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Microbiologist CV


Microbiologist CV

In this microbiology CV, Michelle showcases a decade of leading innovative antimicrobial experiments at BioTech Innovations. Her achievements highlight skills in process optimisation, shortened research timelines, and adherence to industry standards. The microbiologist template reflects her dedication to ongoing learning and technical expertise for easy readability.

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"Experienced and detail-orientated Microbiologist with ten years of passion for cutting-edge research, quality control implementation, and collaboration with diverse teams. Demonstrates exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, excelling in precise data interpretation and effective communication."

Michelle Collins - Microbiologist

Microbiologist CV Example

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How to Write a Microbiologist CV: Guide with Examples

For prospective or experienced microbiologists aspiring to work with new methodologies, technologies and research, writing a modern CV is essential. Suppose you want to innovate within diverse fields like sustainability, environmental science, medicine, and agriculture. In that case, you could address pressing issues such as the impact of COVID-19, global warming, and the multifaceted challenges faced by the NHS. This guide is tailored to assist you in creating a CV that exceeds the industry standards expected in this field to enhance your job search and career prospects within these crucial domains.

Outlined below are the essential sections to show how to write a good CV for a microbiologist. We provide expert insights, show you what to include, and offer detailed guidance on formatting key sections and information.

Whether you aim to advance to a senior role or are a current undergraduate applying for your first entry-level role, our extensive collection of CV templates and examples will ensure you make the best impression on industry professionals.

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Microbiologist CV example 

Microbiologist CV example

Download this microbiologist CV sample in the UK

In this microbiology CV sample, Michelle presents over a decade of expertise spearheading innovative antimicrobial experiments at BioTech Innovations. Her skills and achievements section demonstrates her proficiency in streamlining processes, reducing research timelines and complying with industry standards. Her relevant academic qualifications, certificates, and work experience underscore her dedication to learning the latest skills and developing technical knowledge. Using a California microbiologist CV template, her CV is a professionally structured format for easy readability.

What to include in a microbiologist CV? 

We recommend to include key sections such as your contact details and a personal profile outlining your career goals and relevant skills. Add work experience in reverse chronological order focusing on relevant lab or research roles, then an education section emphasising your scientific and health background, with any certifications or memberships from professional bodies like the Microbiology Society

Must-have sections for a  microbiologist CV

Highlight skills relevant to the job such as laboratory techniques, data analysis, and research methodologies. For recent graduates or students, emphasise coursework or practical experiences gained during studies. Consider referencing industry-specific platforms like the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC) for relevant certifications or the General Medical Council (GMC) for further qualifications and registrations, ensuring your compliance with industry standards.

Refer to our article to discover the essentials of starting with a master CV before tailoring your CV to a specific job.

Key microbiology CV skills  

Adding microbiology CV skills is crucial to help potential employers quickly assess your qualifications and suitability for the job you are applying for. Include a mixture of soft, hard, and transferable skills to demonstrate your diverse qualities and match the job duties outlines in the job description.

If you are just starting out after your studies, showcase essentials skills in laboratory operation, aseptic practices, and foundational knowledge in specific coursework like microbial genetics and immunology. Consider using a skills-based CV format if you need more experience or for entry-level jobs. Highlight transferable skills gained through coursework, academic projects, internships, or relevant extracurricular activities. 

Essential hard skills

Soft skills

Microbial culturing


PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)



Critical thinking


Time management

Aseptic techniques


ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay)


Microbial identification


Laboratory equipment operation


Quality control procedures

Ethical awareness

Data analysis


Explore other CV examples with similar skill sets such as pharmacist CV or data analyst CV. Alternatively, learn more what skills to put on a CV with examples and tips. 

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Pro Tip

Showcase your proficiency with specific microbiological techniques, equipment, and software. Clearly communicate your skills in a concise manner, aligning them with the job description for maximum impact.

