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Social worker CV

Cerys has selected the two-column Edinburgh CV template to effectively showcase her experience and skills in the social work sector.

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"Passionate Social Worker with over 3 years of experience in providing comprehensive support and advocacy for individuals and families. Demonstrated success in creating impactful care plans and managing complex cases."

Cerys Mann - Social Worker

Social worker CV sample

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How to Write a Social Worker CV

Are you ready to play a vital role in supporting individuals, families and communities through various challenges? Social workers are needed in diverse settings across the UK, from teaching and healthcare to community and volunteer organisations.

This profession is well-suited to compassionate and resilient individuals with excellent communication skills, empathy, patience and problem-solving abilities. These qualities are crucial for providing essential guidance, resources and advocacy.

Social work is one of the most in-demand roles in the UK, making a modern CV more important than ever. If you are looking for tips on how to write a good CV, we show you how to create an applicant tracking system (ATS)-friendly CV to help you make a strong first impression.

In this article, we cover:

  • What to include on a CV for social work.

  • How to write each CV section step-by-step.

  • Job-specific social worker CV examples: personal profile and work experience.

  • Tips if you are writing a CV for a first job with little to no experience.

  • Key takeaways and next steps for your application.

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Social worker CV example 

Social worker CV Template

Cerys has selected the two-column Edinburgh CV template to effectively showcase her experience and skills in the social work sector. She quickly builds trust and confidence with a clear work history, skills section plus strong personal profile.

What to include in a social worker CV? 

Similar to professions like care assistant or nursery assistant, social workers will work in diverse settings and with different people throughout their careers. That’s why it’s important to create a CV unique to the position you’re applying for but also consistently shows your core and developing attributes.

Remember, it is necessary to complete an enhanced background check and show this prominently on your CV to prove you are permitted to work in the social field, whether you are applying for a part-time or full-time role.

Also, social worker is a protected title in the UK, meaning if you want to use it as your job title you must be registered with Social Work England and display this registration on your CV.

Core elements of a social worker CV

  1. Personal details and contact information: Include full name, address, phone number, email, and LinkedIn profile. Ensure your email is professional.

  2. Personal profile: Write a concise summary highlighting your experience, key soft skills and motivations in social work. Showcase empathy, communication, and dedication.

  3. Key skills: List relevant hard and soft skills such as crisis intervention, case management, empathy, and communication. Tailor to the job description.

  4. Work experience: Detail roles with action verbs and measurable impacts. Focus on duties, achievements, and how you applied key social work skills.

  5. Education: Include your highest qualifications, such as a degree in Social Work. List school names, locations, and years attended.

  6. Certifications and training: Highlight additional relevant courses and certifications, such as child protection training or mental health first aid.

  7. Professional memberships: List memberships with professional bodies like Social Work England (SWE) and the British Association of Social Workers (BASW).

Social worker CV must-have sections

We always recommend creating a master CV, including your entire skill set, work experience, education, further training plus any vehicle licences and professional certifications. This won’t be sent out to employers but will be a useful starting point for each job-specific CV you create.

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How to write a social worker CV: 5 steps with examples 

1. How to add social worker skills on a CV 

Adding your skills on a CV strategically is crucial for highlighting your diverse abilities and making a strong impression on potential employers. Social workers need a mix of hard and soft skills to excel.

Start by dedicating a section to hard skills such as case documentation tools, social systems knowledge, and key methodologies. Then, incorporate in-demand soft skills like communication and emotional intelligence into your personal profile and work experience sections. This approach ensures you effectively highlight your strengths in your CV and stand out in this competitive field.

Examples of skills on a social worker CV

Essential skills for a social worker

  1. Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of others, which is crucial for building trust and rapport with clients.

  2. Crisis intervention: Understanding methods and techniques to help individuals facing urgent and critical situations, ensuring their immediate safety and stability.

  3. Communication: Effective verbal and written communication skills are essential for conveying information clearly to clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.

  4. Case management: Proficiency in using case management software to document cases, track progress and manage client information systematically.

  5. Problem-solving: The ability to assess situations, identify problems and develop practical solutions to support clients in overcoming challenges.

Explore the following CV examples with similar skillsets:

Soft skills

Hard skills




Knowledge of referral systems

Active listening

Moderation skills (including virtual moderation)


IT literacy


Record keeping

Social workers come from various backgrounds, so be encouraged to apply. You may already have the necessary transferable skills if you work in customer service or other jobs like call centre or caregiver.

2. How to write a personal profile for a social work CV

A well-written personal profile on a CV is crucial, offering a snapshot of you professionally and personally. This section showcases your soft skills and highlights transferable skills from other positions. Similar to roles like midwife or nurse, in social work, hiring managers need to get an impression of you as a person, as much as they need to know about your skills and experience.

