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Software Developer


Software Developer

Sam, an experienced Software Developer, has opted for the simple yet professional Toronto template. Having progressed through a series of technical roles, he is exploring new opportunities within software engineering.

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"Creative problem solver, experienced in creating high-quality clean, scalable, and reusable code with proven success in developing innovative solutions for android applications and client-server platforms."

Sam Johnson - Java Developer

CV example - Software Developer - Toronto template

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How to write a Software Developer CV with tips and examples

Are you a Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, or Web Developer seeking expert advice on how to write a technical CV? Perhaps you are exploring other roles related to software engineering; then you have landed on the right page. Depending on your aptitude, qualification, or area of interest, CVMaker recommends drawing attention to your technical skills by writing a CV that is not only tailored to your career goals but also elaborates on your specific hard skills. This article will answer any questions you might have on how to write a developer CV while ensuring that it remains relevant and aligned with UK industry standards. 

With CVMaker, you can easily create, customise, and update your CV in one place with access to 20+ professional CV templates. In addition, our CV Builder allows you to manage your applications and search for jobs all in one platform. Alternatively, refer to our CV Writing Services if you require writing support. Read more on how to write a Software Developer CV with an example as CV section tips. 

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The CV writing process: Where to start?

To write a CV, you need to prepare, and to do so, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are my career goals?

  • What are the job requirements to work in this specific role?

  • Which hard or technical skills are a must-have?

  • Does the job post mention specific soft skills?

  • Do I need a specific qualification or form of education?

  • Do I have any transferable skills from university or other work experience?

The preparation stage feeds into what is known as your master CV and job-specific CV. In addition to these documents, there is a certain CV structure which needs to be applied. This process is vital as it will not only ensure you are collecting the correct information for your job hunt but will ultimately guide you in writing a CV to help you achieve your career goals. 

We know that looking for a job can be exhausting, and writing a technical CV can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, a master CV comes highly recommended by CVMaker as it will help you identify where to begin, making the entire CV writing process faster. 

Master CV for a developer

By now, you should have spent some time compiling and collating your research while keeping in mind that research is a continuous process. The master CV is a compilation of your highest level of schooling, through further education to your first job and on to your current or most recent employment. It also includes all your hard and soft skills. Most importantly, it serves as a reference for when you are tailoring CVs per job application, i.e. creating a job-specific CV.

You may ask, ‘Why do I need a master CV?’ Well, to save time and present yourself in the best way possible for every application. Once you have all the information in a centralised document, you don't ever have to do it again. Your master CV is a living document, and all that's required is to update it regularly, especially when switching jobs or completing new courses.

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Pro Tip

Keep a record of everything you do, from daily tasks to projects, even if they are not part of your job description. There is no limit on how long this should be, but in this case, more is better.

Job-specific CV for a developer

Traditionally, people list all their duties, experience, and skills on a CV which could be detrimental to your job search. For example, if you are targeting web development jobs, then you will need to focus on skills that are relevant to this job. The same applies to something like a Data Scientist; the attention needs to be drawn to your experience or ability to extract, process, and analyse data. In addition, you should be knowledgeable of machine learning, data visualisation, and other technical skills associated with the job. 

A job-specific CV requires that you condense your master CV so that it parses Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software and grabs the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager. You achieve this by extracting relevant information from your master CV and transferring it to your specific job targets, such as Web Developer CV, Front-end Developer CV, or whichever jobs you are targeting. That is why the first stage is critical, as it will guide you in setting up a targeted CV rather than a generic CV.  

Software Developer CV example

Software Developer

Download this CV example - Software Developer CV.

Sam Johnson, an experienced Software Developer, opted for the simple yet professional Otago template. Having progressed through a series of technical roles, he is now open to new opportunities in software development.

What to include in a developer CV? 

The sections of a CV are not set in stone, and as with most things in life, there is more than one way to do it. Multiple strategies can be applied in the World of professional career documents such as CVs, cover letters, thank you letters, and even LinkedIn. However, one thing that stays the same is that a well-written CV must include relevant keywords, technical skills, and qualifications. In addition, it should have a good layout, it needs to read well, and it must be tailored towards specific jobs. 

How to write a personal profile for a developer CV

A personal profile, also known as a summary and various other naming conventions, is the first section that recruiters or hiring managers will read. If you want to know more about how to write a personal profile or what makes a good CV, read our blog article with tips and examples. 

