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In this example, Abigail emphasises her expertise and outlines her success in achieving high-level positions as a designer. This cover letter follows a modern style and clean format while also matching her CV template.

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"I am writing to express my interest in the Product Design Manager position at Burberry Group plc. As an accomplished professional with a robust background in product design and management, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your renowned Product Development team."

Abigail Matthews - Designer

Cover letter example - Designer - Michigan template

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How to Write a Designer Cover Letter in the UK? (Examples & Tips)

Writing a strong cover letter for a designer is as important as putting together a great CV. By customising your cover letter, you are able to convey the must-have skills needed to land a specific job. Whether you're into graphic design, UX/UI, interior design, or anything in between, our guide covers the particular requirements of each field.

We highlight the importance of showing off your design skills, staying updated on industry trends, being good at creative problem-solving, paying attention to detail, and using design software – all things highly valued in different design jobs. They also need to navigate client expectations and find innovative solutions for sustainability issues. Following our advice and using our tips, you can create a compelling story that sets you apart as an excellent candidate, ready to make a substantial impact in the ever-evolving design field.

Explore our cover letter templates to help you create a splendid document tailor to your specific job.

Designer cover letter example 


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This cover letter sample features Abigalil, highlighting her relevant design expertise and showcasing her ability to maintain high standards as a Product Designer. This cover letter follows a simple layout, matching the chosen CV template.

Matching CV & cover letter for a designer

Refer to the designer CV example to help you submit a full application tailored to a specific job.

What to include in a designer cover letter?

Much like a good CV, the purpose of a well-structured cover letter is to be brief and tailored to the specific job you're pursuing. The format of a cover letter is straightforward; ensure you incorporate must-have sections by referring to the checklist below:

Must-have CL sections for a designer cover letter

Include these key sections to effectively showcase your successful projects, eye for design and developing products. Emphasise your proficiency in specific tools or software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, or Sketch, to demonstrate your technical skills. Highlight measurable achievements or noteworthy awards from your portfolio in previous roles you've held, showcasing your eagerness to bring creative solutions to the table. Lastly, express your commitment to continuous learning and passion to stay ahead of trends, underscoring your dedication to progressing your career as a designer in this innovative field.

To learn more, see the writing guide to crafting a well-structured cover Letter.

How to write a designer cover letter

See how to write each section of a designer cover letter in three simple steps below:

1. How to start a cover letter

The introduction sets the tone for your designer cover letter, providing an impactful snapshot of your skills and qualifications. These can include your proficiency in design software (e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoCAD), collaboration with clients and stakeholders, and your ability to deliver high-quality projects that meets the needs of the company. This section aims to pique the recruiter’s interest and make a robust initial impression. If you are seeking a graphic designer or a design manager role, make it clear in your introduction.

For more information, see our blog article to ensure the introduction of your cover letter matches the CV personal profile.

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Integrate the exact skills and attributes specified in the job description, showcasing expertise and positioning yourself as the ideal candidate. This strategy showcases your comprehension of the role and underscores your distinctive suitability.

Cover letter example for a graphic designer:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Graphic Design Assistant position at Pixel Pizzazz Ltd. As a recent graduate with a degree in Graphic Design, I bring a solid foundation in design principles, proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, and a passion for creating visually compelling content. I am eager to contribute to your dynamic team and grow as a graphic designer at Pixel Pizzazz Ltd.

Cover letter example for a UX/UI designer:

Dear Hiring Team,

With 4+ years of experience driving brand visibility, I’m confident I’ll be a great addition for a UX/UI Design internship opportunity at Whimsical Wireframe Co. My academic background in Human-Computer Interaction and hands-on projects have equipped me with a strong foundation in user-centric design. My coursework involved creating intuitive interfaces, conducting user research, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. I am eager to bring my passion for user experience to Whimsical Wireframe Co. and contribute to innovative design solutions.

