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Optometrist CV


Optometrist CV

Jaclyn, an experienced Optometrist, highlights five years of exceptional eye care expertise in this CV. Emphasising patient-focused care, precise diagnoses, and commitment to advanced tools, she leverages a nursing background for effective clinic management and staff training. Using the concise Auckland template, this CV covers essential sections.

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"Experienced Optometrist with a 5-year track record in delivering exceptional eye care. Known for strong interpersonal and communication skills and dedicated to building lasting patient relationships."

Jaclyn Cambell - Optometrist

Optometrist CV example

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How to Write an Optometrist CV: Examples and Tips

Optometry is a field that combines science and patient care with technical expertise and compassionate service. Your role extends beyond simply prescribing eyewear– as you’ll enhance people's vision and quality of life. In today's diverse UK healthcare industry, professionals collaborate in various settings, from retail to NHS, private practices to laboratories, each demanding a unique skill set. Writing a good CV is the first step to kickstarting your career and improving your chances of finding more senior roles.

As with any profession, a successful CV should showcase your qualifications, clinical expertise, and commitment to patient well-being. It highlights your educational background and hands-on experience and emphasises your ability to adapt to different work environments. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a pre-reg optometrist starting your career, a modern CV that uses a professional CV template optimised for application tracking systems (ATS) is essential to set yourself apart from other applicants.

Optometrist CV example 

Optometrist CV example 

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In this optometrist CV example, Jaclyn showcases five years of expertise in providing exceptional eye care services. Her profile emphasises patient-focused care, accurate diagnoses, and a dedication to staying updated with advanced diagnostic tools. Her work experience highlights her leadership role in clinic management and staff training, supported by her nursing education, further enriching her qualifications. This optometrist CV sample uses the well-developed Auckland template, which includes essential sections.

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What to include in an optometrist CV? 

Crafting an optometrist CV requires a strategic approach that effectively highlights relevant skills and work experience and showcases your industry passions. To improve your chances of being shortlisted for a job interview, include the following:

  • General Optical Council registration

  • Clearances

  • Background checks

  • Licencing details

  • Affiliations with professional bodies on your CV.

Furthermore, highlight your education achievements and independent prescribing qualifications vital for more senior positions. This credential shows your expertise and ability to provide specialised care directly to patients. For more information, refer to our CV writing process guide for tips and advice on how to start with a master CV then tailor your CV to specific roles.

Must-have CV sections

How to write a personal profile

Elevate your optometrist CV with a personal profile that shows a quick overview of your professional strengths, offering recruiters insight into your potential contributions. Write a brief statement highlighting your technical proficiency, industry-specific expertise, and communication skills. Emphasise your proficiency in examinations, diagnostic precision, and dedication to ensure optimal eye health and enhance visual acuity.

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Pro Tip

In your profile, highlight adaptable and transferable client-focused skills to demonstrate you can work in diverse work settings and contexts when catering to different patient needs. 

Pre-registration Optometrist CV personal profile example

Passionate and driven Pre-registration Optometrist committed to continuous learning and advancement. Enthusiastic about translating academic expertise into practical applications while cultivating a strong foundation in clinical skills. Committed to developing clinical skills, familiarising with diagnostic instruments, and embracing mentorship opportunities.

Clinic Optometrist CV personal profile example

Accomplished Clinic Optometrist with over 5 years of experience, adept at managing a diverse patient base. Skilled in conducting comprehensive eye examinations, prescribing tailored treatments, and ensuring patient satisfaction. Proficient in employing cutting-edge diagnostic tools and fostering enduring patient relationships through compassionate care and clear communication.

Specialist Optometrist CV personal profile example

Dynamic Specialist Optometrist with over 7 years of experience, recognised for expertise in niche areas, including contact lens fitting and ocular pathology. Proficient in handling intricate cases, employing sophisticated diagnostic technologies, and delivering advanced treatment solutions. Committed to continuous professional development and pioneering innovative approaches in specialised eye care services.

Newly-qualified Optometrist CV personal profile example

Recently qualified Optometrist with a year of hands-on experience, passionate about applying academic knowledge to real-world optometric practice. Focused on accurate diagnoses, building patient rapport, and enhancing clinical skills. Dedicated to further learning, embracing challenges, and delivering high-quality eye care to patients.

