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Lab Technician CV


Lab Technician CV

This CV sample showcases Aimee Lamb’s 5+ years of experience as a medical lab technician in hospital and community settings. The skills and work experience section highlights her communication skills, hands-on support for various laboratory tests, proficiency in conducting tests, quality control, and collaborative patient care.

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"Experienced Lab Technician with more than 5 years of experience across hospital and community settings. Demonstrated expertise in conducting laboratory tests, overseeing quality control measures, and delivering precise results."

Aimee Lamb - Lab technician

Lab technician CV template

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How to Write a Lab Technician CV: Step-by-Step Guide with Examples

Lab technicians drive scientific progress and are pivotal in vital experiments and groundbreaking discoveries. With proficiency in lab procedures and a firm grasp of research methodologies, their expertise is sought after in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and academia, offering exciting career opportunities. In this dynamic community of science and research, you need to showcase your skills, expertise, and qualifications and it starts with knowing how to write a good CV

Using a professional CV template and understanding key components are vital steps to securing an interview. This article is your comprehensive guide, offering step-by-step assistance in constructing a modern CV to impress industry professionals.

Lab technician CV example 

Lab technician CV Example

This CV sample showcases Aimee Lamb’s 5+ years of experience as a medical lab technician in hospital and community settings. The skills and work experience section highlights her communication skills, hands-on support for various laboratory tests, proficiency in conducting tests, quality control, and collaborative patient care. Noteworthy achievements include implementing a clinical decision support system, mentoring, and cost-saving measures. The lab technician CV template follows the California design, offering a well-structured and presentable format.

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What to include in a lab technician CV? 

Before writing your CV, define your focus within the profession and consider your career goals. Consider practical examples of hands-on experience in laboratory settings, mentioning specific experiments, techniques, and procedures. We recommend the following to create a successful CV:

  • Identify the technical skills and responsibilities which are highlighted in the job description.

  • Showcase proficiency in equipment handling, data analysis, and adherence to safety protocols.

  • Pinpoint the industries or sectors that interest you, whether biomedical, research, biotechnology, or academic.

  • Tailor your lab technician CV sample to align with your job targets.

Outline the structure of your lab tech CV using relevant information and details. We recommend starting with a master CV, an all-inclusive document with your skills, work history, and education, serving as a base for tailoring job-specific CVs. This time-saving approach ensures you create tailored applications for each opportunity. For further guidance, learn how to write a CV for a lab technician optimised for application tracking systems (ATS).

Lab technician CV sections

How to write a lab technician CV: 5 steps with examples

1. Add essential lab technician CV skills

Lab technician roles demand initiative, ethical conduct, curiosity and flexibility. In the UK, these positions involve conducting precise experiments, interpreting complex data, and adhering to safety protocols. Technical knowledge of critical areas, including PCR, cell culture, aseptic, ELISA assays and electrophoresis techniques, is crucial. Present a diverse skill set by categorising these into three key areas: essential, hard, technical and soft skills on a CV. 

Lab technician skills on a CV

Discover related careers involving collaboration with healthcare professionals for patient care and well-being:

Soft skills

Hard skills


Quality control protocols


Sample preparation




Health and Safety protocols

Lab technician CV technical skills:

  • Microscopy: Operating various microscopes, such as light, electron, or fluorescence, for detailed sample analysis.

  • Spectrophotometry: Used to measure the absorption or emission of light, which is crucial for quantifying concentrations in biochemical analyses.

  • Chromatography: Proficiency in chromatographic techniques, including high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or gas chromatography (GC) for separating and analysing complex mixtures.

  • Mass Spectrometry: Used for identifying and quantifying molecules, often applied in proteomics and metabolomics studies.

  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS): Determines the concentration of metal elements in samples. It is commonly used in environmental and analytical chemistry.

If you have little to no work experience, consider writing a skills-based CV to leverage your expertise without work experience and learn more about skills to put on a CV.

2. Create a compelling personal profile 

Crafting an impactful personal profile on your lab technician CV is crucial when seeking roles in laboratory settings and multidimensional roles like chemistry and microbiology. Showcase soft skills such as collaboration and teamwork to demonstrate your capability to work with interdisciplinary teams of scientists, researchers, and lab personnel. Your profile summary provides a snapshot of your proficiencies, qualities and unique attributes.

