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Painter CV

James has chosen the Michigan CV template, which offers a sleek and contemporary format to align, similar to his own painting abilities. His work experience, education, and achievement sections demonstrate his capability to handle diverse projects.

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"Highly skilled painter with 5+ years of experience, passionate about transforming spaces. Lead a team of painters for extensive commercial and residential ventures, ensuring stringent quality standards and project adherence to schedules."

James Turner - Painter

Painter CV Example

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How to Write a Painter CV: Expert Examples and Pro Tips

Being a painter and decorator in the UK is more than just applying wallpaper and beautifying spaces. It’s a job that demands high concentration, close attention to detail, a head for customer service and excellent interpersonal skills.Painters and decorators need to know how to write a good CV. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to do just that, one step at a time.

Interior and exterior improvement experts are sought after in several areas. You need a CV template that can pass muster with application tracking systems (ATS), quickly and effectively qualify you and recommend your services for different positions.

Read on to learn how to improve your CV as a painter. We’re going to take you through the main components of a modern CV for a decorator in the UK and show how you can give it the two coats it deserves to shine.

Painter CV example

Painter CV Example

Download this painter CV sample in PDF.

In this painter CV sample, James highlights his proficiency in both residential and commercial painting and decorating. He excels in areas like surface preparation, paint application, wallpapering, and understanding client requirements. His work experience, education, and achievement sections demonstrate his capability to handle diverse projects and mentor apprentices, all while honing his professional techniques. James has chosen the Michigan CV template, which offers a sleek and contemporary format.

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What to include in a painter CV?

While every application is different, there are some sections of a painter CV which should not be ignored. These include:

  • Personal details

  • Personal profile

  • Work experience

  • Skills

  • Education

  • Technical skills e.g. colour matching.

Must-have CV sections

How to make sure applications are consistent

Jot down each of these sections and flesh them out as best you can until you have the basis of a master CV. This is a comprehensive document you can use to create job-specific applications later on. This way your applications remain consistent but still tailored to the role. For more information on where to start creating a master CV take a look at our blog.

Other trade professions, such as carpenters and interior designers, will have different ways of approaching writing a CV. So, take a moment to be inspired by different professions and give your CV some added depth.

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Pro Tip

In your introduction, show that you've done your homework about the company and the specific job you're applying for. It can make a big difference.

How to write a personal profile for a painter and decorator

The personal profile on a CV is your professional handshake. It's the first impression you make, and it's your chance to quickly show an employer why you're the right fit. This section gives a brief overview of your skills and experiences, and it's also where you can show you've done your homework about the job and company.

Personal profiles, although following some basic rules, can vary from industry to industry. See how other trades approach this section such as electricians and construction workers.

Personal profile tips CV

Painter and Decorator CV Personal Profile Example

Dedicated painter and decorator with over 5 years experience in residential and commercial projects. Skilled in various painting techniques and known for meticulous attention to detail. Adept at client communication, understanding their vision, and delivering results that exceed expectations. Committed to continuous learning and upholding the highest standards of quality.

Senior Painter CV Personal Profile Example

Seasoned painter with over 10 years in the industry, specialising in large-scale commercial projects. Demonstrates leadership in guiding teams, ensuring timely project completion with exceptional quality. Combines technical expertise with strong interpersonal skills, fostering positive client relationships and mentoring junior team members. Upholds company values and consistently seeks innovative solutions.

Painter with no experience CV Personal Profile Example

Eager and motivated individual with a strong passion for painting and decorating. Completed a comprehensive training program in painting techniques and materials. Quick learner with a keen eye for detail and aesthetics. Possesses excellent communication skills, a collaborative spirit, and a drive to deliver top-notch work. Ready to bring fresh perspectives and dedication to any team.

How a painter and decorator should present skills on a CV 

Listing skills on your CV is more than just jotting down what you're good at. It's about showcasing your unique abilities that make you the right fit for the job.

