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Welder CV

In this welder CV, Oliver emphasises skills in metal fabrication, blueprint interpretation, and precise welding. Highlighting relevant certifications, he showcases proficiency in inspection and safety. Using the Stanford template, Oliver's CV ensures a professional layout optimised for application tracking systems, underscoring his diverse welding techniques and collaborative project experience.

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"Experienced Welder with 3 years in metal fabrication, specialising in MIG, TIG, and arc welding for precision and quality. Proficient in blueprint interpretation and seeking a mid-level role to apply metalworking expertise and contribute to organisational growth."

Oliver Parker - Welder

Welder CV example

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How to Write a Welder CV: Guide with Examples

Becoming a welder isn't just about fusing metals - it's a role where precision and craftsmanship build the backbone of industries. From towering structures to intricate machinery, you’ll be responsible for cutting, joining, and shaping materials like metal from the aerospace, construction, and engineering sectors. Creating a modern CV is essential when applying for these diverse opportunities, whether you’re a seasoned professional, eager apprentice, or ambitious student.

From moulding steel structures to innovating with cutting-edge techniques, this guide outlines to show you how to write a good CV to showcase your expertise, certifications, and skills, even if you have yet to gain experience.v

Consider this writing guide your blueprint: from understanding how to make your CV application tracking systems (ATS)-friendly to selecting a professional CV template that showcases your qualifications, ensuring you stand out to recruiters in the hiring process and get shortlisted for an interview.

Welder CV example 

Welder CV example

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Oliver presents his skills in metal fabrication, interpreting blueprints and executing precise welds. He showcases relevant certifications, emphasising his competence in inspection and safety. His work experience and qualifications demonstrate proficiency in diverse welding techniques, blueprint interpretation, and project collaboration. This CV format is optimised for application tracking systems and uses the Stanford template for a professional layout.

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What to include in a welder CV? 

When crafting your welder CV, begin with your contact details, then write an effective personal summary to showcase your career goals and expertise. Incorporate technical proficiencies such as equipment operation, detailing welding types (e.g., MIG, TIG, Stick) and specialised skills. Then, add your work experience to list achievements and previous tasks related to the job description. Highlight qualifications and certifications such as the CCNSG Safety Passport to demonstrate knowledge of safety protocols and industry standards. 

Welder CV must-have sections
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Pro Tip

Develop a comprehensive 'master CV' detailing your welding projects and experiences. Tailor this information for specific jobs and highlight keywords from the job description.

Explore our article on the CV writing process for insights into starting with a master CV then tailoring it for a specific job application.

How to write a personal profile 

When crafting your profile summary for a welder CV, aim for a concise and impactful summary highlighting your experience and interest. Emphasise key strengths in welding techniques, installations, and diagnostics with a firm grasp of safety standards. Showcase an enthusiastic attitude for tackling challenges head-on and a detail-orientated approach for inspections, calibrating tools and operating equipment.

Welding Apprenticeship CV personal profile example

Aspiring Welder Apprentice eager to start work in the welding trade and contribute positively to industry advancements. Possessing a foundational understanding of welding basics and a strong enthusiasm for learning new technologies. Committed to gaining experience with experienced professionals, overcoming challenges, and applying knowledge in a practical setting.

Learn more about how to write an apprenticeship CV.

Welding Inspector CV personal profile example

Dedicated Welding Inspector with 5 years of experience. Skilled in ensuring welding processes and procedures adhere to established standards, codes, and specifications. Competent at evaluating weld quality and implementing corrective measures for compliance. Proficient in interpreting technical drawings and specifications, ensuring precise execution. Committed to upholding safety protocols, enhancing project integrity and client satisfaction.

Welding Engineer CV personal profile example

Accomplished Welding Engineer with 6 years of experience and a proven track record in designing, developing, and overseeing welding processes. Experienced in optimising welding techniques, equipment selection, and material compatibility. Proficient in project management, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, and implementing innovative solutions for efficient welding operations. Demonstrates a keen eye for detail, a passion for technological advancements, and a commitment to achieving excellent welding standards.

Learn more about to write an engineer CV.

Welding Fabricator CV personal profile example

Versatile Welding Fabricator with 5+ years of experience and adept at translating blueprints into precision-crafted metalwork. Proficient in utilising diverse welding techniques and materials to fabricate high-quality structures and components. Skilled in operating fabrication equipment and tools, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in production. Known for problem-solving abilities and a meticulous approach to fabrication projects, delivering quality results in line with project requirements.

Refer to our guide for further insights into creating a personal profile on a CV. 

How to list welding skills on a CV 

For your welder CV example, showing a diverse and specific skill set is essential, given the varied pathways and roles within the industry. Proficiency in multiple welding techniques—MIG, TIG, and Stick welding—enables you to adapt across different commercial or small-scale projects.

Showcase expertise in fabricating and welding, illustrating a mixture of technical knowledge and practical application. For example, a welder fabricator CV benefits from highlighting skills in blueprint interpretation, metal preparation, cutting, and welding inspection. Metallurgy and materials knowledge ensures optimal material selection and efficient welding processes. Refer to our plumber CV to get further inspiration.

Below are some examples to include, and you can find more insight into how to add skills to your CV in our article.

Soft skills

Hard skills

Safety awareness

Welding techniques


Blueprint reading, interpretation, and application


Metal preparation techniques, including cutting, grinding, and shaping


Welding inspection and quality control methods


Knowledge of metallurgy, properties and materials


Familiarity with welding equipment setup, operation, and maintenance

Time management

Welding procedure qualification and certification adherence


Fabrication skills


Welding automation and robotics


Safety regulations

How to include relevant work experience in a welder CV

We recommend to organise your work experience using a chronological CV format, starting with your most recent role. Detail the company names, employment durations, and locations for each position. Provide a concise paragraph summarising your duties and progression. Complement each entry with two to three measurable achievements as bullet points highlighting outcomes or contributions.

