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Lauren Mitchell leverages the Cambridge librarian CV template to highlight her rich 5-year background in academic and public libraries.

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"Experienced librarian with 5 years in academic and public libraries. Proficient in library management, collection development, circulation, and reference services. Skilled in leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance user experience."

Lauren Mitchell - Librarian

Librarian CV example

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How to Write a Librarian CV: Examples and Tips

Librarians or learning resource managers curate access to diverse books, multimedia resources, and computer facilities. From academic research to supporting journalists, and promoting community literacy, this role offers varied career opportunities. 

This guide caters to individuals with varying levels of experience in the field of librarianship, ranging from students securing an internship to those aiming for school or assistant jobs. If you’re a graduate of library science or information management or are considering a career change, we show you how to create a modern CV to secure the job you are applying for.

We help leverage volunteering experiences and transferable skills for those with little to no experience to write a good CV, providing professional CV templates and examples to impress potential employers with confidence.

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Librarian CV example 

Librarian CV sample 

Lauren Mitchell utilises the Cambridge librarian CV template to showcase her extensive 5-year experience in academic and public libraries. With a Master of Arts in Library and Information and English Literature, accredited by CILIP, she excels in library management and collection development. Her leadership skills showcase her abilities to oversee core library functions, curate events, and implement successful outreach programs resulting in increased memberships.

What to include in a librarian CV? 

Focus on showcasing key hard and soft skills like organisation, computer literacy, research, and communication. List work experience (even if part-time or seasonal work) with achievements and qualifications.

Start with a strong personal profile aligning with job requirements and your career goals. Emphasise transferable skills acquired through volunteering or education for those with little to no work experience. Highlight relevant certifications, like those from the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), and be prepared for enhanced background checks for specific roles. 

Must-have sections for librarian CV template

Utilise a master CV as a foundation for tailoring applications, ensuring alignment with job specifications. In addition, application tracking systems (ATS) can help optimise your CV to meet the requirements of automated screening processes used by many employers.

Keep reading as we explore each section in more depth.

How to write a librarian CV: 5 steps with examples

1. How to include education on a librarian CV 

Education plays a crucial role in shaping a librarian CV, whether you're a recent graduate, student, or transitioning careers, maintain a clear and concise format that highlights your academic achievements. For those with little to no experience, find an apprenticeship to gain new industry knowledge and skills. Consider earning a degree or postgraduate qualification (PhD) accredited by (CILIP) in library science or information management. 

Education section on librarian CV

Begin with your highest qualification, such as a postgraduate degree, followed by undergraduate degrees and any relevant coursework or accreditations. Utilise a clear format, detailing each qualification's name, institution, location, and completion date. 

Degree or equivalent:

  • [Degree name], [Institution Name], [Location], [Years Attended]

For example:

  • Master of Library Science (MLS), University of Sheffield, UK, 2020

  • Bachelor of Arts in Information Management, University of Manchester, UK, 2017

  • Diploma in Library and Information Studies, University of Glasgow, UK, 2019.

Learn more about the education section on a CV.

2. What are the important skills for a librarian to have on a CV? 

On your librarian CV sample, highlight hard and soft skills to demonstrate suitability for different tasks. Hard skills, acquired through formal education or training, such as technical proficiencies in cataloguing systems, digital archiving, managing library resources or systems, and research databases. For example, "proficient in Ex Libris Alma" or "skilled in using OCLC WorldCat". 

Skills for a librarian CV

Soft skills, equally crucial, pertain to interpersonal abilities and should be integrated into the personal profile and work experience section. For example, leadership, organisation adaptability, attention to detail, and time management skills, are essential for office management, a conducive learning environment and effective collaboration within work settings. Learn more about the top skills to put on a CV. 

3. How to write a personal profile for a librarian CV 

When drafting a personal profile for a librarian CV, include soft and transferable skills, detailing your unique expertise. Begin by highlighting your passion for promoting literacy and facilitating learning, demonstrating strong communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

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Pro Tip

For experienced professionals, mention proficiency in library management systems, digital resources, and curriculum integration, showcasing adaptability and innovation in enhancing library services.

