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Chemist CV

Daniel exhibits a decade of lab work and scientific data analysis in this chemistry CV example. His skills in spectroscopy, research, and organic synthesis are elevated in this CV example.

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"Experienced Chemist with 3 years of experience and a dedication to conducting laboratory experiments, analysing data, and devising innovative solutions. Skilled in a range of analytical techniques such as spectroscopy, chromatography, and wet chemistry."

Daniel Hymas - Chemist

Chemist CV example

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How to Write a Chemist CV: Examples and Tips

Becoming a chemist in the UK offers diverse opportunities rapidly evolving within science, healthcare and technology. Creating a modern CV aligned with shifting industry advancements is essential for a role driven by innovation and cutting-edge discoveries. Amid health crises like COVID and environmental challenges such as global warming, each molecular structure and compound can shape the future of pressing issues. From revolutionising pharmaceuticals to developing sustainable materials, you’ll play a central role in conducting vital research and contributing to medical breakthroughs.

Knowing how to write a good CV marks the initial stride in highlighting your capabilities. This guide is designed to assist you in including essential sections to ensure your CV is application tracking systems (ATS)-friendly. Additionally, it offers insights into selecting a professional chemistry CV template that effectively showcases your technical skills and qualifications. 

Chemist CV example 

Chemist CV example

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Daniel exhibits a decade of lab work and scientific data analysis in this chemistry CV example. His skills in spectroscopy, research, and organic synthesis shine in the skills section. Qualifications and courses highlight his dedication to innovation. Additional sections such as languages and awards enhance this polished UK chemistry CV, utilising the Wheaton template for a professional appeal.

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What to include in a chemist CV? 

It is important to emphasise your familiarity with laboratory safety protocols and compliance with industry standards. Tailor each section of your CV to align with the job description by highlighting relevant skills and keywords.

Start by including your contact details, professional profile, educational background (including degrees and certifications), and professional experience in laboratory roles or research projects. List essential hard and technical skills, additional certifications or training, publications, or memberships with professional organisations like the  Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). Include notable achievements and optional sections like references to enhance your CV’s credibility.

Must-have CV sections

Consider using a master CV to help you get started and understand the fundamentals on how to tailor your CV to a specific job.

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When editing your master CV, always make sure your skills and experience align with the requirements of the specific job description.

How to write a personal profile for a chemist CV 

Your personal profile is a gateway to illustrating your professional background, unique strengths, and career goals. Whether you're writing a student, graduate, teacher, or analytical chemist CV, tailor this section to align with your job targets.

Emphasise your dedication to exploring the complexities of scientific research, working in laboratories and analysing data to develop innovative solutions. Mention your years of expertise and any technical or software proficiencies.

Chemistry student CV personal profile example

An enthusiastic and dedicated student with a solid academic foundation in organic and analytical chemistry. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree, actively seeking opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to practical laboratory settings. Demonstrated aptitude in research methodologies and a passion for uncovering the intricacies of chemical compounds. Eager to translate classroom learning into valuable hands-on experiences within the field.

Refer to the student CV example for more additional tips. 

Chemistry graduate CV personal profile example

Recent graduate with a solid foundation in chemical principles and laboratory techniques. Equipped with two years of hands-on experience gained through internships and practical coursework, adept in performing analytical experiments and synthesising compounds. Possesses a solid theoretical background combined with a proactive approach to problem-solving. Seeking to leverage academic insights and practical skills to contribute effectively to research and develop initiatives.

Refer to the graduate CV example for additional tips.

Chemistry teacher CV personal profile example

Accomplished Teacher with over 5 years of experience fostering a dynamic learning environment. Adept at creating engaging lesson plans and employing diverse teaching methodologies to captivate students' interest in complex chemical concepts. Proficient in developing tailored curriculum that aligns with educational standards while inspiring enthusiasm and cultivating a passion for scientific inquiry.

Refer to the teacher CV example for more ideas. 

Analytical chemist CV personal profile example

Experienced Analytical Chemist with 8 years in pharmaceuticals. Proficient in chromatography, mass spectrometry, and spectroscopy for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Skilled in method development, validation, and troubleshooting to ensure compliance and accuracy. Track record in research, precise reporting, and cross-functional collaboration for quality assurance. Detail-oriented with a focus on precision and advancing pharmaceutical innovation.

Refer to our personal profile on a CV article for more tips on how to write an impressive summary. 

How to include relevant work experience 

When integrating work history into your chemist CV, highlight your relevant professional background in chemical analysis, research, or laboratory environments. Mention hands-on experiences with analytical instruments, data analysis, and method development. Include any experience you may have as a lab technician.

Work experience CV tips

If you’re writing a CV with no experience, highlight transferable skills in academic environments, such as data handling, problem-solving, applying scientific methodologies and using critical thinking. Consider structuring your CV to showcase relevant internships, apprenticeships or roles within pharmaceutical, environmental, or research sectors. Discover more tips by exploring similar roles such as a pharmacist or microbiologist.

Chemist CV work experience examples

Analytical Chemist, LabCo Ltd., Birmingham, UK, 2022- present

Conduct comprehensive analyses using chromatography, mass spectrometry, and spectroscopy techniques, ensuring accurate and precise results. Develop and validate methods for pharmaceutical testing, adhering to industry standards. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to troubleshoot and optimise analytical processes.

  • Validated an innovative chromatography method, reducing analysis time by 20% and enhancing accuracy in drug quality assessments.

  • Published research on optimised analytical techniques, contributing to a 15% increase in lab efficiency and standardisation of analysis protocols.

Chemistry Graduate, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 2019-2022

Performed research in organic chemistry, synthesising novel compounds and conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses. Assisted in laboratory experiments, data collection, and analysis, demonstrating proficiency in experimental design and chemical analysis techniques.