CV tips welder

Work experience examples:

Welding Inspector | QualityWeld Industries | Liverpool | 2017 - Present

Conduct comprehensive inspections for large-scale industrial projects, ensuring compliance with codes and standards. Perform visual and non-destructive testing (NDT), interpret results, and provide detailed reports. Collaborate with teams to implement corrective measures for quality improvement.

  • Achieved a 98% accuracy rate for inspections.

  • Developed a streamlined inspection process, reducing the time by 20% while maintaining accuracy.

Welding Engineer | TechWeld Solutions | Manchester | 2019

Provided engineering solutions for diverse projects, oversaw procedures and conduct feasibility studies. Designed and optimised processes, evaluated materials, and provided technical support to teams. Coordinated with project managers and R&D teams for innovative applications.

  • Led the development of a novel welding process, resulting in a 30% increase in efficiency.

  • Implemented process improvements that reduced project completion time by 25% without compromising quality.

Welding Fabricator | CustomMetal Works | Birmingham | 2018

Fabricated structures and components based on technical drawings and specifications. Operated various equipment and tools for precision welding, ensuring quality and compliance with safety standards. Collaborate dwith design teams to troubleshoot fabrication issues and propose innovative solutions.

  • Fabricated intricate components for a high-profile project, contributing to a 15% improvement in project completion time.

  • Implemented fabrication process enhancements, reducing material wastage by 10% through optimised cutting techniques.

Welder CV with no experience:

Construction Work Placement | BuildMaster Construction | Manchester | 2023

Supported the construction team by assisting in site preparations, material handling, and equipment setup. Collaborated with manufacturers and fabricators, learned basic techniques and assisted in minor building and planning tasks. Ensured adherence to safety protocols and maintained a clean and organised work environment.

  • Achieved a 95% proficiency rating in academic practical assessments.

  • Participated in hands-on projects, showcasing precision and safety guidelines.

Learn more about how to add your previous work experience in similar roles such as construction, electrician or mechanic.

For students or those without little experience, opt for a skills-based CV format to emphasise transferable skills, volunteer work, or practical engagements from school. You can leverage college or online courses, placements, vocational training, or apprenticeships to gain practical knowledge.

How to include education on a welder CV 

Education is vital in your CV. Start by listing relevant qualifications, courses, or apprenticeships. Additionally, consider supplementary sections for achievements or references to boost your credibility with potential employers.

There are numerous pathways and roles to pursue in this sector. For school leavers, consider a college course alongside an apprenticeship to learn practical skills while working alongside seasoned professionals. Consider apprenticeship programs such as Welding and Fabrication Technician Level 3, Award in Welding skills, or a Level 2 Welding Apprenticeship, which provides invaluable hands-on experience and comprehensive training.

Education examples welder CV

Learn how to master the CV education section in our article for more practical examples and advice.

How to add welder certifications on a CV 

Adding certificates or courses in a CV can significantly enhance your qualifications. Include the name of the certification, the institution or provider, the completion date, and any relevant details or skills acquired from each certificate. 

Highlight the most recent or relevant certifications first. Mention qualifications, achievements, or skills that align with the job description. Ensure a consistent format throughout the section, using bullet points or a structured layout for better readability.

Courses examples welder CV

Learn how to list courses and certificates on your welder CV example.

Key takeaways 

Discovering the essentials on how to improve your CV is crucial for standing out in this competitive and diverse industry. Use a clear, structured welder CV template to showcase relevant qualifications, specialised skills, and competencies. Incorporate the key sections and information this guide highlights to secure an interview. Constantly tailor your CV to match the job description to boost your chances of landing your dream role. For students or those without experience, you can easily enhance your CV with courses and complete an apprenticeship to demonstrate transferable skills.

Welder CV key takeaways

Next steps? 

Choose a welder CV template that aligns with your career goals and find valuable insights in our career blog. For more help, use our professional CV Writing Service to simplify your application process and get the best results. If you're looking for your first job without experience, explore our cover letter templates and job application tips for more guidance.


Are welders in demand in the UK? 

Yes, welders remain highly sought after in the UK job market, especially in construction, manufacturing, and engineering. How to write a CV for a welder job depends on your experience, career goals, and job targets.

How long does it take to become a welder in the UK? 

The time it takes to become a welder in the UK varies based on your chosen career path and job targets. Many individuals opt for vocational training or apprenticeships, which can typically last between 1 to 2 years. Advancing skills in specialised techniques or pursuing higher certifications might take additional years of practice and training.

How do I write a cover letter for a welder? 

When structuring your cover letter, emphasise specific welding skills, experience and relevant certifications. Tailor the letter to match the job description and employer requirements to impress recruiters. Read our blog on how to start a cover letter with five expert tips for maximum impact. 

How much do welders get paid in the UK? 

Salaries fluctuate based on experience, expertise, and location. Entry-level welders may earn approximately £20,000 to £22,000 yearly, while highly experienced or specialised welders might earn over £45,000.

How long should my welder CV be?

Your CV should be around 1-2 pages long. Focus on key qualifications, certifications, and relevant work experience. Structure your CV using a clear and concise ATS-friendly format to meet industry standards. Our blog about how long a CV should be offers valuable tips on where to start.

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