Additional CV tips for a developer personal profile:

  • The summary should always be at the very top of your CV.

  • It should be no more than six lines and no less than four. 

  • Include soft skills and then mention hard skills in a new, separate section.

  • Make sure it reflects your career goals.

  • If you have little experience, you must demonstrate your transferable skills and your passion/interest in a specific job or field.

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Pro Tip

You will need to leverage your experience *blog article* or qualifications to tell the recruiter why you are the perfect candidate. Refer to your research where you listed soft skills relevant to your career goals and incorporate them accordingly.

Examples of personal profiles for developers 

Software Developer personal profile example

Ambitious Software Developer with professional experience across the full software development life cycle (SDLC), inclusive of design, implementation, and testing. Influential team player and swift learner, adept at cultivating positive relationships and known for solid team collaborations while consistently delivering on time and upholding high-quality standards.

Web Developer graduate personal profile example

Ambitious and goal-driven IT graduate, ready to leverage my enthusiasm for web development and software programming. Swift learner, adept in cultivating positive relationships and known for solid team collaborations while consistently delivering on time and upholding high-quality standards.

Mobile Software Engineer/ Team Lead personal profile example

Established Senior Mobile Software Engineer with over five years of professional experience leading teams and projects through the full software development life cycle (SDLC). Expert in developing innovative solutions for web applications and client-server platforms by utilising object-oriented programming (OOP) and cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems.

What skills to put on a developer CV?

When it comes to adding skills to a CV, most job seekers find it challenging. You might be asking yourself where and what skills are best for a developer or technical CV. The rule of thumb in CV writing is to differentiate between your skills and ensure you include what is relevant. 

If you have accumulated a lot of experience, especially technical skills, then CVMaker advises creating a section purely for tools and technologies in which you are proficient. This is usually an optional section for most people, but it is highly recommended for a Software Developer or other related technical CVs. Refer to our career blog for more detailed information on what skills to put on a CV

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Pro Tip

Hard skills are your method, and technical proficiencies are your means. Technical proficiency is the tools or languages you use when practising your hard skills.

Examples of technical proficiencies for developers

Junior Software Developer technical skills

  • Programming Languages: Java, Python, C/C++, SQL.

  • Database Engine: MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, JSON, Firebase, PostgreSQL

  • Frontend/Web development: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, AWS, Rest API, Spring Boot, React JS, Bootstrap, Django

  • Framework and Libraries: Jupyter Notebook, Spyder, IntelliJ IDEA, Xcode, NumPy, Pandas, TensorFlow, Matplotlib.

Graduate Web Developer technical skills

Git / Version Control, Java, Python PHP, React, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Node.js / Express.js., MySQL

Mobile Software Engineer/Team Lead technical skills

  • Programming Languages: C#, JavaScript, CSS.

  • Frameworks and Toolkits: jQuery, SignalR, ASP.NET with Entity Framework, Telerik Tools and Xamarin technologies, GitHub, Trello.

Examples of hard skills

  • Mobile Development

  • Technical Writing

  • User Experience (UX)

  • User Interface (UI)

  • Team Management

  • Programming

  • Testing & Deployment

  • Strategic Sprint Planning

  • Software & System Integration

Examples of soft skills 

  • Cross-team collaboration

  • Cultivating professional business relationships

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Written and verbal communication

  • Problem-solving

  • Resourcefulness

  • Critical-thinking

  • Organisation 

How to include work experience on a developer CV

Experience comes in various forms, whether through work, volunteering, or studies. This section is frequently shown incorrectly on a CV. Rather than listing all your duties, responsibilities, and achievements in bullet form, CVMaker advises showcasing your daily duties versus key achievements per experience. Read more on how to highlight your work experience on your CV.

Steps to consider when writing your work experience

  • Once you have reviewed your master CV and research, write approximately four to six lines explaining your day-to-day duties. 

  • Use strong action verbs to describe duties relevant to your career goals. 

  • Having listed your duties, you might start noticing what was part of your daily duties and what was more of an achievement; adjust accordingly.  

  • Select two or three achievements to include per job entry. These achievements should ideally be measurable, which means they should showcase what you did, how, and what the result or impact was.

