Did you know these jobs didn't exist at the start of the millennium?

The noughties (2000s) gave us a lot.

The good.

The bad.

And the absolutely heartbreaking *cough* the Spice Girls splitting up *cough*

But it’s also had a noticeable impact on the job market.

The boom in technology over the last 10-15 years has created jobs that didn’t exist in our parent’s younger days let alone our grandparent’s time. And according to some estimates, two-thirds of today’s school kids will end up working in jobs that don’t exist today 🤯. Here are 5 jobs paths you can pursue today that didn’t exist at the start of the millennium.

Social Media Manager

Think back too 2006. Facebook was in its early days, Twitter was being launched, and iPhones were still being cooked up at Apple headquarters. Fast forward to today and the world is a very different place. Social media has become one of the most popular and widely-used communication solutions in the modern world. Millions of people log into their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts every single day to see what their friends are doing and check the latest news.


Facebook still tops the list of most popular social networks

Social media also provides excellent opportunities for businesses that want to promote their products or services to their target audience. That is why the role of Social Media Manager has become a popular choice in modern times.

The job of a Social Media Manager is straightforward in most instances. Social Media Managers will handle the entire process of marketing and promoting the brand for their employer using some of the most used social networks around today.

People working in this role will have to create social media marketing plans, post to different accounts, and create as much buzz as possible for the company. They will also have to think of ways to expand their reach and catch the eyes of new potential customers and clients every single day.

Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial intelligence is changing the way modern companies operate. Ten years ago, nobody had heard of machine learning, but it is fast becoming one of the essential components for running a successful operation.

Machine Learning Engineers have to use their skills and knowledge to implement AI into systems and ensure they can process information and make improvements without the need for human interaction. This helps to save a significant amount of time and money for businesses, but it also means they begin to generate better results every single day.

In most instances, you’re going to need a degree or a wealth of experience to land a role as a machine learning Engineer. However, If you’ve got a logical brain and can think both analytically and creatively you could do very well.

SEO Specialist

SEO (or search engine optimization) is the process of making sure Google and other search engines index a company’s website pages in the best way possible. An SEO specialist is responsible for ensuring their brand’s website appears as close to the top of search results as possible for chosen keywords.

There are many different techniques you have to apply to achieve that goal, and many of them focus on the website itself. It’s vital you use the correct number of keywords in the most suitable locations for the best results.

SEO can also involve placing backlinks on other authoritative sites in a way that makes them appear natural and organic.

Nobody understands precisely how search engine algorithms work. Still, experts understand that a mix of keywords on a website and the number of backlinks hitting that page has a significant impact on ranking.

As with anything, there is usually a lot of trial and error involved, and SEO specialists use a technique called A/B testing for that.

Creative Content Writer

There have always been people who work as professional writers. However, a decade ago, anyone who wanted to do that for a living would need to write books and scripts or something similar. Today, things are a little more promising than they once were.

Creative Content Writers tend to work within the marketing world. As mentioned a moment ago, backlinks are vital for effective SEO. However, you can’t place random links on other websites without alerting Google’s bots and causing issues. So, you need to put them within relevant content.

Creative writers will often design and create blog posts (like this one 😉) on a specific subject and place the link naturally within the text. That is enough to convince Google the article is legitimate, and so it will consider the backlink when determining search engine ranking.

A lot of Creative Content writers will also deal with press releases, website copy, infographic research, and more. So, there are plenty of opportunities for people interested in that role.

Digital Marketing Executive

Marketing Executives have been around for decades, but it’s only during the last ten years they’ve focused the bulk of their efforts online. Promoting a brand or product in the digital world involves many new processes and strategies, and that is why it can take a long time to develop your skills and become an expert in the role.

Digital Marketing Executives will often deal with social media management, graphic creation, mailing list campaigns, viral videos, and more. The goal is to promote a brand and make sure it becomes a household name to its target audience.

It is vital that anyone interested in this role has the ability to think outside of the box and remain at the forefront of their profession. New technologies, trends, and concepts reach the market every single day, and you’ll need to remain abreast of them at all times.

The best thing about becoming a Digital Marketing Executive is that there is lots of room for career development, and you don’t always need official qualifications if you have a reasonable amount of experience or the right mindset for the role.

You should now be in the perfect position to identify and apply for new and exciting jobs that will keep you entertained, working hard, and earning a decent income this year. If you’re one of those people who prefer to use your brain instead of your muscles to earn a living, the positions mentioned in this article should help to inspire you and show you what you could achieve if you look in the right places.

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