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Pro Tip

The key is to tailor your CV to the specific role you're applying for. By highlighting the right skills, you increase your chances of catching the eye of potential employers.

Painters need to be comfortable in a variety of settings, from residential homes to commercial spaces, and even historical sites. Your hard and must-have skills deserve their dedicated section, given their importance.

For an experienced painter CV:

  • Hard skills: Advanced painting techniques, knowledge of various paint types, surface preparation, scaffolding setup, and equipment maintenance.

  • Soft skills: Leadership, team coordination, time management, problem-solving, and customer service.

For a painter apprentice CV:

  • Hard Skills: Basic painting techniques, equipment handling, surface cleaning, paint mixing, and brush maintenance.

  • Soft Skills: Willingness to learn, adaptability, teamwork, attention to detail, and punctuality.

For a spray painter CV:

  • Hard Skills: Spray paint application, equipment calibration, ventilation setup, paint thinning, and surface masking.

  • Soft Skills: Precision, patience, efficiency, adaptability, and communication.

Share your work experience on a painter CV

When compiling your work experience on a CV, clarity and simplicity are the best policies. Be sure to use a reverse chronological order (the most recent employment at the top) and follow a consistent yet brief format. We suggest writing a short paragraph for each work experience entry followed by two bullet points quantifying your work over that time period. Quantifiable work shows the definite impact your work had to potential new employers. 

Work experience tips painter CV

Work experience examples for a painter and decorator

Painter and decorator | Mount Brushmore Interior Services, London | 2018 - Present

Responsible for preparing and painting residential and commercial properties, ensuring high-quality finishes and customer satisfaction. Collaborated with clients to select appropriate colours and designs, and managed a team of three junior painters.

  • Completed over 50 projects within the last year, with a 95% client satisfaction rate.

  • Introduced a new technique that reduced paint drying time by 20%.

Painter apprenticeship | Hastings Borough Council, Hastings | 2019 - 2020

Assisted senior painters in various painting tasks, from surface preparation to final touch-ups. Gained hands-on experience in different painting techniques and tools, and actively sought feedback to improve skills.

  • Assisted in the completion of 30+ projects, consistently receiving positive feedback for attention to detail.

  • Suggested and implemented a new inventory system that reduced paint wastage by 15%.

Spray Painter | Newman Cars, Birmingham | 2017 - Present

Specialised in spray painting vehicles, ensuring smooth finishes and accurate colour matching. Maintained and calibrated spray painting equipment, and collaborated with clients to understand specific requirements.

  • Successfully spray painted over 200 vehicles in the past year, with zero complaints regarding finish quality.

  • Introduced a new paint mixing technique that improved colour accuracy by 25%.

Painter CV work experience example with little to no experience

Volunteer Painter (Gap Year) | Community Center, Curitiba, Brazil | February 2021

Participated in a community project to revamp local buildings. Though new to the profession, quickly developed an aptitude, learned basic painting techniques and collaborated effectively with a diverse team despite initial language barriers.

  • Contributed to the successful painting of three community buildings within a week.

  • Recognised for exceptional teamwork and adaptability, leading to an offer of an extended stay and formal apprenticeship.

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Pro Tip

If you’re crafting a CV with little to no work experience, focus on transferable soft skills like being a team player and time management.

Learn more about how to write a painter CV with little to no experience.

Include an education section on a painter and decorator CV

For painters and decorators, your education CV section might not seem as flashy as your portfolio or hands-on experience. But, it's still a space to showcase your dedication and growth in the field. Whether you're applying as a residential painter, commercial decorator, or a mural artist, here's how to make your education section pop:

Education Painter CV

If you're just starting out and don't have much work experience, look at a graduate CV example or consider using a skills-based CV format. Keep it short and sweet. A line or two for each educational point is enough to get the key details across.

Example of education:

City & Guilds Painting and Decorating, Manchester College of Arts and Trades  | 2016 

If you've taken any extra courses and certificates related to painting and decorating, it's good to mention them. They can add an extra dimension to your offer and show a dedicated, well-trained professional.