Examples of work experience for developers

Software Developer

Junior Software Developer CV example - Work experience

Web Developer

Web Developer Graduate CV example - Work experience

Mobile Software Developer

Mobile Software Team Lead CV example - Work experience
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Pro Tip

Seeking an internship in software engineering/software development with no experience. Strategically created an academic skills conversion by re-including education into work experience

How to show additional experience on a Software Developer CV

This optional section usually serves as a career footnote to showcase previous experience without introducing red flags such as outdated education or experience. 

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Pro Tip

If you have volunteered or had a brief internship that is irrelevant to your career goals, then best to leave it off unless you can strategically showcase transferable skills such as problem-solving, team leadership, or even interpersonal skills.

Additional experience examples

Software Developer Research Intern

Junior Software Developer CV example - Additional work experience

Web Development Intern

Web Development Intern CV example - Additional work experience


Developer CV example - Additional work experience

Software Engineer

Software Engineer CV example - Additional work experience
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Pro Tip

Both the jobs were just over a year so to prevent any red flags, add into additional experience with only title, company, location, and key achievements while excluding dates.

How to arrange education on a developer CV

When it comes to education on a CV, we advise that you include only tertiary education if applicable, as this is usually a section on its own. However, education does not have to be formal but can also be paid/free courses, certificates, and professional training. Read more about how to win interviews by putting the right courses and certificates on your CV. 

Tips on how to list education on a CV:

  • If you are highly qualified for the role you are applying for, then you could always move the education section to after skills, also known as areas of expertise.

  • If your secondary/tertiary education is irrelevant to your career goals, then keep it after the career/work experience section.

  • If you do not have secondary/tertiary education but have other forms of education such as certificates or professional training, you can combine different sections. See more examples below.

Education examples on a Software Developer CV

Junior Software Developer

Junior Software Developer - Education

Mobile Software Team Lead

Mobile Software Engineer

Key takeaways 

At this point, you will have gained insight into several topics to help you achieve your career goals. CVMaker strongly recommends following a strategic, step-by-step approach when writing your CV. With the increasing number of people seeking work, you need to be clever about making your CV stand out from the crowd.

CV tips for a developer CV:

  • Your CV should always be aligned with your job targets to achieve your career goals.

  • Use only relevant keywords, career experience, and education that will serve in your favour when applying for jobs. 

  • Make sure you write consistently in style, grammar, and punctuation. 

Our CV Maker experts advise you to use this guide and our how to write a good CV article to create a CV that is ATS-friendly and aligned with your career goals. 

Next steps?

Looking for a CV example as a developer? Then check out the CVMaker Builder, which will save time writing and designing your CV. Create an account and choose a professional CV template that suits your career goals.


What is the average salary of a developer? 

According to technojobs, the starting salary is £21K and can go to £64K for an experienced Software Developer. However, the national average salary for a Software Developer is £31K. 

How to apply for international companies in the USA, Asia, Europe or other countries? 

This guide has been set up according to UK standards. If you are applying for other countries, you can strategically mention in your personal details that you are “willing to relocate” while ensuring that you customise it accordingly. For example, it is called a resume in the USA, and they use US spelling. 

How to create a Software Developer CV with no experience? 

We recommend a skills-based CV, focusing more on your skills and qualifications and less on your experience. 

What are the types of developer jobs? 

There are so many different career paths, including but not limited to Entry Level Software Developer, Entry Level Software Engineer, Junior Web Developer, Junior Developer, Entry Level Web Developer, New Grad Software Engineer, Junior Software Engineer, Entry Level Network Engineer, Junior IOS Developer, and more according to Ongig.

What is the best Software Developer CV template?

CVMaker offers an array of templates to choose from and since your CV is your personal marketing document, make sure to select a template and layout most suitable to your career goals. Based on the position you are applying for, think carefully about which template is best suited for you and the type of company. Your layout can also have a meaningful impact on your application, especially if you're applying for a job which demands more creative, visually engaging skills, such as a Front-end or Web Developer. 

What are the advantages of working as a developer? 

The benefits of working as a developer are endless. For starters, developers have higher-than-average salaries and more opportunities to work remotely, which accounts for high job satisfaction.

What if you have little-to-no experience?

If you have no prior experience in software development/engineering or programming, or perhaps you are a recent graduate with experience, that may seem irrelevant. This is false because any form of experience or qualification can be leveraged in a CV.  

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