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Operations Manager CV


Operations Manager CV

Using the Erasmus template, Jamie gives a fresh professional look to his CV with the eye drawn to his personal profile. His work history takes centre stage whilst his skills, education and certificates are neatly packaged but not overshadowed to the right.

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"Exemplary Operations Manager (PMP) with a track record spanning over 5 years, showcasing superior skills in optimizing business operations and enhancing efficiency. Proficient in implementing strategic initiatives, streamlining processes, and guiding cross-functional teams toward achieving organisational objectives."

Jamie Lowe - Operations Manager

Operations Manager CV Example

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How to Write an Operations Manager CV: Examples and Tips

An operations manager is the point of contact ensuring the everyday activities of a company run as smoothly as possible. They act as a central hub for multiple departments and make sure all stakeholders work together efficiently.

Found in diverse sectors from construction and healthcare to retail and hospitality, this no-two-days-the-same role is perfect for those with strong leadership skills, excellent problem-solving abilities and a knack for organisational structures.

To land that coveted interview, you need a professional CV in a competitive market. In this article, we provide a trove of insights on how to write a good CV, offer a read-to-use operations manager CV template, and share our tips for creating a modern CV.

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Operations Manager CV example

Operations Manager CV example

Download this sample CV for an Operations Manager job in the UK

Using the Erasmus template, Jamie gives a fresh professional look to his CV with the eye drawn to his personal profile. His work history takes centre stage whilst his skills, education and certificates are neatly packaged but not overshadowed to the right. 

What to include in an operations manager CV?

Operations managers need to work on multiple fronts and so does your CV. Before you go too far into the details of your document, consider the CV writing process and how you will begin. It is recommended to start with the fundamentals, before tailoring your CV to specific job requirements later on. A cv for an operations manager should always include:

  • Personal details

  • Personal profile

  • Work experience

  • Skills

  • Education.

Must-have sections for operations manager CV

A tried and tested way to craft a winning CV is to create a master CV first. This contains all the relevant information, work experience, skills and certifications you have to offer. It will not be sent out to employers, but act as a consistent and time-saving base you can edit for job-specific applications later on.

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How to write a personal profile for an operations manager CV

The personal profile is a small but mighty tool utilised in similar multi-faceted roles such as supply chain, project and product management. Operations professionals utilise this section to immediately set the tone of their application and underscore their unique professional value.

There is a knack for writing an impactful personal profile on a CV, but when done correctly can keep you top-of-mind whilst simultaneously showcasing your experience, transferable skills and personal attributes.

You might want to include:

  • A strong opening line that grabs the attention.

  • Your current role or job title.

  • How experienced or senior you are in your field.

  • Your passion for operations if you are moving from a different role

  • The soft skills that define you.

  • The unique value you'd add to the team.

Hotel Operations Manager CV Personal Profile

Dynamic hotel operations manager with over 10 years experience in the hospitality industry. Excels in strategic planning, staff management and customer service excellence. Proven track record in enhancing operational efficiency, guest satisfaction and revenue growth. Adept at multitasking in fast-paced environments and committed to maintaining high standards in all hotel operations.

Retail Operations Manager CV Personal Profile

Accomplished retail operations manager with 8+ years experience in fast-paced retail environments. Expert in driving sales, managing inventory and improving customer experience. Demonstrates strong leadership in team development and operational optimisation. Known for exceptional organisational skills and the ability to consistently meet and exceed performance targets.

IT Operations Manager CV Personal Profile

Skilled IT operations manager with over 12 years in technology management. Specialises in overseeing IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and system upgrades. Strengths include team leadership, strategic IT planning and effective communication with stakeholders. Committed to ensuring seamless IT operations and enhancing overall business efficiency.

Refer to our IT CV example for more inspiration.

Business Operations Manager CV Personal Profile

Versatile business operations manager with 15 years experience in various industries. Proficient in streamlining processes, budget management and strategic planning. Strong communicator and leader adept at cross-functional team management. Known for driving operational excellence and contributing to business growth and profitability.

What skills are required for an operations manager CV?

Your skills section is where you show you have what it takes to deliver consistently in this role. This is more than listing what you are good at. Knowing how to list skills on your CV is a crucial step towards showing your aptitude for a variety of tasks.

Remember, many fields such as human resources, recruitment, and consulting, have skills that overlap with operations management, so be sure to look at other CV examples for inspiration.

A good way to get your skills across in the quickest possible time is to create a headed section for hard and technical skills. This keeps them separate from soft skills, which can be woven naturally into the personal profile and work experience sections.

Soft skills

Hard skills

Technical skills


Budget Management

ERP Systems


Data analysis

Project Management Software


Risk Management

Inventory Systems



Microsoft Suite Software

Time Management

Process Improvement

CRM Software

Camera Flash

Pro Tip

Align your skills section with the requirements of the job description for an increased impact.

How to include work experience on an operations manager CV

The work experience section is where potential applicants showcase how their skills relate to the real world. Due to the diverse nature of the job, operations managers need to cover a lot of ground when presenting their duties and responsibilities. Knowing how to present work experience on a CV is crucial. We recommend keeping things succinct and following a simple format.

As well as including the role, organisation and date of employment, we recommend each work experience entry consist of one short paragraph containing daily duties, plus two bullet points outlining quantifiable results.

