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Ava selected the Yale Cover Letter template, targeting receptionist roles.

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"I read your job post in which you indicate that you are looking for a friendly, flexible, and customer-focused receptionist. This letter provides a brief impression of my experience as a receptionist."

Ava Hatt - Receptionist

Receptionist Cover Letter

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Receptionist Cover Letter tips

A receptionist often does a lot of work for the company. You have to be able to multitask with a smile on your face. After all, you are the first point of contact for a company. The preparation for writing a motivation letter for this position is essential because you have to prove that you are an all-rounder who can be proactive. Prepare by finding as much relevant information as possible. For example, review the company's website. If you want an even clearer picture of the company and the position, you could call the general number and ask a simple informational question. This gives an immediate impression of how the company answers the phone. When writing your motivation letter, put the vacancy next to it so that you are sure that you do not overlook important points of the advertisement.

How to write a cover letter for a Receptionist job?

The job of a Receptionist involves communicating with others regularly and not only with customers and visitors but also with colleagues from different departments. You should possess strong communication skills and clearly state the key soft skills within your cover letter. A receptionist can work in various industries. You make it easier for yourself to think in which industry you would like to work. Here you can already make a selection during your vacancy hunt. This also makes writing your motivation letter easier, for example, certain terms or jargon can be used in various motivation letters.

Cover Letter layout

  • In the introduction you refer to a vacancy or to a possible telephone conversation.

  • In the body, you discuss what you have to offer the company. Describe here which diplomas and skills you have. If necessary, refer to relevant career highlights.

  • In the last paragraph, thank the reader for taking the time to read your letter and indicate that you are looking forward to feedback. Be clear how you can best be reached. You also refer to your enclosed curriculum vitae.

Addtional tips for a Receptionist Cover Letter

Large companies almost always have a reception, giving you many choices as a Receptionist. Make sure that you come across well in terms of content and that your CV and Cover Letter also look good visually. Avoid cliché phrases such as 'Following the vacancy I saw in the newspaper'. And start, for example, with 'I learned with great interest…' or 'What appeals to me most about your company is…' Remember that you show your strong communication skills well in your cover letter, so pay extra attention to this.

  • Write a good introduction about yourself. Mention any education or knowledge, work experience and skills.

  • Show that you are communicative and hospitable by describing concrete examples.

  • Describe clearly why you would like this role and why this company is your preference.

  • Give your motivation letter a personal touch.

  • Always have your letter read by a family member or friend.

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