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Procurement CV

Stuart has chosen the Wheaton template for a clean and clinical finish to his CV. The clear section headings bring the most important information to the fore. A soft sans serif font and cool grey colour scheme show he is collected, reliable and never overstated.

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"Procurement Manager with a proven track record spanning 8 years, dedicated to optimising procurement processes for substantial cost savings, fostering improved supplier relationships, and elevating overall operational efficiency."

Stuart Gregson - Procurement

Procurement CV Example

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How to Write a Procurement CV: Examples and Tips

Procurement professionals - sometimes known as purchasing managers - are key in helping UK businesses secure the equipment, goods and services they need to succeed. Experts who can blend business and supply chain management skills with real-world purchasing experience are sought after in both private and public industries. 

A role in procurement is perfect for detail-orientated individuals with a talent for negotiating and understanding market trends. If you respond well to a challenge, procurement offers a diverse and rewarding career path across sectors such as construction, retail, healthcare and engineering.

Utilising a strong CV template and learning how to write a good CV is essential to entering this diverse sector. Consider this article your step-by-step guide to building a modern CV, which is your gateway to exciting opportunities in procurement. 

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Procurement CV example 

Procurement CV Sample

Download this sample CV for a procurement job in the UK

Stuart has chosen the Wheaton template for a clean and clinical finish to his CV. The clear section headings bring the most important information to the fore. A soft sans serif font and cool grey colour scheme show he is collected, reliable and never overstated.

What to include in a procurement CV? 

Similar to operations management and supply chain roles, the world of procurement can be diverse, appealing to many adaptable and solution-orientated candidates. Being specific about the area you would like to work in before putting pen to paper will make things much easier when starting the CV writing process.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What relevant experience do I have?

  2. What are my long-term career aspirations?

  3. What specific skills and experiences do I possess?

  4. What industries or sectors am I passionate about?

Once you've reflected on these points, it's time to sketch out the structure of your CV. To do this efficiently, we recommend starting with a master CV.

This all-inclusive document covers your hard and soft skill sets, complete work history and all relevant education and training. This will not be sent out to employers, but act as a base when creating job-specific CVs later on. This process ensures you save time when preparing applications, whilst making each one as individual as possible.

What to include in a procurement CV

Now you are clear on the area of procurement and purchasing you would like to operate in and have a well-defined CV plan, it’s time to start populating your document.

How to write a procurement CV: 4 steps with examples 

1. List key procurement skills and qualities 

Procurement roles in the UK are often a mix of client relationship management, tough negotiations, managing multifaceted business needs and strategic planning. Effectively communicating a range of skills quickly and clearly, is best done by separating them into three categories: essential, hard and soft skills.

Skills on a procurement CV

Once you have compartmentalised your skills, make them pop by listing hard and essential skills under a dedicated heading, while weaving soft and transferable skills into your personal profile and work experience sections.

Remember, there can be crossover with other roles like sales, finance and project management, so take a look at these fields for additional inspiration.

Essential skills for a procurement expert:

  • Strategic thinking: Planning and executing strategies to achieve long-term objectives.

  • Risk management: Identifying and mitigating potential problems in procurement processes.

  • Stakeholder management: Building and maintaining relationships with internal and external parties.

  • Ethical procurement: Understanding and applying ethical standards in purchasing decisions.

  • Sustainability awareness: Considering environmental and social impacts in procurement practices.

Hard skills

Soft skills

Supply chain management




Data analysis


Contract management


Inventory management

Time management

Learn more about skills to put on a CV.

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Pro Tip

If space allows, offer a brief definition of your essential skills to underscore your value.

2. Write a personal profile for a procurement CV 

The personal profile on your CV is a powerful tool used in other multidimensional roles like administration or the civil service. It's where procurement experts make a strong first impression and highlight unique professional strengths.

Writing an effective personal profile requires skill. It should capture attention quickly, showcasing your experience level, soft skills and personal qualities. It should include a captivating opening sentence, be no longer than 70 words and underscore your unique contribution.

Personal profile on procurement CV

Procurement officer CV personal profile example

Accomplished procurement officer with over 5 years of experience in sourcing, vendor management and cost analysis. Proven ability in negotiating contracts and ensuring quality compliance. Excels in fast-paced environments, leveraging strong analytical skills and attention to detail to optimise procurement processes and enhance supplier relationships.

Procurement specialist CV personal profile example

Dynamic procurement specialist with 7+ years of expertise in developing tender strategies and managing contracts. Adept at risk identification and resolution, bringing a blend of strong negotiation skills and analytical prowess. Committed to fostering stakeholder relationships and driving procurement innovations.

Procurement manager CV personal profile example

Strategic procurement manager with 10 years of leadership in procurement operations. Skilled in overseeing complex purchasing activities, aligning procurement with organisational goals and driving process improvements. Excels in team management and stakeholder engagement, with a focus on delivering efficient, cost-effective procurement solutions.

Procurement assistant CV personal profile example

Detail-orientated procurement assistant with 3 years of experience supporting procurement processes. Demonstrates strong organisational skills and proficiency in managing supplier databases and procurement documentation. Eager to contribute to team success through hard work and a focus on quality and efficiency.

A well-written personal profile sets the tone of your application and keeps you at the forefront of the hiring manager’s mind. Learn more about how to write a personal profile on a CV.

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3. Include relevant work experience 

Procurement is a results-based profession where listing measurable achievements on a CV is vitally important. Make it easy for hiring managers to quickly grasp your history by following an easy-to-read format. We recommend one short paragraph outlining the duties performed in past positions followed by two bullet points stating your quantifiable impact in the role. 