List specific examples of achievements, such as implementing library programs, collaborating with stakeholders to develop tailored resources, or receiving recognition from management for contributions. If you promoted a writer during an event or collaborated with a paralegal to organise a legal literacy workshop, mention your participation in this section.

Personal profile examples for a librarian CV

Assistant librarian CV personal profile example

Enthusiastic Assistant Librarian with 3 years of experience supporting library operations in academic settings. Proficient in cataloguing using systems such as Koha and BiblioteQ, managing circulation, and providing reader services. Skilled in utilising digital resources and library management systems to enhance accessibility and streamline workflows. Recognised for outstanding customer service, problem-solving, and collaboration with colleagues.

School librarian CV personal profile example

Experienced School Librarian adept at promoting literacy and lifelong learning in secondary education. Proficient in cataloguing, managing collections, and facilitating research skill development. Skilled in utilising library management systems like Koha to streamline processes. Strong communication fosters an engaging environment. Implemented a reading incentive program, boosting student participation and borrowing rates by 30%, and enhancing literacy and academic achievement.

Personal profile on librarian CV sample

Learning resource manager CV personal profile example

Dynamic Learning Resource Manager with 7 years of experience leading educational resource centres in higher education institutions. Skilled in strategic planning, collection development, and digital resource management using systems such as Koha and BiblioteQ. Strong leadership and team-building abilities, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. Helped to expand resource collections, implement technology-driven initiatives, and enhance user experience through tailored services and resources.

Librarian Intern CV personal profile example

Aspiring Librarian Intern eager to apply academic knowledge and passion for library science in a practical setting. Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Library and Information Studies, with coursework focused on cataloguing, information retrieval, and library management using systems such as Koha. Possesses excellent research, organisational, and communication skills, coupled with a proactive attitude and willingness to learn. Seeking opportunities to gain hands-on experience and contribute to the advancement of library services.

For more inspiration, read our personal profile blog for examples and tips.

4. How to include practical work experience 

When listing work experience on a librarian CV, include details of the job title, company names, locations, and dates of employment. Incorporate action verbs to start each bullet point, emphasising tasks like “managed”, “facilitated”, or “assisted”. 

Quantify achievements wherever possible, such as improving database efficiency or streamlining research processes. Ensure your experience aligns with the specific job description, using keywords that reflect the qualifications, skills, and responsibilities outlined in the role.

Maintain conciseness and use a reverse chronological CV format that is clear, organised and easy to read listing the latest role first. If you have no experience, consider studying, internship, or volunteering to gain a part-time or assistant librarian role.

Work experience on a librarian CV sample

Librarian CV work experience example with little to no experience

For recent students with little to no experience, add transferable skills gained from coursework or extracurricular activities. Mention handling administration tasks, researching, data analysis, using computer software or developing IT skills.

Student Research Volunteer, University of London, London, UK, 2021 - Present

Support professors and senior researchers in literature reviews, data collection, and analysis. Maintain research databases for accuracy and accessibility. Collaborate on proposals, reports, and presentations with attention to detail. Assist in administrative tasks like scheduling and email management.

  • Implemented a volunteer-led research support program, improving project quality by 25%.

Work experience examples for a librarian CV

Assistant Librarian, University of Cambridge Library, Cambridge, UK, 2019 - 2021

Supported library operations by assisting with circulation services, interlibrary loans, and information retrieval. Implemented a training program for student assistants, resulting in improved service efficiency and customer satisfaction. Assisted with cataloguing and classification tasks to ensure accurate organisation of library resources. Collaborated with senior librarians to develop and implement library policies and procedures. Demonstrated excellent organisational skills and attention to detail in a fast-paced academic library setting.

  • Successfully implemented training program resulting in 80% improved service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • School Librarian

School Librarian, St. Mary's High School, London, UK, 2020 - Present

Manage library services and resources to support the educational needs of students and faculty. Collaborate with teachers to integrate library resources into the curriculum, resulting in improved student research skills and academic performance. Provide research assistance and information literacy instruction to students. Implemented innovative programs to promote reading and literacy among students. 

  • Led reading challenge program resulting in a 20% increase in student participation.

  • Introduced a digital library initiative, boosting student engagement by 30% and enhancing academic outcomes during school closures.