How to write a personal profile for a microbiologist CV

Create a concise and impactful personal profile, also known as a personal statement, summarising your expertise in laboratory techniques, genetic analysis, and software proficiency. Express a genuine passion for microbiology, emphasising commitment to the latest research and impacting the industry. Share career aspirations, emphasising goals to contribute to research, academia, or diverse industries. Highlight adaptability, flexibility, and collaboration skills when working in multidisciplinary settings.

personal profile tips CV for a microbiologist

Microbiology Student CV personal profile example

Diligent and motivated Microbiology student, committed to expanding my knowledge and practical understanding of microbial sciences. Eager to explore the complexities of microbiological research, possess a solid academic foundation and knowledge of new methodologies and technologies. Driven by the prospect of contributing to scientific breakthroughs and keen on translating theoretical learning into impactful, hands-on experiences.

Refer to our student CV example for more advice on how to write a CV for a microbiology student.

Microbiology Graduate CV personal profile example

Accomplished Microbiology graduate with a robust academic background and a passion for microbiological and health-scientific studies. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of microbial systems, laboratory methodologies, and analytical techniques. Proficient in applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios eager to contribute my expertise toward advancing research, tackling challenges, and exploring new frontiers in microbial sciences.

Read our graduate CV example article for tips.

Microbiology Apprenticeship CV personal profile example

Dedicated Microbiologist Apprentice seeking an immersive learning experience to supplement theoretical understanding with practical, industry-specific skills. Committed to acquiring hands-on expertise in laboratory procedures, data analysis, and research methodologies. Enthusiastic about collaborating with industry professionals, harnessing new techniques, and developing a solid foundation for a successful career.

Refer to our apprenticeship CV example for more guidance.

Microbiology CV personal profile example

Accomplished and versatile Microbiologist with 6 years of experience and an extensive background in microbial research and laboratory practices. Proficient in executing complex experiments, interpreting data, and contributing to groundbreaking research initiatives. Possessing a track record of innovative problem-solving and a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge. Skilled in employing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to drive impactful contributions.

Read our article on how to write a personal profile on a CV for more inspiration.

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How to include relevant work experience 

When adding work experience to your microbiologist CV, highlight relevant roles, duties, and achievements. Structure each entry with precise details in a builet point format: position title, organisation, duration, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Tailor your CV examples to match your target job, emphasising the most relevant experiences. If you have consultancy or teaching experience, include it in this section.

If you have no work experience or are applying for entry-level work, consider including part-time jobs such as an administrator or lab technician to showcase essential transferable skills.

Must-have sections for microbiologist CV

Examples of work experience for a microbiologist CV with little to no experience 

Administrative Assistant | City Office Services | Manchester | 2022

Supported the administrative team in various tasks, including file organisation, data entry, and scheduling. Gained foundational skills in office protocols and document management systems, ensuring efficient workflow. Contributed to organising office events and fostering teamwork and coordination among departments. 

  • Collaborated on a project to streamline office inventory management, offering valuable insights that led to improved inventory practices.

Laboratory Intern | Research Centre | London | 2021

Assisted in experiments, sample preparation, and equipment maintenance. Gained hands-on experience in microbiological techniques like culturing and microscopy. Collaborated with senior researchers, learning proper lab protocols and contributing to operations.

  • Conducted independent research on local soil samples, identifying 20+ bacterial strains contributing crucial data for ongoing research.

  • Provided feedback on new lab protocols, improving efficiency by 15%.

Microbiology Technician Apprentice | DEF Pharmaceuticals | Birmingham | 2022

Engaged in fundamental microbiological techniques in a supervised setting, such as sample processing, culturing, and data documentation. Assisted in various laboratory procedures, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and accurate record-keeping. Actively participated in quality control measures and learned to operate specialised laboratory equipment.

  • Developed a comprehensive lab protocols manual, minimising errors by 25% and standardising procedures across the department.

  • Contributed to a study on antimicrobial efficacy, aiding in data collection that enhanced testing accuracy by 10%.

Consider completing an internship or volunteering to leverage your CV. Refer to our how to write a CV with no experience blog for additional advice.

