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Short Cover Letter

Evan selected the Berkeley Cover Letter template to write a short motivation letter.

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"I was delighted to see the opportunity to join your company as a Production Assistant at"

Evan Lee - Short Cover Letter - Production Assistant

 Production Assistant Cover Letter

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How to write a short cover letter?

There are specific opportunities to write a short cover letter. For example, you may need to provide a short response, or a maximum number of characters is available in an online application form. In such cases, the company or institution already knows you, and you can send a short text along with your CV. Sometimes, brevity is key.

How to prepare a short cover letter?

Because it is a short cover letter, writing a clear and powerful story in a few words is challenging. Prepare well by doing a short brainstorm and writing down the points you want to mention in your short cover letter. For example, write on a piece of paper which essential and relevant skills you have. Take a good look at these and determine what should and should not be in your short cover letter.

What to write in a short cover letter?

The initial goal is to get in touch with the company. You often get the opportunity to profile yourself better during a job interview. A short cover letter is about half an A4. Most importantly, you need to be clear and concise. Your application indicates that you are interested in the job and do not have to mention that in your letter. Introduce yourself and explain why you want that job and what you can offer or add to the company. Finally, be clear on how they can reach you to continue the conversation. Use one phone number and one 'net' (professional) email address.

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