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Travel Agent CV


Travel Agent CV

Tessa has chosen the Auckland template for its sleek and uncluttered design. With ample space allocated for skills and education on the left side, her work experience commands attention at the centre. The well-organised text and professional font provide flexibility for an extra section in the footer, if required.

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"Passionate and detail-orientated Senior Travel Agent with over 5 years of experience and a zest for crafting memorable travel experiences. Proficient in researching and planning itineraries, coordinating logistics, and delivering exceptional customer service. Demonstrated ability to navigate travel regulations, staying abreast of industry trends, and possessing in-depth knowledge of popular travel destinations in the UK and worldwide."

Tessa Hart - Travel Agent

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How to Write a Travel Agent CV: Examples with Writing Guide

If you're passionate about exploring new places and helping others discover the world, a career as a travel agent might be your calling. UK travel agents play a crucial role in forging unforgettable experiences for their clients, combining a love for adventure with excellent customer service skills and an eye for detail. Discovering how to write a good CV is your first step towards capturing the attention of hiring managers in this vibrant industry. 

If you’re a seasoned pro this comprehensive guide shows you how to improve your CV, while newcomers can jump-start their application with a travel CV template that is application tracking system (ATS)- friendly and stands out in a competitive job market.

Below we break down everything you need to know to create a modern CV for travel agents.

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Travel Agent CV Example

Travel Agent CV Sample 

Download this sample CV for a travel agent job in the UK

Tessa has opted for the clean and clear design of the Auckland template. With plenty of space for skills and education down the left-hand side, her work experience takes centre stage. The well-formatted text and professional font leave room for an additional section in the footer if needed.

What does a travel agent CV include?

While every CV is different, there are certain sections and best practices which crop up during the application process.For your travel agent CV you should include certain sections to showcase your skills and experiences:

  • Personal details: The basics, but crucial.

  • Personal profile: A succinct summary of your career goals and strengths.

  • Work experience: Where your journey so far shines.

  • Skills: Your unique set of talents.

  • Education: Your academic background.

  • Technical skills: Any specific software or tools you're proficient in.

  • Courses and certificates: Additional qualifications that give you an edge.

There are some sections of your CV which will appear time and again, especially in related careers such as cabin crew and hospitality. So, it’s always worth looking at related industries for inspiration before you put pen to paper. 

Must-have CV sections

Personal touches (going the extra mile)

Alongside the standard sections, don't be afraid to showcase how you keep abreast of industry developments, like any travel regulations, sutainable travel, safety protocols or even trending travel topics on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram. These personal touches can differentiate you, painting a picture of a thorough professional who is not just skilled but also passionate and up-to-date with the travel industry.

Your passport to a better CV

It's vital to remember that each application should be tailored to the specific job description and employer. Begin by creating a document containing all possible information. This master CV - although not sent out to employers - is your go-to resource for crafting job-specific applications, ensuring you always present the most relevant information.

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How to write a personal profile on a travel agent CV

An effective travel agent CV should begin with an impactful personal profile; a snapshot of your professional journey, flavoured with your enthusiasm for travel. This is where you blend your soft skills and personal attributes with the unique experiences that equip you for the role.

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Pro Tip

Always start with a power statement followed by the headlines that make you the best candidate for the position. Personal profile examples for travel agents are rarely more than 70 words or six lines of text.

Travel Agent CV personal profile example

Seasoned Travel Agent with over 10 years of experience, excelling in creating bespoke travel experiences. Balances client desires with practical logistics, ensuring memorable and seamless journeys through keen organisational skills and a sense of adventure.

Reservations Coordinator CV personal profile example

Diligent Reservations Coordinator with 5 years of experience in managing complex booking systems. Demonstrates effective communication and problem-solving skills, ensuring smooth reservation processes and guest satisfaction. Thrives in fast-paced environments, focusing on meticulous attention to detail and efficient time management.

Travel Consultant CV personal profile example

Dynamic Travel Consultant with 7 years in the industry, specialiasing in crafting tailor-made itineraries. Offers exceptional interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity, dedicated to providing personalised travel advice and creating unforgettable experiences for clients.

For more insights, check out the blog article on how to write a personal profile on a CV.

What skills to include on a travel agent CV?

Much the same way an IT or administrative professional needs to outline their core competencies, the skills section of your travel agent CV should cover the full range of abilities. Don’t let the hiring manager get lost along the way though. Be sure to differentiate between soft, hard and technical skills.

Travel agent CV skills
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Pro Tip

Showcase soft skills in your personal profile and work experience sections, while hard and technical skills are given their headed sections.

Soft skills

Hard skills

Technical skills

Customer service

Geography knowledge

Global distribution systems (Sabre, Amadeus)


Reservation management

CRM software (LeadSquared, Kapture, Zoho)


Itinerary planning

Airline ticketing


Additional languages

Online booking tools (Lemax, PHP Travels, Rezdy)

Attention to detail

Database management

Travel insurance knowledge

Cultural awareness


Payment processing systems




See here for a comprehensive list of technical services available to travel agents.

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How to include relevant work experience

The travel industry values transferable skills from a variety of backgrounds and training, making a chequered work history something of an asset compared to other professional fields.

Correctly presenting work experience on a CV for a travel agent role demonstrates your practical application of relevant skills and abilities in real-world scenarios, providing prospective employers tangible evidence of your accomplishments.

For each role, begin with a paragraph summarising your core duties and the soft skills you applied, followed by two bullet points highlighting quantifiable achievements. This format allows employers to quickly assess your experience and the value you brought to previous roles.

