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Sports CV

In this sports CV example, Max Withers has over five years of experience conducting training plans and coaching athletes. His relevant work experience includes youth athlete development and working in clubs. Max's qualifications, achievements, and diverse skills are presented using an ATS-friendly and professional sports CV format.

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"Dedicated Athletics Coach with a passion for guiding athletes to reach their full potential. Proven track record of developing personalised training plans and fostering a positive team environment that enhances overall achievements."

Max Withers - Sports Coach

Sports CV Example

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How to Write a Sports CV: Examples and Tips

The sports industry offers various opportunities, from coaching and athlete management to journalism and event coordination. Knowing how to write a good CV is your opportunity to showcase your skills and passion for your desired role, from community involvement in clubs to pursuing roles in education, retail or fitness centres.

Much like the strategies employed in the field, choosing a professional CV template should be strategic, highlighting achievements, qualifications, and experiences that make you attractive to potential recruiters and scouts. This guide provides tips and insights into scoring a winning goal with a modern CV tailored to diverse sports roles and helps you secure an interview.

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Sports CV example

Sport CV Sample

Download this sample CV for a sports job in the UK

In this sports CV example, Max Withers has over five years of experience conducting training plans and coaching athletes. His relevant work experience includes youth athlete development and working in clubs. Max's qualifications, achievements, and diverse skills are presented using an ATS-friendly and professional sports CV format.

What to include in a sports CV? 

It's crucial to highlight specific elements that showcase your expertise, accomplishments, and suitability for the desired role. Begin with a concise personal statement that outlines your career goals and key strengths. Include any qualifications such as degrees, certifications, or specialised training. Describe your work experience, specify roles and responsibilities, and highlight essential skills. Consider adding an additional section or two for memberships, awards, interests, career statistics and physical attributes.  

When writing a sports CV, consider starting with a master CV.

CV sections for a sports CV

For more examples of jobs with similar skill sets, refer to these on creating a tailored CV:

1. Pitch yourself with an eye-catching personal profile 

Your personal profile should be a concise yet impactful introduction highlighting relevant skills, expertise, and a passion for the industry. In this statement, outline your key strengths, accomplishments, and the value you would bring to a team or organisation. Mention keywords highlighted in the job description and tailor your summary to your target job such as inclusivity or sportsmanship.

Personal profile tip for sports CV

Sports Coach CV personal profile example

Passionate and dedicated Coach with a proven history of guiding athletes to reach their peak potential over 10 years. Proficient in crafting and implementing personalised training plans. Devoted to creating a positive and inspiring team environment that enhances overall achievements. Possesses excellent communication and leadership skills, driven by a commitment to instilling values of sportsmanship and promoting a wellness-oriented lifestyle.

Sports Management CV personal profile example

Results-orientated Sports Management professional with a demonstrated track record overseeing operations and team logistics. Possess over 8 years of experience in marketing and brand promotion. Proficient in resource management ensures optimal team performance and successful execution of sports-related projects. Committed to driving the success of team members in the industry.

Sports Scholarship CV personal profile example

Accomplished student and fitness enthusiast with a proven track record in track and field. Demonstrates excellence in both academic and athletic pursuits. A dedicated team player with a history of fostering positive and collaborative environments. Seeking a scholarship to contribute dynamic skills, determination, and leadership to a renowned athletics program.

Professional Athlete CV personal profile example

Former professional athlete with a rich 12-year history of competing at the highest level. Leveraging an understanding of the physical and mental demands of elite sports. Adept at translating on-field experiences into valuable insights. Possesses competitive spirit to drive success and well-equipped for coaching or management roles in the sports sector.

Read our article on the personal profile on a CV for further best examples and tips. 

