic support to diverse individuals, so you need to show versatile skill set. Start by highlighting hard skills, such as electronic health record (EHR) systems, without bullet points. Reference scheduling or communication tools and other technology that facilitate efficient care management, documentation, and accessing relevant patient information. Then, add relevant soft skills into your personal profile and work experience sections to underscore your ability to collaborate effectively and cultivate a positive work environment. 

Skills on a caregiver CV

Must-have skills for a caregiver CV

  • Empathy: understanding and sharing others' feelings, essential for connecting with individuals in personal and professional environments.

  • Patience: remaining calm and composed in challenging situations is crucial for providing adequate care and assistance.

  • Effective communication: conveying information clearly and understanding others' needs despite cultural or personal differences.

  • Problem-solving: finding solutions to challenges or obstacles vital for adapting to the changing needs of diverse individuals.

  • Attention to detail: thoroughly observing and considering specific aspects of a situation is crucial for accurate and safe care practices.

Hard skills

Soft skills

Medication administration

Active listening

Vital sign monitoring


Mobility assistance

Emotional intelligence

First aid and CPR

Cultural sensitivity

Health and safety protocols

Time management

How to highlight caregiver skills with little to no experience

For individuals with little to no caregiving experience, emphasise transferable skills from previous roles or life experiences using a skills-based CV. If you are currently employed in a different sector or looking to change careers, leverage your existing skills in roles that demand empathy, patience, and a dedication to improving the well-being of others. 

For instance, explore sectors in customer service to develop interpersonal skills, such as call centre roles. Or refer to jobs requiring organisational abilities, attention to detail, and task management, such as administration or office work. 

Refer to our blog on how to list skills on a CV for more tips. 

3. How to write a personal profile for a caregiver CV 

Create a compelling personal profile using a concise statement showcasing dedication to providing compassionate support. Keep this summary focused, impactful and tailored to each job. Highlight soft and transferable skills, such as empathy, communication, and patience. Provide examples of past experiences illustrating emotional intelligence and compassion, demonstrating your ability to connect with others and resolve challenging situations.

Personal profile on a caregiver CV

How to write a personal profile for a caregiver CV with little to no experience 

Create a caregiver CV with no experience by emphasising a sincere commitment to making a positive impact. Highlight instances demonstrating patience, effective communication, and composure under pressure. Showcase soft skills gained from extracurricular activities or volunteering leading workshops, nursing homes, organising activities for special needs children, fundraising, or community outreach. 

Caregiver CV personal profile example

Compassionate individual dedicated to making a positive impact as a caregiver. Demonstrated problem-solving, effective communication and interpersonal communication skills during volunteer experience as a retail assistant in a charity shop. Achieved £500 in fundraising and engaged in community outreach programs. Collaborated in diverse teams, fostering empathy, compassion, and a strong commitment to contributing to those in need.

For more details, refer to our article on writing a personal profile or browse the examples below. 

Caregiver CV personal profile example

Dedicated care worker with over 7 years of experience providing compassionate support to individuals in various settings. Possesses exceptional empathy and practical communication skills, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing environment. Known for patience and adaptability, committed to enhancing the well-being of those under my care. Adept at building strong connections with care recipients and their families.

Nursing home assistant CV personal profile example

Seasoned senior healthcare professional with over 10 years of specialised knowledge in geriatric care. A proven track record of consistently delivering superior support with a dedicated focus on preserving dignity and fostering independence for residents. Exceptional interpersonal skills cultivate a positive and empathetic atmosphere, contributing significantly to the emotional well-being of residents. Recognised for adept teamwork, excelling in collaborative environments, and enhancing the overall quality of care in senior roles.

Live-in caregiver CV personal profile example

Compassionate live-in care worker with 5 years of experience and a passion for providing personalised support to individuals in their homes. Possesses a unique blend of empathy and organisational skills, ensuring a seamless and comfortable living arrangement for residents. Known for adaptability and commitment, motivated to create a supportive atmosphere that promotes independence and overall happiness to those in need.

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4. How to include practical work experience 

Present your care worker CV experience with clarity. State your job title, employment duration, and employer's name using a chronological format. Use bullet points to detail caregiving responsibilities and emphasise achievements. Showcase hands-on care skills, including daily activities and personal assistance.

Work experience on caregiver CV

Caregiver CV work experience example with little to no experience

Customer Service Support Agent, Tech Solutions Ltd, Manchester, 2021-present

Provide dedicated customer support, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a positive customer experience. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to escalate and solve complex problems, maintaining high professionalism. Document customer interactions accurately and efficiently in the company's CRM system. Demonstrate practical communication skills through clear and concise explanations, contributing to increased customer satisfaction.

  • Developed strong problem-solving abilities by addressing customer concerns and resolving 100% of complaints.

  • Managed customer relationships and improved customer retention and client satisfaction by 60%.

Alternatively, one way to gain experience is through placements and apprenticeships in adult or social care. Refer to our blog on writing a CV without experience for more guidance.  

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Pro Tip

Quantify achievements using statistics or data, including relevant training or certifications, tailoring your experience for each job.

Caregiver CV work experience examples

Care home worker, Serenity Home Care, Manchester, UK, 2019-2022

Provided compassionate and personalised care to elderly clients, assisting with daily activities, medication management, and companionship. Collaborated with healthcare professionals to implement care plans and ensure clients' well-being. Demonstrated strong communication skills, fostering trusting relationships with clients and their families.

  • Implemented personalised care plans, leading to a 20% improvement in overall client satisfaction and well-being.

