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Gardener CV

James opted for the Wheaton template to create a sleek and modern CV. With its generous white space, stylish font, and well-balanced sections, he shows that his CV, like his gardens, is carefully curated with space for growth.

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"Passionate and dedicated gardener with a decade of expertise in horticulture and sustainable landscaping. Committed to excellence and take pride in crafting vibrant outdoor spaces."

James Green - Gardener

Gardener CV sample

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How to Write a Gardener CV: Examples and Tips

The UK’s passion for gardening is deeply rooted. Institutions from the Chelsea Flower Show, National Trust and Kew Gardens, television's Ground Force and the humble garden centre prove we are a nation of gardeners. This enthusiasm for cultivating beauty and sustaining nature makes gardening an attractive profession for many.

Cultivating a modern CV is vital for anyone looking to blossom in this field, where a blend of creativity, patience and a love for the outdoors is essential. Whether you're aiming for a position at a renowned botanical garden or looking to offer your services to private residences, knowing how to write a good CV will make sure you’re the pick of the bunch.

This article will guide you through the process for a UK gardener CV, using a CV template that emphasises your transferable skills, technical strengths and past experiences. With the right approach, your CV will reflect your passion and proficiency for gardening and help secure your dream job.

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Gardener CV Example 

Gardener CV sample 

James has chosen the Wheaton template as a starting point for a crisp and cool CV. Embracing ample negative space, a contemporary font and optimal section spacing, he demonstrates that, much like his gardens, his CV is meticulously pruned with plenty of room to grow.

What to include in a gardener CV? 

Just like the grounds of a country home, a CV for gardening in the UK needs to be attractive, clearly labelled and have an easy-to-follow path throughout. Create a blueprint by marking out the main sections of your document which should always include:

  • Personal details

  • Personal profile

  • Skills

  • Work experience

  • Education 

  • References.

Including references on a CV is particularly important in gardening, where reputation and connections are key. Make sure you have yours ready to go and include ‘available on request’ somewhere on your CV.

Must-have sections for gardener CV

Landscape gardeners are in demand across a range of industries such as civil engineering, hospitality, and construction. This means you’ll be making plenty of job-specific applications throughout your career. Make things easy and begin the CV writing process with a master CV.

This all-inclusive document contains every skill, experience, qualification, training and reference you have collected to date. Your master CV acts as a starting point for each application you make, ensuring consistency and quality.

Play to your strengths if you have little to no experience

If you are wondering how to write a gardener CV with no experience, we've got you covered. If you’re just beginning your gardening career as a school leaver or graduate, look to your transferable skills and volunteer experience to get you off the mark. Don’t try to water down your limited experience. Be open and honest about your current career level and underscore a desire to learn as well as any seasonal work you have undertaken.

Areas you can highlight your aspirations as a gardener include:

  • Personal profile: think about the transferable skills you possess such as problem-solving, communication and teamwork. Make an impact by including the most valuable soft skills.

  • Work experience entries: Here you can go into a little more detail about how your transferable skills have brought results.

  • References: Here you provide external proof these transferable skills have been noticed and appreciated by past employers or those you have worked with.

You can consider a skills-based CV format or simple CV layout to effectively highlight your skills and passion.

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Pro Tip

Check the job application for any additional requirements as it could be that applicants with a driver’s licence, additional horticulture qualifications or health and safety certificates are looked on more favourably.

How to write a gardener CV: 5 steps with examples

1. List essential gardener skills 

Knowing what skills to put on your CV can be difficult, especially if you have plenty to choose from. Similar to other skills-based roles such as carpenter, chef or interior designer, the skills on a horticultural CV are the toolbox of abilities you need to show you have what it takes to fulfil the role.

Be sure to include a mix of sought-after soft skills as well as technical competencies to leave hiring managers no doubt you are the full package.

5 key skills for a gardener

  1. Plant knowledge: Understanding various types of plants, their growth conditions, seasonal requirements, and how to care for them to ensure healthy gardens.

  2. Soil management: Knowledge of different soil types and how to amend and manage soil to promote plant health, including fertilisation, aeration, and pH adjustment.

  3. Pest and disease control: Ability to identify and manage pests and diseases that affect plants, using organic and chemical treatments responsibly to minimise damage.

  4. Pruning and trimming: Skill in cutting back plants and trees to remove dead or overgrown branches or stems to encourage growth, maintain shape, and improve health.

  5. Landscape design: The creative planning and design of outdoor spaces, understanding design principles and how to create aesthetically pleasing and functional gardens.

Skills on a gardener CV

Hard skills

Soft skills

Irrigation system management


Horticultural science


Machinery operation


Garden planning and layout


Sustainable gardening practices

Time management

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Pro Tip

List your hard skills under a separate section with the heading 'Skills' whilst soft skills come into play in the work experience and personal profile sections.