This is also a good place to show you follow the relevant practices and legislation around social work in the UK such as the Care Act and Mental Capacity Act.

Personal profiles on social worker CV

Student social worker CV personal profile example

Highly motivated social work undergraduate with strong communication and empathy skills, currently completing a degree in Social Work. Experienced in crisis intervention through volunteer work, adept at using case management software. Passionate about supporting vulnerable populations and keen to apply academic knowledge in a practical setting. Member of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW).

Refer to the undergraduate CV example for more tips to write a CV with little to no experience.

Newly qualified social worker CV personal profile example

Dedicated and compassionate newly qualified social worker with 2 years of experience in child protection and family support. Skilled in crisis intervention, case documentation, and building rapport with clients. Demonstrates excellent problem-solving and active listening abilities. Committed to continuous professional development and a member of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW).

Mental health social worker CV personal profile example

Experienced mental health social worker with 5 years in the field, specialising in crisis intervention and support for individuals with severe mental health conditions. Proficient in case management software and knowledgeable about referral systems for specialised services. Strong advocacy and communication skills, with a proven track record in patient care and support. Member of Social Work England (SWE).

Adult social worker CV personal profile example

Seasoned adult social worker with over 7 years of experience in elderly care and support services. Expertise in case management, crisis intervention, and navigating complex healthcare systems. Exceptional patience, empathy, and communication skills, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults in need. Active member of Social Work England (SWE).

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Pro Tip

By incorporating your interpersonal abilities and trademark soft skills, your personal profile gives potential employers a clear sense of your suitability and dedication.

A personal profile shouldn’t be the first time a hiring manager gets a taste of your motivations. A successful CV will need an exemplary cover letter to go with it. Look at our support worker cover letter article for inspiration.

3. How to include practical work experience 

The work experience section for a social worker CV can be a turning point in your job application. This profession demands high trust and integrity. Presenting a clear and comprehensive work history is a powerful way to demonstrate reliability and consistency.

Begin with a short paragraph using action verbs to outline daily duties and responsibilities. Remember, this is a key place to add soft skills mentioned in the job description you want the hiring manager to know about. Follow this up with two bullet points succinctly detailing your measurable impact with additional achievements.

Take inspiration from other professions working with high public trust by checking out our police officer and psychologist CV example articles.

Work history on a social worker CV

Social worker CV work experience examples 

Student social worker | Live Together | 2022 – present

Assisting in providing support and resources to clients in assisted living communities under supervision. Conducting initial assessments, helping develop care plans and participating in client meetings. Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to address client needs and ensure a holistic approach to care. Developing strong communication and empathy skills through direct client interaction.

  • Successfully managed a caseload of 10 clients, ensuring timely and effective support.

  • Contributed to a project that improved client satisfaction ratings by 15%.

Mental health social worker | Mind Full | 2019 – 2023

Provided comprehensive mental health support to clients with severe and enduring mental health issues. Conducted assessments, developed care plans, and facilitated access to necessary services. Worked closely with healthcare professionals to deliver integrated care. Demonstrated strong problem-solving and crisis intervention skills in high-pressure situations.

  • Reduced hospitalisation rates by 20% through effective crisis intervention and support.

  • Implemented a new case management system, improving documentation efficiency by 30%.

Adult social worker | Hackney Borough Council | 2016 – 2023

Supported adults with diverse needs, including elderly care, disability services, and safeguarding. Conducted thorough assessments and coordinated care plans to meet individual needs. Collaborated with healthcare providers, families, and community resources to ensure comprehensive support. Exhibited excellent communication and patience in working with vulnerable adults.

  • Improved care plan compliance by 25% through enhanced client engagement and follow-up.

  • Led a project that streamlined referral processes, reducing wait times for services by 40%.

Newly qualified social worker | Strong Starts | 2023 – 2024

Took on increasing responsibilities while applying learned skills in real-world settings. Worked under supervision to develop proficiency in crisis intervention, case documentation and client advocacy. Demonstrated growing confidence in handling sensitive cases with empathy and effective communication.

  • Managed an initial caseload of 10 families, steadily increasing to 15 as competence and experience grew.

  • Helped develop and implement a new client tracking system, improving follow-up efficiency by 25%.

Social work CV work experience example with little to no experience

Social work is a profession you can work towards over time through apprenticeships or government-funded training schemes and professional courses, so be encouraged to apply even with little to no experience.

If you’re entering the workforce as a student, graduate or school leaver, focus on transferable skills from other roles or volunteer work.

Part-time youth worker (ASYE) | Cricklewood Community Centre | 2022 – 2023

Supported youth programs and activities, helping to create a safe and engaging environment for young people. Assisted in planning and facilitating workshops, mentoring sessions and recreational activities. Developed strong relationships with youth, using empathy and active listening to provide guidance and support. Collaborated with staff to address individual needs and promote positive development.