Painter and decorator apprenticeships and how to present them

Apprenticeships are an alternative way to enter the decorating industry whilst learning as you earn. Joining a recognised apprenticeship gives you the chance to perfect practical skills, develop creative competencies and work to an industry standard. A painter and decorator apprenticeship sets you up with a broad range of specialised skills in an in-demand industry.

Apprenticeship qualifications should be present on your CV in much the same way as other educational achievements - with the name of the certificate, awarding body and year of completion.

Painter and Decorator (level 2) Apprenticeship, Rotherham College, 2023

If your apprenticeship provided practical experience in the workplace, be sure to elaborate on your duties and skills learned by including the position in your work experience section.

Joining the industry from school

One of the many positives of being a painter and decorator is you can apply for entry-level positions immediately after completing your GCSEs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or National 5 (N5) qualifications in Scotland.

Similar to any diplomas or certificates, GCSEs or N5s should include the name of the award given, the institution you studied at as well as the year of completion. Remember to also include grades or levels.

For English, Welsh and Northern Irish applicants:

Windwood High School | Attleborough, 2016 - 2021

Maths: Grade 4 (C), English: Grade 5 (B), Combined Science: Grade 4 (C), Art: Grade 5 (B), Business Studies: Grade 6 (B)

For Scottish applicants with National 5 (N5) certificates:

Falkirk School | Falkirk 2017 - 2022\ Scottish N5s: English C (4), Maths C (4), Art B (6), Sport Science B (6), Chemistry C (4), Computing Science B (6) — GCSE level equivalent in brackets.

Refer to our school leaver CV example for more inspiration.

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Pro Tip

Always use a reverse chronological order when listing work experience, education and additional certifications.

Key takeaways 

When creating your perfect CV there are plenty of moving parts to keep track of, and it can be easy to lose an overview. Let’s break it down into five key takeaways.

  1. Create a master CV: Before diving into specific job applications, start with a master CV. This comprehensive document captures all your skills, experiences, and achievements, serving as a foundation for tailored CVs for specific roles.

  2. Personal profile matters: Your personal profile is your professional handshake. It should be compelling, highlighting both your technical skills and your soft skills. This section sets the tone and gives employers a snapshot of who you are.

  3. Highlight relevant skills: Differentiate between hard, soft, and must-have skills. Tailor your skills section based on the specific role you're applying for, ensuring you showcase both your technical expertise and personal attributes.

  4. Quantify your work experience: When detailing your work experience, use a clear format and always quantify your achievements. This provides tangible evidence of your contributions and the impact you've had in previous roles.

  5. Education and CV format: While your hands-on experience might be the highlight, don't neglect your education section. Showcase any relevant courses, certifications, or distinctions. Additionally, choose a CV format that best presents your career trajectory and aligns with the job's requirements.

Next Steps? 

Iron out any creases using our intuitive CV builder with 20+ CV templates and professional designs to choose from. To accompany your CV, discover our cover letter templates. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, connect with our professional CV Writing Service.


What is the average salary for a painter and decorator in the UK?

The average salary for a painter and decorator in the UK, as of 2022, ranges from £20,000 to £30,000 for entry-level positions. Experienced painters can earn upwards of £30,000 to £40,000.

Are painters in demand in the UK?

Yes, painters and decorators are consistently in demand in the UK, especially with ongoing construction and renovation projects.

What qualifications do you need to be a painter?

While formal qualifications aren't always required, many painters pursue courses like the City & Guilds Painting and Decorating or NVQs in Decorative Finishing. Practical experience and a portfolio can also be beneficial.

What is the best format for a painter CV?

Selecting the right painter and decorator CV template is pivotal. It not only structures your professional story but also emphasises your strengths. The right format enhances readability and aligns with the job's demands, boosting your chances of catching an employer's eye. For instance, if you're changing careers, a skills-based format might be more appropriate, while those with a linear career progression might opt for a chronological format.

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