Examples of work experience for a microbiologist CV with experience

Junior Microbiologist | Research Diagnostics Ltd | Manchester | 2023

Performed microbiological testing, analysis, and reporting, applying academic knowledge in culture-based identification and susceptibility testing. Ensured adherence to quality control guidelines.

  • Implemented a new sample tracking system, reducing errors by 20% and increasing throughput by 30%.

  • Led a study on antibiotic resistance in clinical isolates, contributing to a report with impactful recommendations for future diagnostics and treatments.

Microbiology Research Scientist | BioInnovate Labs | Manchester | 2022

Conducted research and analysed microbial interactions and adaptations to various conditions. Designed and executed experiments, including DNA sequencing and microbial culturing, resulting in the discovery of novel extremophilic microorganisms. Presented research findings at national and international conferences, garnering interest from industry professionals.

  • Discovered and isolated three novel extremophilic microorganisms, expanding knowledge in extremophile biology and contributing to two published research papers.

  • Presented research findings on the genetic traits and adaptive mechanisms of extremophilic microorganisms at the National Microbiology Symposium. The presentation garnered attention and recognition, resulting in invitations to collaborate on future research projects with leading experts in the field.

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Pro Tip

Emphasise collaborative projects and their outcomes, showcasing your contributions to presentations and published papers. Demonstrate your effective teamwork and broader impact on advancing microbiological knowledge.

For more examples, read our article on how to list work experience on a CV. 

How to include education on CV for a microbiologist

Adding your educational background is crucial for pursuing various career paths catering to different levels and experiences. Use a chronological CV format to list qualifications, apprenticeships, or certificates that establish your understanding of fundamental principles and match the job description.

If you are still in the process of studying, your microbiologist CV should showcase your enthusiasm for the healthcare sector, a willingness to learn, and a strong foundation in microbiology gained through education. Include any coursework that has refined your knowledge of compliance, industry regulations, and best practices. When adding relevant science-based qualifications, note that the formatting slightly differs between England and Scotland.

Education examples for Microbiologist CV

Learn more about mastering the CV education section.

Key takeaways 

Creating an impressive CV for a microbiologist job is vital in a competitive field where precision and expertise are at the forefront. Ensure you tailor your CV by incorporating essential sections that spotlight your academic qualifications, technical proficiencies, and specialised skills. Consider improving your CV to enhance your job prospects if you want to advance your career. Remember that even without experience, employers look for relevant graduate and student job-specific CVs and include key sections outlined in this guide.

Key takeaways microbiologist CV

Next steps?

Choose a CV template tailored to scientific professions that aligns with your career goals. Gain valuable insights and practical advice from our career blog and leverage our professional CV Writing Service to ensure your job application stands out. If you need more experience, explore our cover letter templates to impress potential employers.


Do I need any qualifications to become a microbiologist? 

Qualifications vary, but a degree in microbiology or a related field is typically fundamental for entry-level roles. Advanced positions may require postgraduate degrees, certifications, or specific skill sets. Explore our PhD CV or academic CV example articles for more guidance.

How long is microbiology training in the UK? 

Microbiology training duration in the UK varies based on the level of study. A bachelor's degree typically takes three to four years, while master's programs span one to two years. Doctoral studies take three to seven years. Refer to our blog on entering the workforce after graduating for further guidance.

What NHS band is a microbiologist? 

In the NHS, this type of role is generally placed in Band 6 or above, reflecting the level of expertise, experience, and responsibilities within the healthcare system. Explore how to write a medical CV for more information about this sector.

What is a personal statement for a microbiologist CV? 

A personal statement or personal profile succinctly summarises your expertise, skills, and aspirations in the field. It outlines your qualifications, unique strengths, and career objectives related to microbiology roles. For more information on how to write and structure, read our article on how long a CV should be. 

What is a microbiologist salary in the UK?

Salaries in the UK vary based on experience, qualifications, and sector. Entry-level jobs potentially start at £20,000 to £30,000. Senior microbiologists or those in managerial positions can earn upwards of £40,000 to £60,000 or more.

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