Cover letter for an interior designer:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the Interior Design Assistant position at Zany Zenith Designs. My master’s degree in Interior design coupled with projects during my recent internship have honed my space planning and lighting design skills. I share the Zany Zenith Designs' vision of creating functional and visually stunning spaces. I am confident that my fresh perspective and dedication make me a valuable addition to your company.

For more advice on who to address the cover letter to, refer to our article on how to start a cover letter.

2. How to write the body of a designer cover letter

In the body of your cover letter, elaborate on your genuine interest in the designer role and the company, outlining why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Make sure to connect your skills, experiences, and career goals with the specific position and the organisation's overall culture.

  • Highlight your design skills: These could include proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud or Canva, logo expertise, UX/Ui design, wireframing and prototyping, and ability to translate complex concepts into tangible design elements.

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the company’s needs: align your cover letter with the company's goals and values, showing how your previous work helped to optimise user experience and contribute to an intuititve customer journey.

  • Connect your experience to the role: Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams during coursework, execute projects that mirror the company's dynamic environment, and apply design principles to solve real-world problems, as demonstrated in past internships or freelance work.

  • Showcase your creativity: Incorporate interactive elements into digital campaigns, transform conceptual ideas into visually stunning presentations, and infuse innovative design solutions in response to unique project requirements.

  • Highlight your attention to detail: Give examples of experience in colour matching and typography in various design projects, meticulously refining visual elements to enhance overall aesthetics, and consistently delivering error-free and polished final designs.

While there's room for flexibility in a cover letter, consider a two-paragraph structure for the body:

  • Paragraph 1: Showcase your main skills and experience, highlighting your qualifications and additional experience that position you as a strong candidate for the designer role

  • Paragraph 2: Highlight your tangible achievements, providing concrete examples of success in your previous design roles. Align them with the job criteria to increase your chances of landing an interview.

See our related article on how to add achievements and how to list work experience for a CV.

Cover letter example for a textile designer:

With 5 years of experience in textile design, I bring a comprehensive skill set that aligns seamlessly with the position's requirements. Proficient in textile innovation and creative design solutions, I excel in translating concepts into tangible and visually appealing products. My continuous pursuit of professional development and recognition within the industry underscores my dedication to staying at the forefront of textile design trends.

Throughout my career, I have a strong track record in collaborating with cross-functional teams, implementing innovative design processes, and consistently achieving high levels of client satisfaction. These experiences helped me to develop collaborative relationships and improve my knowledge in textile design.

Refer to our blog article on top skills to include on a CV that you can also apply in your cover letter

3. How to end a cover letter

Close off your designer cover letter by reiterating your enthusiasm for the role and expressing confidence in your ability to contribute to the company's success. Secondly, express gratitude for the hiring manager’s time and consideration. Lastly, end with a professional sign-off, expressing your desire to have a follow-up interview in person or by phone to discuss the qualifications further. 

Cover letter example for a design manager:

I am genuinely excited about the prospect of leading the design team at Quirk & Quill Designs and contributing to its creative vision. My experience and passion align seamlessly with your company's goals, and I am confident in my ability to drive innovation. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to discussing how my design leadership can elevate Quirk & Quill Designs.

Best regards,

Ayesha Malik

Cover letter example for a multimedia designer:

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring my multimedia design skills to Zany Zenith Design and contribute to the dynamic projects for which your team is known. I appreciate your reviewing my application and am eager to discuss how my creative approach aligns with the multimedia needs at Zany Zenith Designs.  I look forward to further discussing my qualifications in an interview.

Yours sincerely,

Lukas Fischer

Cover letter example for a fashion designer:

I am looking forward to contributing my fashion design expertise to Six Trends Fashion Ltd and being part of its innovative design initiatives. I am confident that my unique approach to fashion and commitment to staying on trend would be an asset to your team. Thank you for considering my application, and I am eager to discuss how my creative vision aligns with the fashion designer role needs at Six Trends Fashion Ltd.


Marta Nowakowski

For more examples on how to sign off, see our related blog article on how to end a cover letter.