Travel agent CV work experience

Travel Agent CV work experience examples

Travel Agent | Great Escapes, Winchester, UK | 2017-Present

Expert in creating custom travel experiences with in-depth knowledge of global destinations. Responsibilities include itinerary planning, managing travel logistics and providing exceptional customer service. Focuses on understanding unique client preferences and maintaining vendor relationships to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Successfully expanded the client portfolio by 30% through personalised service and robust destination knowledge.

  • Led a team initiative to integrate new reservation software, increasing overall booking efficiency by 25%.

Reservations Coordinator | North Star Travel | 2016-2018

Responsible for managing room bookings, event coordination and guest services. Performed tasks and liaised with vendors showing meticulous attention to detail, effective communication and conflict resolution, ensuring a welcoming and efficient booking experience for guests.

  • Streamlined the reservation process, resulting in a 20% increase in online bookings.

  • Implemented a guest feedback system, leading to a 15% improvement in guest satisfaction ratings.

Sustainable Travel Consultant | Student Travel Destinations, Camden, UK | 2019-2022

Provided comprehensive travel consultations with a focus on adventure and eco-tourism. Handled itinerary customisation based on client interests and budget considerations. Showed in-depth destination knowledge, customer engagement and personalised service to deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Achieved 'Top Consultant' award for two consecutive years (including the first year in the role) based on client reviews and sales performance.

  • Increased branch sales of eco-tourism packages by 40%, enhancing the branch's local presence in sustainable travel.

Travel agent CV with no experience

If you’re entering the travel industry after a career change, as a school leaver or with little to no work experience, consider building up some volunteer experience first. Unpaid experience, such as organising a group trip or a touring holiday with friends or family could be the first step you need to land an entry-level position.

Volunteer Travel Agent | Bath Rugby Union, Bath | 2020

Engaged in volunteer travel planning for several touch rugby teams during a national competition, demonstrating enthusiasm for organisational tasks, logistics and strong research skills. Gained practical experience in itinerary planning, vendor and service provider consultations, and networking within the sports travel industry.

  • Organised travel plans for five touch rugby teams, receiving positive feedback for efficiency and creativity.

  • Developed travel industry contacts, contributing to a 10% reduction in travel costs for the participating teams.

Refer to our volunteer CV example for more insights.

How to include education on a travel agent CV

The education section on your CV is a valuable space to outline your qualifications and expertise, giving potential employers an insight into your suitability for various roles and seniorities such as associate travel agent, team leader or senior travel consultant. This section should be a testament to your commitment to personal and professional growth.

Remember to include your education in reverse chronological order with the most recent qualification listed at the top. For example a higher education degrees as a graduate or an apprenticeship.

Education Examples Travel Agent CV

One of the many positives of the travel industry is you can apply for entry-level positions immediately after completing your GCSEs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or National 5 (N5) qualifications in Scotland.

Similar to any diplomas or certificates, GCSEs or N5s should include the name of the award given, the institution you studied at as well as the year of completion. Remember to also include grades or levels.

Education CV examples Travel Agent

How to include additional sections on a travel agent CV

Including additional language skills on your CV for a travel agent role is always advantageous. Showing you have a grasp of one or multiple additional languages proves the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse clientele and navigate international travel with ease.

You can include additional languages on your CV using the internationally recognised CEFR standard. Beginner level is A1 and fluent is C2.

Additional Sections Travel Agent CV

Highlighting hobbies and interests, especially those related to travel and cultural exploration, reinforces a genuine passion for the industry. Done correctly they also show you have done your homework around the ideal candidate and show you are curious, adaptable and eager to learn.

Key Takeaways

Creating the perfect CV for travel and tourism can get a bit complex. Let’s break it down into five key takeaways.

1.Highlight relevant skills: Clearly distinguish between soft, hard and technical skills. Soft skills include customer service and adaptability, while hard skills encompass geography knowledge and itinerary planning. Technical skills involve GDS systems and online booking tools.

2. Craft a compelling personal profile: Start with a powerful statement in your personal profile, summarizing your professional journey and enthusiasm for travel. Keep it under 70 words.

3. Detail work experience: List work experiences in reverse chronological order. Include job titles, company names, locations and dates. Summarise core duties and soft skills, followed by two bullet points of quantifiable achievements.

4. Education and qualifications: Present your educational background in reverse chronological order, emphasising any tourism-related qualifications or training.

5. Include additional languages and interests: Mention any additional languages you speak, using the CEFR standard for proficiency levels. Also, include hobbies and interests related to travel and culture to demonstrate your passion for the industry.

Travel Agent CV tips

Next steps? 

Iron out any creases using our CV builder with 20+ templates and professional designs to choose from. To accompany your travel agent CV, discover our cover letter templates. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, connect with our professional CV Writing Service. Draw inspiration from our blog for tips on how to save time, emphasise important sections and make it easier for hiring managers to grasp your unique professional offer.


What should a travel agent put on a CV? 

Include relevant skills, work experience, education, and additional languages. Highlight soft, hard, and technical skills, and provide details of your professional journey in travel agency roles.

What is the job description of a travel agent? 

A travel agent plans and books travel arrangements for clients, advises on destinations, creates itineraries, and handles travel-related issues, focusing on customer satisfaction and efficient travel planning.

How do I write a cover letter for a travel agent? 

Address specific job requirements, highlight relevant experience, express your passion for travel, and mention unique skills. Tailor your cover letter to the travel agency’s ethos and client base. Learn more about how to start a cover letter for your next job application.

How much do travel agents get paid in the UK? 

Travel agent salaries in the UK vary, typically ranging from £15,000 to £30,000 annually, depending on experience, location, and the specific travel agency.

What is the most important role of a travel agent?

The most crucial role is to provide personalised travel advice and efficient itinerary planning, ensuring clients have seamless and enjoyable travel experiences that meet their preferences and needs.

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