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Concierge CV

The Yale CV template seamlessly merges skills with experience, spotlighting core competencies and professional background. Ideal for roles valuing soft skills and a proven track record in customer service, this format shines a light on Simon's abilities and work history.

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"Experienced Hotel Concierge dedicated to delivering exceptional guest experiences in the hospitality sector. Proficient in communication, with a commitment to professionalism and efficiency in multitasking. Passionate about exceeding guest expectations at every opportunity."

Simon Fletcher - Concierge

Concierge CV example

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How To Write a Concierge CV: Step-by-step Guide

The role of a concierge conjures images of an efficient people person who is solution-orientated, never flustered and always in charge. While a concierge in the UK hospitality industry needs to be all these things, there is also much more to securing a position in this in-demand field.

With plenty of positions in various locations like luxury 5* hotels, clubs, private residencies to assisted living communities and wellness, there’s never been a better time for communicative, organised and well-presented individuals to enter this accessible job market. 

Just as a concierge serves as the initial point of contact for guests or clients, a CV acts as the first impression for job applicants. A concierge must make a positive and memorable impression on guests, a well-crafted CV aims to impress potential employers.

Using an effective CV template and following industry-relevant tips and tricks, this article will show you how to write a good CV as a concierge in the UK and develop an interview-getting modern CV.

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Concierge CV example 

Concierge CV sample 

The Yale CV template effortlessly combines ability with experience. Shining a light on both core skills and work history, this template format lends itself well to a profession where Simon's soft skills and a track record in customer service are highly valued.

What to include in a concierge CV? 

Because concierges operate in diverse settings such as restaurant management, event management and healthcare, you may apply for roles in a few areas. How do you hit your core competencies time and again, and keep your CV consistent, all while creating job-specific applications that application tracking systems (ATS) want?

Concierge CV must-have sections

We always recommend starting the CV writing process with a master CV. Creating an all-inclusive document you can refine later saves you time and maintains a high standard across all your applications.

This is particularly useful is you are applying for your first job or have little experience; a master CV keeps a current overview of all your soft and hard skills, relevant training, educational achievements, work experience and references. It allows you to pick and choose the most transferable assets of your experiences and apply them to the best effect.

How to write a concierge CV: 5 Steps with examples 

1. How to include education on a concierge CV 

As with related roles like kitchen porter, receptionist and security guard, the education section of a concierge CV is vital for showing foundation qualifications and preparedness for the role's demands.

While higher education may not be mandatory as a concierge, highlighting on-the-job training or industry-specific certifications significantly bolsters your profile.

Concierge CV Education tips

If you’re entering the role from a different profession, draw attention to qualifications demonstrating transferable attributes such as customer service or foreign languages like French or German. Refer to the part-time CV example for more inspiration.

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Pro tip

Include the name of the certificate awarded, the issuing body or institution, as well as date of completion

How to format GCSEs:

Option 1

Windham College | Norfolk, 2017 - 2022

Maths: Grade 4 (C), English: Grade 5 (B), Combined Science: Grade 4 (C), Modern French: Grade 4 (C), English Language: Grade 6 (B), Food Technology: Grade 6 (B), Business Studies: Grade 4 (B), Information Technology: Grade 6 (B)

Option 2

GCSEs: Windham College, 2017 - 2022, 8 passes, including English, French and Mathematics

How to format vocational qualifications:

Level 1 Certificate in Receptionist Training, Wigan Training Centre, 2022

Customer Service Excellence Training, Asphalt Academy, 2021

Learn more about the education CV section with our in-depth guide.

2. What are the important skills for a concierge to have on a CV?

Professionals in this field must be confident, discreet, organised, technically capable and always personable. Correctly showcasing hard and soft skills on a CV is crucial in demonstrating to potential employers you have the full blend of abilities to thrive in this position.

Draw the eye to hard skills and technical competencies by housing them in a headed section. 

Highlight in-demand soft skills in the personal profile and work experience sections to underscore your interpersonal and customer service prowess - essential for success in the role.

Five essential skills for a concierge:

  1. Customer service: The ability to interact positively with clients or service users, ensuring their needs are met efficiently and courteously.

  2. Communication: Effective verbal and written skills to convey information clearly and respond to queries promptly.

  3. Problem-solving: Finding solutions to clients' and service users’ issues, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

  4. Multitasking: Juggling various tasks simultaneously while maintaining high service standards.

  5. Local knowledge: A thorough understanding of the local area with reliable professional contact to attractions, dining and entertainment, providing informed recommendations.

