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Financial Analyst CV

In this UK-based financial analyst CV example, Louise presents over 5 years of extensive experience. Her expertise in financial modelling, risk assessment, and investment analysis is underscored by a proven track record of delivering data-driven insights.

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"Experienced Analytical Financial Analyst with over 5 years of expertise in financial modelling, risk assessment, and investment analysis."

Louise Kelly - Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst CV example

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How to Write a Financial Analyst CV: Writing Guide and Tips

As the business and finance industries evolve with the significance of big data, the role of an analyst has become increasingly pivotal in steering strategic decisions. Just as your role demands strategic planning and precision, a good CV similarly requires meticulous structuring and clarity to effectively showcase your expertise, whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for some time.

This guide aims to distinguish you in the competitive financial market by providing an expert CV template with tips and examples, even if you have no experience. Follow our step-by-step instructions for crafting a modern CV tailored to the industry and secure new opportunities to enhance your career prospects. 

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Financial analyst CV example 

Financial analyst CV sample 

Clara showcases over 5 years of experience in this financial analyst CV example from the UK. Her proficiency in financial modelling, risk assessment, and investment analysis, is supported by her track record of delivering data-driven insights. This financial analyst CV sample effectively demonstrates technical skills and experience, presenting a comprehensive overview of her qualifications and achievements, using the Harvard CV template.

What to include in a financial analyst CV? 

We recommend to start by developing a master CV, compiling all applicable experience, skills, and training. This foundational document helps tailor applications and create a job-specific CV for your target job. Begin by including essential contact information followed by a concise yet impactful personal summary, spotlighting key skills, experience, and accomplishments. 

Financial Analyst CV must-have sections
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Pro Tip

Check before applying to roles if you need to be qualified and obtain a certificate with a recognised accountancy body.

For more inspiration, look to other positions that involve managing various stakeholders, like procurement, account management, or operations management to enrich your CV for a financial analyst job and emphasise key sections.

For further guidance on how to add more impact, consult our comprehensive article with 10 tips to improve your CV

How to write a financial analyst CV: 5 steps with examples

1. How to include education on a financial analyst CV

For this section on your CV, prioritise any relevant coursework or certificates. Typically you’ll need a related degree in maths, statistics, business management, accounting or economics, while senior roles may require a master's degree. Specialised degrees in financial risk management can bolster your credentials, and related studies like accountancy can also be advantageous.

Financial Analyst CV education tips

How to format the education section

(BA/MA) Degree:

[Qualification name], [University Name], [Location], [Completion date]

Bachelor of Science in Finance, University of London, 2020

GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education):

[n] GCSEs (including Mathematics and English), [School Name], [School Location], [Completion date]

[7] GCSEs (including Mathematics and English), St. Mary's High School, London, 2022

A Levels (Advanced Level):

[A Level] in [Subject 1], [Subject 2], [Subject 3], [School Name], [School Location], [Completion date]

Mathematics (A) Economics (B) Business (A), Loughborough College, London, UK, 2024

For more tips on how to include the education section on a CV refer to our blog.

2. What are the important skills for a financial analyst to have on a CV? 

To be successful in this role, you require a blend of technical and soft skills. Highlight hard skills in this section listing technical proficiencies relevant to the job. List competencies relevant to project management, consultancy, mathematics, data analytics or IT

Soft skills like communication, teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving should be included in the personal profile, work experience, and achievements sections. For candidates with no work experience or who are changing careers, emphasise transferable skills. For example, customer service or hospitality jobs demonstrate potential collaboration and teamwork with stakeholders and the communicative skills needed to convey complex financial information. 

For aspiring undergraduates or junior analysts, leverage a skills-based CV to highlight competencies like analysis, strategy, research, and planning. Ensure you can demonstrate these skills with tangible examples in the work experience section.

Essential skills for a financial analyst CV

  • Financial modelling: creating mathematical representations of financial situations to predict outcomes and inform strategic decisions.

  • Strategic planning: entails developing long-term goals and strategies to achieve organisational objectives effectively.

  • Data analysis: utilising tools such as R and SQL, involves examining and interpreting large datasets to derive meaningful insights and inform decision-making processes.

  • Risk management: identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks to minimise negative impacts on financial performance and organisational objectives.

  • Investment analysis: evaluating various investment opportunities to determine their potential risks and returns, aiding in informed decision-making regarding portfolio management.