Lab technician CV personal profile tips

Medical Lab Technician CV personal profile example

Over seven years of expertise as a Medical Lab Technician in clinical laboratories. Specialised in diagnostic testing and result interpretation. Proficient in conducting a wide range of medical tests. Strong attention to detail and collaborative skills ensure precise and efficient lab operations, contributing to accurate patient diagnoses.

Medical Lab Assistant CV personal profile example

Dedicated Medical Lab Assistant with four years of experience supporting diagnostic processes. Specialises in sample collection, processing, and data entry. Adept at maintaining lab hygiene and ensuring compliance with safety protocols. Demonstrates excellent organisational skills and collaborative abilities, facilitating smooth lab workflows.

Lab Assistant CV personal profile example

Results-driven Lab Assistant with three years of experience in academic and research environments. Specialised in experimental setup, equipment maintenance, and data recording. Strong attention to detail ensures accurate lab outcomes. Collaborative approach and adaptability contribute to successful team projects and ongoing research initiatives.

Trainee Lab Technician CV personal profile example

Eager Trainee Lab Technician with a background in biological sciences and ongoing lab training. Acquiring hands-on experience in various lab techniques, equipment operation, and safety procedures. A quick learner with strong problem-solving skills and a collaborative mindset. Committed to contributing to the efficiency of lab processes and the pursuit of scientific discoveries.

Explore more essential insights and practical strategies to ensure your personal profile on a CV set you apart from the competition.

Follow these steps to create your CV

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3. Include relevant work experience 

Crafting a practical work experience section on your CV for a lab technician job should present your skills and suitability for the role. If you have a stable work history, use a chronological CV format to list your most recent jobs first.

Highlight your commitment to health and safety, emphasising your adherence to compliance standards in various industries, including medical and industrial settings. Incorporate your achievements, demonstrating proficiency in quality control measures and your ability to contribute effectively to different tasks. Use action verbs like "conducted," "analysed," or "implemented" to convey your contributions effectively. Use keywords highlighted in the job description that details responsibilities. This approach ensures that your CV is targeted for the specific role.

Lab technician work experience on a CV

Lab technician CV with little to no experience

Lab Technician Apprentice | Science Labs Ltd, Bristol | 2021 - Present

Aspiring Lab Technician Apprentice with experience in data entry and analysis, eager to gain hands-on experience in laboratory operations. Committed to following safety protocols, conducting precise experiments, and contributing to a compliance and quality control culture. Motivated to learn under the guidance of experienced professionals, ensuring meticulous execution of routine laboratory tasks and accurate record-keeping. 

  • Achieved 100% data entry and documentation accuracy, showcasing meticulous attention to detail.

If you have little to no experience or are a recent student, applying for an apprenticeship is recommended. When aiming for an entry-level position such as a lab assistant, emphasise an eagerness to learn and discuss any hands-on projects or practical experiences. Use practical examples from previous roles that showcase transferable skills such as administration or customer service.

Lab technician CV work experience examples 

Research Assistant | Scientific Labs Ltd., Bristol, 2017-present

Contribute to ongoing research projects by conducting literature reviews, collecting and analysing data, and supporting senior researchers. Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to ensure the smooth execution of experiments and the accurate recording of results.

  • Collaborated in a groundbreaking study on cancer cell proliferation, significantly improving data collection and analysis, resulting in a 15% increase in research efficiency.

  • Assisted in developing experimental protocols, achieving a 20% enhancement in adherence to quality control standards.

Medical Lab Technician | Birmingham Hospital, Birmingham | 2019- present

Perform diagnostic tests on patient samples, analyse results, and maintain laboratory equipment. Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and contribute to maintaining a sterile and organised working environment.

  • Successfully conducted routine diagnostic tests, improving accurate patient diagnoses by 25%.

  • Demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a 0% error rate in sample processing.

Trainee Lab Technician | BioTech Innovations, Liverpool | 2021 -2023

Underwent comprehensive training in laboratory procedures, including sample preparation, equipment operation, and data recording. Demonstrated a commitment to learning and adhering to industry-standard protocols.

