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Postperson CV


Postperson CV

Oliver showcases his three years of experience using the Oxford CV template. The one page format effectively demonstrates his experience as a postperson as well as his dedication to customer-service.

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"Customer-focused Postal Worker with 3 years of experience in logistics and postal services. A well-organised and physically fit professional with a demonstrated history of consistently surpassing customer expectations."

Oliver Parker - Postperson

Postperson CV Example

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How to Write an Effective Postperson CV (Free Writing Guide With Examples)

Thinking of becoming a postperson in the UK? The first step to securing this rewarding position is to build a CV that delivers your skills and experience. These roles require self-motivated individuals, who enjoy interacting with the public, have exceptional organisational skills and can handle working in various weather conditions.

In this guide, we help you craft a modern CV that captures the essence of postal work. Whether you want to know how to write a good CV or are seeking ways to improve your CV, we've got you covered.

Below are all the hints and tips you need, as well as an optimised CV template, to showcase your strengths, be application tracking systems (ATS)-friendly and align with what UK postal sector employers seek.

What is the career path for a postperson in the UK?

Postpersons can work in many organisations from Royal Mail to private delivery companies, offering a well-defined career path:

  • Postperson: This is the entry-level position in a postperson’s career, with responsibilities including mail delivery and collection. The average starting salary for this role is around £31,000 per year.

  • Supervisor: As a supervisor, you'll oversee the operations of postpersons, ensuring efficient mail delivery and sorting. Supervisors can earn up to £30,000 annually.

  • Manager: In a managerial position, you'll have broader responsibilities, possibly overseeing an entire delivery office or a specific area of postal operations. The salary for a manager can reach up to £36,500 per year.

Postperson CV example 

Postperson CV Example

Download this sample CV for a postperson job in the UK.

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What should I include in my postperson CV?

There are plenty of professions with similar skill bases you could take inspiration from such as customer service, call centre, and driver. The bare bones of the CV will remain more or less the same. It’s when we start matching the CV to the job description that we start thinking more creatively about the content. To begin with, it’s important to cover the fundamentals:

  • Personal details

  • Personal profile

  • Skills

  • Experience

  • Education

  • Driving licence.

Must-have CV sections

Use this basic outline to get started with the CV writing process and create a master CV. This document contains every piece of relevant experience, education, as well as hard and soft skills you have. This is not sent out to employers but used as a starting point for each employer-specific application you make later on. 

Two additional details postpersons should include are a UK driving licence with no more than six penalty points, as well as a motivation to travel locally and work outdoors. If you’re not sure how many points you have on your driving licence, use this government portal tool to check.

How to write a personal profile for a postman or postwoman CV

One of the fastest and most effective ways to showcase your motivations, career aspirations and relevant soft skills is to craft a personal profile. This small but mighty text neatly packages everything about you as a candidate and gives a snapshot of your professionalism.

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Pro Tip

Personal profiles are rarely more than 70 words or six lines of text. They do not use pronouns and should tie in directly with the job requirements.

Postperson CV personal profile example

Community-oriented postperson with 5 years experience. Strong organisational skills, experienced in sorting and delivering mail promptly. Proficient in navigating routes efficiently and using technology for tracking and customer interactions. Excellent communication with a commitment to providing high-quality service in all weathers. Holds a full UK driving licence.

Postperson supervisor CV personal profile example

Experienced postal worker with a 7-year track record in supervising mail sorting and delivery operations. Strong leadership skills coupled with an in-depth understanding of postal regulations and procedures. Adept at team management, route planning, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Committed to maintaining high service standards.

Apprentice postperson CV personal profile example

Organised apprentice postperson ready to deliver customer service. Experienced in mail sorting and delivery. Equipped with foundational knowledge of postal operations and eager to further develop skills in a hands-on environment. Demonstrates excellent communication abilities and a strong commitment to learning all aspects of postal work.

Postperson CV with no experience personal profile example

Upbeat, independent and self-motivated individual with three years of customer service experience. Blending excellent personal skills with a strong sense of community. Quick to learn new routes and technologies, with a physical ability to handle outdoor work. Eager to contribute to efficient mail delivery and forge community connections. Holds a full UK driving licence.

See our blog for more insights into crafting an engaging personal profile on a CV.

How to list skills on a postperson CV

From part-time workers to students or those navigating a career change, the good news is that many postperson job descriptions focus on popular soft skills you can already incorporate into your CV. Some which pop up time and again include:

  • Customer service

  • Physical ability

  • Organisation and time management

  • Positive community spirit

  • Communication.

We find the most effective way to incorporate your skills on a CV is to create a headed skills section containing relevant hard and technical skills, whilst weaving soft skills into the personal profile and work experience sections.

Be sure to include any additional languages skills on your CV to set you apart. Second or even third languages play a big role in forging community relations as a UK postie.

Hard skills

Technical skills

Mail sorting

Hand-held device usage

Physical Stamina

Basic computer skills

Load management

Safety procedures

Route navigation


Read our blog for more information on how to effectively put skills on a CV.

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How to list work experience on a postperson CV

To land a job as a postie in the UK, you will need to demonstrate your familiarity with the responsibilities of the job and showcase your ability to deliver - quite literally. The best way to do this is via a succinct work experience section.

Work experience tips

Before putting pen to paper, take a look at a few similar roles such as warehouse and hospitality workers to see how they approach the work experience section. Looking at other industries can often give your CV added depth.

The ideal format for work experience entries on a postperson CV

A succinct paragraph that outlines the role and responsibilities held, followed by two bullet points quantifying your achievements or specific tasks. This format helps potential employers quickly grasp the scope and impact of your work.