2. Showcase your passion in a personal profile 

Writing an inspiring personal profile on a CV is your chance to make an immediate impression. This lead-in to your document succinctly outlines your level of experience, unique selling points, trademark soft skills and career level to date. Use this small but mighty section to give a broad but impressive idea of who you are as a candidate and what you bring to the table.

Below are a few examples of different gardening roles in the UK. Notice how soft skills and relevant experience have been woven in for maximum impact. 

Tips for personal profile on a gardener CV

Garden centre assistant CV personal profile example

Motivated garden centre assistant with 3 years experience. Passionate about bringing nature closer to people, with exceptional knowledge of plants and gardening products. Excel at customer service and thrive in service-oriented team environments. Eager to contribute to a team that inspires gardening enthusiasts of all levels.

Landscaper gardener CV personal profile example

Creative and detail-orientated landscape gardener with 5 years of experience. Possesses a flair for transforming outdoor spaces into serene escapes. Proficient in the latest landscaping techniques and tools, committed to sustainable practices. Adept at working collaboratively to bring visionary garden designs to life.

Gardener CV personal profile example

Dedicated gardener driven by cultivating beauty and sustainability in outdoor spaces with 2 years of experience. Skilled in all facets of garden maintenance, with a keen eye for plant health and soil management. Eager to grow within a role that values hard work, creativity and a passion for bringing outdoor spaces to life.

Senior gardener CV personal profile example

Senior gardener with 6 years experience in garden management, specialising in botanical care and landscape design. A leader in sustainable gardening practices, mentoring teams to achieve excellence. Recognised for expert knowledge and commitment to enhancing large-scale outdoor spaces.

Assistant gardener CV personal profile example

Enthusiastic and hardworking assistant gardener with 2 years experience. Keen to improve a foundational knowledge of horticulture and garden maintenance. Quick to learn and eager to cultivate natural beauty and team productivity. Brings a strong work ethic and team communication skills to support experienced gardeners in achieving their vision.

Looking for inspiration from other areas? Take inspiration from related industries with crossover creative skills like sustainability or design.

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3. Include practical work experience

When including work experience on your gardening CV, your goal is to illustrate not only your gardening career to date but also how you’ve enriched the teams and landscapes you’ve come into contact with.

Format your work experience entries with a brief paragraph outlining your responsibilities, followed by two quantifiable achievements highlighting your contributions. Weaving in soft skills, like teamwork or problem-solving, shows how you've applied these qualities in real-world situations, making your application stand out.

Take a look at other practical trades like electrician and welder for inspiration on how they approach the work experience section. 

Work experience on a gardener CV

Gardener CV work experience examples 

Garden centre assistant, Green Thumb Garden Centre, Bristol, 2019 - Present

Responsible for assisting customers with plant and product selections, providing expert advice on garden care and maintaining the health and presentation of plant stock. Managed inventory and organised displays to enhance the shopping experience, while also leading workshops on gardening basics for the community.

  • Developed a plant care guide distributed to customers, leading to a 25% increase in plant sales and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Organised and led 15+ community gardening workshops, resulting in repeat customer visits.

Landscaper gardener, Willow Landscaping Services, Manchester, 2017 - 2020

Oversaw landscape projects from conception to completion, including design, plant selection and installation. Collaborated closely with clients to ensure their vision was realised while managing a team of junior landscapers. Ensured all projects were completed on time, within budget and to the highest standard.

  • Successfully completed 50+ landscape projects, with a 95% client satisfaction rate, contributing to a 20% growth in business referrals.

  • Reduced project completion times by 10% through effective team management and streamlining of materials procurement.

Senior gardener, Sheffield Botanical Gardens, Sheffield, 2015 - 2023

Led a team of gardeners in the maintenance and development of extensive botanical collections, ensuring the highest horticultural standards. Conducted research and implemented sustainable gardening practices. Provided expert guidance on plant care, pest control and landscape design.

  • Introduced a sustainable composting system, reducing garden waste by 40% and enhancing soil health.

  • Spearheaded a biodiversity project that increased plant species in the gardens by 15%, attracting more visitors and enhancing educational programs.

Assistant gardener, Highgrove Estate, Gloucestershire, 2021 - 2023

Supported the gardening team in the daily maintenance of public and private house gardens, including planting, weeding, pruning and lawn care. Assisted in the implementation of garden designs and projects, learning from experienced gardeners and contributing to the estate's beauty and productivity.

  • Contributed to the redesign and planting of a 2-acre wildflower meadow, resulting in a 30% increase in local wildlife sightings.

  • Enhanced the efficiency of seasonal planting schedules, reducing plant loss by 20% through meticulous planning and care.

Gardener with little to no experience 

The grass is always greener on the other side. If you’re planning a career change or looking to join the gardening profession with little to no experience, focus on transferable skills and volunteer experience.

Gardening is a role which values diverse backgrounds, on-the-job learning and hard work. Regardless of your previous experience, focus on transferable qualities such as a strong work ethic, communication, teamwork and attention to detail. Below is an example from a customer service background.

