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Plumber CV

James, with two years of diverse plumbing experience in manufacturing, excels in optimising plumbing systems through installation, maintenance, and repair. His CV, using the Wheaton template, showcases expertise, certifications, and a commitment to staying updated on skills for complex projects.

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"Detail-orientated plumber with 2 years of experience in manufacturing plants. Skilled in installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing systems in both residential and commercial settings. Adept problem-solver committed to delivering high-quality work. Seeking to leverage technical expertise and collaborative skills to optimise plumbing systems for increased functionality and reduced energy consumption."

James Thompson - Plumber

Plumber CV Example

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How to Write a Plumber CV: Guide with Real-life Examples

Becoming a plumber isn't solely about repairing pipes; it's stepping into a vital role within an industry driven by essential demands. This path offers many job opportunities and rewards, shaping a career beyond fixing leaks. The need for skilled tradespeople spans various sectors for seasoned professionals, apprentices and students. Whether working with intricate piping systems or using cutting-edge water-saving technologies, writing a modern CV will help you succeed in showcasing your piumbing knowledge and securing a job.

This guide explores how to write a good CV that spotlights your expertise, certifications, and skills, even without work experience. Firstly, it is essential to consider application tracking systems (ATS). Choosing a professional CV template will improve your chances of being shortlisted, optimise your application for easy navigation by hiring managers, and ensure that your qualifications stand out in the competitive hiring process.

Plumber CV example 

Plumber CV example 

Download this sample CV for a plumber in the UK.

James highlights his two years of experience handling diverse plumbing challenges in manufacturing plants. In this CV plumbing example, he showcases expertise in optimising plumbing systems and is proficient in installation, maintenance, and repair. His extensive coursework, certifications, and hands-on experience underscore his commitment to learning the latest skills and developing his expertise when managing complex projects. This example CV for plumber word format uses the Wheaton template for a professional and well-structured layout.

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What to include in a plumber CV? 

Crafting an impactful plumbing CV involves highlighting crucial skills and experience. Increase the chances of getting hired as a plumber's mate, assistant or an experienced plumber by including the following sections:

  1. Begin with your contact information such as an up-to-date phone number and email address.

  2. Follow this with a compelling personal statement showcasing your soft skills such as communication and problem-solving and career aspirations.

  3. Detail your work experience, emphasising achievements and responsibilities.

  4. Include relevant licences such as a Blue CSCS card and health and safety certifications.

  5. Highlight technical expertise like installation and repair skills in a specific skills section.

  6. List relevant educational qualifications and consider including additional sections for achievements or references to enrich your CV.

Must-have plumber CV sections

Learn more about the CV writing process in and how to start with a master CV before tailoring your CV to a specific job description.

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Pro Tip

To figure out what to put on your CV, make a detailed masters CV for all the projects you've worked on. Then, create another CV for your job target, focusing on the specific role. 

Seal your CV with a captivating personal profile

When writing a personal profile for a plumber CV use a concise and engaging statement to showcase your skills, experience, and passion for plumbing. Tailor the summary to highlight your unique strengths and the qualities that align with the job description. Highlight your expertise in plumbing installations, diagnostics, and knowledge of safety standards. Show an enthusiasm for tackling challenges head-on, finding practical solutions and emphasising excellent customer service to deliver high-quality work.

Apprentice Plumber CV personal profile example

Aspiring Apprentice Plumber eager to contribute and learn within the plumbing industry. Possessing a solid foundation in industry basics and a strong interest in mastering the trade. Committed to supporting senior professionals, aiming to absorb knowledge, tackle challenges, and positively contribute to projects while developing skills in a collaborative environment.

Learn more about how to write an apprenticeship CV.

Assistant Plumber CV personal profile example

Experienced Assistant Plumber with two years of experience supporting project operations. Specialising in assisting with installations, repairs, and maintenance tasks. Proficient in diagnostics and troubleshooting, offering valuable support to senior staff, and ensuring seamless project execution. Demonstrates adaptability and commitment to safety protocols.

Plumber Multi-trader CV personal profile example

Seasoned Plumber and multi-trader with five diverse years of expertise in managing plumbing projects and integrating multiple trade skills. Proficient in installations, diagnostics, and repairs, excelling in delivering comprehensive solutions. Skilled in collaborating across trades, ensuring seamless plumbing tasks within larger construction projects, and showcasing adaptability and a holistic approach to project completion.