Additionally, check out other cover letter examples to help you find your focus when sending your next application:

How to write a designer cover letter with no experience

Whether you're a school leaver, student, or graduate, landing your first design job without experience is challenging, but a well-crafted cover letter can make a difference. Tailor your letter to highlight transferable skills, volunteer work, relevant coursework, and a strong interest in design. Lastly, express your desire to learn and contribute to the company's growth.

Transferrable skills for a designer could include the following:

  • Creativity

  • Adaptability

  • Attention to detail

  • Project management

  • Problem-solving.

Cover letter for a visual designer intern:

I am writing to express my interest in the Visual Design Intern position at EFG Designs. As a recent graduate with a degree in Visual Communication, I bring a solid understanding of design principles, proficiency in industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Cloud, and a strong desire to contribute to innovative visual solutions. My academic projects showcase my creativity and attention to detail. I am eager to apply these skills in a dynamic role at EFG Designs to develop my career further.

In this cover letter sample, the candidate highlights a degree in the relevant field, proficiency in industry-standard software, and a strong desire to contribute innovative visual solutions. Adding transferrable skills and highlighting projects makes this person an ideal candidate for the entry-level role.

Cover letter for a textile designer apprentice:

I am excited to apply for the Textile Design Apprentice position at PQR Fabrics. My academic background in textile arts and hands-on apprenticeship experience have provided me with a foundation in textile creation and pattern development. The PQR Fabrics' mission aligns with my views on quality and innovation in textiles. Eager to contribute and learn from your experienced team, I believe my dedication and passion for textiles make me an ideal candidate for the Textile Design Apprentice role.

This cover letter sample highlights the applicant's background, hands-on apprenticeship experience, and dedicated passion for textiles. It also showcases a commitment to learning and contributing to the respective roles despite a lack of professional experience, while aligning a cover letter to the company's mission.

Key takeaways 

By following these tips, you can create a strong cover letter for the UK design industry, increasing your chances of landing the desired job role. Personalise your cover letter to highlight must-have skills for the specific design job you're pursuing in graphic design, UX/UI, interior design, or another field. Present yourself as a creative and qualified candidate ready to solve problems and meet the company’s needs. Ensure you proofread your design cover letter to effectively communicate your areas of expertise, qualifications, and work experience.

Top tips for a designer cover letter

Next steps? 

We know creating a CV or cover letter is a tedious process, requiring meticulous planning and execution. As you navigate through the process, feel free to check out our diverse cover letter templates and CV examples carefully designed to help you align your career documents with your future aspirations. If you find yourself seeking additional support, reach out to our CV Writing Service where we don't just tell you obvious information but also help you adjust your cover letter to your specific needs.

Refer to our blog page about different types of job interviews for more tips on how to present yourself with confidence.


How long should a design cover letter be?

You should aim for a concise one-page cover letter, around 250 to 400 words. Be brief and impactful, focusing on key skills and experiences.

See the article on how long should a cover letter be for more tips on the sections and required word count.

How to write a cover letter for a graphic design job?

Start with a strong introduction expressing enthusiasm for working in this specific role. Highlight graphic design skills, relevant experiences, and portfolio highlights. Conclude with confidence and a call to action.

How to write a cover letter for an interior design job?

Begin with a brief introduction showcasing your passion for interior design. Outline relevant experiences, skills, and how your qualifications align with this branch of design. Express gratitude and show you’re confident in contributing to the company’s success.

How to write a cover letter for a graphic design internship?

Express your eagerness to learn and focus on highlighting your transferrable skills. Highlight relevant coursework, design projects or side jobs that could set you apart from other candidates. Conclude with a strong closing statement.

Do UX designers need cover letters?

Yes, employers often require you to attach a cover letter to your application, but that also depends on the specific job and industry you're targeting. Remember to tailor it to each job you apply for, showcasing your strong UX design skills, relevant work experience, and how your background aligns with the company's mission.

What is the best designer cover letter format?

Opt for a simple format with short paragraphs and professional formatting. Keep it visually appealing and consistent with your style. Ensure to choose widely accepted fonts like Times New Roman or Ariel and avoid too many visuals.

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