Customer service representative | Hardoherin Communications, Leeds | 2022 - Present

Focus on providing exceptional customer service, managing logistical tasks and resolving issues efficiently. Working closely within a team to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and maintaining meticulous records of customer interactions. Demonstrate a strong work ethic and a commitment to continuous improvement, consistently meeting and exceeding performance targets.

  • Implemented a feedback collection strategy that led to a 20% improvement in customer service scores by identifying and addressing common customer concerns.

  • Awarded Employee of the Month four times in two years for outstanding teamwork.

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Pro Tip

Align your personal profile and work experience sections. Let your personal profile explain why you want to become a gardener and use your work experience entries to you have the right transferable skills.

4. Add richness to your CV with an education section 

Correctly formatting your education section on a CV shows you have the requisite formal education or training to back up your practical experiences and collected skills.

The minimum educational requirement for gardening and horticulture jobs is usually four to five GCSEs (or equivalent). If you considering further study as an undergraduate or an apprenticeship, there are many courses available too, such as Practical Horticulture Skills, Garden Design and Landscaping and Gardening.

Always list the qualification name, awarding institution or school as well as date of completion.

Education on a gardener CV

How to format basic education (GCSEs or National 5 certificates)

  • Windham College | Norfolk, 2017 - 2022

    Maths: Grade 4 (C), English: Grade 5 (B), Combined Science: Grade 4 (C), Computer Science: Grade 4 (C), English Language: Grade 6 (B)

  • JM Barrie High School | Dumfries, 2017 - 2022

    Scottish N5s: English C (4), Maths C (4), History B (6), Chemistry B (5), Art & Design C (4), Computing Science B (6) — GCSE level equivalent in brackets.

How to format apprenticeships, diplomas and degrees 

  • Diploma in Horticulture, Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), 2014

5. Nurture your CV with additional sections 

Adding courses and certificates as well as hobbies and interests on a CV are the final flourishes of a great job application. They show you as a rounded individual who augments skills and experiences from other arenas and pursues opportunities for self-improvement with industry-recognised awarding bodies such as Lantra.

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Pro Tip

Keep hobbies and interests appropriate and relevant for a gardening role in the UK, but don’t be afraid to show a little personality too.

How to format courses and certificates 

Always mention the full name of the award, the awarding body and the date of completion. Courses and certificates should be included in the bottom or side area of your document, depending on the template you have chosen.

Lantra Award, Landscape Tool Multi-tool, 2024

How to add hobbies and interests 

Hobbies and interests should be included at the end of your document, not as an afterthought but discreetly tucked away as a supporting piece of colour information.

Interests: Gardening, alternative surfaces, floral design competitions, hiking, sustainability

Key takeaways 

Here are the five key takeaways for creating a gardener CV that blooms:

  1. Start with a compelling personal profile: Showcase your enthusiasm, personal qualities, motivations and career level.

  2. Structure your CV clearly with essential sections: Personal Details, Personal Profile, Skills, Work Experience, Education, and References.

  3. Start from a master CV: Create a comprehensive document from which to tailor individual applications.

  4. Detail work experience: Focus on responsibilities and quantifiable achievements, showing how soft skills have been applied.

  5. Highlight transferable skills: For those new to professional gardening, emphasising adaptability and eagerness to learn.

Next steps? 

Iron out any creases using our intuitive CV maker with 20+ CV templates and professional designs to choose from. To accompany your CV, discover our cover letter templates. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, connect with us here at CVMaker with our professional CV Writing Service. Draw inspiration from our blog for tips on how to save time, emphasise important sections and make it easier for hiring managers to grasp your unique professional offer.


Is there a demand for gardeners in the UK?

Yes, there is a consistent demand for gardeners in the UK, fueled by the country's strong gardening culture and the need for the maintenance of public and private green spaces.

Do gardeners make good money in the UK?

Gardeners can earn between £19,000 and £27,000 based on experience, location and whether they work independently or for an organisation. Specialised skills can also increase earning potential.

Do gardeners work in the winter in the UK?

Yes, gardeners work year-round in the UK, focusing on seasonal tasks such as preparing gardens for spring, maintenance work, and planning for the coming year during the winter months.

How do I become a private gardener in the UK?

To become a private gardener, gain practical experience, develop a strong knowledge of horticulture, and consider formal qualifications or certifications. Networking and showcasing your skills through a well-crafted CV can also help attract private clients.

What is a good CV format for a gardener CV in the UK?

A clear and concise CV format is best, including sections for personal details, a personal profile, skills, work experience, education, and references. It's important to know how long a CV should be when highlighting relevant gardening skills and experience.

Where can I gain volunteer experience as a gardener?

As well as volunteering in private gardens, organisations such as The Conservation Volunteers, National Trust and The Wildlife Trusts regularly seek volunteers to gain professional experience in horticulture and conservation.

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