Concierge CV skills

Soft skills

Hard skills


Reservation systems proficiency


Basic accounting


Computer literacy

Attention to detail

Language skills


Safety and security procedures knowledge

For more inspiration, see our driver, call centre and travel agent articles to see how other industries approach the skills section.

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3. How to write a personal profile for a concierge CV 

As with other customer-focused roles such as estate agent, hairdresser or cabin crew, it is important to position yourself as an outgoing individual who knows how to present your best professional attributes. Writing an effective personal profile on a CV sets a confident tone for the rest of your document.

A well-written personal profile focuses largely on your unique personal qualities, trademark soft skills, experience level and professional ambitions. Notice how these examples focus on soft and transferable skills whilst assertively introducing the applicant. 

Concierge CV personal profile

Day concierge CV personal profile example

Seasoned day concierge with 6 years of experience in customer service, full driving licence and DBS check. Thrives in creating positive environments and enhancing front-of-house experiences. Effective in real-time feedback management, fostering strong relationships with guests, local businesses and staff. Solution-oriented with a track record of delivering exceptional customer service with empathy and professionalism.

Night concierge CV personal profile example

Resourceful night concierge with 5 years of experience in housing management and client support. Skilled in conflict resolution, decision-making and maintaining safe environments. Proficient in welfare support and guidance, able to manage multiple site security through CCTV surveillance. Motivated to provide excellent front-of-house service for guests and residents at all hours.

Junior concierge CV personal profile example

Dynamic junior concierge with 1 year of hands-on experience in a renowned metropolitan hotel, backed by a hospitality management degree. Quick learner with a proactive approach to developing skills in guest service and team collaboration. Eager to apply academic knowledge and grow in practical expertise, with a focus on high-quality guest interaction.

Residence concierge assistant CV personal profile example

Reliable residence concierge assistant with 3 years of experience in upscale residential communities, skilled in personal assistance and lifestyle management. Proficiency with building management systems (BMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) to track property issues and resident interactions. Proven ability in handling confidential requests, coordinating resident events and managing property operations. Committed to enhancing resident satisfaction and promoting a sense of community.


4. How to include practical work experience 

When detailing your work experience on a CV as a concierge, remember the role isn’t always quantifiable by results in a traditional sense. When a concierge does their job well, guests and residents should feel like things work without effort.

However, we know this isn’t the case and it is worth keeping a record of your achievements, core duties and statistics about your regular activities. Keeping a shift journal is a good idea if this information is not available from your front-of-house CRM. 

Concierge CV sample work experience tips

Format each work experience entry as one short paragraph detailing your daily duties followed by two succinct bullet points describing your impact in the role

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Pro tip

Use your work experience entries to underscore transferable skills and tie your CV in to the job-specific requirements.

Concierge CV work experience examples

Spa concierge | Expansive Spa Resorts, Lake District | June 2019 - present

Manage client bookings and coordinate with therapy staff, enhancing the spa experience through meticulous organisation and personalised service. Lead initiatives to optimise appointment scheduling and client satisfaction, resulting in a harmonious spa environment and efficient service delivery.

  • Increased repeat client bookings by 35% through tailored service recommendations and follow-up engagement strategies.

  • Developed and integrated a customer feedback system, leading to a 25% improvement in service customisation and client retention.

Team entrance assistant | Jarrods, London | 2022 - 2023

Assisted with entrance operations at a prominent department store, supporting the management of customer flow and enhancing the shopping experience. Contributed to the coordination of entrance activities, including greeting customers and providing information or assistance as needed. Played a key role in maintaining a welcoming and orderly environment, especially during busy periods and sales events.

  • Contributed to a 25% improvement in customer service ratings at the entrance through proactive assistance and query resolution.

  • Supported a 15% increase in efficient crowd management during peak shopping seasons, ensuring smooth customer ingress and egress.

Residence concierge assistant | Lomax Living Apartments, Battle | 2020 - 2023

Supported daily operations in a luxury assisted living residential building, focusing on resident satisfaction, efficient problem resolution and amenity management. Strengthened community relations and service standards through proactive engagement and continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Enhanced resident retention by 20% by implementing a responsive maintenance and feedback system.

  • Led the development of a community portal, increasing resident interaction and service request efficiency by 35%.

Concierge CV work experience example with no direct experience

If you are entering the role after a career change or as a possibly as a recent graduate, consider focusing your CV on transferable skills such as project organisation, communication, multi-tasking and problem-solving.

Notice how the example below takes soft skills from another industry and makes them relevant for a concierge role.

Customer service representative | Gadget Genius Call Center, Bristol | 2022 - 2023

Provided customer support and technical assistance for a leading electronics retailer, developing strong communication and problem-solving skills. Managed customer inquiries, offered technical solutions, and ensured high satisfaction levels, demonstrating the ability to handle diverse customer needs effectively and efficiently.