  • Library intern 

Library Intern, City Public Library, Manchester, UK, 2021 - 2022

Assisted with various library operations, including shelving, organising materials, and assisting patrons with inquiries. Participated in cataloguing and processing new acquisitions to enhance library collections. Contributed to library outreach efforts by creating promotional materials and assisting with community events. 

  • Implemented a new system for tracking overdue materials, reducing late returns by 15% within the first three months.

Read how to write work experience on a CV for more tips.

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5. Include additional sections on a librarian CV

When crafting your CV, consider including additional sections that can enhance your suitability for the role and provide a more comprehensive overview of your qualifications. Relevant sections may include:

Courses and certificates: list specialised training or qualifications pertinent to the library field, such as courses in information management or certifications in library science.

Course name, Issuer, Issued date (date of completion/in progress)

Examples of certificates:

  • Level 4 Certificate in Information and Library Management, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), 2023.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Digital Library Management, Open University, 2022.

  • Level 2 Certificate in Research Skills for Librarians, Institute of Librarianship, 2021.

References add credibility to your CV and promote notable achievements, especially if you have no experience. List the names, titles, contact information, and a brief description of your relationship with each reference.

Language skills are beneficial if you're fluent or proficient in languages other than English, especially if they are relevant to the communities you'll work as a librarian.

Hobbies and interests offer insight into your personality and potential cultural fit within an organisation. Showcase your expertise in specific aspects of librarianship, such as digital archiving or academic research support.

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Pro Tip

Tailor these additional sections to align with the requirements of the positions you're applying for, emphasising those that demonstrate your suitability and passion for the roles.

How to write a librarian CV with little to no experience 

For those with little to no experience, consider an entry-level position like a part-time librarian assistant. Volunteering can help showcase your commitment to community engagement. List any activities related to literacy programs, fundraising, social research, writing workshops, or other educational initiatives.

If you’re a recent school leaver, a skills-based CV format can shift the focus from work experience and emphasise other contributions relevant to library work. This format will highlight transferable skills from customer service to hospitality and increase your chances of securing entry-level positions such as library assistants or internships. Explore how to write a CV with no experience for more guidance.

Key takeaways 

Creating a CV for library jobs requires attention to detail and a targeted approach. Tailor your CV to emphasise technical skills such as cataloguing, information retrieval, and database management. Highlight transferable skills and work experience that demonstrates organisation, customer service, IT, or administrative tasks. If you are changing careers or applying for your first entry-level assistant role, consider volunteering and obtaining relevant certificates. Learn how to improve your CV for a librarian job for more advice.

Next steps? 

If you’re a recent student or entering work after graduating, utilise our practical CV Writing Service to create a polished job application tailored to your career goals. Head on over to our CV builder to customise a ready-to-use CV example. Choose from our cover letter templates to complement your CV, explore our career blog and maximise your chances of securing a job interview. Explore CVMaker for more inspiration and insight into other career opportunities for all levels.


How do I write a CV for a library job? 

To write a CV for a library job, include contact details, a persuasive personal profile, and highlight work experience, achievements and relevant qualifications. List specialised training or certifications relevant to library services and tailor your CV to each job. Use an ATS-friendly CV template for the best results. Read how long a CV should be for more advice on structure and format.

What is a professional summary for a librarian? 

A professional summary highlights relevant expertise and emphasises soft skills like communication and teamwork. It summarises your achievements, qualifications and expertise to employers. Refer to our librarian CV examples showcasing effective profiles tailored to different roles.

What qualifications do you need to be a librarian in the UK? 

To become a UK librarian, you’ll need 2-3 A levels or equivalent to complete an undergraduate degree and hold a CILIP certificate. Some roles, like school librarians, may demand teaching experience or other qualifications, while part-time and assistant positions vary. Explore more details in this job profile. 

Can you work at the British library? 

The British Library offers various employment opportunities for librarians, researchers, administrative staff, and more. Explore job openings on the website and apply for positions that match your qualifications and expertise.

How much do librarians get paid in the UK?

On average, librarians in the UK earn between £18,000 to £32,000 per year. However, this figure can be higher for those with extensive experience, and certifications in managerial positions within larger institutions.

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