How to cancel your CVMaker subscription?

Before you go, we want to provide more insight into what we do. Our platform has evolved from a simple CV generator to a comprehensive career platform. Our platform provides all the tools and functionalities you need to land your dream job. With CVMaker, you can also write professional cover letters, manage your job applications, and even receive relevant job recommendations.

Additional benefits of CVMaker include:

  • 20+ professional templates

  • Unlimited download

  • The ability to create unlimited CVs from over 20 languages.

  • All in one platform.

If you are unsatisfied or have not received the support you were hoping for, see our step-by-step guide on how to cancel your subscription with CVMaker below. There are two ways to do it: through the contact page or from your personal account.

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Five simple steps to cancel your subscription from the contact page without logging into your CVMaker account.

1.Scroll down and go to the footer.

2.Select ‘Contact’ under the ‘Support’ category.

3.Select the third option from the menu saying ‘Cancel subscription’.

CVMaker - Contact us

4.Enter the email you used for registration. If you do not know your email, you can see the email address used on the CV you created.

5.Press the ‘Cancel subscription’ red button.

CVMaker - Cancel your subscription

Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email. If no confirmation is received, we advise that you look in your spam folder. Alternatively, contact [email protected] and one of our support agents will get in touch with you.

Logged into your CVMaker account? Follow these four easy steps to stop your subscription. 

1.Log in to your personal account.

2.Click [Your Name]  on the top right-hand corner of the page and go to ‘Account settings’.

CVMaker - Account settings

3.Go to ‘Subscription’ and click on ‘Cancel subscription’.

CVMaker - Cancel your subcription via account settings

4.Enter the email used for registration and press the red button.

Once the subscription is cancelled, your account will be automatically deactivated, but you will still have access to the services for the entire paid period (please check the confirmation email).

How to delete your CVMaker account?

If you want to permanently delete your CVMaker account and data from our server, please send your request to customer support using the following email address [email protected].

How long is the trial?

It is a 7-day trial in which you pay a £0.99 fee. The pro membership is a monthly membership that gives you access for a minimum of 7 days. You can create as many CVs and Cover Letters as you want during that time. Remember that we don’t offer a free trial subscription. If you immediately cancel your subscription after creating a CV, you’ll still be able to use the services within the 7-day trial. Using our pro subscription will equip you with everything you need to land your dream job.

Keep in mind that with the basic option you can create a free account to make and edit your CV. However, you will not be able to download the CV you created. If you want full access to all the features, you will then need to opt for the 7-day trial.

CVMaker - Pricing

Does the subscription automatically renew?

After a 7-day trial, your subscription will automatically be renewed within a month until the membership is cancelled. You’re free to cancel your subscription at any moment. Once your subscription is renewed, you’ll be charged on a monthly basis. If you decide to cancel your account, you'll still be able to use all functionalities until the last billed period.


Where is the red ‘Cancel subscription’ button?

If you see a blue button saying ‘Activate account’, it means that you've already terminated your account. If still in doubt, reach out to one of us using a contact form.

Forgot your password? Here's what to do.

If you forgot your password, make sure to request a new password. To do it, you’ll need to enter the email address you used to register your account. Once you have recovered your password or created a new one, you can cancel your account. If you opt for not logging in or resetting your password, fill in the following email form to cancel your subscription. This way, you don’t need to worry, and we will handle the cancellation process for you. Once cancelled, you will receive a confirmation email. Note that the email address indicated on your CV or personal account is the one that you need to enter in the form. Otherwise, we won’t be able to handle your request.

My account has been deactivated? What now?

Once your subscription is cancelled, your account will continue to exist; however, it will be ‘inactive’. That means that you won’t be charged until your membership is reactivated. Meanwhile, your account, alongside created CVs and Covers Letters, will be stored on our secured servers. See our privacy and cookie statement for more information. Note that you cannot use all the functionalities and features if a pro subscription is terminated. Remember that you can reactivate your subscription whenever you need to.

What is the cancellation period?

You can cancel your membership at any given moment. If you cancel within the 7-day trial, you will only pay £0.99. In other words, if you cancel straight away, you’ll still be able to use all services for the remaining week. After the 7-day trial, your subscription is renewed automatically on a monthly basis. You can continue using all our services until the last date of your membership termination.

Want to test the CV Builder without paying? 

With the basic, free version, you can access the CV Builder but need to use the 7-day trial if you want to download the CV example. Make sure to deactivate or cancel your subscription after creating your CV. As mentioned earlier, you'll still be able to use all functionalities for a week as you've already paid to make use of our service.

Next steps?

If you want to continue using our services, make sure to refer to our CV examples page or career blog for inspiration. If you want to give CVMaker another chance, see more reasons below.

  • Choose from 20+ professional templates.

  • Create unlimited CVs and cover letters.

  • ATS-friendly and HR-approved templates.

  • Unlimited downloads.

  • Be the first to receive relevant job vacancies.

  • Use the job finder tool to look for vacancies.

  • Receive job recommendations.

  • Have a professional LinkedIn profile re-write.

  • Organise, manage,  and track your job applications in one place.

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