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2. Showcase your sporting skills

This industry requires physical and impersonal competencies. Highlight hard and soft skills relevant to the specific role or industry to showcase your skills effectively, such as technical proficiency, training and fitness testing capabilities that enable you to play and collaborate successfully. Create a skills-based CV and emphasise transferable skills, such as leadership or organisation, if you're a graduate with little to no work experience, are aiming for a scholarship, or changing careers

Skills for sports CV

Soft skills

Hard skills


Player assessment

Effective communication

Tactical training


Strength and conditioning

Team collaboration

Sports psychology

Mentoring and guidance

Injury prevention

Time management

Game strategy


Performance analysis


Fitness testing

Motivation and self-discipline

Nutrition knowledge

Conflict resolution

Rehabilitation techniques

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Pro Tip

If space allows, offer a brief definition of your essential skills to underscore your value.

Refer to our article for more information about the essential skills to put on your CV.

3. How to write work or sports experience on a CV 

In this section, use a reverse chronological order to list your most recent job first. Use bullet points to list your responsibilities, and begin each bullet point with an action verb such as coordinated or coached. Include specific sporting achievements with examples of projects and quantify results to demonstrate impact. Ensure you use keywords referred to in the job description to impress employers. 

If writing a sporting CV for a scholarship, highlight how your involvement in volunteering or internships has developed transferable skills, such as teamwork and communication, if you have no experience. 

work experience tips for Sports CV

Examples of work experience for a sport CV 

Sports Coach, Local Youth Sports Club, Manchester, 2019 - 2023

Implemented and designed coaching sessions for youth athletes, tailoring training programs to individual and team needs. Focused on holistic skill development, incorporating strategic drills to enhance technical proficiency, agility, and tactical understanding. Established and nurtured a positive team culture, emphasising sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth.

  • Implemented personalised training plans, resulting in a 20% improvement in overall team performance.

  • Mentored and motivated athletes, leading the team to the regional championship in 2020.

Store Manager, Adidas Retail Shop, London, 2017 - 2020

Developed and executed merchandising plans, enhancing the store's visual appeal and optimising product placement for increased customer engagement. Coordinated and executed successful in-store events and promotions, fostering a vibrant shopping environment and boosting customer loyalty. 

  • Orchestrated efficient inventory management and reduced stockouts by 15% through planning and forecasting.

  • Led a team of sales associates, providing comprehensive training programs that contributed to a 10% increase in sales revenue.

Retail Assistant, Sports Direct Store, Birmingham, 2013 - 2016

Provided exceptional customer service by assisting shoppers in finding products, answering inquiries, and facilitating smooth transactions at the checkout. Maintained a well-organised and visually appealing sales floor, ensuring merchandise was adequately stocked and displayed. Achieved recognition for consistently meeting and exceeding individual sales targets, contributing to the store's overall success.

  • Successfully implemented a product placement strategy that led to a 15% increase in sales for featured items.

  • Introduced a customer feedback system, resulting in a notable 20% improvement in overall customer satisfaction ratings.

For more information, refer to our retail, store manager and customer service CV examples.

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Pro Tip

Align your work experience entries with the required soft skills and responsibilities stated in the job advert.

Professional Athlete, Elite Athletics Club, Northampton, 2017 - 2019

Excelled in Track and Field, competing professionally and achieving consistent finishes in national and international competitions. Demonstrated dedication to rigorous training schedules, resulting in enhanced physical fitness, technical proficiency, and strategic gameplay. Collaborated with coaches and sports professionals to analyse performance metrics, identify areas for improvement, and implement targeted training programs.

  • Secured sponsorships and endorsements, contributing to a 30% increase in personal sponsorship revenue.

  • Engaged in community outreach programs, inspiring youth participation in leisure activities for over 20 schools nationwide.

Refer to our blog on how to write work experience on a CV for further guidance. 

4. Go for the goal with the education section on your CV 

Enhancing your success in this role involves more than just physical attributes. Strengthen your sporting CV by showcasing academic achievements and relevant qualifications. Keep this section brief, prioritising recent accomplishments and including the institution name, subject, and graduation dates.

Education on a sports CV

UK entry requirements for roles vary by level and type. Recent students can boost their CVs with internships or degrees and showcase potential through coursework or training. Early involvement in youth setups, local clubs or community events can also help to find professional contracts.