  • Enhanced medication management procedures, reducing errors by 15% and ensuring a safer healthcare environment for clients.

Nursing Home Assistant, Maple Grove Nursing Home, Birmingham, UK, 2018-2021

Supported residents in a nursing home setting by assisting with personal care, mobility, and daily living activities. Monitored and recorded vital signs, promptly reporting any changes to the nursing team. Participated in recreational activities to promote social engagement and mental stimulation. Ensured residents' safe and comfortable environment, adhering to health and safety protocols.

  • Enhanced residents' well-being and satisfaction by 20% by implementing a personalised care approach.

  • Reduced emergency incidents by 15% and elevated safety standards by proactively identifying and addressing potential health issues among residents.

Live-In Carer, Helping Hands Care, London, UK, 2017-2020

Provided 24-hour care to clients with various needs, including those with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Assisted with personal care, meal preparation, and household tasks. Implemented care plans, administered medications, and maintained detailed records of client health and activities. Fostered a supportive and respectful environment, emphasising the importance of maintaining clients' independence and dignity.

  • Achieved a 15% improvement in clients' overall satisfaction through personalised care approaches and effective communication, as evidenced by client feedback and surveys.

  • Successfully reduced medication errors by 20% by implementing a robust medication management system, ensuring a safer and more controlled environment for clients.

For more detailed advice and examples, refer to how to include work experience on a CV.

10 achievements for your caregiver CV

  • Patient well-being enhancement: improved overall patient well-being by implementing personalised care plans, resulting in increased comfort and satisfaction.

  • Medication management: maintained an excellent record in medication administration, ensuring strict adherence to prescribed schedules and dosages.

  • Prompt scheduling: demonstrated exceptional organisational skills by efficiently managing 24-hour care schedules and adapting to evolving client needs.

  • Fall prevention and safety: implemented preventive measures, reducing patient falls by 15% within six months through enhanced monitoring and safety protocols.

  • Dementia care expertise: designed and implemented a tailored care plan for a resident with dementia, leading to a 25% increase in participation in social activities.

  • Positive feedback and satisfaction: achieved a 95% client satisfaction rate through personalised care, emphasising respect for clients' independence and preferences.

  • Safe handling techniques mastery: completed a comprehensive training program, ensuring zero transfers-related injuries and a safe environment.

  • Activity engagement: enhanced resident activities by 20% within six months by implementing diverse and stimulating programs tailored to individual preferences.

  • Prompt health reporting: Implemented effective monitoring procedures, contributing to a 30% reduction in health-related incidents among residents.

  • Promotion for reliability and proactiveness: recognised for reliability, proactiveness, and strict adherence to guidelines, leading to a promotion from a trainee to careworker assistant within one year.

Learn more about listing achievements on your CV to stand out.

5. Include additional sections if relevant 

Use this section to leverage your CV and boost your chances of getting noticed by recruiters. Highlight relevant courses or certificates in health and social care, for example, courses in dementia care, palliative care, or specific caregiving techniques. If you have completed safety and first aid training, such as CPR and introductory life support courses, highlight these to demonstrate emergency preparation.

Courses on a Caregiver CV

For a caregiver CV without experience, showcase commitment to learning through online courses or workshops. Mention any relevant hobbies and interests focused on helping others in the community or mention memberships in relevant professional associations. If multilingual, note your language proficiency and how this aids effective communication in diverse settings. 

For more tips, explore our blog on how to improve your CV. 

Key takeaways 

Creating an effective care worker CV involves prioritising key sections, strategically including relevant work experience and skills, and using a professional CV format. Utilise these examples to showcase your expertise and value to organisations. For those without or with little experience, emphasise transferable skills, volunteer or complete courses to maximise your chances of securing a job.

Next steps? 

Smooth out any imperfections using our CV Builder, equipped with 20+ professional CV designs for you to select from. To compliment your CV, explore our array of cover letter templates. For extra support, engage with our expert CV Writing Service. Find further information in our career blog for time-saving tips, how to include crucial sections, and gain a clearer understanding of your distinct professional value to showcase hiring managers.


What should be written in the CV for caregivers in daycare? 

In your daycare caregiver CV, highlight care working roles and soft skills like patience and empathy and mention relevant qualifications. Emphasise achievements and certifications, showcasing dedication to creating a safe environment for children. Refer to roles with comparable skill sets, such as a midwife and nanny, for more inspiration. 

What qualifications do I need for a caregiver job? 

For a caregiver job, qualifications typically include GCSEs, caregiver training, and health and social care certifications. Highlight diplomas, NVQs, and relevant practical experience, emphasising soft skills and personal qualities. Learn more on the Department for Social Care website. 

How do you get a caregiver job in the UK? 

To secure a caregiver job in the UK, create a tailored CV highlighting qualifications, skills, and caregiving experience. Network within the caregiving community, apply through job portals and consider registering with agencies to secure a job interview. Discover career opportunities with the Social Care Institute of Excellence. Explore our cover letter examples for a care assistant and support worker to help you further with your job application.

What is the responsibility of a caregiver? 

Caregivers provide physical and emotional support to individuals, assisting with daily activities, medication, and monitoring health. They ensure a safe environment, offer companionship and assist with household tasks. 

Can a caregiver become a nurse in the UK?

Yes, caregivers can become nurses in the UK by obtaining a nursing degree, complementing their hands-on experience with necessary qualifications and certifications, and meeting nursing registration requirements. Gain more inspiration from this nurse CV example.

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