  • Managed a group of 15 teenagers, improving their engagement in community activities.

  • Developed and implemented a conflict resolution program, noticeably reducing incidents.

Newly qualified social workers are encouraged to participate in the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme. This gives newly qualified social workers extra support during their first year of employment and aims to develop skills, knowledge and confidence.

4. How to include education on a social worker CV 

Correctly showcasing your education on a CV gives you credibility and demonstrates that you have the requisite theoretical knowledge and dedication needed for a career in social work. A degree in social work, PhD, or a similar qualification is essential for securing a full-time job or a newly qualified social worker position. Apprenticeships require GCSEs including Mathematics and English to ensure foundational skills are met.

Graduate training schemes are also available to help get you qualified while at the same time building valuable experience in a range of social fields.

Education format for a social work CV template

How to format education on a CV

For school leavers, present your qualifications in reverse chronological order. Degree holders or those who have completed higher education should only list their highest qualifications including the program name, awarding institution and year of completion.

University degree:

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), University of Birmingham, 2022

A-levels, AS Levels, BTEC, and NVQ/Diploma:

Sale School, Manchester, UK, 2016-2018

Psychology, Biology, Health and Social Care, Sociology


Osborne High School, Birmingham, UK, 2014-2016

10 GCSEs (including Mathematics and English)

5. How to add additional relevant information 

Including additional relevant accomplishments can enhance your CV and provide a fuller picture of your qualifications and dedication as a UK social worker. When thinking about additional sections to include, consider your CV length to maintain conciseness for your application. Here’s a few options to choose from and how to effectively include these elements on a social worker CV.

Courses and certificates on a social worker CV

Highlight any additional courses or certifications that complement your social work education. This could include specialised training in mental health, substance abuse, child protection or any relevant fields. Format courses and certificates as follows:

  • Course name

  • Issued by

  • Issued date (date of completion or in progress).

Courses and certificates on a social worker CV

Volunteer work experience on a social worker CV

Volunteering showcases your commitment and can often provide highly-valued practical social work experience. You can include an additional section and format it as follows under the heading 'Additional experience':

Volunteer Counselor, Shelter UK, 2021 – 2022

Assisted service users in accessing support services

Languages on a social worker CV

Including second or third language skills on a CV, especially those spoken in communities you want to work in, will certainly set you apart. Don’t be shy about showing these off, even the works in progress. Remember to use the recognised A1 to C2 proficiency scale with A1 being beginner and C2 being fully fluent.

English (Native), Polish (C1), German (B1)

Key takeaways

Here are five key takeaway points for creating a professional UK social worker CV:

  1. Create a master CV: Develop a comprehensive CV that includes your entire skill set, work experience, education, training and certifications as a starting point.

  2. Highlight relevant skills: Dedicate sections to hard skills like case management and integrate soft skills like empathy into your profile and experience.

  3. Craft a strong personal profile: Create a concise personal profile that showcases soft skills, transferable skills, and professional memberships.

  4. Detail your work experience: Present your work history, using action verbs and measurable impacts to demonstrate reliability and achievements.

  5. Accurately list education: Showcase your highest qualifications, such as a degree in Social Work, and include essential qualifications like GCSEs for apprenticeships.

Next steps?

Get to work on your interview-getting CV using the intuitive CV builder. Explore our cover letter templates and get step-by-step guidance on how to make the best first impression. After that, leave nothing to chance and connect with our professional CV Writing Service for an expert seal of approval. Additionally, learn how to effectively track job applications and send your CV via email to maximise your chances of landing the job.


How much does a social worker get paid in the UK?

Social workers in the UK typically earn between £24,000 and £40,000 per year, depending on experience, location and specific role. Senior social workers or those in specialised fields can earn higher salaries.

What are the key responsibilities of a social worker?

Key responsibilities include assessing client needs, creating care plans, providing emotional support, advocating for resources and coordinating with other professionals to ensure comprehensive care. Learn more about how to improve your CV to tailor it to a social worker job.

What are the common mistakes to avoid on a social worker CV?

Avoid these mistakes: omitting relevant experience, using vague language, failing to highlight key skills, neglecting to include professional memberships and submitting a CV with typos or formatting errors. Take a look at the best CV colour and font for a CV for further format insights.

How do I become a social worker in the UK?

To become a social worker, obtain a degree in social work, register with Social Work England and complete any required background checks. Practical experience through internships or work placements is also essential.

Can I apply as a social worker from abroad or overseas?

Yes. Many local authorities look to fill the social worker gap with trained individuals from overseas. In some cases, UK government VISA schemes are available to encourage qualified individuals to apply from abroad.

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