Experienced Plumber CV personal profile example

Experienced Plumber with four years of accomplished expertise in the plumbing industry. Specialising in intricate installations, advanced diagnostics, and overseeing project lifecycles, dedicated to delivering high-quality craftsmanship and maintaining stringent safety standards. Renowned for precision and expertise, emphasising problem-solving and client satisfaction, consistently achieving superior results in every project.

See the personal profile on a CV article for more details.

How to include education on a plumber CV 

In the career path, diverse routes are available to enter the field. Consider opting for college courses with an apprenticeship plumbing CV, which offers a valuable learning experience to work alongside seasoned professionals while gaining practical skills.

Education on a CV

Explore apprenticeships such as Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Level 3. Directly applying to plumbing firms or companies is also an option and provides an opportunity for hands-on experience and on-the-job training.

Examples of education

Level 3 NVQ in Plumbing and Domestic Heating | CVMaker Institute | 2020 - 2022 | London

Apprenticeship in Plumbing | ABC Plumbing Academy | 2018 - 2021 | Manchester

City & Guilds, Level 2 Certificate in Plumbing Studies.

Learn how to master the CV education section in our article for more ideas.

Essential plumbing skills on a CV 

When crafting your CV, highlight versatile skills crucial for the role and responsibilities included in the job description. Plumbing tasks involve soft, hard, and technical skills, from precise pipefitting and fixture installations to leak detection and compliance with safety codes. Advanced tasks may require expertise in gas fitting, the ability to interpret plumbing blueprints accurately, and being handy with specific plumbing tools.

If you are a recent school-leaver or student, emphasising transferable skills is key. A simple CV uses sections relevant to your target job, especially ideal for those without experience. If you’re changing careers, highlight qualifications and skills over traditional work history. 

Below are some examples to include, and you can find more insight into how to add skills to your CV in our article.

Hard skills

Soft skills



Fixture installation and repair

Communication skills

Fixture installation and repair

Attention to detail

Drainage systems


Water heater installation and maintenance

Customer service skills

Gas fitting and repairs

Time management

Blueprint reading and interpretation

Critical thinking

Sewer line installation and repair

Teamwork and collaboration

Backflow prevention systems

Patience and resilience

Hydraulic systems understanding

Stress management

Plumbing codes and regulations


Make your CV flow with relevant work experience

For the work experience section on a plumbing CV, start with your most recent roles. Detail the company names, employment durations, and locations for each position. Provide a concise paragraph summarising your duties and progression within each role. Complement this with two to three measurable achievements listed as bullet points to highlight your impactful contributions.

Work experience on a CV

If you have yet to gain plumbing experience, consider a skills-based CV template to showcase your relevant abilities. Alternatively, explore our career advice on entering the workforce after graduation for additional insights on crafting a compelling, experienced plumbing CV.

Examples of work experience for a plumber CV

Plumbing Apprentice | Leaking Solutions | 2016 - 2018 | Manchester

Supported senior plumbers in diverse residential plumbing tasks, gaining hands-on experience in fixture installations and system maintenance. Assisted in installing and repairing fixtures, adhering to safety protocols and interpreting plumbing layouts.

  • Maintained an accuracy rate of 90% in executing project requirements.

  • Demonstrated strict adherence to safety guidelines, contributing to 100% incident-free project completion.

Assistant Plumber | AquaFlow Plumbing Services | 2018 - Present | London

Supported senior plumbers in diverse residential and commercial plumbing tasks, gaining hands-on experience in fixture installations, repairs, and system maintenance. Assisted in implementing safety protocols and interpreting plumbing layouts. Demonstrate an understanding of safety protocols and effectively use intricate plumbing layouts to streamline project execution.

  • Improved drainage systems with tailored maintenance strategies, resulting in a remarkable 25% reduction in system downtime.

  • Spearheaded an initiative to implement eco-friendly plumbing fixtures, resulting in a 20% reduction in water consumption across serviced projects.

Plumber Multi-trader | Streamline Plumbing Solutions | 2015 - 2018 | Birmingham

Performed multifaceted plumbing tasks in residential and commercial settings, specialising in installations, repairs, and maintenance across diverse projects. Execute various installations, from fixtures to comprehensive piping systems, and demonstrate precision and compliance with industry standards. Ensure seamless functionality of drainage systems, contributing significantly to project timelines and safety measures.