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Pro Tip

Align your work experience entries with the required soft skills and responsibilities stated in the job advert.

Examples of achievements for a procurement CV

  • Increased sales revenue by 15% over 12 months through the implementation of a new marketing strategy and enhanced customer engagement tactics.

  • Reduced operational costs by 20% within the first year by streamlining workflow processes and implementing cost-effective solutions.

  • Improved customer satisfaction ratings by 25% through the development and execution of an improved customer service training program for the team.

When writing your work experience on a CV, it is important to be as specific as possible about what you have achieved. Highlight the value you brought to past roles by including quantifiable results in your work experience entries.

Work experience on procurement CV example

Examples of work experience for a procurement CV

Procurement engineer | Ferrero Luxury Cars, London | 2019 - Present

Lead the procurement process for engineering projects, including supplier selection, contract negotiation and performance evaluation. Collaborate with project teams to ensure alignment with technical requirements and timelines. Implement cost-saving strategies through efficient vendor management and process optimisation.

  • Reduced procurement costs by 18% through strategic sourcing and effective negotiation techniques.

  • Improved supplier delivery times by 25%, enhancing project efficiency and deadlines.

Procurement director | Green Giant Energy Ltd., Birmingham | 2018 - 2023

Oversaw the entire procurement function, formulating policies and strategies for purchasing goods and services in the energy sector. Managed a team of procurement professionals, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency. Collaborated with senior management to align procurement strategies with corporate objectives.

  • Achieved a 20% improvement in procurement cycle efficiency through process automation and team training.

  • Spearheaded a green procurement program that resulted in a 15% reduction in carbon footprint for purchased goods.

Procurement officer | Our World Health Supplies, Manchester | 2017 - 2021

Managed procurement activities including vendor assessment, contract negotiation, and purchase order processing. Ensured compliance with healthcare industry standards and company procurement policies. Analysed and reported on procurement metrics to guide decision-making.

  • Increased vendor compliance to quality standards by 30%, reducing product returns and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Streamlined procurement processes, resulting in a 20% reduction in order processing time.

Examples of work experience after a career change

If you are transitioning into purchasing and procurement after a career change, it is important to focus on transferable skills and highlight measurable results with relevance to your target field. Seek inspiration from similar career paths such as event management or hospitality.

Event coordinator | Bright Lights Events, Bristol | 2017 - 2021

Spearheaded event planning and coordination, managing logistics for various corporate and social events. This role required extensive sourcing and securing of equipment, goods and services to meet client needs and event specifications. Excelled in vendor management, negotiating terms and ensuring timely delivery of high-quality resources.

  • Successfully negotiated contracts leading to a 20% cost reduction in event supplies and equipment.

  • Maintained a 95% client satisfaction rate through consistent delivery of well-resourced and smoothly executed events.

Learn more about how to write a CV with little to no experience.

4. Include education on a procurement CV 

Knowing how to write the education section on a CV will bolster your position as a qualified professional complementing your relevant work experience.

Education section on procurement CV example

While there is no educational requirement to become a purchaser, completing a foundation degree, higher national diploma or degree program is an advantage. Working towards the profession via a graduate scheme is an alternative route, combining formal training with valuable experience.

Relevant education in areas such as business studies, supply chain management or marketing, should be formatted clearly and concisely. Include the name of the certificate awarded, the issuing institution and the year of completion.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 2016

Level 2 Certificate in Purchasing and Procurement, UKPD Academy, Online, 2015

Key Takeaways 

Let’s take a moment to recap. Here are five key takeaways to consider when writing a professional CV for a role in procurement and purchasing.

  1. Emphasise procurement skills: Highlight your business and supply chain management skills, along with specific procurement experience.

  2. Compelling personal profile: Write a brief, impactful personal profile summarising your suitability for procurement roles, including experience and key skills.

  3. Showcase measurable achievements: In your work experience section, focus on quantifiable achievements that demonstrate your impact and effectiveness in previous roles.

  4. Tailor your CV: Create a comprehensive master CV as a base, which you can then tailor for specific job applications, ensuring relevance and personalisation.

  5. Detail relevant education: List educational qualifications related to procurement, and mention any ongoing learning or development activities.

Next steps? 

Iron out any creases using our intuitive CV builder with professional CV designs to choose from. To accompany your CV, discover our cover letter templates. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, connect with our professional CV Writing Service. Draw inspiration from our blog for tips on how to save time, emphasise important sections and make it easier for hiring managers to grasp your unique professional offer.


Is procurement a good career?

Procurement is a rewarding career, offering diverse opportunities across industries, potential for career growth, and a key role in influencing a company’s efficiency and profitability.

What is procurement in the construction industry?

Procurement in construction involves sourcing and acquiring goods and services necessary for completing construction projects, including supplier selection and contract management.

What is the typical procurement career path?

Starting typically in roles like Procurement Assistant or Junior Buyer, a procurement career progresses through Specialist and Manager levels to senior positions like Head of Procurement.

How to get a job in procurement with no experience?

Start with internships or related roles, gain knowledge through courses or certifications in procurement, and utilise transferable skills from other fields.

Why choose procurement as a career?

Procurement offers a strategic impact on businesses, the scope for innovation and problem-solving, and opportunities for significant cost savings and efficiency improvements. If you are just starting out in your career, learn more about how to write a CV as a student or graduate.

Are there any recognised professional bodies for procurement?

In the UK, the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) are key professional bodies offering resources and certifications.

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