  • Participated in a hands-on project focusing on DNA extraction techniques, gaining practical experience in 15 experimental setups.

  • Assisted in maintaining inventory and ensuring the availability of necessary laboratory supplies, reducing stock shortages by 15%.

Senior Laboratory Technician | Advanced Research Institute, London | 2012-2024

Assumed a leadership role overseeing laboratory operations, managing a team of technicians, and contributing to research design. Implemented quality control measures and streamlined workflows for increased efficiency.

  • Led a team successfully executing a clinical trial on novel cancer treatments, resulting in published research in the "International Journal of Oncology."

  • Introduced advanced quality control protocols, reducing data inaccuracies by 20%.

Learn how to write work experience on a CV. 

4. Showcase education on a lab technician CV. 

Education is a critical component of a Lab Technician CV. Highlight your academic qualifications to enhance your work experience. Use a clear and concise format by including the name of the degree or qualification, the institution, the location, and the date. Employers typically require a degree or equivalent in scientific subjects to apply.

Lab technician education on a CV

Follow this format for a degree in Chemistry:

Bachelor of Chemistry (BAC), University of Edinburgh, Scotland UK, 2023

If you’re a graduate or school leaver with little work experience, highlight relevant coursework or research projects related to laboratory techniques, health and safety protocols, or quality control. To become qualified, consider enrolling on a Laboratory Technician Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship or a Technician Scientist Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship.

Refer to our guide on how to write the CV education section for more tips. 

5. Enhance your CV with courses and certificates

Continuously improving your skill set in this competitive industry is essential. Gaining relevant courses and certificates is crucial for staying updated with advancements in laboratory technology. Showcase programs that enhance your knowledge and mention courses from various training providers, reputable institutions or professional organisations. Consider pursuing a BTEC in Applied Sciences or a Health and Safety certificate from the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

Include courses and certificates in a similar format to your education. Use a clear and concise format by including the name of the degree or qualification, the institution, the location, and the date.

Lab technician courses and certificates on a CV

Key takeaways 

Let's review the key takeaways and essential sections for creating a compelling CV as a lab technician:

  1. Skills and diverse careers: Emphasise a diverse range of technical laboratory skills applicable to your career goals and industry of choice, i.e., industrial or medical.

  2. Personal profile: Compose a concise, impactful profile outlining your soft skills and expertise. Showcase your key attributes and motivations to stand out to hiring managers.

  3. Work experience and achievements: Focus on measurable achievements and outcomes to demonstrate an organisation's impact on health and safety compliance and quality control. Refer to transferable skills if you’re undergoing a career change.

  4. Education and certificates: Complete an apprenticeship or course if you have yet to gain experience to add credibility to your CV. List relevant education, including degrees, certificates, or sciences-related coursework.

Constantly tailor your CV to the specific job requirements, adjusting key sections so your information is relevant. For more tips and insights, read how to improve your CV and visit our career blog

Next steps? 

Use our intuitive CV Builder to refine your CV with professional templates suitable for different career levels. Explore our cover letter templates to complement your application and impress employers. To ensure you maximise your chances of securing a job interview, use our professional CV Writing Service for tailored assistance to land your dream role. 


What does a lab technician do? 

Lab technicians in the UK conduct experiments, analyse samples and maintain lab equipment to support scientific research and contribute to advancements in scientific knowledge.

What are the qualities of a lab technician? 

Critical qualities for UK lab technicians include attention to detail, initiative, curiosity, analytical skills, and effective communication, which are essential for accurate experimentation and collaboration in scientific research.

Is being a lab technician a stressful job? 

While lab technicians face deadlines and strict requirements, stress levels can vary depending on factors like training and the nature of specific projects. Supportive work environments, including guidance from senior technicians and collaborative teamwork, lead to effective stress management.

What is the main role of a laboratory technician? 

Primary responsibilities are to support scientific research by performing experiments, analysing data, and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of research results. Learn more about the responsibilities of this role with Prospects. 

What degree do you need to become a lab technician?

In the UK, typically, you’ll pursue a foundation degree, a higher national diploma (HND), or a degree in scientific subjects such as biomedical science or chemistry to qualify for training and entry-level jobs like lab assistants.

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