Examples of education for sports CV 

  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Science, University of Manchester,  2022

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sports Management, Business School, London, 2015

  • Diploma in Sports Management, London Sport Institute, 2017

Read how to write the education on your CV article for extra tips and examples. 

5. Strive for greatness with additional sections on a sports CV 

Showcasing your involvement in the industry, by including your sport-related hobbies and interests, can help you stand out. Mention any endorsements or sponsorships that you’ve earned. Highlight any partnerships with brands or companies to showcase your marketability and professionalism. Provide insights into career statistics such as height, weight, speed, agility, and strength to demonstrate your athletic abilities and versatility across various playing positions.

  • Sports achievements and awards: Include championships, MVP awards, records, and other recognitions. Consider adding career statistics of your performance in tournaments, championships, or other significant competitions. Read more about how to list achievements on a CV.

  • Fitness and training certifications: List qualifications in fitness training, sports nutrition, sports science or other related areas to demonstrate your commitment to personal development and knowledge in sports science. Learn how to list courses and certificates on a CV.

  • Languages: If you are multilingual, mention languages. This can be valuable to showcase your ability to communicate with diverse teammates and coaches, especially in international sports.

courses and certificates on a sports CV

For more guidance, refer to our article on how to improve your CV. 

Key takeaways 

Succeeding as a sports professional involves a combination of interpersonal and physical skills. To impress employers requires a concise and professional approach that outlines accurate career statistics, physical attributes, and other recognitions. If you’re an experienced professional, conclude with references from satisfied managers or coaches. 

Do's for a sports CV

  1. Prioritise relevance: Emphasise skills, experiences, and achievements directly related to the sports industry. Tailor your CV for the specific job you’re applying for.

  2. Quantify achievements: Whether it's career statistics, awards won, or records set, quantifiable achievements and measurable data highlight your contributions.

  3. Showcase transferable skills: List your technical abilities and transferable skills, such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and adaptability, which are valuable in diverse roles.

Don'ts for a sports CV:

  1. Include irrelevant information:  Avoid including unnecessary details or sections. Only include the sections outlined in this guide.

  2. Write too much: Keep your CV concise and focused. Avoid lengthy paragraphs, aim for clarity and limit your CV to 1-2 pages.

  3. Fabricate information: Never provide false or misleading information regarding career statistics or achievements.

Sports CV tips

Next steps? 

If you’re newly qualified or have no work experience, leverage our professional CV Writing Service to streamline the process, saving you time and effort. Create a personalised cover letter tailored to the job description and your career goals to attract employers.


What can you do with a sports science degree? 

A sports science degree opens doors to diverse career paths. Undergraduates can explore management, coaching, and therapy roles or pursue careers in fitness training, healthcare, nutrition, and teaching. The versatility of a sports science degree allows individuals to contribute to sectors in athlete performance, injury prevention, and overall well-being.

How do you write sports achievements in a CV? 

Highlighting achievements in a CV involves showcasing measurable accomplishments. Utilise specific metrics and statistics such as goals scored, matches won, or personal records set. Emphasise leadership roles, teamwork contributions, and any awards or recognitions received.

What are the highest-paying sports jobs? 

High-paying sports jobs are often professional athletes, coaches, agents, physicians, and team executives. Broadcasting and sports management positions at elite levels also offer lucrative salaries. Explore diverse sports opportunities with the National Careers Service.

What sports career is right for me? 

Determining the right career involves assessing your skills, interests, and passions. Explore various sports-related niches, such as marketing, journalism, or psychology, to align your career choice with your strengths and qualifications.

How to get a job in sports management?

To secure a job in sports management, emphasise relevant experiences in your sports CV, including leadership roles, organisational skills, and any management-related training. Networking within the industry, gaining practical experience through internships, and obtaining a sports management degree can enhance your chances of landing a position. 

What is the best CV format for a sportsperson?

We recommend to use a chronological format, starting from the most recent role or entry first. This format helps recruiters, coaches, or sponsors quickly grasp the athlete's current standing and performance level. Read more about how long a CV should be for the job you are applying for.

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