Work experience CV tips

Work experience CV examples

Hotel operations manager | Grandeur Hotel, Brighton | 2019 - Present

Lead the entire hotel operations, ensuring top-notch guest experiences, staff efficiency and hotel profitability. Oversee various departments including accommodation, food and beverage, and event services, while ensuring compliance with quality and service standards. Responsible for developing operational strategies, managing budgets and maintaining strong supplier relationships.

  • Enhanced guest satisfaction ratings by 15% through strategic service quality improvements.

  • Reduced operational costs by 10% via efficient resource management and process streamlining.

Retail operations manager | Fash Forward Retailers, London | 2016 - 2018

Managed comprehensive retail operations, including sales strategy execution, inventory control and staff training. Focused on customer experience, monitored store performance metrics and implemented loss prevention strategies. Collaborated with marketing for promotional campaigns and managed vendor relationships for optimal product availability.

  • Increased store revenue by 20% through targeted merchandising and sales initiatives.

  • Achieved a 30% reduction in staff turnover by implementing an effective staff development program.

IT Operations Manager | Searchr Ltd, Dublin | 2017 - 2021

Directed IT operations encompassing infrastructure management, cybersecurity, and system upgrades. Led a team in maintaining system efficiency, overseeing network management, and ensuring data security. Collaborated with other departments to align IT strategies with business objectives, and managed IT budgets and vendor contracts.

  • Improved system uptime by 25% with proactive maintenance and upgrade strategies.

  • Reduced IT operational expenses by 15% through strategic vendor negotiations and resource optimisation.

Business Operations Manager | Dynamic Irrigation Solution Services, Diss | 2015 - 2020

Oversaw diverse business operations, including process improvement, financial management, and strategic planning. Led cross-functional teams, facilitated organisational change initiatives, and managed key stakeholder relationships. Implemented efficiency-enhancing measures and contributed to business development and growth strategies.

  • Increased operational efficiency by 18% through streamlined processes and automation.

  • Contributed to a 12% annual growth in business revenue via effective strategic planning and execution.

Applying with little to no experience: Retail to Operations Management

If you are applying for an operations manager job with little to no experience or after a career change, focus on the transferable skills and volunteer experience you have built up over your career to date.

Below is an example of someone transitioning to operations management after working as a high street store supervisor.

Sales assistant team leader | Four Candles, Bath | 2020 - Present

Manage a team of customer sales assistants and oversee day-to-day operations to ensure high-quality service delivery. Ensure smooth communication between floor staff, backroom staff and management to enhance customer satisfaction and efficiency in resolving inquiries. Coordinate with various stakeholders to streamline processes and improve overall in-store experience.

  • Developed and implemented a customer feedback system that led to a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.

  • Played a key role in a cross-team project that increased the upsell of accessories by 15%.

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Pro Tip

Always align your work experience entries with the position you are applying for.

Add education to boost your operations management CV

Showcasing education is important as it demonstrates a foundational understanding of key concepts and skills relevant to the role.

Education can include formal degrees and certifications, providing evidence of knowledge in areas such as business administration, supply chain management or project management.

Education CV tips

Examples of education

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 2016

  • Operations Management (MSc), University of Salford, Manchester, UK, 2020

See our blog for more information on how to include education on your CV.

How to add operations management courses and certificates

Including additional courses and certificates on your CV is an excellent way to show commitment to your profession and finish your CV off with a flourish. There are several professional courses and certificates available to UK operations managers, including:

These should be formatted in the same way as your education section and you can create a new section for this. Include the most recent certificate first (reverse chronological order) with the issuing authority and date of completion.

  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), 2020

  • CILT Level 3 Certificate in Operations Management, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), 2023

Courses and certificates on a CV

Key takeaways

Now it’s time to recap. Here are five key takeaway points you need to create an excellent CV for an operations manager position:

  1. Start with the basics: Include personal details, personal profile, work experience, skills, education, and references on your CV, starting with a master document.

  2. Craft a personal profile: Emphasise your unique professional value, experience level, and key soft skills in your personal profile, tailored to operations management.

  3. List skills in different ways: Separate hard and technical skills in a distinct section and integrate soft skills into your personal profile and work experience.

  4. Present work experience clearly: Use a clear format listing role, organisation, and dates, accompanied by a paragraph of duties and two bullet points of quantifiable achievements.

  5. Don’t forget education and certificates: Highlight relevant degrees, certifications, and professional courses to demonstrate foundational knowledge and ongoing professional development.

Next steps?

To accompany your CV, discover our cover letter templates. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, connect with our professional CV Writing Service. Draw inspiration from our blog for tips on how to save time, emphasise important sections and make it easier for hiring managers to grasp your unique professional offer.


What does an operations manager do?

Operations managers oversee daily business activities, improve efficiency, manage teams and coordinate between departments to achieve organisational goals. With the evolving landscape of remote work, operations managers may also have the opportunity to work from home, leveraging technology to effectively manage teams and operations remotely.

How to become an operations manager?

Gain relevant experience in business or management roles, acquire education in business administration or related fields and develop key skills like leadership and problem-solving.

How much does an operations manager make?

Salary varies by industry and location. In general, you can expect a median salary of £37,000 but can earn around £60,000 depending on their experience and the complexity of their responsibilities.

What are the 4 types of operations management?

The four types are process management, supply chain management, inventory management and quality management, each focusing on different aspects of organisational operations.

How do I prepare for an operations manager interview?

Understand the company's business model, review key management concepts, prepare examples of past successes and practice responses to common industry-specific and most commonly asked interview questions.

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