For more inspiration on how to make your personal profile on your CV catch the attention of hiring managers, read our article.

Key skills for an optometrist CV

Your professional CV should showcase a blend of technical and interpersonal skills. Effectively communicating complex concepts in a patient-friendly manner and exhibiting strong clinical understanding are crucial. Recruiters value candidates who are competent in eye care diagnostics and equipped with outstanding communication, empathy, and teamwork skills.

Highlighting transferable skills from diverse experiences in a skills-based CV can benefit entry-level roles and those without work experience. If you’re changing careers, explore roles such as an ophthalmic technician or healthcare assistant with a similar skill set.

Soft skills

Hard skills

Empathetic patient care

Refraction techniques

Strong interpersonal communication

Ophthalmic equipment operation

Active listening

Clinical diagnosis


Binocular vision assessment

Team collaboration.

Contact lens fitting.

Essential technical skills:

  • Visual field testing

  • Tonometry

  • OCT (optical coherence tomography) interpretation

  • Slit-lamp biomicroscopy

  • Funduscopy

  • Corneal topography

  • Keratometry

  • Auto-refractometer

  • Pachymetry

  • Gonioscopy techniques.

In our article, you can find more tips and examples of key skills to put on your CV. For more examples of skills related to healthcare, refer to the examples below:

Include relevant work experience 

Write your work history chronologically on your optometrist CV, beginning with your most recent role. Detail your job responsibilities and notable achievements in bullet points, ensuring their relevance to the job description.

Work experience CV

For current students, consider engaging in part-time roles, or volunteer opportunities aligned with client-facing positions, emphasising robust communication skills. Entry-level jobs in a call centre or customer service sector can offer valuable experience relevant to optometry, build crucial communication skills, and enhance your patient interaction capabilities.

For more ideas on how to kickstart your career, read our tips and advice on entering the workforce after graduating, especially if you need more work experience.  Read how to write the work experience on a CV for more tips and examples.

Examples of work experience for an optometrist CV

Pre-registration optometrist, Visionary Eye Care Clinic | London | 2021 - Present

Assisting senior optometrists in conducting preliminary eye examinations and patient screenings. Actively involved in data collection and patient history recording. Participating in ongoing learning programs and attending seminars to enhance knowledge of optometry practices.

  • Collaborated with the team to streamline patient records, reducing documentation time by 15%.

  • Contributed to the implementation of new eye screening procedures, optimising patient flow.

Clinic Optometrist, Clear Vision Optometry | Manchester | 2018 - 2023

Managed routine eye examinations and diagnostics. Administered advanced diagnostic tests and assessments, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in patient care. Advised patients on proper eyewear prescriptions and assisted in contact lens fittings.

  • Implemented a new patient education program, enhancing patient understanding and compliance by 25%.

  • Received recognition for consistent achievement of high patient satisfaction scores above 90%.

Specialist Optometrist, Advanced Eye Solutions, Birmingham, 2015 - 2023

Specialised in complex eye assessments and diagnosis, particularly glaucoma and macular degeneration. Provided expert consultations for patients with specific eye conditions. Led a team focused on developing cutting-edge diagnostic methodologies.

  • Introduced a specialised treatment program resulting in a 30% improvement in patient outcomes.

  • Conducted research to integrate new diagnostic technology, enhancing the clinic's capabilities.

Newly qualified Optometrist, OptiHealth Clinic, Manchester, 2022 - Present

Performing basic eye screenings and preliminary examinations under the guidance of senior optometrists. Learning and applying fundamental diagnostic procedures. Assisted in patient consultations and provided support during eye tests and assessments.

  • Received commendation for attention to detail and consistent accuracy in patient record-keeping.

  • Actively participated in clinic initiatives, contributing to a 10% reduction in appointment waiting times.

Work experience example with no experience

Call Centre Associate, Customer Support Ltd, London, 2020 - Present

Respond to customer inquiries precisely, ensuring prompt and effective resolution of issues. Developing vital skills in customer service and actively pursuing optometric education outside work hours. To develop expertise and engage in self-driven learning through online courses, workshops, and professional shadowing.