  • Led installation teams, maintaining a 95% accuracy rate in plumbing fixture installations.

  • Implemented advanced leak detection techniques, resulting in a 30% reduction in water wastage across multiple projects.

Plumber | Reliable Plumbing Experts | 2012 - 2018 | Manchester

Directed plumbing operations in complex residential and commercial projects, overseeing planning and execution. Supervised teams in high-profile installations and repairs, implementing advanced leak detection techniques resulting in significantly reduced water wastage and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Achieved a 30% improvement in project completion timelines by leading teams in high-profile installations and repairs.

  • Implemented advanced leak detection techniques, reducing water wastage by 40% and elevating customer satisfaction.

Example of plumber CV with no experience

Maintenance Worker | Serene Lodge | 2021-2023 | Liverpool

Supported the maintenance team in routine inspections and minor repairs in guest rooms. Interacted with guests to address inquiries and ensure a comfortable stay. Collaborate with housekeeping and front desk teams, facilitating seamless guest arrivals and room preparation.

  • Recognised for exceptional responsiveness and attention to detail in resolving guest concerns, contributing to a 15% increase in positive guest feedback. 

Aspiring plumbers can benefit from courses or apprenticeships, which are ideal for those without work experience. Consider finding part-time work in customer-orientated roles such as hospitality to gain transferable skills.

For further advice, and if you have no experience, read our article on how to start your CV.

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How to add additional courses and certificates to your plumber CV

On your CV for a plumber job, include courses that directly relate to the industry and have enhanced your skills in related areas. Consider any plumbing and heating systems courses such as:

  • Advanced plumbing techniques workshops

  • Health and safety certifications

  • Certificates in water regulations or energy efficiency.

When listing courses and certifcates in a CV, here are our top tips:

  • Format consistently: List the courses or certificates in a consistent CV for plumber word format, mentioning the course/certificate name, the institution or provider, the completion date, and any relevant details or skills acquired.

  • Prioritise relevance: Highlight the most relevant or recent courses first. Tailor this section to emphasise qualifications that align with the job description or showcase specialised skills.

  • Quantify skills: Briefly mention specific skills, achievements or knowledge acquired from each course that directly applies to your career goals.

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Pro Tip

Focus on recent and relevant courses that align with the job description. Keep course descriptions concise, typically one to two lines. 

Key takeaways

This detailed guide presents valuable insights to create a tailored and relevant CV for a plumber job. In this competitive industry, improving your CV is essential to enhance your job prospects.  Integrate essential sections applicable to your job targets, aligning your information with your career ambitions to elevate your job prospects. Highlight essential qualifications, specialised skills, and competencies in a concise, well-structured CV format to get noticed by employers.

Key takeaways CV plumber

In need of more inspiration? Refer to our CV examples and writing guides to explore roles with similar skill sets for tradespeople:

Next steps? 

Choose a construction CV template that resonates with your career aspirations, and find inspiration from our career blog for practical advice. For enhanced support, consider streamlining your application process with our professional CV Writing Service for the best results. If you're just kickstarting your career, explore our cover letter templates for further guidance.


What qualifications do you need to be a plumber in the UK? 

In the UK, individuals typically pursue various career paths to become qualified, such as completing relevant courses or apprenticeships. Essential qualifications often include apprenticeships, NVQs and diplomas, or industry certifications.

Can you apply for a plumber position with no experience? 

Many entry-level roles in this sector, including apprenticeships, are designed for those with no experience. However, the availability of government-funded programs is competitive for young plumbers. Complete a relevant course or introductory certificate to significantly boost your chances of securing a job interview.

What is the average salary for a plumber? 

In the UK, the average salary varies based on experience and location. An experienced plumber CV shows that salaries typically range from £15,000 to £40,000 for more experienced. 

What is the best CV format in the UK for a plumber CV? 

To format your CV, include a summary, work experience, education, skills, and certifications sections. Begin with personal details and a summary. List work history, education, and key skills relevant to the role. Keep it concise and use a well-structured format that is easy to read. Refer to our chronological CV example for more tips. 

Are plumbers in demand in the UK?

Yes, this profession offers many career opportunities but is highly competitive. This industry sustains a steady demand for qualified individuals due to essential maintenance, repair, and construction needs. Read this article about why plumbers are the third most in-demand tradespeople in the UK.

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