For a more detailed look at how to include work experience on a postman or postwoman CV see our blog.

Postperson CV work experience examples

Mail carrier | Royal Mail, Leeds | 2019 - Present

Responsible for sorting in the delivery office before delivering mail, managing postal routes and completing multi-dop parcel deliveries on foot and using vehicles. Ensure timely and accurate mail delivery to residential and business addresses, maintaining high standards of customer service and efficiency.

  • Successfully managed a daily route covering over 150 addresses, demonstrating reliability and time management skills.

  • Recognised for exceptional customer service, resolving delivery issues, and maintaining a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Collection and delivery driver apprentice | DPD, Manchester | 2021 - 2023

Focused on using world-class equipment and software to ensure timely mail and parcel deliveries. Responsibilities included assisting with loading parcels onto vehicles, adhering to delivery schedules for efficient route planning and compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

  • Streamlined collection and delivery routes using advanced software, resulting in a 10% increase in on-time deliveries.

  • Conducted thorough pre-duty checks, maintaining a 100% safety compliance record.

Becoming a postie from another industry

For those transitioning from a different industry or with no direct experience, focus on transferable soft skills. Highlight experiences that demonstrate customer service, communication, organisational abilities or teamwork. Even if your past jobs aren't in postal services, these skills are highly relevant and sought after.

Customer service representative | Dungeons & Add Ons Gaming, London | 2016 - 2021

Served in a customer-facing role, addressing gamer inquiries, dispatching online orders, handling returns and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Developed strong communication, problem-solving and organisational skills in a fast-paced environment.

  • Handled over 50 customer interactions per day, consistently achieving a customer satisfaction score above 90%.

  • Implemented a new feedback system that led to a 25% increase in the resolution of customer issues on the first call.

Learn more about how to write a CV with little to no experience.

How to add education to a postperson CV 

Listing your education clearly and concisely can be a differentiating factor. Make sure you don’t leave anything important out whilst being as clear as you can.

Start by listing your most recent formal education first, such as a high school diploma or degree. Remember to include the name of the qualification, the issuing institution and the date of completion.

Read our blog for more information on how to master the education section on a CV.

Education on a CV

Qualification requirements for a postal worker in the UK

Posties in the UK come from a variety of educational backgrounds. You can apply to be a UK postal worker straight after leaving school or university. There are no specific qualifications needed to become a postal worker. However, you will be expected to pass English and Maths GCSE grade C (level 4) or equivalent.

Some apprenticeship schemes, such as those with Royal Mail, will require a minimum of five GCSEs or equivalent.

How to format a university degree:

BA Philosophy, University of Reading, 2017

How to format GCSEs:

Fullfoot Academy | Swansea, 2017 - 2022

Maths: Grade 4 (C), English: Grade 5 (B), Combined Science: Grade 4 (C), Computer Science: Grade 4 (C), English Language: Grade 6 (B)

How to format National 5 (N5) certificates:

Brightway School | Inverness, 2017 - 2022\ Scottish N5s: English C (4), Maths C (4), History B (6), Chemistry B (5), Art & Design C (4), Computing Science B (6) — GCSE level equivalent in brackets.

How to add an apprenticeship or diplomas: 

Another route into the postal or delivery sector in the UK is through a recognised apprenticeship scheme. This is a great way to learn on the job and start earning a salary at the same time. 

Apprenticeship qualifications should be present on your CV in much the same way as other educational achievements - with the name of the certificate, awarding body and year of completion.

Collection and Delivery Driver Apprenticeship Level 2 (Intermediate), DPD Group Bicester, 2023

If your apprenticeship provided practical experience in the workplace, be sure to elaborate on your duties and skills learned by including the position in your work experience section.

Key takeaways

To create a professional CV for a postperson role in the UK, consider these five key steps:

  1. Create a master CV: Outline the fundamental sections of your CV and populate it with all relevant information. Reduce and customise this for job-specific applications.

  2. Craft a personal profile: Write a concise personal profile highlighting relevant experience and skills, tailored to the job description.

  3. List relevant skills: Include soft skills like customer service and adaptability, hard skills such as mail sorting and driving, and technical skills like using hand-held devices.

  4. Detail work experience: Use a format combining a brief role description and quantifiable achievements to showcase your experience and impact.

  5. Include education and qualifications: List your education, emphasising any relevant qualifications like a UK driving licence and GCSEs in English and Maths.

Next steps?

Iron out any creases using our intuitive CV builder with 20+ CV templates and professional designs to choose from. To accompany your CV, discover our cover letter templates. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, connect with our professional CV Writing Service. Draw inspiration from our blog for tips on how to save time, emphasise important sections and make it easier for hiring managers to grasp your unique professional offer.


What skills should a postman have on a CV? 

If you are applying for a postal worker job, Include customer service, organisational skills, physical stamina, route navigation, and basic computer skills. Also, highlight adaptability and teamwork abilities.

What is the job description of a postman on a CV? 

Present responsibilities like mail sorting, delivery, route planning, customer interaction and using technology for mail tracking and signatures. Being upbeat, organised and punctual are also important parts of a postie’s job description.

How to write a CV for a Royal Mail job? 

Tailor your CV to highlight relevant experience and skills such as mail handling, customer service, route management, and physical fitness. Include a strong personal profile and specific achievements. Read the job description and Royal Mail Careers website thoroughly before applying.

Do you need to drive to be a postman in the UK? 

You will need to hold a full UK driving licence with no more than six penalty points to be a postal worker in the UK.

How much does a postperson get paid in the UK?

Posties working for the Royal Mail are paid between ₤12.29 and ₤14.58 per hour. Pay depends on location, level of experience and duties performed.

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