  • Assisted on average 40 customers daily, maintaining a 90% satisfaction rate through effective communication and quick resolution of issues.

  • Contributed to a team project that improved call handling time by 10%, enhancing overall productivity.

Looking for inspiration from other roles with similar skillsets? Check out our articles on catering assistant, office manager, caregiver

5. Include additional sections if relevant 

Life as a concierge is all about going the extra mile, your CV should be no different. Show you are ready to go above and beyond with additional sections like well-placed references and multiple languages.

How to add languages to your CV 

Knowing how to write additional languages on a CV shows you have an appetite for communicating, inclusion and improving your skill set. If you have a second or third language, include it along with your current level and any works-in-progress. Language proficiency is typically classified into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The international CEFR standard is split into 6 levels from A1 beginner to C2 proficient.

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Pro tip

It might seem obvious, but don't forget to include your native language too!

Concierge CV language skills

How to include references on a CV

References are the social proof of your CV, adding trust and depth to your application. They are rarely included in your document, but are often represented by a short note.

References on concierge CV
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Pro tip

Have your chosen references ready before you send out your CV so you don’t waste time chasing them up afterwards.

How to write a concierge CV with no experience

Writing a concierge CV as a school leaver or with no experience means relying on your transferable skills, experience built up through relevant volunteer work and enthusiasm for the hospitality industry. Here’s how to approach each CV section in turn:

1. Make a strong introduction with a personal profile

Craft a compelling introduction showcasing your customer service orientation and eagerness to enter the hospitality sector. Highlight interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and willingness to learn.

2. Focus on customer interaction in your work experience entries

Focus on previous roles that involved customer interaction, problem-solving, or organisational tasks. Emphasise accomplishments demonstrating your ability to provide excellent service and manage responsibilities effectively.

3. Mix must-have soft skills with transferable hard skills

Include a mix of soft skills like communication, adaptability, and problem-solving, and any relevant hard skills such as language proficiency or IT skills. Highlight any hospitality-related training or certifications.

4. Make your education section relevant too

Detail your academic background, particularly any courses or projects related to business, hospitality, or customer service, to show your foundational knowledge and interest in the industry.

Read more about how to write a CV with little to no experience for a concierge job.

Dos and don'ts for your concierge CV



  • Use clear, concise, and professional language

  • Regularly update and proofread your CV

  • Put keywords in bold 

  • Tailor your CV per application.



  • Use vague words or phrases

  • Include irrelevant information

  • Add endless bullet points

  • List everything you have achieved.

Key takeaways 

Here are the five key takeaways for crafting a winning concierge CV in the UK:

  1. Highlight transferable skills: Emphasise communication, organisational abilities, and customer service skills, drawing from any previous work or life experiences.

  2. Focus on relevant education and training: Include any certifications, courses, or workshops related to hospitality, customer service, or management, even if you lack direct experience.

  3. Create a strong personal profile: Start with a compelling summary that showcases your enthusiasm for hospitality and your commitment to excellent service.

  4. Quantify achievements where possible: Use numbers or statistics to demonstrate your impact in previous roles, even if they're not directly related to concierge work.

  5. Tailor your CV for the role: Customise your CV to match the job description, using keywords and phrases from the listing to show you're a good fit.

Next steps?

Iron out any creases using our intuitive CV maker with 20+ CV templates and professional designs to choose from. To accompany your CV, discover our cover letter templates. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, connect with our professional CV Writing Service. Once you've got your CV and cover letter prepared read our advice on how to send your CV via email for that extra professional touch. Also follow our tips on how to track your job applications to help you stay organised!


What is a good objective for a concierge CV?

Aim to secure a position where exceptional customer service, communication skills, and the ability to create a welcoming environment can contribute to the hotel's success and guest satisfaction.

How do you become a professional concierge?

Start with entry-level positions in hospitality, gain experience, and pursue specific training or certifications in concierge services. Alternatively, begin working in hospitality in an entry-level position and work your way to being a concierge. Read here for more information on how to become a concierge.

What is the career path of a concierge?

Typically begins in entry-level hospitality roles, advancing to concierge positions, and potentially leading to senior roles like head concierge or guest services manager.

Is concierge a skilled job? 

Being a concierge requires a combination of customer service, communication, problem-solving skills and extensive knowledge of local services and attractions.

How much does a concierge earn in a London hotel?

As of recent data, a concierge in London can earn between £18,000 and £30,000 annually, depending on experience and the hotel's prestige.

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