Financial analyst CV skills

Hard skills

Soft skills


Stakeholder communication

Economic and business trends








Report writing

Commercial awareness

Advanced Excel skills (MS Suite)


Strategic decision-making




For further guidance explore over 100 skills to add to your CV

3. How to write a personal profile for a financial analyst CV 

Crafting a compelling personal profile is crucial for making a strong first impression. Begin with an impactful opening statement, followed by a brief overview of your experience and achievements.

Your financial analyst CV summary should be concise; use short sentences and no more than 70 words. Prioritise soft and transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and attention to detail. Emphasise your ability to analyse financial data, provide strategic insights, and communicate complex information effectively.

Financial analyst CV personal profile tips

Personal profile financial analyst CV examples UK

Junior Financial Analyst CV personal profile example

Entry-level analyst with one year experience in financial modelling and conducting risk assessments. Demonstrated strong analytical skills and attention to detail through completed academic projects in accounting, business and investment evaluation. Proactive and passionate about contributing to the success of financial analysis within organisations. Eager to leverage academic research and knowledge to provide financial insights and drive results.

Senior Financial Analyst CV personal profile example

A seasoned analyst with over 10 years of expertise in financial modelling, risk assessment, and investment analysis. Demonstrated leadership and communication skills, delivering strategic insights and actionable recommendations to drive business growth. Exceptional collaboration abilities, fostering cross-functional teamwork to achieve organisational objectives. Proven track record of driving impactful results through comprehensive data analysis and strategic decision-making.

Graduate Financial Analyst CV personal profile example

Recent finance graduate adept in financial modelling principles, with a focus on analytical proficiency. Eager to apply academic insights in practical scenarios, demonstrating keen attention to detail and proactive teamwork. Passionate about making a meaningful impact in corporate finance, particularly in risk assessment and investment evaluation. Proactive in contributing to the success of financial business objectives in dynamic environments.

Refer to the graduate CV example article for more guidance if you're are soon to graduate!

Financial Analyst Trainee CV personal profile example

Ambitious and adaptable individual seeking mentorship and hands-on financial analysis experience. Spearheaded academic projects such as developing a predictive financial model for market trends, while demonstrating strong communication and teamwork. Proven record of academic excellence coupled with volunteer experience in finance. Enthusiastic about fostering innovation and fostering collaboration to drive organisational growth and development.

Explore more best practices and tips to write an impactful personal profile on your CV.

4. How to include practical work experience

When including work experience on a financial analyst CV, use a clear and concise chronological format. Start with a brief paragraph outlining your main responsibilities and roles in previous positions. Then, follow up with bullet points highlighting specific achievements and measurable outcomes to demonstrate your impact.

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Pro Tip

Align your achievements with the required soft skills and responsibilities outlined in the job description to showcase your relevant experience and suitability for the role.

Financial analyst CV work experience tips

Work experience example with little to no experience

For those with little to no experience in finance, leverage transferable skills from other roles. For instance, experience in customer service such as a cashier or in retail illustrates communication, problem-solving, and attention to detail.

Customer Service Representative | Next Retail, Stourbridge | 2020 - Present

Deliver exceptional customer service by addressing inquiries and resolving issues, showcasing strong communication and problem-solving skills. Manage cash transactions with attention to detail, reconcile daily balances, and maintain accurate records. Collaborate with team members to streamline processes, demonstrating adaptability and teamwork. 

  • Received positive feedback for outstanding service, contributing to high customer satisfaction.

  • Implemented a new customer feedback system, resulting in a 20% increase in response rates.

Financial analyst CV work experience examples

Junior Financial Analyst | EXC Corporation, Surrey, UK | 2020 - Present

Assist senior analysts in conducting financial research and analysis for investment opportunities. Prepare investment memos and presentations for internal and external stakeholders. Utilise Excel and SQL to extract and manipulate financial modelling and analysis data. Prepare financial reports for quarterly board meetings, ensuring timely and accurate financial information for senior management. Conduct financial due diligence for potential mergers and acquisitions, identifying key risks and opportunities.

  • Collaborated with the IT department to automate data extraction processes and reduced manual data entry errors by 20%.

Senior Financial Analyst | Build Investments, Manchester | 2015 - Present

Led a team of analysts in conducting comprehensive financial analysis and risk assessment for investment opportunities.Developed and implemented advanced financial models using Excel, VBA, and Python to support strategic decision-making. Utilised tools such as PowerBI and Tableau to visualise data and communicate findings effectively to executive leadership and key stakeholders. 

  • Spearheaded the implementation of automated reporting systems, resulting in a 30% reduction in reporting time.

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and implement cost-saving strategies, resulting in a 15% increase in profitability.