  • Received 'Top Performer' recognition for consistently resolving 95%+ of customer queries.

Discover more tips on how to effectively write a CV with little to no work experience.

How to include education on an optometrist CV 

The education section on your optometrist CV must highlight your relevant qualifications and expertise. Becoming an optometrist typically involves earning a degree approved by the General Optical Council (GOC).

If you’re a graduate, mention the degree name, university's name, location, and dates (either date of completion or simply 'in progress'.)

Education on CV

Alternatively, complete a pre-registration work placement under the supervision of registered professionals for a year and then pass the GOC final assessment to qualify. For more information on entry requirements, explore the job profile of an Optometrist.\ \ Securing admission to optometry schools can be competitive. However, there are various career pathways, particularly for those starting work as recent students or graduates aspiring to become certified professionals.

Refer to our helpful guide on mastering the education section of your CV for tips and examples.

Additional sections to include on your CV 

Including an additional section can enhance your CV by providing more insight into your skills, interests, and accomplishments.

  • Certifications and licences: This includes details of any licences, specialised courses and certificates, or registrations you hold, such as the General Optical Council (GOC) certification or specialised training in specific diagnostic equipment.

  • Professional memberships: Highlight memberships in relevant optometric associations or professional bodies like the College of Optometrists, the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA), or the Association of Optometrists. It demonstrates your commitment to ongoing professional development.

  • Publications and research: If you’re a student or newly qualified, showcase any research papers, articles, or contributions. Additionally, presenting research insights at conferences like the British Optical Association (BOA) can underscore your dedication to staying updated on industry trends and innovations.

  • Languages: Include any languages spoken fluently, especially if relevant to your practice.

  • Interests: Sharing hobbies and interests can provide conversation points during interviews and add a personal touch to your CV.

  • Conferences: attend optometry conferences and networking events such as the Optometry Tomorrow Conference and the Optrafair Exhibition in Birmingham.

  • Forums: Actively participate in forums like the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) meetings or the College of Optometrists' events.

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Pro Tip

If you have no work experience, add achievements to your CV to demonstrate a commitment to learning, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and contributing to the broader industry community.

Key takeaways 

Crafting an impactful optometrist CV involves highlighting your expertise and aptitudes in eye care. Showcase your skills, experience, and qualifications tailored to different sectors like retail, NHS, private practice, GP surgeries, or laboratory settings. Emphasise any GOC-approved qualifications and certifications. Ensure your CV is well-structured and job-specific to maximise your chances of landing your dream job.

Top tips for Optometrist CV

Next steps? 

Explore our professional CV examples suited for various career stages, from aspiring students to seasoned experts. Utilise our user-friendly CV Builder to select and personalise editable templates to match your career goals. For further guidance and advice, our career blog is ideal for newly qualified students or if you need to discover more tips on how to improve your CV.


How do I write a CV for a healthcare job in the UK?

Writing a healthcare CV in the UK should include qualifications, clinical experience, and applicable skills. Highlight your education, certifications, and specialised training. Emphasise a commitment to patient care and familiarity with healthcare protocols. Tailor your CV to the healthcare role and work environment you're targeting, utilising industry-specific keywords highlighted in the job description. Consider adding a cover letter and references to enhance your application and add impact.

How do I write a CV for a pre-reg optometrist? 

Highlight your education, placements or internships, and specific pre-registration training. Focus on clinical skills, patient interaction, and exposure to diagnostic tools. Emphasise your readiness for the pre-registration period and your commitment to advancing your knowledge. Read more about pre-registration training grants with the NHS. 

How can I write a good CV for the NHS? 

Detail your healthcare qualifications, relevant work experience, and clinical skills. Highlight any NHS-specific training, familiarity with NHS protocols, and a commitment to patient-centred care. Tailor your CV to NHS job descriptions and showcase your understanding of NHS values. For newly qualified students, learn how to get experience and explore more health careers with the NHS. 

What is the best format for a CV for an optometrist?

The most widely used format is a chronological CV. Choose a CV template that aligns with your job targets and looks professional. Your optometrist CV sample must outline education and work experience in reverse chronological format and include relevant skills and certificates, which enables recruiters to scan your application for critical details.

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