  • Contributed to a research team that developed a new synthesis method, leading to publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

  • Presented findings at a regional conference, highlighting novel analytical approaches in organic chemistry.

Chemist Apprentice, CS Pharmaceuticals, Edinburgh, UK, 2018-2020

Assisted in laboratory experiments, conducted routine analyses, and supported senior professionals in method development and validation. Acquired hands-on experience in various analytical techniques and laboratory procedures while adhering to safety regulations and industry guidelines.

Contributed to developing a new sample preparation technique, reducing analysis time by 30% and enhancing efficiency in quality control procedures.

Recognised for exceptional attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols during laboratory operations, receiving commendations from peers.

Chemistry Teacher, Kingswood High School, Bristol, UK, 2017-2021

Delivered engaging science lessons, creating tailored curriculum materials and practical experiments. Mentored students, providing academic support and guidance. Organised and supervised laboratory sessions, ensuring safety and compliance with safety protocols.

  • Initiated a study club to foster interest in practical science, resulting in a 25% increase in students participating in science extracurriculars.

  • Implemented innovative teaching methodologies, improving students' exam performance by an average of 15%.

Chemist work experience example with little to no experience:

Student Laboratory Assistant, University of Edinburgh, 2019-2021

Supported professors and senior students in laboratory experiments, focusing on observing and learning fundamental lab procedures. Assisted in maintaining laboratory cleanliness, preparing equipment, setting up experiments, and gaining exposure to safety protocols and equipment handling.

  • Recognised for outstanding performance in conducting and analysing experiments and consistently achieving top scores in laboratory assessments.

Read our blog if you need further guidance on structuring the work experience on a CV.

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How to include education on a chemist CV 

When formatting qualifications on your chemist CV sample, begin with your most recent educational achievements and work backwards in chronological order. 

Even with little work experience, or as an undergraduate student, there are clear career paths and entry-level roles to choose from to become qualified, such as completing an apprenticeship or obtaining a degree. For those aiming for more senior roles, consider pursuing a research PhD in prevalent sectors such as sustainability and medicine

Education examples Chemist CV

Refer to our blog article on how to add education to your CV for more examples and tips.

What are chemist skills for a CV? 

On your chemist CV sample, incorporate specific scientific and technical knowledge and demonstrate a combination of soft and hard skills. Proficiency in collaboration, logical reasoning, and innovative thinking should complement your expertise in data handling, utilising computer software, and employing models to drive impactful scientific discoveries.

If you lack work experience or are writing a chemistry student CV, consider using a skills-based CV format to shift the focus from education to relevant skills and practical knowledge.

Hard skills

Soft skills

Chemical analysis


Laboratory safety



Critical thinking



Mass spectrometry

Time management


Project management





Method development


Quality control


Data analysis

Analytical thinking

Organic synthesis


Refer to our blog about how to list skills on a CV for more information. 

How to list courses and certificates on a chemist CV

Add credibility and showcase your broader knowledge to your potential employer with this additional section. Include the course or certificate name, the institution or organisation that provided it, the date of completion or expected completion, and any significant details or achievements from academic or professional institutions.


  • Analytical Scientific and Lab Techniques, Coursera, 2020

    Explored chromatography, spectroscopy, and qualitative analysis.

  • Lab Safety and Protocol, Institute of Chemical Safety, 2019

    Covered safety measures and best practices in laboratory environments.

  • Basic Analytical Lab Scientific Techniques, Class Central, 2023

  • Quality Control and Assurance Certification, Quality Assurance International, 2021

  • Introduction to Laboratory Safety, ABC Training Centre (Online Course), 2022

Learn how to list courses and certificates in a CV for more guidance. 

Key takeaways

Whether an aspiring graduate, student or experienced professional, writing an up-to-date chemist CV aligned to the latest industry trends is essential. Focus on including relevant scientific knowledge, technical skills, qualifications and work experiences tailored to your job targets. Remember, even without experience, you can still leverage your CV with apprenticeships or higher education, and consider completing courses to increase your chances of standing out in this competitive and evolving industry.

Next steps? 

Looking for ways to improve your CV?  Save time and effort with our comprehensive CV Writing Service tailored to your career goals. Alternatively, explore our career blog for the latest advice and tips to ensure your CV is modern, professional and ATS-friendly. For maximum impact, use our cover letter templates to accentuate your CV.


What is the objective of a chemist CV? 

Your CV aims to present your academic background, expertise, and relevant experiences to employers. It highlights your qualifications, skills, and achievements to demonstrate suitability for your target role. 

Are chemists in demand in the UK? 

Yes, this job is in demand across various industries in the UK, including pharmaceuticals, environmental sciences, healthcare, and research sectors. Refer to our blogs about in-demand jobs for more inspiration. 

How do you qualify as a chemist? 

Typically, you’ll need to complete an apprenticeship, internship or undergraduate degree in chemistry or a similar field. Employers look for those with practical laboratory experience or with relevant certificates. Browse study options on the (RSC) Education website for a detailed overview of how to qualify.

What is the average salary of a chemist in the UK? 

The average salary varies based on experience, location, and industry. Salaries usually start from £26,000 annually for entry-level students or lab technicians to £40,000 for more experienced professionals. Undertaking training and courses can also significantly impact your earning potential.

How do you add publications to a chemistry CV?

Create a dedicated 'publications' or ‘additional section’ on your CV to include details like authors, titles, and publication dates. Mention academic papers, research projects, or articles you've contributed to. Consider referring to relevant hobbies and interests that highlight self-published work, like personal blogs or websites, to enhance your CV further.

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