Financial Analyst Trainee | GHT Corporation, London | 2021 - Present

Assisted in analysing financial data and preparing reports for investment decision-making. Collaborated with senior analysts to develop financial models and forecasting tools. Participated in cross-functional projects to optimise investment strategies and enhance portfolio performance.

  • Recognised for exceptional attention to detail in financial analysis tasks.

  • Contributed to a 10% increase in portfolio returns through data-driven insights and recommendations.

Graduate Financial Analyst | University Finance Department, Liverpool | 2020 - 2021

Assisted senior analysts in financial analysis tasks and report preparation, applying academic knowledge in practical scenarios to analyse financial data accurately and efficiently.  Conducted in-depth research to support investment decisions and budget forecasts, focused on financial analysis and business evaluation. Collaborated with cross-functional teams on technical projects, implementing advanced financial modelling and utilising data visualisation tools.

  • Presented research findings at a university finance conference, earning positive feedback from industry professionals.

  • Implemented data visualisation techniques, improving the clarity and impact of financial reports.

Refer to our blog on how to write work experience on a CV for further insights.

5. Include additional sections if relevant

Showcasing additional sections on your financial analyst CV can significantly enhance your credentials, and demonstrate your commitment to professional development.

Courses and certificates on a CV further demonstrate your capability for the role. Consider obtaining relevant certifications in Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), or Chartered Investment Manager (CIM). To format courses on your CV, list the name, issuing institution, and completion date.


  • Financial Analysis and Modeling Certificate, CFA Institute, 2022

  • Advanced Excel for Financial Analysts, Udemy, 2021

  • Certificate in Risk Management, Institute of Risk Management (IRM), 2023.

Hobbies and interests on a CV provide insight into your personality and showcase qualities like teamwork, leadership, or problem-solving skills. For example, participation in team sports illustrates collaboration skills, while hobbies like chess or strategy games may showcase analytical thinking.

How to write a financial analyst CV with little to no experience 

  • Gain relevant work experience through internships or entry-level positions at a local investment firm.  Assist senior analysts in conducting market research, analysing financial data, and preparing client reports.

  • If you’re a school leaver or student and are looking for your first job, consider an apprenticeship to gain valuable hands-on experience while earning qualifications in your chosen field.

  • If you're just entering the workforce after graduating, emphasise relevant coursework or academic projects. Highlight analytical, computer and quantitative competencies gained through studies.

  • Network, attend industry events, join professional associations, and connect with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn to learn about job opportunities.

  • Highlight part-time work or volunteering, even if they're from non-finance roles to show transferable skills.

Key takeaways 

Crafting an exceptional financial analyst CV demands a strategic approach tailored to the specific requirements of the role. Follow these steps to write a job-winning CV:

  • Highlight your proficiency in financial modelling, data analysis tools like Excel, PowerBi and SQL, and any relevant certifications.

  • Write a concise personal profile that emphasises your career goals, experience level, and relevant soft skills. 

  • Organise hard and technical skills under distinct headings.

  • Showcase any relevant academic projects or internships if you’re a graduate or have little experience.

  • Maintain a concise format throughout, utilising bullet points, clear formatting, font size and an ATS-friendly CV template.

Next steps? 

Utilise our intuitive CV maker platform offering a wide range of templates tailored to your career goals. Access over 20 meticulously crafted designs to create compelling CVs and cover letters that resonate with employers. Take advantage of our professional CV Writing Service tailored to the unique requirements of UK employers. Get organised with tips on how to track your job applications and discover the good questions to ask in an interview.


Are financial analysts in demand in the UK? 

The UK's thriving financial services industry, including the banking, investment, and insurance sectors, creates a high demand for professionals to analyse economic trends and offer financial guidance.

What do you do as a financial analyst? 

The tasks of this job are varied, but you’ll mostly be analysing financial data to evaluate company performance, assess risks, and make investment recommendations. You also create reports and financial models to communicate findings to stakeholders.

How to become a financial analyst in the UK? 

Some employers may mandate a masters degree for higher-level positions. In most cases, you should complete certifications with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and obtaining a licence from regulatory bodies such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) may also be mandatory. Research specific niches with organisations like the Global Academy of Finance and Management.

What is a financial analyst salary in the UK?

Starting salaries typically start at £23,000. Junior analysts, with about 6 years' experience, earn between £29,000 and £44,000. Senior roles, with 7-10 years' experience, can earn £46,500 to £78,000. Learn more about the highest paying jobs in the UK.

Do you need ACCA to be a financial analyst?

While having an ACCA qualification can certainly enhance your credibility and competitiveness, it is not mandatory to complete. Learn more on the ACCA website.

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